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Author Topic: [Legend of the Five Rings] Edge of Steel  (Read 13367 times)

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Offline KirinisTopic starter

Re: [Legend of the Five Rings] Edge of Steel
« Reply #25 on: October 27, 2011, 05:01:52 PM »
Yep, I'll set up a deadline for character submission.  Now it doesn't have to be as full fleshed out as possible, although you'll have my gratitude if you do.  But at the very least have the basic character sheet down with stats out by the deadline.  Say next Wednesday at 5 PM EST?  Does that seem reasonable enough for the rest of you?

I shall promise adventures of all sorts, bandits, the Shadowlands, a bit of courtly intrigue, perhaps a minor war or two.  Also there will not be a strict adherence to the canon storyline set out since the beginning of the Diamond Era, so don't be surprised if the train jumps the tracks early.  Of course as usual, there are no refunds and please keep all limbs inside the ride at all times unless you want the Onisu over there to eat them.

Offline Kokaine

Re: [Legend of the Five Rings] Edge of Steel
« Reply #26 on: October 27, 2011, 05:20:22 PM »
I'd like to post my interest if you're open for a new character.

I confess this will be my first system game but Idariel got me interested in Legend and I'd be interested in giving it a try if it wouldn't be an inconvenience to have a newbie among you.

I've gotten a hold of the book to go through and was linked to the wiki so hopefully, with some help *nudges Idariel* I can have a character up by the set deadline if that's okay with you. Just let me know, thanks.


Offline Pumpkin Seeds

Re: [Legend of the Five Rings] Edge of Steel
« Reply #27 on: October 27, 2011, 05:37:16 PM »
There's plenty of us here to help.  So feel free to ask.

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Re: [Legend of the Five Rings] Edge of Steel
« Reply #28 on: October 27, 2011, 11:13:48 PM »
*waves to Kaine* 

PM me if there's anything I can help you with. 

Offline Wheresmycow

Re: [Legend of the Five Rings] Edge of Steel
« Reply #29 on: October 28, 2011, 12:28:10 AM »
Wednesday is cool, and I'm willing to chime in if help is needed.

Offline Idariel

Re: [Legend of the Five Rings] Edge of Steel
« Reply #30 on: October 28, 2011, 01:04:30 AM »
I'd like to post my interest if you're open for a new character.
I confess this will be my first system game but Idariel got me interested in Legend and I'd be interested in giving it a try if it wouldn't be an inconvenience to have a newbie among you.
I've gotten a hold of the book to go through and was linked to the wiki so hopefully, with some help *nudges Idariel* I can have a character up by the set deadline if that's okay with you. Just let me know, thanks.

<happy dance> <HUGS> <HUGS> ooh ooh yay!! pumpkin and Muse and everyone they are just so wonderful and you will have so much fun!

And everyone, Lady Kaine is such a wonderful writer, and just adorable!!

And Kirinis, sir Wednesday is fine for me I shall settle on what to do with my lovely points forthwith!

<hugs and laughs> This will be a lovely, lovely game!
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Offline LightNight

Re: [Legend of the Five Rings] Edge of Steel
« Reply #31 on: October 28, 2011, 12:04:23 PM »
Name: Hida Yuuji
Clan: Crab Clan.
School: Hida bushi school
Age: 19
Height: 6’3”
Weight: 210 lbs
Build: Mucsler & well built like most crab warriors.
Description: He young only 19 years but he seen more combat then most his age in other clans, he it large like his father about 6’3” muscler what you think any crab warrior would be. He hides himself in his armor as he rarely is with out it as he learn to always be ready as his black hair cut & pulled back in a pony tail is hid by his helmet as his body is hid by his heavy armor.

