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Author Topic: [Legend of the Five Rings] Edge of Steel  (Read 13539 times)

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[Legend of the Five Rings] Edge of Steel
« on: September 27, 2011, 02:13:07 PM »

Honor stronger than steel, these are the words that define the Emerald Empire.  There is however, the need for those willing to defend the honor and prestige of the empire.  Such is the mandate of the Imperial Legions, created to directly enforce the will of the Emperor when his holdings become wayward and lost.

The year is 1162, under the reign of the Emperor Toturi III.  Whether by hook or crook, you have managed to wrangle an appointment into the Imperial Legions.  The shireikan in charge of your training legion has decided to group together the most promising samurai together into a single band suited for small unit manuevers.  You have all been selected and you will report directly to the shireikan for further orders.


This game will be using the Legend of the Five Rings 4th Edition rules.  Character generation will be as standard starting character stats with a maximum of 10 points of Disadvantages allowed per character.  If you want to take Advantages and Disadvantages not in the core rulebook please consult me first.  In addition, you will be prohibited from taking Spider Clan Families and Schools as they will not exist formally for another few years.

Character Sheets should be posted here in the following format:

Rings: Air 2, Earth 2, Fire 2, Water 2, Void 2 [Sub-Traits For Each Ring should be put in brackets after the Ring Score (i.e. Water 2 [Strength 3])]





Character History & Background: Use the Twenty Questions to flesh out your character if you need a starting point.  Be as comprehensive as possible.  Otherwise, I will start making up characters and plot hooks for your characters accordingly.

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Re: [Legend of the Five Rings] Edge of Steel
« Reply #1 on: September 27, 2011, 11:20:06 PM »

Name:    Kai
Height:   5’5
Weight:   131
Clan:   Monk
School:   Shrine of the Seven Thunders
Insight:   144
Insight Rank:   1

AIR   2
   Reflexes   2   Awareness   2

   Stamina   3   Willpower      3 (-12)

FIRE   2
   Agility   2   Intelligence   2

WATER   3   
   Strength   3 (-12)   Perception   3 (-12)

VOID      3

Athletics 1
Jiujutsu 4 (9)
Lore: Theology (Shintao) 1
Lore: History 1
Meditation 3 (5)
Defense 3 (5)
Astrology 1

Cursed by the Realm (Meido) 4
Gullible (4)
Idealistic (2)

Hands of Stone (5)

Honor (Actual):    4.5
Honor (Perceived):    4.5
Glory:          1
Status:       0
Shadowland Taint:    0

Other Equipment: 
Bo, Travel Clothing, Scroll Satchel, 2 Zeni


Eight Direction Awareness
Silent Solace
Touch the Void Dragon
Ride the Water Dragon (-3)

Kai’s first memories are of the monastery. He has been told everything about where he came from. But his true memories are of the Monastery. He was a peasant by birth, and likely would have died a peasant had the Plague not claimed 3/4s of his village. He was found among the dying, a lonely boy. He was 5 at the time, sitting beside his father’s corpse, trying to get him to move. The Plague had passed him by. If a monk had not accompanied the Crane who oversaw the villages stricken with the disease, Kai likely would have died, or become a street urchin. Instead, the Monk, a member of the Four Temples Order, asked permission of the Crane to have the boy seen to the nearest Monastery, the Temple of the Seven Thunderers. The isolated sect agreed to take the boy.

Kai’s childhood was spent running chores for the Monks. Fetching water, cooking food, farming the small plot of land, all the things that kept the Monastery running. He didn’t complain. There were no other children at the Monastery. He was unaware of there being any other way of life. When he came of age, he was offered the choice. The Monks would pay for him to be apprenticed to a Merchant in the town, or he could join the order. Kai chose to remain in the only home he ever knew.

Becoming a Monk didn’t change much, except on top of his old chores, he was expected to practice the forms, and learn the scriptures. Again, he did this without complaint. He had no idea of there being another way of life. He learned well. His body was strong, from a childhood of hardy chores, and the thought of being forced out of the Monastery if he failed motivated him. He was still a child in many ways. But for everyone, Monks included, adulthood comes.

The Emperor called upon the Brotherhood of Shinsei to supplement his legions. Not even the solitary monks of the Thunders were spared. While they could have apologized and sent no one, explaining that their order was not fit for the duty, Kai was sent. The Monks believed the young man needed to experience something of life outside the walls. Kai took it well. In public. In private, he was wracked with fear. Nevertheless, he obeyed the Elder Monks, and set off for the Capital. Kai has overcome his fear, and has decided that he had best do his duty, and return home. Despite the many distractions that abound…

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Attached NPCS

Ito: The Four Temples Monk who saved Kai from the wreckage of his village. Ito is a former Doji, who was disgraced after attempting to disgrace a Bayushi Courtier. He retired to the Four Temples, in order to save his families face. He is a good man, if a bit underhanded. He is an extrodinary fit for the politically active bunch that are the Four Temples Monks. He has kept up on Kai, even if the boy does not know it. He was one of the voices suggesting that Kai be sent to the Legions. He has regretted sending the boy to the Seven Thunderers. If any other temple had been closer. The Monks are fine enough, but they choose their life. Ito is hoping Kai can see enough of the world to come to a decision.

He is an experienced Monk, but his focus has always been on social skills. An experienced maneuverer in the Court.

Ina: The Headmistress of the Temple of the Seven Thunderers, and Kai's superior. She is a little bit more worldly then the other monks in the order, a necessity given her position. She regards authority as a curse, and is looking forward to stepping down when the next Monk capable of taking on the role steps forward. Her motives in agreeing to dispatch Kai are unclear.

She is an extremely skilled monk, and a master of Earth Kiho. She is lacking in sophistication, and her skills at court are lackluster at best. She gets by with merchants, and keeping the Thunderers out of almost every conflict.

Joint NPC with Idariel (aka Izzy!)

Doji Saborou: A scheming Courtier, and downright dislikable individual. Riel's uncle, he was the one who lead the expedition that discovered Kai, and sent him to live with the monks. In Saborou's mind, this adds up to Kai belonging to Saborou, thinking about the Monk as one might think about a dog. For now, Kai is allowed to play, but somedy, Saborou will call Kai to heel, and he expects him to listen. He has a number of disagreements with Riels father, Doji Isamu. He schemes to remove his elder brother, and use the families resources 'more effectively.' Unfortunately, one of those resources is Riel.

Possible Plawt hooks

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Saborou is a high ranking member of the Kolat, and desires to become master of the Coin Sect. He intends to marry Riel to a highly placed member of the Silk Sect, and use the information provided by the man, along with the resources of his family, to become master of the Coin. Isamu stands in his way, but the Lotus Sect provides a simple solution to that problem. With that power, Saborou intends to see Kai placed as master of the Seven Thunderers Temple. With a major Shinsei temple in the hands of the Kolat, he would wield an immense amount of power.

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Re: [Legend of the Five Rings] Edge of Steel
« Reply #2 on: September 28, 2011, 04:16:51 AM »
Name: Mirumoto Ichirou
School: Mirumoto Bushi School
Rings: Air 2 [Reflexes 3], Earth 3, Fire 2 [Agility 3], Water 2, Void 2

Skills:Athletics 1, Defense 2, Iaijitsu 3, Kenjutsu (Katana) 3, Kyujutsu 1, Investigation (Notice) 2, Lore: Shugenja 1, Lore: Theology 1, Meditation 1, Perform: Samisen 1, Sincerity 1

Advantages: Wary
Disadvantages: Cursed by the Realm: Gaki-do, Sworn Enemy

Honor: 4.5
Status: 1.0
Glory: 1.0
Insight: 127
Insight Rank: 1

Equipment: Light Armor, Sturdy Clothing, Daisho, Yumi & arrows, Traveling Pack, 5 koku

Character History & Background
Ichirou walked through the graveyard, his steps heavy in the night.  Under normal circumstances, he would not be here, he would not be stepping through this land of the dead.  But tonight was not normal at all.  He was on the trail of someone he had been searching for some time, and fitting that it would be here that Ichirou would find the man.  In truth, Ichirou wished that the trail was more elusive, or that his quarry had decided to completely disappeared, rather than create a path of clues that lead to this meeting.  But his duty to his lord was clear, and Ichirou knew that the pain he felt was second to his lords.

The man he sought was standing between two grave stones, his hands resting disrespectfully on top of them.  It was as if he was lounging beside the dead, his posture arrogant and bold considering who the man would be facing tonight.  Perhaps he had a right to it, Ichirou reflected bitterly.  The man knew he would be facing someone who's heart wasn't entirely focused in the endeavor.  That alone could be something that could be seized and made use of.  Uncomfortable silence settled in when Ichirou was a few paces away from the man.

"You came armed," the man said finally, breaking the silence.

"I would have disarmed myself, but a samurai without arms is useless to his lord," Ichirou joked.

"Spare me your poor sense of humor!"

"I would wish to spare you many things, Daiichi, but poor sense is something you and I share.  Turn away from this path, seek redemption.  What you do is dishonorable and a disgrace to our lord."

Daiichi hissed, "Redemption!  Fool, you speak of seeking redemption at the blade of a wakazashi.  You would ask your own brother to spill his blood in front of your lord?"

"Yes elder brother," Ichirou nodded.  "I would rather you commit seppuku, and die with some honor redeemed, than have me spill the blood of kin and have you die with dishonor."

