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Author Topic: Another Extermely Extreme RP Idea (M/f, or F/f)  (Read 514 times)

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Offline Ophelia JaxonTopic starter

Another Extermely Extreme RP Idea (M/f, or F/f)
« on: October 06, 2011, 08:19:30 AM »

It's OK. She deserves it.

Grace is a girl who was born not with a silver spoon in her mouth, but a platinum one. Her family is beyond wealthy. She's pretty and popular, has been all her life. One of those girls everyone hates but wants to be like so she always was at the top of the food chain. Bob (Pick your own name ha ) wasn't quote at popular level in highschool, he wasn't a chess geek or anything but he was more water boy than football star. She and her quarterback boyfriend made his life hell. One day, she stood in the locker room waiting for him after everyone else had gone and she was in her thong and bra, nothing else. She went on about how she needed a real man. A man with brains and a dick, she cornered him, got on her knees, pulled him free of his shorts...then her boyfriend came out and took a picture. She photoshopped herself out and some random guy in and posted the pictures around campus. He wasn't the only one she was nasty to of course. She just had to keep her position as top-dog.

A few years after school, Grace has forgotten about him and pretty much everyone from those good old days. She's changed. She's still sexy, but she's taken to the white powder and alcohol to make herself feel good. She was married to that Quarterback and even had a kid with him who lives with her parents. She doesn't work and rarely leaves her house. The money she has is a lot as she has a couple big trust funds in her name that she could happily live off for the rest of her life.

Bob bulked up and became a Carpenter. He got into the refurbishing business, taking fix me up houses and turning them out for loads once he's done with them. He's wealthy now in his own right. Sweat and blood went into his job to get to where he is today. His company gets hired to build a guest house on her property. He doesn't recognize her either, maybe because she's known as Miss Cunningham instead of Johnson.

She flirts. He flirts back. They get on. Go out on dates. She meets all his friends, he takes her to parties, thinking of her more of a show piece than a girlfriend. She falls for him though. Head over heels, maybe it's because it's been so long since she's had a man in her life. One day she gets to talking about how crappy high school is, maybe he has a niece starting or something, and she brings out the old yearbook and laughs at herself. Her hairstyle and points it out to him.

The memory of all those years of torment hits him like a fist in the face and by god is he pissed off. It had been a long time since he lost his cool and he'd never been outwardly mean or violent to a woman so he makes his excuses and leaves.

She rings him five times the next day and the next day and the next day. Crying wondering what she did wrong, why was he ignoring her? Had he found someone else?

The good natured side of him had him ringing her back and explaining work had been tough, keeping him busy. She convinces him to come around, she'd cook (as if) and ease his stress. So he reluctantly agrees. He can't help but think of the bouncing cheerleader when he looks at her though so the niceness is gone.

When the job is finally finished he comes to pick up his pay and she grins at him and tells him she put in a bit extra for all his hard work...The string that was already tight on his anger finally snapped and he hit her. Hard enough to knock her on her ass. What the fuck? How dare she offer him extra money. The same cunt from high school thinking she's better than everyone else. Thinking he needs HER money. She gets to her feet, and starts to shout. He hits her again and again. She's backed against the wall and he realizes that it was good therapy after all. His rage was easing with each strike...And his cock was getting hard. He fucks her there, against the wall. Quick and emotionless. It doesn't take him long to cum. He then leaves the house telling her she's nothing but a whore.

He's a bit afraid she'll call the cops, but she doesn't. Instead she snorts a bit of lovely powder and rings him after about two days crying that she's sorry. She was only trying to help... He wanted to stay away from her...but she sounded so pathetic that he went to see her, bringing flowers. He can see a bruise through the cover up that was caused by him and it made him hard. He tried to be nice. They started dating properly, he didn't know why, maybe it was because she's hot and looked good when he showed her off.

He comes home from work one day (he's moved into her house) expecting dinner on the table, but she's too drunk to get up and make dinner. The fucking bitch. He works all day every day and this lazy cunt sits on her ass drinking.. Can't even put together a goddamn meal. That rage had once again built up inside him and this time she wouldn't forget it. It was time to give her what she deserves....

Bob can easily turn into...Bobbie-Jo  lol

Please PM if you are interested. Thank you for looking at my idea :)
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