Honor: 3.5

Air: 2
Reflexes: 2
Awareness: 2
Earth: 3
Stamina: 3
Willpower: 3
Fire: 2
Agility: 2
Intelligence: 2
Water: 2
Strength: 3
Perception: 2
Void: 2

Athletics: 2
Defense: 4
Heavy Weapons (Tetsubo): 4
Intimidation: 1
Kenjutsu: 2
Lore: Shadowlands: 1
Battle: 4

(3) Large
(4) Tactician

(3) Obtuse
(3) Lost Love
(3) Disbeliever

Outfit: Heavy Armor, Sturdy Clothing, Daisho, Ono, Traveling Pack,
1 koku, Small Tent, finger of jade,


The Hida bushi is the epitome of ‘heavy infantry,’ able to endure
harsh blows and deliver crushing attacks in return. You
may ignore TN penalties for wearing heavy armor for all skills
except Stealth. When using a Heavy Weapon, you gain a bonus
of +1k0 to the total of all damage rolls.

Defense: 15 (25 with armor) D.R.: 5


A.R.: 6k2
Damage: 5k4

A.R.: 4k2
Damage: 6k2

A.R.: 4k2
Damage: 5k2
Range: 20’

((Not much diffrent then the one I posted before but working on more to add to it as liek the 20 Q & looking for some pics.))

Offline Aybara

Re: [Legend of the Five Rings] Edge of Steel
« Reply #32 on: October 28, 2011, 07:41:46 PM »
Right, I finally got my hands on a copy of the rules and am beginning to try to get my head around it. Still Scorpion or Sparrow Bushi.

Kirinis I was wondering, what section will the game be going into?

Offline Idariel

Re: [Legend of the Five Rings] Edge of Steel
« Reply #33 on: October 29, 2011, 04:45:36 AM »
LightNight - yay, a Crab Bushi .. I've a soft spot for that clan.

Aybara - oooh, I vote sparrow! <3<3<3

Offline Tackyhillbilly

Re: [Legend of the Five Rings] Edge of Steel
« Reply #34 on: October 29, 2011, 06:16:48 AM »
Aybara, in case you were curious, my current count of characters:

Seven Thunders Monk
Mirumoto Bushi
Daidoji Bushi
Asahina Shugenja
Kitsu Shugenja
Doji Courtier
Hida Bushi

Thats 4 Bushi, counting Kai (who isn't a Bushi, but is a combatant), 2 Shugenja, and a Courtier.

(Also, I made my sheet handsomer (prettier seems a bad description, given how I did it.) Kai now looks like Jet Li!)

Offline Aybara

Re: [Legend of the Five Rings] Edge of Steel
« Reply #35 on: October 30, 2011, 07:22:18 PM »
Name: Suzume Hachi
School: Suzume Bushi School
Rings: Air 3 (Reflexes3, Awareness3), Earth 2(Stamina2, Willpower3), Fire 2(Agility 2, Integligence2), Water 2 (Strength 2, Perception 2) Void 2

Skills: Calligaraphy 1, Kenjutsu (Katana) 3, Lore History 1, Lore Theology 1, Perform Storytelling 1, Lore Nature 1, Meditation 1, Etiquette 2, Atlethics 3, Defence 2, Horsemanship 1, Iajutsu 2, Jinjutsu 2, Kyujutsu 1, Etiquette 2, Horsemanship 1, Games: Go 2
Technique: All Things In time (p225)
Advantages: Sacred Weapon Kakita Blade [5] (If I get GM approval)
Disadvantages: Gullible [4]

Honor: 6.5
Status: 1
Glory: 1
Insight: 137 = Rank 1

Equipment: Light Armour, Sturdy Clothing,  Daisho, Yumi, Bowyer Kit, Willow Leaf Arrow (x8) Traveling Pack:Cooking Pot,  Chopsticks, Blanket, Miniature Go Set, Small Tent, Spare Kimono and Sandles, Whetstone, A weeks rations, Shovel, Rope, 1 Koku
Experience: 40 (12 to bring Reflex to 3, Etiquette 2(3), Athletics 3 (6), Defence 2 (3), Horsemanship 1, Kenjutsu to 3 (5), Iajutsu 2 (3), Jinjutsu 2(3), Kyujutsu 1, Games Go 2(3) (39)
Clan: Sparrow, Family Suzume, Bushi