Snarling, Daiichi lifted his arms from the gravestones, pointing an accusing finger at his younger brother, "Honor.  Honor found from your precious Bushido.  The chains that had bound the both of us, but now only bind you for I found the wisdom to throw down my shackles.  And now you ask I die a prisoner after finding freedom?  You fool!"

"Fool indeed, in hoping that you see reason.  But how could I not, for-" Ichirou whirled around, his swords drawn in a flash of steel, lashing out to behead the zombie that was lurching behind him.  "Any slower and your minion would be dead."

"And still you jest?"  Daiichi fumed.

"Rather than cry or rage, I would laugh instead.  Laughter is armor, laughter is healing.  Though I will not laugh about this for some time I suspect.  Time to meet your end brother."

"The end is yours!"
It was now that Ichirou realized where the arrogance and boldness of his brother's posture stemmed from.  It was not, as he had guessed, from knowing his reluctance to cut down his older brother.  And if he had not been so self-absorbed in his own miseries, he would have noticed the tell-tale signs of upturned earth in the graves around him.  Undead hands reached out, pulling themselves from the ground, clawing their way out, even as more shambled their way towards him.  Seeing Daiichi run, Ichirou charged right after him, evading the hands that tried to grip him.  One such hand nearly held him, and Ichirou severed the hand from the wrist with a flash of his katana.

Though he had started ahead of him, and although Ichirou had obstacles in his path, Daiichi was soon caught up to when he took a spill from uneven cobbles and pitched forward.  Scrabbling onto his hands and knees, he whirled around to face his younger brother, holding out his hands pleadingly.
"Spare me brother!  Mercy please!"
Ichirou hesitated.  And that was enough.  Hands behind him grabbed a hold of him and pitched him backwards, causing him to land with a heavy grunt.  He righted himself as quickly as possible, but it was too late.  His brother was already fleeing and he was left surrounded by undead.

-Some time later-

Ichirou lay in bed, still recovering from his wounds.  He had managed to fight clear of the undead, long enough to be rescued by his lord's men.  The sound of footsteps approaching forced him to right himself, wincing from his injuries.  He quickly masked his pain when he saw who had entered.

"My lord."

His lord regarded him coolly, "You recover."

"I do not.  I have failed in my duty, and there is no recovery from that shame.  To atone for my failure, I must commit seppuku."

"No, you will not," his lord answered.  "It does not serve me so."

"In a moment of weakness, I let my brother escape, to continue his shame deeds.  I am unfit to fulfill my duties as samurai.  Let my death restore some honor."


"Then I beg of you a reason, so that I may see your wisdom."

His lord pierced him with his gaze, "I have already lost one son, I will not lose another."

Shamed, Ichirou looked downwards, bowing to his lord, "Then what am I do to?"

"As you said, you are unfit as you are.  You will go and serve in the imperial legions, and acquire worth.  When you have, then you will return."

"You would cast me out?" Ichirou blurted as he looked up at his lord, eyes widening before he looked back down again.  "I shame myself further.  My apologies."

Nothing was said, not even as his lord left to exit the room.  Except there was a pause of motion at the door.

"Acquire worth soon," his father said before exiting.

Experience Spent: Willpower 2->3 12xp, Reflexes 2->3 12xp, Defense 1->2 2xp, Iaijutsu 1->3 5xp, Kenjutsu 1->3 5xp, Investigation 2 3xp, Notice emphasis 2xp, Athletics 1 1xp, Sincerity 1 1xp, Sworn Enemy -3xp, Wary 3xp, Cursed by the Realm: Gaki-do -4xp, Kyujutsu 1 1xp
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Re: [Legend of the Five Rings] Edge of Steel
« Reply #3 on: September 28, 2011, 04:39:08 AM »

Stature of a Guardian: A Character Sheet
Name: Daidoji Misaki
Clan: Crane
School: Daidoji Iron Warrior
Rank: 1
Experience: 1

Air 3
       Reflexes 3          Awareness 3
Earth 2
        Stamina 3          Willpower 2
Fire 2
         Agility 3              Intelligence 2
Water 2
          Strength 2          Perception 2
Void 2

*Battle: 1
*Defense: 2
*Iaijitsu: 2
*Kenjutsu (Katana): 3
*Kyujutsu: 2
*Investigation: 3

Dark Secret (4)
Lost Love (3)
Disturbing Countenance (3)

Wary (3)
Strength of Earth (2)
Virtuous (3)

Strength of the Crane

Night of Memories: A Character History
Heaven cried around her.  Tears of the great sky above spilled down on the mortal world below.  Like a great mother showing her sadness for a wayward child the rain came slow at first.  All had smelled the water in the air and felt despair on the winds.  Above the Heaven shook with their thunder while below the tears rolled across sloped roofs.  A blessing some might call the grace of the Heaven, but for most this was but a burden while they ran about the palace grounds.  Daidoji Misaki watched with her own sadness while the sky cried for the men below its feet.  She too felt sadness for the people of this world and for the lives that could never be formed. 

Behind her a man that she did not know sat with other men she did not know.  Their words were ones she was trained to ignore and their actions were never meant to be known.  Long ago the Daidoji had learned to turn the other way and see only what must be seen.  Theirs was a life of devotion.  Were a samurai meant to serve than the Daidoji were first among them.  Misaki extended her yari forward so that the metal tip might catch a tear drop from the sky.  Glistening the drop rolled downward to mold itself into the weapon.  There was symbolism somewhere there, a deep thought of a tear drop joining an instrument of death.  Yet Misaki was not a poet though she had heard them speak enough.  Her eyes lifted from the tear drop to the night sky. 

She had been born a girl like any other.  The third daughter to a noble line of warriors and artisans.  In her blood ran the legends of the ancient Daidoji and the strength of her ancestors.  Coursing through each beat of her heart was the remnants of a people sworn to defend and protect the power of the mighty Crane Clan.  The mortal descendent of those sworn to defend what Lady Doji had left behind so many centuries ago.  Yet to her young eyes this meant only a parade of artisans and beauty to absorb.  A childhood of wonders as poets painted mystical wonders and dancers crafted ethereal beauty from the very air.  Daidoji Nuboro was her father and he allowed his daughter the fantasies of youth so that she would truly know what she might give her life to protect.

With his final breath Daidoji Nuboro believed that the Crane Clan held the great civilization of Rokugan together.  He believed with every fiber of his body that without such art and beauty then the common man stood no better than the animals around him.  Through such conviction he sought to send each of his children forward to defend the jewels of the Empire.  Misaki would be no exception and he encouraged her wonderment as he sent her forward to witness this world.  Slowly he showed her the strength that lay hidden behind the silken drapes as each event was guarded by the proud family she called her own.  Brothers and sisters all stood with the tattoo of the mighty  Daidoji on their wrists at every event.  No courtier traveled without their escort and no entertainer of import performed without their consent.  Misaki saw the hidden world of the yojimbo and knew this place was for her. 

So innocent then she mused.  Part of her wondered over the crafty mind of her father as he convinced each of his children to pursue the life he lead.  Despite the scars that were etched into his arms, the pain he felt in his legs each time the weather turned cold and the hurt in his eyes from fallen brothers; he had each of his children see only glory and honor.  Through beauty and culture he had them convinced the world would be a better place for them all.  Misaki had believed as he did once, believed with her heart that this world would touch the Heavens if only eyes would open to see the pristine tranquility of a simple poem or dance.  Such hopes were dashed now, taken from her by the very ideals she had sworn to defend.  Still, without her father’s words she would never have meet the man she gave everything for and then she would only be another soldier.

Kakita Yasu was his name.  Never would a name be so beautiful in her life nor words taste so sweet on her tongue.  A man of elegance with an artisan’s heart was how she described him to herself each night.  She saw him practice each day in the gardens outside of her school.  Watched him meditate over the secrets of the sword while she drilled endlessly with a wooden stick.  He was young then, but not so young that she could not see past the boy and into the man he would become.  Not so young that she could not fall in love with him.  Many months would pass while she watched him from afar, never knowing even his name.  When finally their meeting came to pass, each knew that their lives would forever be entwined.

Eyes stared out over the darkened night of the courtyard.  Above her the tears fell as they became anguished by the ignorance and crimes of a world run horrible wrong.  Mortal hands had wrought pain and suffering on the creation of the kami.  Mortal hands were to blame for the ills of this world.  So above the sky quaked with thunder and split with lightening.  Flashes of ancient power streaked across the sky to thunderous applause from above.  Somewhere flames danced from a fallen tree.  People cried out to rush forward with their buckets and bodies.  Misake remained still as her patron kept inside the paper screens of the palace.  There was no point in worrying over danger that had yet to come.  Lightening split the sky yet again and her mind turned to the darker corners of her memory.

For all his beauty, Kakita Yasu befriended one man above all others.  A warrior that towered above all others and whose strength seemed to know limitless bounds.  He was said to have completed his gempukku as his ancestors intended, with an oni head at his side.  Hida Torou was a fearsome man who had ventured to the interior in order to show the power of his brethren and put on display their prowess.  Yasu and Torou held nothing in common except for the love of battle, the love of art in warfare.  Yet their love was enough to form a bridge of friendship.  Bonds tighter than steel formed between the pair as they adventured across Rokugan.  Neither would let the other fall and so in blood they were baptized brothers.  Misaki loved the man for defending Yasu.

Yasu and Torou gained glory in their travels.  Often they would come to the village of their start, Yasu to see his family and Torou to enjoy the hospitality of Crane houses.  Both would stop to see the girl that had become their little sister.  Each year Misaki grew more bold in her admiration of Yasu and Torou, each year her body became harder to resist.  This happened until the time of her gempukku when the pair arrived to join in the celebration.  Yasu was meet with a stunning woman at her prime, a creature that knew the desire she invoked and held her own wants.  That moment etched itself into her mind, lovingly held in a place where only dreams are remembered. 