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
How would others describe your character:
Suzume Hachi appears to be a somewhat shy on first approach and naive to how the world really works, as to whether this is a part of his upbringing that he will shed or he really has no natural inclinations towards politics is yet to be determined. He is always very well groomed and very methodical in his approach to things. His clothes are stout but worn, it is unlikely to find him in silks, though this is likely because he may not be able to afford such luxury. He has a tightly trimmed mustache and goatee.
Thankfully does not follow the Sparrow stereotype of long winded story telling, though he does however always listen very intently to stories and will often request stories from a skilled storyteller.
Suzume's primary motivation:
To serve the Emperor with honor, he will of course have deep regrets if he is ordered to against his Clan but will do so if it is the Emperor's will. He does want to represent his Clan and show them that though the Sparrow may be a Minor Clan and with little infuence they should still be respected as warriors.
Who is the person your character trusts most in the world:
Suzume Miko, this is Hachi's female cousin. They have not spoken in over three years except by letter. Hachi is a lonely child but Miko is like a cousin to him, they spent their early childhood playing in the fields. She is currently studying with the Fox Clan Shugenja as she displayed the potential to be a Shugenja, a Fox Clan Shugenja offered to assist in her education, they have kept in contact by letters.
What is your characters greatest strength and weakness?
Hachi's greatest most admirable strenght is his disciplined, humble nature. His greatest weakness is his one for women, although he isn't prone to taking them to bed as some men are wont to, he does find women he is attracted to, whether physically or mentally, some what distracting. He's also more suceptible to having his ear bent by them.
What does Hachi think of Bushido:
Honesty is the least important aspect of Bushido in his mind although Hachi would likely never say so out loud, he wont lie strictly speaking but he will choose his words carefully and leave himself room to wiggle if need be. Lieing isn't a concept he has huge experience with however and isn't all that good at even being misleading. Duty is the most important aspect.
Hachi' Opinion of the Sparrow
He believes the Sparrow clan have a purer version of what it is the Samurai should be, they serve the Emperor, Samurai must organise the Empire for the Emperor and serve him in all things. How many other clans could work such harsh land and guard but never use the rich lands they must never use as set aside by the Emperor. He is proud that his Clan has never failed in this task and has helped guard the sacred plains himself.
Is your character married?
Hachi was previously bethrothed to a Fox Clan Shugenja, they had only met a few times but her beauty made him blush and that made her smile. Sadly she has not been seen in many years after she disappearred in the woods of the Fox Clan. She has been declared dead by her own Clan and with a heavy heart Hachi accepted that the woman with the ruby lips who he had thought would be mother to his children was dead. He did not love her yet but it was clear to most that they looked like their marriage would have been a happy one. Hachi still sometimes dreams of his bethroded, intense dreams and ones he rarely speaks of as it was things they had not yet done. It has been suggested to him that there would be worse things for him than to find a bride amongst those he meets, although the other members of the Legion will of course be likely richer than him those women who might dismiss a political marriage normally with a Sparrow will take not of the fact he has received the honour of joining the legion.
Does Hachi have any prejudices:
Hachi has no great love for the Crab but respects the task they take on and will give them some extra leeway as a Clan. He looks upon the Scorpion Clan with suspicion, they are the most corrupt clan it seems to him and he has lost several friends to their warriors.
Who does Hachi serve the most loyally?
Up to this point Hachi served the Sparrow Clan Champion loyally, in the small Clan Holdings he has had several opportunities to meet the Champion and even played a few games of Go with the man. Far away from his people and his Champion his loyalty may shift though as any Samurai will say when asked he will reply that his loyalty is to the Emperor.
What are Hachi's favour and least favourite things?
Hachi's guilty pleasure is spending time with beautiful women, this can take many forms from a simple game of Go to training. Sometimes when he sits with them he smiles though his mind has wandered to his lost Fox bride to be.
He dislikes courtly flamboyant events, he is too far out of his element and can't be comfortable.
Does Hachi have any recurring mannerisms?
Hachi will often stroke his beard when in thought over a conversation, playing go or examining battlemats. His own personal motto is  "Obedience brings victory." When travelling he has a habit of looking at fields.
What are your characters emotions?
Hachi will most often laugh, it is the easiest emotional response to get from him generally speaking. Attractive women might find that blushes are just as common, without them necessarily trying to elicit that response.
How would Hachi deal with subordonates?
Hachi would probably say that he would seek to find the cause of the problem and why it had arrisen. In reality he probably wouldn't be quite as understanding as he'd like to think he would. He would be very strict in the event that they had tried to hide and cover up the infraction.
How do Hachi's parents view him?
Hachi is a lonely child and his parents adore him, his mother and father watched him leave pride visible on their faces. He has always been a deligent son. They had grown worried when the beautiful Fox had died, there son though not shirking his duties did not take to tasks with the same joy, that mood has passed for many months but his mother a Crane by birth worries that the women from the outside world might prove difficult for him to manage, especially those of the Scorpion who she has warned him away from, they would think little of manipulating him and she knows he would stand little chance against a skilled courtier.
What is Hachi's highest ambition?
He has already achieved a position in the Legion, although he would not be opposed to ascending rank he merely hopes to acquire honour for his Clan. He would be most pleased to one day stand before the Emperor in recognition of a life time honourable service, he would equally be pleased with either this or a meaningful death in service at some great battle after performing some remarkable deed... preferably once he has children to carry on his name. In other words he wants to see his name being pointed to and seen as an example for the Sparrow to be respected.
How religious is Hachi?
Hachi is religious to an extent but rarely visits a temple without reason. He prefers praying in the moment as he'd say and prefers meditation in nature. He used to visit temples a little more regularily but now he finds it hard to pray and meditate in them meaningfully, his mind tends to wander
How will Hachi die?
He will die because of a woman, he will die to defend a woman or because one manipulates him. He has romantic ideas of how men and women work out in real life, leading his nature to prove himself infront of others to be exacerbated by the presence of a woman he thinks might take interest in him if she sees him honourably coming to her aid. Perhaps this death will come in the midst of battle with no manipulation, moving to intercept an arrow meant for a comrades back before falling to the ground.