Even now Misaki remembered that moment with a fondness.  Eyes hardened by years of training and bloodshed softened to those of a girl in love.  Perhaps such a shift in her visage was what brought the blade from the shadow.  Or maybe this was simply the time.  Lightning flashed once more to reflect the eyes of a love sick girl beneath the fierce helmet she wore.  Drowned in memories or no, she was a warrior of iron.  Already her body moved while the blade came for her.  The lithe body shifted forward so that plates of armor were all the knife could find.  Then the owner of such an attack would find the butt of her spear soon to be followed by the tip.  Her voice called out and more steel soon came.  Misaki took her stance and prepared her soul for the death that might come.  Behind her an unknown man shook in fear and she stood in his defense.

Peasants came for her.  Rabble with knives picked up from kitchens and spears fashioned from farming tools.  Somewhere amidst the grouping she knew a ronin lead them.  A sword had flashed in the mix.  A man without honor lead them but he was still samurai, even if a fallen one.  He would be their heart and so he would fall at her hand.  The Daidoji were nothing if not direct.  That point driven home with a thrust of her spear into the chest of a man that rushed forward for her.  Another peasant fallen to her side.  Misaki knew the reason for the assault, knew well that grain taxes were up again this year.  Soldiers were starving and people would rather farmer starve than soldiers when war loomed nearby.  Her job was not to question though, easier that way. 

If only she had listened to such advice before…

Her marriage was spoken of in many courts that she would never visit.  A marvelous affair that was filled with stories of love and destiny.  Poets of the white winged Crane lavished fanciful embellishments on the wedding while dancers swirled their silken hands.  Culinary artists marked the event with fanciful foods while artists of the martial disciplines showed their prowess for entertainment.  The Heavens gave their blessing with sun and cool winds.  So much blessing and thanks to be given.  Daidoji Misaki was told so often that she was a lucky girl to find the man of her heart and duty.  At the edge of the crowd with no smile on his lips loomed Kakita Yasu, the man she wished was her husband this day.

Instead another man took her to his bed that night.  Hida Torou had claimed her for his own.  An alliance was proposed, accepted and forged across her body in short order.  The favor she had shown him as a girl was taken as a token of love.  Love between the Daidoji and Hida, the unlikely alliance that lasted centuries.  The tears she shed in sadness were seen as ones of joy, even in the chamber of their wedding.  Plied with liquor she ensured that he would not notice her lack of chastity.  Misaki knew that no amount of liquor would hide the swelling of her belly so early in their marriage.  Hida Torou was a proud man, a powerful man of stout conviction and violent temperament.  He was a warrior breed true through the ages.  He would not tolerate such an insult.  Both Misaki and Yasu’s lives hung in the balance.

The Daidoji have their tricks.  Their hands are not so clean as others might believe as they trudge through the dark corners of the world to protect their charges.  Misaki knew people of ill repute, of questionable honor that would give her the resources to finish her problem.  Poison, subtle and slight, was left in the tea of her husband.  A toxin so slight and simple that he tasted nothing and noticed less until he marched to battle with her hand over his morning drink.  Hida Torou died a warrior’s death one day, leaving behind a pregnant widow.  He was buried with honor and the grieving widow was given the quiet respect of the Crab, who knew of loss all too well.

The arrow in her shoulder was slowing her now.  Pain lanced through her body while the blood grew slick beneath her feet.  At her side her charge stood now, shouting for the violence to stop.  He shouted for peace while she gave them only war.  Let him believe that somehow he could still their hands while she ceased the beating of their hearts.  There was no helping some people after all.  Her foot collided with a peasant who called himself a ronin.  The stolen sword skittered across the mud before his blood joined the tears of Heaven that soaked the earth.  Hands gripped the shaft of her spear, her weight born down on the weapon in a moment of weakness.  The battle had gone on for some time now as peasants joined the fray.  Guards were slow in coming, something had happened to block their approach. 

Misaki was alone.  She had been alone for some time now.

The babe at her breast is all that held back of the rage of the man who had been her lover.  White hair flashed in the darkness of the room while against her chest their baby feed.  Misaki could do nothing for him now nor would he have allowed her to even touch him.  He had said so.  He had said many things since she spoke the truth.  Somewhere she believed he knew that her actions were done for their own safety.  Torou would have killed them both, shamed their families and sought compensation from the Crane.  Yasu did not wish to hear such truth.  He wanted only to believe his friend died in battle and his love bore his best friend’s child.

Illusions and half-truths were never enough.  Misaki had wanted to show him their son.  Wanted him to see what a beautiful child they had made together.  All Yasu saw was a reminder of his failure and his part in the death of his friend.  With shame in his heart and disgust in his eyes he turned away.

“I will take his place on the wall.”  The solemn words were like a knife in her soul.

“And what shall I do?  What will we do without you Yasu!?”  Anguished carried her words further than she would have wanted.

“Pray that our son becomes a proud warrior of the Crab and that you may one day find your honor again.  If I see you again though, you will die at my hand.”

Misaki stared at the death that was to be hers.  Eyes glazed over with the knowledge that she would die before her charge.  That would be enough honor to absolve her son of her crimes.  The spear tip leveled off as the peasants made their rush.  Misaki stood her ground with arrows in her body and blood spilling to the muddy earth below.  After Yasu left she had returned to her homeland.  The mantle of Daidoji was taken up by her own hand, but her husband’s family had no objections.  She mourned for her son they thought, though in truth she mourned for the love she lost.  Somewhere in the land of the Hida her son was sleeping now.  A hand was caressing his cheek that was not her own.  Someone looked down on him with pride for he was a beautiful child.  That someone was not her.  Anger filled her lungs as she gave a cry of defiance for the life she had been given.

Death would not bless her tonight.

20 Questions: An Interview
1.What clan does you character belong to?
“I am a proud member of the Crane Clan, who have devoted their lives to bringing harmony and peace to our glorious Empire.  We have worked hard to separate mankind from the animals through the gifts of art and discipline.  If only so many others could see the benefits of grace and beauty in their lives.”

2. What family does you character belong to?
“I hail from the people who have protected the Crane for centuries with steel and blood.  We have stood before the legions of other Clans with our spears at the ready.  Long into the night we watch our charges knowing well that in our sacrifice we allow others to bring about a brighter day.  My name is Daidoji Misaki and my name is to be returned to my ancestors with the same honor given to me.”

3.Is your character a Bushi, A shugenga, or a Courtier.
“I was not found to possess the gift of speech with the spirits nor the silvery tongue needed for the courtly games.  My strength lies with the sword and spear,  so that my destiny has been chosen.  I serve with my blade willingly and happily.”

4. How would others describe you characters appearance?
“There was a time when others considered me beautiful.  A time when some looked on me with cautious regard, not believing that I could serve my lord and charge with strength of arms.  Such weakness is always found in the Crane and we are more than happy to prove them wrong.  The Hida had to be shown such a display when my late husband brought me home as his bride.  There was much question and rumor that a woman of the Crane could not bear the child of such….large warriors.  Their snide remarks are now silent.”

“Now there is silence by all when I move past them.  Some say that being among the Crab has changed me somehow, that I am darker.  Perhaps the taint of their lands is strong enough to reach any that enter their lands some whisper.  I do not hear them because I know the truth.  I know what has touched my soul and from that I can never look back.”
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Re: [Legend of the Five Rings] Edge of Steel
« Reply #4 on: September 28, 2011, 07:31:38 AM »

"Be more concerned with good actions than with great ones."
Musical Inspiration: Rush, Tai Shan
Clan: Crane Clan, Doji Family
Class: Shugenja Class,
School: Asashina
Honor: 6.5
Sex/Age: Female, 19
Hair: Silvery-white
Eyes: Silver
Height/wight: 4'6 (1.36 meters) and 70 pounds (31.75 kg)

Character Pictures

Name: Doji Riel
Riel is a true child of Crane, still and quiet, elegant and gentle. She feels the wind in her bone and body,  and often wonders if true shape-change or flying would not be possible, after all. She is sometimes distracted by the beauty around her, and when painting has been known to tune all else out.

She has trouble hurting or destroying beautiful things or people, even if she really ought to; indeed, she is very idealistic and softhearted, expecting the best of everyone. She holds honor more dear then all else. She has never killed, and hopes to never kill, for she deeply believes that negotiation is the wiser, more honorable course, and that through talk and negotiation all things can be overcome.

She despises being dirty or disheveled, to the point of not concentrating well and making mistakes with her magic when she is not properly put together. She thinks of this as a struggle with the earth elements, and worries that she will take more training and practice then most to raise her Earth Ring, and to master Earth magics.

She is tiny, much smaller then most, and must rely upon her water magics and Yojimbo in a crisis. She is fragile, and suffers mood swings with the weather, growing less constrained and more wild on windy, stormy days, and quite placid and boring on calm ones.

Like all little birds, she enjoys bright and pretty things. Being of the Doji family, she was raised amongst art and beauty in even the simplest items. She has enjoyed her trips to court, though her  craving for a life of elegance and grace is equaled by her fascination with the peace and tranquility of the Crane Gardens.

She has spent her whole life focusing upon the magic within her, and striving to understand the ideals of her clan and family. She is a little uneasy to find herself out of the safe and known temple environment, and is more relieved then suspicious of her Clan choosing to safeguard her body and honor by providing a Yojimbo for her.

Her family sent her to the school as soon as her gift with spirits was discovered, around age five. She has thrived there, though she has been a touch too focused on her studies to be properly well rounded. It is hoped by the clan that this experience with the Legion will balance her.

Doji Riel's Twenty Questions

1. What clan does Doji Riel belong to:
“I am Crane: grace, beauty and harmony are in all that I do, my duty to Rokugan, mortal and spirit beings alike. In the seeking of peace lies our honor.”

2. What family does Doji Riel belong to: Doji.
“I am honored to have been born to the Doji family, who honor the Kami Doji in spirit, appearance and deed. Her final words to us were, 'Be more concerned with good actions than with great ones.' I shall always strive to honor that command.”

3. Doji Riel is a shugenja.
“It was known what path I would follow before I could walk. My mother and grandmother tutored me even before I went to the Asahina school, at five.” She takes her fan and gently unfurls it, hiding all but her eyes and forehead from view. “The henna marks here were earned then, and are carefully placed each day, that my family's ancestors might know me from all others, and answer.”

4. How would others describe you character's appearance.
   Doji Riel is tiny, a porcelain doll standing no more then 4'6 (1.36 meters), with silvery-white hair, silver eyes and the traditional henna-mark upon her brow.  She has a cherry blossom-and-snow complexion, and her hair color is also natural. Though she has an exquisite natural beauty, with delicate features, she feels uneasy without Kohl to darken her eyebrows and eyelashes.
   Riel moves with a nearly-unearthly grace and lightness of step, so in tune with Air that she often feels she might suddenly leap into the air, and fly. She has slender hips, a tiny waist and elegant hands. She is alert and strong, fragile yet fierce, delicate and swift.
   She prefers to dress in the colors of cherry blossoms or deep blue, and always with an elaborate Crane motif.
   She has a soft, silvery laugh, a quiet smile, and mysterious eyes.
   She smells like Japanese cherry blossoms and silver, and tastes like cherries and cream.

5. What is Doji Riel's primary motivation:
“I know the spirits and trust in their plan, in the way of this world. Our honor is how we serve them, and must always be our primary concern; it is by following honor that we improve our station, if not in this world then in the next.” She sits very still, deep in thought, anguish glimmering in her eyes. “Honor … does not always encompass compassion or mercy, but … where ever possible, let us seek it; such lends to harmony. The preservation of beauty, art and harmony is always my goal, and nothing is more painful then when honor … and beauty … are in conflict.”
(She is an idealist, who believes in honor above all else, but who suffers from a deep compassion that makes such choices heart-breaking for her)

6. Who is the person Doji Riel trusts most in the world: Her Yojimbo, Daidoji Misaki
A shy smile erupts and she blushes deeply. “I am honored, deeply honored by the friendship and service of lady Daidoji Misaki. Her heart and honor are unbowed, her skill unmatched.” Silver eyes gleam with delighted joy and utter faith. “She is the strong sword who shields me and the gentle hand who eases me. I will do all I can to aid her and support her, as she aids me.” She gives a secret smile, blushing faintly. “I pray she never leaves my side, but might grow old within my family, treasured all the days of her life.”

7. What is you character's greatest strength and weakness:
“My faith, that lets me keep to honor's path, is my greatest strength. Even if it seems … painful, in this life, it is the spirits who set such paths before us, to test us and hone our soul for some great purpose.” Her fan dances and twirls, then goes still, like a petal falling to the ground, forever stilled. “I am often ... too soft. I care too much, even for my enemies, and thus on occasion find honor's sword painfully sharp.”
(She believes her greatest strength is in her strict regard for honor, and her weakness, a tenderness of heart and love of beauty that leads her to too much compassion. But her greatest strength is a loving family, who taught her ethics as well as honor, and give her a stake in how the future turns out. Her greatest flaw is her too-strict need for rules and honor.)

8. What does Doji Riel think of Bushido:
She blinks in mild confusion, as if not quite understanding the question, then answers gently, “The Seven Virtues of Bushido are how we prepare ourselves and serve honor. It is everything, the core of my duty as a Samurai woman. Honesty and justice are my duty to all who come before me, weather they be peasant or Samurai. Courtesy demonstrates my status and place, and should always be adhered to, less I dishonor both my family and my calling.” Her eyes drop and she bites her lip. “I have been chosen at last to demonstrate my courage upon the field of battle; I have never before faced true risk, and can only strive to uphold the high ideals of Bushido. As for honor, it encompasses and frames all the rest, but is the highest point, the single virtue that must hold out, for through it are we shaped into the future.” She smiles gently, and says softly, “It is compassion that softens all the rest, and permits peace and harmony between people; compassion, and mercy.” She looks up, very intently, “A clever man might twist words, and so claim to be honest, whilst yet deceiving.” Her eyes flare distaste at some harsh memory. “Yet the virtue of sincerity forbids such deception, even by omission, bringing words and actions into harmony.”  She relaxes and smiles, clearly this last aspect has not so far troubled her, her faith in herself and others remains as yet unshaken. “Duty and loyalty means a Samurai must always consider consequences both above and below her. It is so for Shugenja, especially, as we must see also a person's future lives. So it is that our every ceremony to honor a spirit, no matter how small; to respect our ancestors and even to revere the kami, all become part of Bushido. It is all one.”
(She sees her duty as a samurai woman as to uphold those ideals and guide others on the path to ascension in the karmic cycle. She takes very seriously her priestly role in the proper functioning of the world, delighting in even the small festivals and ceremonies that keep the wheel of life turning.)

9. What is Doji Riel's opinion of her clan:
She smiles and blushes, bowing whilst seated. “I am deeply honored and thankful to have been born into the Crane clan; it is all that I believe in, beauty and art, peaceful negotiation, yet with a graceful strength for when both reason and compassion fail. I trust my clan and my people.”
(She loves the Crane, and believes in peace, beauty and negotiation, not violence.)

10. Doji Riel is not married, nor successfully promised in marriage.
She stiffens, though she does not quite fidget; she opens her fan and shields her face for a moment, before answering softly, “I remain as yet unwed and unpromised; I was promised in marriage to Daidoji Akimitsu, a powerful and handsome Bushi, when I was a little girl. I went to Winter Court with his family, several times. But … just before the marriage, when I was fourteen, we received word that he went to support the Crab Clan on the walls. My family waited, for we had been much devoted to each other, and that attachment was honored by a caring father. I received a letter from him every month, until partway through my sixteenth year. Thirty of his letters, all told.” She closes her fan carefully, and slowly in a precise ritual. “The Crab fight a desperate battle, with too few resources ensuring our prosperity and peace … he would not leave until another came to take his place on the wall … his goal was two men or women of honor to stand in his place, each demanding the same from their clan, doubling the support, year by year, until the Crab did not face destruction from one bitter sortie.” She kisses the fan gently, and then slowly unfurls it. “There has been no news since his final letter, not … even news from the Crab Clan, for whom he risked so much.” She folds open her fan once again, looking away. “My father is … looking into other matches but the Legion, and service to the Empire come first. For … however long that maybe.”
(Her betrothed went to the wall for a year, but seeing how understaffed they were, he would not go home until someone came to replace him. No one did. Her father let her grieve for a while, for the attachment was of long standing. During her appointment to the Imperial Legion, her father was negotiating among several possible marriages; however he sang her praises once too often in front of those who had the power to staff the legion, and he found that he could not refuse an Imperial appointment for her, so immediately had a Daidoji Yojimbo assigned to her.)

11. Does Doji Riel have any prejudices:
Crab: “They frighten me, as no other does. They face war, death and strife daily. I know this though I do not, cannot understand it. They have a harsher school of honor then we face, and we … we let them carry our burden.” She looks away, anger and fear and shame and loss glimmering upon her countenance, though not her words. “We owe them a debt.”
Dragon: “For all I am shugenja, I do not quite understand living a life harder then it needs to be; if they truly wish to be ascetic, let them send all their wealth and warriors to the Wall, in support of the Crab.” She flips her fan and catches it, shaking her head. “Perhaps I need to spend some time speaking with a dragon.”
Lion: “The Lion clan is fierce and proud, yet to turn that pride upon their children distresses me. I do not understand Matsu ladies who do not cherish their male children anymore then I understand a family who does not love their daughters.”
Mantis: Her fan opens and closes slowly, as she stares into the distance. “They have a divine appointment in the heavenly courts. There is nothing else to be said.”
Phoenix: She smiles, shy and sweet, and with a wistful note in her voice says, “The Phoenix hold the heart of the Kami, I often think. So many of them may touch the void … it is something I long for, to be gifted with training amongst the elders there. Their background is sweet and romantic, and I say that if a Kami was willing to bow to a Phoenix, we should not be too proud around them!” Her soft, rippling laugh escapes. “Not all of my kin agree on that, yet I think all of the Crane clan counts them as true allies.”
Scorpion: Her face grows cold and remote. Her eye glitter with deep seated resolution. “They are enemies. They deal in lies and deceit, lead honorable men and women to vice and dishonor … we must sometimes deal with them but they are tricky and dangerous, the more fair and honest the appear, the more likely they are to deceive and destroy. Never, ever trust a Scorpion even if you must deal with one.”
Unicorn: From certainty and a case of clear cut good and evil Riel falls into deep, uneasy thought. He eyes turn pensive and she blushes, faintly. “The Unicorn are allies, who came back with much knowledge of the outer world and a need for guidance in how to adapt to our lovely empire. They … they have lovely horses.” She pauses and shakes her head, then leans close to whisper, “I cannot quite be comfortable with Utaku Battlemaids who love their horses more then family or … especially ones who despise their sons. This is as wrong to me as a family who cannot cherish its daughters.”