This is what I've come up with, I had hoped to take a Kakita Blade as a Sacred Weapon given the Clan's History and roots in the Crane Clan, a blade passed down through his family since they were part of that Clan. Technically I don't think it's legal but given the background it might be  something our GM might consider.
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Offline KirinisTopic starter

Re: [Legend of the Five Rings] Edge of Steel
« Reply #36 on: October 31, 2011, 12:48:24 AM »
Hmm, so this Kakita blade would be passed down from Hachi's mother's side, Aybara?  I will permit it if you can tell me what the Kakita blade represents to Hachi.  Secondly, I would like a brief history and description of the blade itself.  A Clan weapon is a weighty thing and rife with all sorts of plot hooks.  Consider this an opportunity to do some creative writing before I start making up things like how Hachi's blade in particular is infamous amongst the Phoenix. :)

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Re: [Legend of the Five Rings] Edge of Steel
« Reply #37 on: October 31, 2011, 02:26:39 AM »
I wish I knew something about this game I would had played if I did, anyways i just wanted to wish you guys luck and I will be keeping a eye on this.

Offline Aybara

Re: [Legend of the Five Rings] Edge of Steel
« Reply #38 on: October 31, 2011, 09:13:25 AM »
Actually I had been more thinking the Kakita Blade had been owned by one of his Doji ancestors when the Sparrow Clan were set up. Thinking about it that would make the blade very very old indeed, but I'd understand if that's a bit much for a starting character to have.

Still even if it's just that it was passed down from his mother's side that'd be interesting too.  I'll come up with at least three previous wielders of the blade and some of the most important events of it's history. I'm just doing a bit of research into a few different things. The blade will have a more heroic tale than Hachi as it has seen several lifetimes of warfare in the hands of skilled bushi, being drawn against bandit, oni and enemy bushi throughout it's history. It would be good to represent the role he wants to one day fill a symbol as it has already proven itself many more times than he has.

Offline Kokaine

Re: [Legend of the Five Rings] Edge of Steel
« Reply #39 on: October 31, 2011, 03:01:45 PM »
Here is what I have so far. I need a little help with the spells part if anyone can offer a few pointers. Will add the 20 question later today or tomorrow.