12. To whom does you character owe the most loyalty: Her Father.
Riel smiles and looks down, caressing her fan and gently. “It is true that many clamor for our loyalty, but before Diaymo, Sensei or even Emperor, my heart inclines to my beloved father. And it is indeed a relief to me that such is an honorable thing, for is not my father first loyal to his Clan and Emperor, and they to the Kami, so that it all aligns, like little dolls that fit one within the other … Father, Sensei, Family, Clan, Emperor, Kami.” She twinkles, delighted, “I shall have to commission an artist to make just such a set for me.”

13. What are your characters most favorite and least favorite things:
She lights up with joy and spreads open her fan, showing that one side is intricately painted with the Crane Garden. “This magical place is my favorite place in the world. It is a place of joy and laughter, of inspiration and hope.” Her joy softens to gentle, sad pride and she flips her fan over. On this side is a less skilled, yet painfully detailed section of the Wall. “This is my least favorite place, yet its existence makes the other possible. So it is here I plan to go, when I am free to so choose.” She then folds the fan and holds it to her as if to protect it. Face averted she says softly, “I love to paint, especially when I am troubled. I hate dirt, though, in any form so take care not to spill or leave traces. And I make sure maids clean things properly, as well.” She looks briefly guilty and whispers confidingly, “I'm not so very fond of having to stand watch, even for ceremonial functions at school … I shall detest that, if they ask me to do it.”
(Her favorite thing in the world is the Crane Garden. Her favorite activity is painting. Her favorite possession is her crane fan. She despises being dirty, above all; she hates the blood and mud of battle, she vastly dislikes lazy maids that do not clean well enough. She also dislikes standing watch, as there are so many better things to do with her time …)

14. Does you character have any recurring mannerisms:
She closes her fan and thinks for a moment. “Now you sound like my Sensei, who valued a quiet stillness. I suppose I pray often, and use my fan.” Tilting her head to the side she glances up at you through her eyelashes. “I do not like to speak over much, as it is … distracting.” She blushes faintly and sighs wistfully.
(She likes to use her fan, to flirt and gesture and talk with it.)

15. What about you character's emotions​?
She looks down and away, hiding behind her fan. “I have been blessed with a loving family. I hope to come to love the man my father chooses for me to wed. Through love lies redemption, I feel.” There is a reserve in her manner, a hint of things lying unspoken.
(Riel is a passionate, loving person who has not yet had honor or deep conviction conflict with the demands of her heart. Being young and something of a romantic, she does not truly expect to ever love again, having lost her betrothed.)

16. How would your character handle a subordinate's inappropriate behavior?[/b]
Riel nods slowly. “For most minor infractions I would speak mostly plainly and clearly of their task and duty. If a lazy maid should happen to fail to clean something properly, I would speak so: 'Do you see this?  Yes, I know you did your hardest and I am aware of the demands.  We each have our part to play in this world and so I ask only what destiny has given you.  So, wash. this. again.'”

17. What is you character's highest ambition: “I wish to unite the Crane and Crab so that the Wall is once more finished and to convince the Emperor to properly rotate support to the Wall so that the Crab are not overburdened. Both Dragon clan and Lion clan have much to offer to those who hold the line.”

18. How would your character's parents describe her?
Father: “Riel is very devoted, a good Shugenja but she has allowed her calling to eat up too much of her grief over her lost love.” He shakes his head gravely. “I have long been looking for an equally good match for her, and find this Imperial appointment ill-timed. It must be honored, of course but I should have several grandchildren by now … and that last match would have pleased her.” He sighs and shakes his head. “She is one who needs a bit of looking after, one to temper her idealistic flights of fancy, so I've arranged for a most excellent bodyguard of her very own.” He frowns again and shakes his head. “This Imperial business … she'll need to be on the forefront, and win recognition and glory .. but it had best not go to her head. Her first duty as a Crane woman is to marry, and have children.”
Mother: “Riel is a treasure, a true daughter of the Crane. She is terribly kindhearted though and needs a strong husband to look after her. Like my mother … and even myself … she hears the spirits and they hear her. I eagerly await her first daughter, though like my husband I fear she may have waited too long to wed.”

19. How religious is you character? Exceedingly devout priestess.
Riel honestly looks confused at the very question. “I am both faithful and deeply enjoy my calling; I trust in the spirits and their guidance. Why do you not sit here, and tell me why you do not?”

20. How will your character die? On the Wall, casting some great magic.
She tilts shakes her head at you repressively. “It is not about how we die, but how we live. Still, I hope to live a good life, and raise a loving family. When I grow old and weak, I will travel out to the Shadowlands, and their pour my spirit into a great spell to assist and protect those I love long after my death.” She listens to the last insulting, probing question and frowns frostily. “There is of course some small chance of dying ignobly on some other errand, but I very much doubt dwelling upon it is sensible or helpful. If I could not die as I wish, why, I would still insist that my death, however unknown, would serve the Empire. Now, if you will excuse me.” She stands, and bows.

Air 4 [Ref 4  Aware 4]
Earth 2 [Agi 2  Int 2]
Water 3 [Str 3  Per 3]
Fire 2 [Sta 2  Will 2]
Void 2

She can cast 4 air per day, 3 water, 2 earth, and 0 fire and 2 bonus spells of any element.
She has 3 air scrolls:
Blessed Wind. (Defense) 10' whirlwind for +15TN vs ranged (Only 2 raises for targeting another)
To Seek the Truth Counter mental/social penalties from wounds/techniques/spells
Tempest of air AOE Cone Knockdown, 75'x15', Resist: earth v my air, 1k1 damage
She has 2 water scrolls:
Ebbing Strength: (Defense) Reduce physical trait to give bonus  (4 round duration with free raise)
Path to Inner Peace Healing spell
She has 1 earth scroll:
Jade Strike, 3k3 vs targets with 1 rank or more of taint; nothing to innocents.

Memorized Spells:  Sense, Commune and Summon.

Affinity/Deficiency: Air/Fire

Technique: The Soul’s Grace – The Asahina have harnessed the power of the kami for art, not war. You may spend a Void Point to reduce the total of all opponent's damage rolls inflicted within 20’ of you by 0k1 for a number of rounds equal to your School Rank.  (Using this technique again before its duration expires “resets” the duration but does not increase the damage penalty).  You also gain a Free Raise on any spell with the Defense keyword.

Skills and Flaws:
1 Artistic Skill: Painting 
1 Calligraphy (Cipher)
1 Etiquette
1 Lore: Theology
1 Meditation
1 Spell Craft
1 Artistic: Painting

1 Tea Ceremony
1 Medicine (treat wounds)
1 Etiquette: Fan

Compulsive -2
Small -3
Idealistic (with softhearted) -2
Cursed by Fortune: Ebisu -3

Koku= large golden coin
Bushel = medium silver coin = Bu = 5 Bu in a Koku
Zeni = small copper penny = 10 z in a Bu, 50 in a Koku

Outfit: Robes, Bo, Wakizashi, Scroll Satchel, 1 koku, 5 Bu, 3 Zenzi
On her person at all times: Her Courtier's Fan (4 bu, coin purse (3 zenzi).
Traveling Pack (Asterisk is 'free' from school):
(1) Tea Set* (1 koku)
(2) Small Tent* (1 koku)
(3) Makeup* (1 koku)
(4) Ink Brush Kit*
(5) Metal lantern (4 bu)
(6) Mirror (3 bu)
(7) Spare Kimono and Sandals
(8) Folding Stool (3 bu)
(9) Umbrella (2 bu)
(10) Meditation Pillow

Jewelry (x5, 1 bu ea. = 1 koku) (first spent koku)
Perfume (2 bu)
Nice blanket (1 bu)
Brazier (1 bu)
Sake Cup (1 bu) (second spent koku)
Paper: 20 sheets (bought, 4 bu)
Good Medicine Kit (+2 bu=3bu)
Candles (x3, 3 bu) (third and fourth spent Koku)
Sweets (box of 20 servings, 5 bu) (fifth koku)
Writing Box (1 bu)
Painting Vial (x4, ?1 bu ea?) (sixth Koku)
Traveling cloak (75 zeni 1.5 k) (Seventh & Eighth Koku)
Water bottle (bought) 1 zenzi
Flint and steel (bought) 1 zenzi
Lantern Oil (bought, x3) 3 zenzi
Pillow book (5 zenzi, silly romance, bought)
Small Knife (5 zenzi)
Tatami Mat (5 zenzi)
wide brimmed staw hat (1 zenzi)
Chopsticks (bought, 1 zenzi)

Riel's Ons/Offs
Riel On/Offs

   Riel Romantic Interest Preferences
1. Intelligence.
2. Self respect and honor.
3. He needs to be mature enough to have worked through and internalized his own morality, he must be at least contemplating the spiritual ethos and he needs to have actual opinions.
4. Confident.
5. Experienced
6. Dominate.
7. military expertise
8. A heroic cause.
9. Is downtrodden/misunderstood or has been mistreated.
10. Tragically romantic past.
11. Devoted, dogged and determined pursuit in the face of all wisdom to the contrary.
12. Respectful of the kami
13. Someone who wouldn't hurt her Misaki.
14. A man who is a little bit dangerous, even to allies.

   Riel  Romantic Interest Turn-offs :
1. Dim, uneducated or very narrow minded characters. Note that 'educated' does not mean a law degree … it means generally they are not ignorant of the people, powers and places of their world.
2. Naive
3. Boring
4. Unimaginative
5. Too well off

   Riel Sexual Turn Offs (Italics are my turn-offs and are non-negotiable)
1. Nothing anal. Nothing. Nothing goes in there. You may pat, touch, play, caress, etc the bottom but .. nothing in that end, please.
2. No Enemas, Pegging, Rimming … just NO.
3. No gags, no collars, no brands.
4. No humiliation, disrespect, abuse, degradation, competing with others.
5. No spanking, mutilating, killing, chopping off bits. No pain, no torture, needleplay.
6. No excessive semen, or forced feeding, forced vomiting. No semen in face.
7. No scat, vore, watersports, snowballing.
8. I am not so fond of pierced genitals.
9. No paddles, no strap ons.

10. Too controlled OR too uncontrolled
11. Too safe.
12. Lack of deep, powerful feelings.
13. Dirty

   Riel Sexual Turn Ons:
1. Muscular.
2. Battle scars
3. a little bit ticklish
4. tattoos
5. a bit of danger or risk.
6. having enough light to see, but other wise dim and romantic lighting.
7. Foreplay, yes. Properly done, it starts -way- before the first kiss or intimate touch. Much of the story, power plays and character development is played out in this stage.
8. Being tied up in a mild, non-harmful or injurious way… silk ropes, scarves … usually something the man, if he REALLY wanted, could break.
9. Ladies have breasts for a reason; ideally a partner would notice and enjoy them.
10. Nipping, licking, grazing, just about anywhere. Biting just hard enough to leave a mark in non-sensitive areas – neck, shoulders thighs. . NO blood, no injury. Both giving and receiving.
11. Properly done coercion and blackmail can make marvelous scenes. The key being properly done. Likewise kidnapping. (For any story arc in this area, I we would need to do extensive per-story planning and concrete limits on harm/fear/results)
12. Most of my characters have well-cared for nails. Expect to get scratched, just enough to break the skin but NO BLOOD. Are you noticing a theme here?
13. Nibbling on hands is scandalously wonderful. Or nibbling on toes. Or nipping ears …
14. Teasing, tickling, massages … the magic of touch. Ideally highly mutual.
15. Mmmm … kissing. Yes. Essential. Kissing …. all over.

Crab Battleslang
Crab Slang and Battle-Language
The mixture of isolation, constant danger, and harsh duty which the Crab face on a daily basis has given rise to an entire set of slang terms and catch-phrases which are unknown to the rest of Rokugan.
Many of these are used as short-hand terms during battle or danger, allowing the Crab to react swiftly and automatically to complex and challenging situations.
Banjaku! (Big Rock!)—Used to warn that a creature can only be hurt by crystal.
Dairyo! (Big Catch!)—Warning that a large Shadowlands force is approaching. Hearing this from a Hiruma scout is never a good thing.
Iye, dozo, osakini—Literally, “No, please, after you.” A phrase widely used on the Wall when speaking with those who have drawn ire… especially annoying non-Crab.
Kannishiki! (Anvil!)—Used to warn that a creature can only be hurt by jade.
Koma (Pony)—An insulting term for a non-Crab who has been sent to the Wall. Derived from the Yasuki custom of supplying lame ponies to the Hida for archery practice. In the Crab view, an outsider serving on the Wall is about as useful as a lame pony, only able to stumble around and bleat for help.
Mami! (Deceiver!)—A word warning of the presence of a shapeshifter or similar infiltrator; the Crab have standard drills for responding to such a threat.
Maru—A unit of time with a specifi c meaning: it is the minimum time it will take an Invulnerable oni to kill an armored Hida warrior. About two seconds, usually. The most common usage is when
discussing the sacrifice of troops for time.
Suihi! (Liquid Manure!)—Used to warn of a creature that is insubstantial, can pass through walls, etc.
Tsuta (Ivy)—Warns of the possible presence of Shadowlands creatures in a “civilian” location where they would not be expected, such as an inn, geisha house, or similar. Crab hearing this word know to get their weapons and meet at the exit.
Yamijiai—Warning that a military situation is dire. Sometimes rendered as “Fighting unknown assailants, the situation is a mess.”
Yasha! (Demon Woman!)—A companion term to “Tsuta.” Warns that the jig is up, so fight your way out any way you can.
Zakennayo!—A general-purpose phrase of frustration and anger. Heard quite often on the Wall.

Doji Riel NPCs

Still need to make:
Her old Sensei, who comes to visit from time to time, and who taught her mother as well.

Her oldest brother, a Bushi who is in love with Misaki

Her middle brother, a courtier

Daidoji Akimitsu, Riel's former betrothed

Riel's father, Doji Isamu
Doji Isamu is a brilliant and charismatic man, who spends time at the Imperial Court as well as at his Clan's court and his families. He remains tall and slender, unbowed by age and remains fit despite his courtier status. He practices with his Katana but does not normally wear one.
He deeply loves his wife and feels it is his duty to arrange marriages for each of his children wherein they will find such bliss as well.
He was the sort of father that never needed to physically discipline any of his children; A look from him could make her or her brothers feel as if everything they had ever done wrong was suddenly running through their minds and that he was fully aware of each thought. He would just arch an eyebrow and she'd find herself stammering out a confession. His follow up, “I -trust- it won't be necessary to speak of this again?” would normally end the discussion; should she attempt a defense ( “I … he... it wasn't … HE STARTED IT!”) He would simply raise an eye brow which would result in her heartfelt sigh of defeat and a quiet, “So you want me to punish myself or … is there something else?”

His instructions to Misaki:

Lady Daidoji Misaki,
I thank you for consenting to protect my daughter and already her letters home speak of your beauty and courage and skill. It is most delightful that she is so taken with you, and her oldest brother as well tells me you are something out of the ordinary.
I know she is persuasive, and charming,but there are a few instructions I have resolved to send to you, as you prepare to join the Imperial Legion.
At all costs, Lady Riel must never, ever meet a member of the Hare Clan. All minor clans are a risk but these are likely to inflame her imagination. I look higher then a minor clan for her husband and do not wish to battle her over this. She would find their daunting task – fighting an enemy that they cannot tell from their allies, and one that does not follow the codes of honor at that to be worthy of great sympathy and aid. It is enough that she cannot stop praising the Crab Clan; I will not have her enamored of Hare as well.
Do not let her come across or speak with nor even see any remnants of the Boar Clan; for all my skills at Court I cannot single handedly re-instate them! But when she learns their history, that they were all sacrificed to a great evil artifact … well by now I am certain you will guess how she would respond. She is NOT to go looking for it, nor yet to try to fight Bloodspeakers.
Lady Riel is also forbidden to speak with, fraternize with or otherwise socialize with a Sparrow Bushi. The combination of muscular frame, shining honor and great need will entice her unduly; I will not sit through long dinner discussions about how better trade agreements for the Sparrow would benefit the Empire, nor will I permit her wed such a man, even though her own portion is quite generous; she would bankrupt her family and her children to aid their Clan.
Indeed, Lady Misaki, I require her to be returned to us with her heart and honor intact. You are authorized to use all means at your disposal to see to it that this is so.
Doji Isamu

Riel's mother, Doji Kasumi
Lady Kasumi comes from an ancient lineage who spoke to the spirits before the Asahina school existed. She accepts their preeminent place in clan politics, but has carefully tutored her daughter in the old ways, as well as being certain her own Doji Sensei took charge of Riel's schooling. Strong willed and traditional, she has done her best to raise devout, sensitive children who will bring honor to the Doji name. She is more prone to laughter then to scolds, and much more apt to permit her children to make their mistakes ...and learn from it … then to step in and solve every problem.
She is conflicted about the need to send her daughter to the Asahina, but bows to her husband's ruling on this. When she was a child it was a bitter battle to be accepted at all, though she expects her efforts have smoothed the way somewhat for her daughter.

Doji Saborou, Riel's Uncle
Doji Saborou: A scheming Courtier, and downright unlikable individual. Riel's uncle, he was the one who lead the expedition that discovered Kai, and sent him to live with the monks. In Saborou's mind, this adds up to Kai belonging to Saborou, thinking about the Monk as one might think about a dog. For now, Kai is allowed to play, but someday, Saborou will call Kai to heel, and he expects him to listen. He has a number of disagreements with Riel's father, Doji Isamu. He schemes to remove his elder brother, and use the families resources 'more effectively.' Unfortunately, one of those resources is Riel.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Saborou is a high ranking member of the Kolat, and desires to become master of the Coin Sect. He intends to marry Riel to a highly placed member of the Silk Sect, and use the information provided by the man, along with the resources of his family, to become master of the Coin. Isamu stands in his way, but the Lotus Sect provides a simple solution to that problem. With that power, Saborou intends to see Kai placed as master of the Seven Thunderers Temple. With a major Shinsei temple in the hands of the Kolat, he would wield an immense amount of power.

Utaku Saki, Battlemaiden and Suitor 1
Utaku Saki is tall and fierce, a proud member of the Unicorn clan and the seventh daughter of her mother. She loves her battlemare above all things, and thrills to the risks of battle, suffering from dejection and boredom without it. When she had the opportunity to join the battle legion at the Emperor's request, she lept at the chance, willing to put off the time when she must settle down to hearth and family forever. She has brilliant red hair that she wears in a long braid down her back, and large, new-green eyes, with a smattering of freckles across the bridge of her nose.
She is prone to a poet's distraction, to sudden, intense passions and quiet, deep depressions. She is hoping to die gloriously in battle, and have all the Unicorn mourn her loss. Despite her respect for physical strength, she has found her current passion alighting upon the fragile Doji Riel, feeling a distinct and alarming urge to protect and cosset her, sparking a fierce jealousy of her Yojimba, Misaki.