Name: Moto Akemi
Sex: Female
Age: 18
Hair: Black
Eyes: Violet
Height: 5'9”
Weight: 145 lbs
Clan: Unicorn
School: Iuchi Shugenja

AIR   3
   Reflexes   3(-12)   Awareness   3(-12)
   Stamina   2   Willpower   2
FIRE   2
   Agility   3   Intelligence   2
WATER   3   
   Strength   3(-12)   Perception   3
VOID  2 

Battle 2(-2)
Calligraphy (cipher)
Defense 2(-3)
Kenjutsu 2(-3)
Lore: Theology
Meditation 2(-2)

Dangerous Beauty (-3)
Wealthy 2(-1)

Consumed: Knowledge (+4)
Fascination: Lore (+1)
Lechery (+2)
Overconfident (+3)

Affinity: Water
Deficiency: Fire

Technique: Spirit of the Wind – The Iuchi harness the power of the elements to grant the waves' speed to others. As a Complex Action, you may sacrifice one spell slot of any element to grant one target individual an additional Simple Move Action. This Simple Action is in addition to the target's normal Actions per round. The additional Action must be used on the target's next turn or it is lost. You also gain a Free Raise on any spell with the Travel Keyword.

3 Water (Clarity of Purpose, Reflections of Pan Ku, Speed of the Waterfall)
2 Earth (Armor of Earth, Earth's Touch)
1 Air (Tempest of Air)

Honor: 5.5
Status: 1
Glory: 1
Insight Rank:

Extravagant clothing
Any 1 weapon (Scimitar)
Calligraphy set
Traveling pack
Horse (unicorn riding horse)
10 koku

Character History & Background
1.    What Clan Does Your Character Belong To?
The Unicorn Clan
2.   What Family Does Your Character Belong To?
3.   Is Your Character A Bushi, A Shugenja, Or A Courtier?
4.   How Would Others Describe Your Character’s Appearance?
Akemi is a tall woman, pleasing in both face and form. Her violet eyes gleam with the strength of her formidable will, while her lips are prone to showing her pleasure or displeasure plainly with a curve in either direction. Her raven hair is long, well tended, and neat, though she wears it mostly unrestricted, and her style of dress, while a bit untraditional at times is generally acceptable and in the right circumstances even a bit extravagant. Very self aware and confident, Akemi's motions are always deliberate and precise, with a fluidity that gives credit to the Bushi heritage of her Moto ancestors, despite her Shugenja training.
5.   What Is Your Character’s Primary Motivation?
To bring honor and glory to the Moto name despite being a Shugenja rather than a Bushi as her father wished.
6.   Who Is The Person Your Character Trusts
She trusts her mother and father alone.
7.   What Is Your Character’s Greatest Strength And Weakness
Akemi's greatest weakness is her desire to know and understand. In all she sees she wishes to divine the true nature behind, a trait she inherited from her mother. As a result she at times shows a distinct lack of social graces, as her desire to know and understand obscures common sense.
Her greatest strength is her indomitable will. What she wishes to accomplish, she will, no matter the time or energy required.
8.   What Does Your Character Think Of Bushido
Perhaps because of her Clan's centuries out among the Gaijin, Akemi is not certain that there is only one correct way to view the world, and thus not only one correct way to live in it. She believes that the Bushido is, as it should be, an idealistic representation of what all should strive to exemplify but that it should be looked to as a guide of sorts and not a strict rule book.
9.   What Is Your Character’s Opinion Of His Clan?
Akemi believes the Unicorn Clan to be one of the most enlightened Clans in Rokugan.
10.   Is Your Character Married?
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Offline BraveEarth

Re: [Legend of the Five Rings] Edge of Steel
« Reply #40 on: October 31, 2011, 04:51:52 PM »
Wanted to get this up before I put it off more... Will get the 20 Questions up later, have them almost done but have a post that is due...