Shosuro Ichiro, Suitor 2
Shosuro Ichiro: A Shosuro, he largely works as a Courier for the Scorpion. He is common sight in many corners of the empire, delivering messages, taking replies, that sort of thing. Why the Scorpion use such a disliked man as the face is unknown. Shosuro is an unpleasant man, slightly overweight, and fond of drink, fine food, and women. He is also unrelenting stupid. He is, as yet, unmarried, but he is whispered to have set his sights on someone. He’s thought of generally as an unpleasant guest, but nothing more. The past few winters, he’s joined the Doji at the Winter Court, a guest of Doji Saborou. He’s had the odd habit of hanging around Doji Riel.
The Scorpion regard rats as sacred. Ichiro feeds them. A few can normally be seen in his quarters, and not nice White Rats; Ugly, scarred, disease infested vermin. He gave one to Riel as a gift.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Ichiro is much more then he appears. While he is quite fond of the finer things in life, he is an incredibly competent infiltrator. Many of his missives are simply cover for him to enact his missions. He is an assassin, a spy, and whatever else is required of him. He is nowhere near as foolish as he acts.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Ichiro serves two masters. He is also a high ranking member of the Silk Sect. He schemes with Doji Saborou to see the other rise to the place of Master of the Coin Sect. His price for this is Riel’s hand in marriage. Why he is so attached to the Shugenja is unknown. He has gone as far as finding a courtesean who resembles Riel, and refers to her by that name, often taking her in the clothing of the Crane Clan. Some speculate he is playing a deeper game, that there is something special about Riel. Others think the fat man is deceiving them, causing those around him to underestimate him by pretending to be obsessed with Riel. Still others think he is quite serious.
He goes as far as to release his rats into the Crane household when he stays for Winter

Kaiu Katsu, Nice Young Man and Suitor 3
Kaiu Katsu, a brilliant combat engineer and hardworking architect of the Crab Clan, had been chosen in an unusual move by his Clan to wed a wealthy Crane. It was hoped that his high intellect would enable him to influence the flighty and frivolous Crane into sending money and resources to the Wall. He is a good man, honorable, ethical and kind, who hopes to wed with Doji Riel, helping to build a future where Crane and Crab become allies. Her father's stories of her idealistic nature and gentle demeanor, along with a tiny painting of her, caused him to fall helplessly in love with her, though they had never met.
When he heard of her appointment to the Imperial Legion, and his family subsequently refusing the betrothal, he girded on his (mostly unused) sword, and stormed off after her, vowing to stand between her and all harm! He keeps the picture in his breast pocket, and takes it out to inspire him whenever he looses heart.
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Re: [Legend of the Five Rings] Edge of Steel
« Reply #5 on: September 28, 2011, 05:36:46 PM »
There, have added Ichirou's background, and did some stat tweaks to better reflect the character that came out of it.  Hopefully everything looks good.

And the idea that a Crane clan member and a Dragon clan member might be in the same group is hilarious to me.

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Re: [Legend of the Five Rings] Edge of Steel
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Will post mind as soon I finish it up which is I hope is soon, Well there about to be Carb join the gruop.
-mumbles under his breath some thing about to weak cran-

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Re: [Legend of the Five Rings] Edge of Steel
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Name:  Matsu Tetsuya

School::  Kitsu Shugenja
Experience:  40-40

Rings:: Air 2 (Reflexes 3), Earth 2, Fire 2, Water 3, Void 2

Battle         3 (6k2)
Calligraphy      2 (5k2)      Cipher
Courtier      1 (3k2)
Etiquette      2 (4k2)
Games: Go (Int)      1 (4k2)
Jiujutsu         3 (5k2)
Lore: History      1 (4K2)
Lore: Theology      1 (4k2)
Meditation      1 (3k2)
Spellcraft      3 (5K2)

6   Hands of Stone:  +0k1 to unarmed damage. 
9   Ikoma Ancestor:  +1k0 to intelegence tests, +2k0 to unarmed damage, code of conduct. 
5   Leadership: 
3   Sage:  Untrained Lore: 4k2
3   Tactician

2   Bad Luck I
1   Fascination: Jiujutsu
3   Idealistic
4   Wrath of the Fire Kami

Honor:  6.5
Status: 1

Spells: (First level DC 10+Raises Called)

Air Spells: 3k2 (2/Day)
--Blessed Wind
--Tempest of Air

Earth Spells: 3k2 (2/Day)
--Jade Strike

Water Spells 4k3 (3/Day)
--Clarity of Purpose
--Path to Inner Peace
--Speed of the Waterfall

Void Slots   (2/day)

--Attack Roll
--Damage Roll

--Attack Roll 2k2
--Damage Roll

--Attack Roll: 5k2
--Damage: 6k2

Scroll Satchel
5 Koku

Traveling Pack: 
--Candles (6)
--Flint and Tinder
--Incense Brazier
--Ink Brush Kit
--Sake Cup
--Small Statue of Ikoma
--Minature Go Set
--Parchment and Charcoal (10)

Character History & Background: Use the Twenty Questions to flesh out your character if you need a starting point.  Be as comprehensive as possible.  Otherwise, I will start making up characters and plot hooks for your characters accordingly.

1.  What Clan  The Lion

2.  What family?  Tetsuya is a Matsu. 
His father is a bard named Ikoma Motoko
His mother is a berserker battle maiden named Matsu Chiasa: 

3.  Roll:  A sugenja with unarmed combat skills, Tetsuya uses his Battle skill and natural position back from the front line to fill the roll of field officer. 

4.  How would others describe your character’s appearance.
   He is a tall man, tall enough to enough to blend in the lands of the Crab.  He wears a kimono of golden silk beneath a sturdy black cotton hamkima and kataginu.  A large, lion clan mon is presented proudly on the back of his kataginu, where on the front of the kimono two smaller mon show his school on the right and his family on the left. 
   His wakasashi is tucked through his black obi, meticulously polished, though his scroll case and big, deft, hard hands are clearly his weapons of choice.  His keen dark eyes reveal that his mind is a keener weapon still. 

5. What is Tetsuya’s primary motivation.
   Despite great promise as a scholar in his early life, Tetsuya never considered himself successful ‘til he was approached by the spirit of Ikoma and offered patronage.  To Tetsuya there is no greater success than to live in a way that makes his ancestor proud. 

6. Who does Testuya trust most?[.b] 
   Tetsuya would die for his duty.  He loves his family for themselves as well as for his duty to do so.  His mother for sternly pressing him to man up to his strengths and be proud of them instead of dwelling on his perceived weaknesses.  His boisterous father for freely accepting him any time he didn’t fall so far as to hate himself. 
   But as he grew he found that neither of them had the right blend of objectivity and idealism to merit more wisdom in his eyes than his sensei. 
   His sensei is a Kitsu woman distantly related to his father, who’s name Avaron has gaijin roots.  She learned of his scholarly bent at an early age and brought him too the school for seasons at a time to study topics ranging from bushido, to history, to natural philosophy, to the occult.  It is she who’s council guides him through the hardest times in his life and from whom he seeks guidance in the face of his hardest choices. 

7.  What is you character's greatest strength and weakness.
   Tetsuya’s strength is faith. 
   Growing up, he was a studious but weakling shugenja.  He overromanticised physical prowess.  When he made an attempt to improve himself physically, he quickly gave up before he wasn’t satisfied with himself and returned to dreamily studying great battles and histories. 
   At      in his 11th year, the spirit of Ikoma appeared to him and offered to sponsor him.  The ancestor promised him greater intelegence and strength if he would focus his studies and devote himself to his training. 
   Having great admiration for Ikoma from his studies, Tetsuya committed himself to the ancestor and took the leap of faith that he could live up to what the spirit saw in him. 
   By the time of his Gempuku, he was not only a full shugenja, he was also a powerful student of jiujutsu able to smash through tiles with his bare and and battle armed men bare handed. 

   Tetsuya’s weakness is the temptation to prove himself in physical combat.  Part of it is a simple fascination with Jiujutsu and wondering what he can do with it, how far he can take it.  A quite part of his heart, though, values Ikoma’s gift of strength over his gift of intelligence and feels that a true man would make better use of them. 

8.  What does Tetsuya think of Bushido.

9.  What does Tetsuya think of his Clan?
   Tetsuya is inherently proud of his clan and their accomplishments, but he’s a little bit skeptical of the arrogance with which his clansmen view other clans.  It is a consequence of being well read. 
   “Aye, cousin.  I also find the Crab bushi I’ve met to be uncouth.  I do wonder, though, how couth I’d be if my lessons in deportment were administered to me while standing on a siege wall, with an arrow knocked in my bow, and my eyes on the oni army on the horizon instead of my teacher.”   

10.  Is Tetsuya married?[\b]

Tetsuya’s mother had arranged a betrothal to Matsu Hanako.  As both of them were in military careers, this was a bit awkward.  Tetsuya had only met her three times, but found her comely and basically apealing.  5 months ago, Hanako lost her life in action against bandits who proved to be backed by a practitioner of blood magic. 

11.  Does Tetsuya have any prejudices?[\b]
   Despite his amusement with his clansmen, Tetsuya is a Lion.  His power is for military action.  That is his place in the Heavenly Order.  While he’d probably stoop so low as to save the life of a peasant dying from injuries, the thought of using the power of the kami to aid in agriculture would never cross his mind. 

12.  To whom does Tetsuya owe the most loyalty?[\b]
   Emperor Totori. 

13.  What are Tetsuya’s favorite and least favorite things?[\b]
   Tetsuya is intrigued by Juijutsu, especially by Kiho—which he has never managed to learn. 
   Tetsuya loves reading, not only military histories and scholarly works, but also poetry and fiction. 
   Tetsuya adores women in all their beauty and complexity. 
   Tetsuya is not so partial to debate.  He could spend long periods of time teaching or learning, but arguing is not something he appreciates. 

19.  How religious is your character?
   To Tetsuya, if an ancestor can believe in him when he placed great faith in neither ancestors nor himself, then there must be greatness to be found in the spiritual world for every man and woman.   

20.  How will Tetsuya die?
   Tetsuya will retire to a monetary and become a lecherous old monk.  Jolly and powerful, he will have everything he ever wanted, from willing peasent girls at festivals to the power of kiho at his fingertips. 
But one day a man of the Crane Clan will stumble injured into the monestary, taineted by the shadowlands and mauled by oni.  With the magic he learned in his youth, Tetsuya will heal the man enough to survive the strikes that will cleanse him of the taint. 
The crane samurai will tell him of his sister carried off by an Oni into the depths of the Shadowlands.  That seven crane bushi proved unprepared for the might of the oni.  “Rest here,” Tetsuya will say, “I was a Lion once, and once I did love a Crane.  I will bring your sister back.” 
Leaving his contented retirement behind, he will travel alone into the Shadowlands vanquish the Yume no Oni who held the damsel.  With only enough jade left to protect one, he will sacrifice himself to the taint to see her safely home.  Once he’s seen her in her mother’s arms, he will attempt the technique to purge himself of the taint, nearly be destroyed, and accomplish nothing else.  So he will travel to the lands of the Lion in search of his grandson, who will bare witness as he commits seppuku. 
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Re: [Legend of the Five Rings] Edge of Steel
« Reply #8 on: September 30, 2011, 03:09:56 AM »
I added a few NPCs to Kai's sheet, including one joint one with Izzy (Idariel), with an attached possible plawt hook. I may add some more as time goes by.

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Re: [Legend of the Five Rings] Edge of Steel
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If there is still room I'd like to be considered I have a few ideas for characters but don't know the system all that well. My main ideas are a Scorpion Clan Bushi (because they can be so much fun!) or a young Sparrow Clan Bushi.

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Re: [Legend of the Five Rings] Edge of Steel
« Reply #10 on: October 01, 2011, 07:30:01 PM »
*waves to Aybara.* 

Second time we've had intrest in the same game.  Welcome to E.  And you're a fellow Sparrow fan?  Awesome. 

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Re: [Legend of the Five Rings] Edge of Steel
« Reply #11 on: October 01, 2011, 08:09:51 PM »
I played the card game as Crane but we have plenty of those it seems. Sparrows are similar in many ways but add to the melting pot, not as rich or necessarily refined but humble and down to earth.

A scorpion, well someone has to do all the jobs no one else will sully themselves doing, who else would dishonour themselves by bribing the guard... now if I hadn't bribed the guard we would have had to leave a dead guard hidden behind an empty post and someone will notice that and the mission will fail, there is no honour in that failure so the Lion and the Crane turn their heads and tut but will they dirty their hands no and that is why a scorpion is needed.

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Re: [Legend of the Five Rings] Edge of Steel
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And the idea that a Crane clan member and a Dragon clan member might be in the same group is hilarious to me.
<giggles> ooh, my little Crane Shugenja is fierce … but wait until you meet Misaki, her Yojimbo

I added a few NPCs to Kai's sheet, including one joint one with Izzy (Idariel), with an attached possible plawt hook. I may add some more as time goes by.
I'm going to post Riel's new NPCs and some of her twenty questions tonight, too!

If there is still room I'd like to be considered I have a few ideas for characters but don't know the system all that well. My main ideas are a Scorpion Clan Bushi (because they can be so much fun!) or a young Sparrow Clan Bushi.
I have just recently fallen in love with the Sparrow clan! <3

and i do believe Kirinis said in the other thread that there would be no player limit, the more the merrier!

Though he wants the 20 questions ... and ... they have a way of getting out of control and creating more and more NPCs and background ... <laughter> I've learned so much!
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Re: [Legend of the Five Rings] Edge of Steel
« Reply #13 on: October 02, 2011, 05:26:34 PM »
*waves to Aybara.* 

Second time we've had intrest in the same game.  Welcome to E.  And you're a fellow Sparrow fan?  Awesome.

Hare forever!

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Re: [Legend of the Five Rings] Edge of Steel
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:: sprays him with Rogaine::

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Re: [Legend of the Five Rings] Edge of Steel
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Hello everyone *waves*. I am in the process of building my character with Muse' help. I will post here what I have up to now. If anyone wants to make comments or suggestions...they are most welcome!


Name:Doji Ayano
Age: 18
Skin: Pale
Eyes: Blue
Hair: White
Height/Weight: 4'8", 90 pounds

Name:  Dodji
School: Doji Courtier
Rings: Air 2, (Awareness 4) Earth 2, Fire 2, Water 2, Void 2

Caligraphy  1 (3k2)
Courtier  3 (7k4 1 Raise) Manipulation
Etiquette  3 (7k4 1 Raise)  Courtesy
Games: Go (Int) 1 (3k2)
Horsemanship  2 (4k2)
Investigation  2
Perform: Song  3 (8k5)
Perform: Storytelling 2 (7k5)
Sincerity  3 (7k4 1 raise)
Tea Ceremony  3 (5k2)
War Fan  1 (3k2)

(8) Dodji Ancestor
(2) Irreproachable (+1k0 to resist Temptation.) 
(3) Voice
(2) Wealth III

(1)  Fascination: Horses
(3)  Phobia: Snakes
(3)  Small
(2)  Soft Hearted

Honor:   6.5
Status: 1


Extravagant Clothing
Caligraphy Set

Traveling Pack
--Coin Purse
--Incense Brazier
--Personal Seal
--Pet: Small White Monkey= named Yoshi.
--Small Statue of Doji
--Small Tent
--Tatemi Mat
--Tea Set
13 Koku

Character History & Background:
1: Crane Clan
3: Doji Courtier School
4:  She has a regal bearing.  When she walks in a room people turn to look.  She never shows outward anger.  She is always calm.  There is a quietness about her.  When she walks in, people look, but then they quickly forget about her as she fades into the people surrounding her UNLESS she wishes to make her presence known

Ayano's Parental Heritage
Riel's father is Doji Isamu.  He had a younger sister, Doji Asami, a Coutier of surpassing grace and beauty who appeared often at the Imperial Court. Many men from many Clans contested for her hand, for she was both wealthy and beautiful. 

At Court, she always felt the eyes of one of the Emperor's silent bodygaurds, Seppun Takao (Takao meaning Respectful Hero) upon her.  It would be inappropriate for him to speak to her while protecting the Emperor.
But somehow, even though he never abandoned his watch over the Emperor, she always felt safe when she could see him. 

One day, Takao--a guardsman of the Seppun family, fought back to back with the Emperor against assasins sent against him.
The Emperor asked how he might reward the guardsman's loyalty. 

He replied that--though it shamed him to think of such dereliction of duty--he would be a very happy man if he could serve the Emperor in a way the would permit him to wed the beautiful Doji. The Emperor put his matchmaker's to arranging their courtship, and very soon they were happily wed. Ayano was surrounded by loving parents who doted on her, as she is their only child- but their love also came from the deep love they held for each other.
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Re: [Legend of the Five Rings] Edge of Steel
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Out of curiosity, is there an expected start time to the game or are we waiting on more players?

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Re: [Legend of the Five Rings] Edge of Steel
« Reply #17 on: October 04, 2011, 02:58:14 PM »
I'm waiting on a few more players,  I think there's still two or so left who haven't submitted character sheets.  Incidentally, if you have any questions, you can PM with them or put them here and I'll get back to you as quickly as I can manage.

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Re: [Legend of the Five Rings] Edge of Steel
« Reply #18 on: October 24, 2011, 10:58:05 AM »
I updated Riel's character sheet with role playing information - her 20 questions, some of her NPCs, and so on; I think I have some issues with her spells so I'll PM you about that!

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Re: [Legend of the Five Rings] Edge of Steel
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Is this game still open? I so I haved hard time with my char background & few other stuff.

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Re: [Legend of the Five Rings] Edge of Steel
« Reply #20 on: October 27, 2011, 12:13:49 PM »
Yes it is.  Don't worry just send over your issues to me via PM and we'll get it hashed out.

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Re: [Legend of the Five Rings] Edge of Steel
« Reply #21 on: October 27, 2011, 02:19:32 PM »
Oh good, I was hoping this was still going to go on.

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Re: [Legend of the Five Rings] Edge of Steel
« Reply #22 on: October 27, 2011, 03:52:13 PM »
Yep, just been a lazy prat twiddling my fingers for a few days...or a week or two..  *tries to look innocent.*

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Re: [Legend of the Five Rings] Edge of Steel
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Re: [Legend of the Five Rings] Edge of Steel
« Reply #24 on: October 27, 2011, 04:28:06 PM »
WHoo-hoo!  The game lives on!