Name: Yoritomo Kei
School: Yoritomo Shugenja
Rings: Air 2, Earth 2 [Stamina 3], Fire 2, Water 3, Void 2
Insight: 136
Athletics - Strength 2
Calligraphy - Intelligence 1
Knives - Agility 1
Lore: Theology - Intelligence 1
Meditation - Void 2
Sailing (Navigation) - Intelligence or Agility 2
Spell Craft - Intelligence 2
Kenjutsu - Agility 3
Iaijutsu - Reflexes 3
Etiquette - Awareness 1
Investigation - Perception 1
Lore: Sea - Intelligence 1
Lore: Bushido - Intelligence 1
Perform: Story Telling - Awareness 1
Defense - Reflexes 2
Commerce (Appraisal) - Intelligence 1
Stealth (Spell Casting) - Agility 1

Technique: Child of the Sea
 The Family line of the Yoritomo who possess the talent for magic have a strong bond with the sea and with the weather as a whole. You may Expend one Spell slot to alter the wind conditions in your current location by one degree. If you also spend a Void Point, you may instead shift entire weather status one Degree. You may expend a maximum combined total of spell slots and or Void Points equal to your school rank each round to enact these shifts. These Shifts affect and area a number of miles equal to your school rank in all directions from your current location
You gain a Free Raise on all Thunder Spells
Affinity Water / Deficiency Earth

Spells: Sense Commune, Summon, Ebbing Strength, Reversal of Fortunes, Path to Inner Peace, Fury of Osano-Wo, Katana of Fire (Memorized), By the Light of the Moon

Advantages: Elemental Blessing (Water)
Disadvantages: Phobia (Horses), Overconfident, Cursed by the Realm: Gaki-do

Honor: 4.5
Status: 1.0

Scroll Satchel
Traveling Pack
8 Bottle of Shochu 2 bu
3 Ink Brush Kit
4 Mortar and Pestle 1b
6 Pillow book 2b
5 Sake cup 1b
7 Blanket
2 Spare kimono and Sandals 1 koku and bu
9 Spices 5b
1 Weeks Rations
10 Small Statue (Fortune)

Haori 25z
Tatami mat 2z
Chopsticks 1z
Coin Purse 3z
Wide Brimmed Straw Hat 1z
Paper (10 sheets) 2 bu
Traveling Cloak 75z
Ashigaru Armor 5k

2 koku 2 bu 7 zeni
Character History & Background:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Mantis Clan
Yoritomo Family
Yoritomo Kei is a beautiful girl, it’s quite a sight to see her on board a Mantis ship where while she navigates the wind whips through her long hair and the sun seems to adore her face. She stands a tall muscled 5’11” but what can you say when you come from such a large and strong family?
She is motivated by maintaining her family’s name’s honor and her Clan’s honour.
Tsuruchi Kinen her closest friend and a Tsuruchi Archer of the Mantis Clan.
Kei’s greatest strength is her determination, she is a true Yoritomo believing that man shapes their own destiny with their skill and strength. Her greatest weakness is her arrogance believing that she needs to support herself and doesn’t need help which is one of the reasons she carries Katana and trains in Iaijutsu and Kenjutsu .
Kei believes that Bushido is an honorable code although it is not the only way, she grew to into this very private line of thinking because of her association with, now her closest friend, Tsuruchi Kinen she sees the Wasp Code that he follows to be acceptable, even better in some rare cases.
She supports the Mantis Clan and believes that they will only grow with time, although privately she will somberly give worried talk for what she witnessed during the Mantis Civil War, She openly supports some tenants of the Wasp Code because of this.
She is not married and is still looking for a husband She is grateful her family allows her so long (till 22) to have her own decision in the matter.
Kei has great respect for the Crab clan having heard her Mother's tales of The Wall. Kei has had a good deal of interactions with the Crane having served on quite a few Mantis Trade ships which all dock into Crane Ports, she sees the Crane as opportunists although believes that in battle they are soft. Kei's opinion of the Dragon clan is basically one of rumor having heard of their strange ways but never interacting with any. Of the Lion Clan Kei sees their strength but from her studies knows that they are not to be trusted with too many betrayal and aggression to many families in the Mantis especially the Tsuruchi. The Phoenix clan she doesn't understand, for all their supposed power they are a clan of little true strength and she sees their desire for peace as cowardly. Kei trusts the Scorpion even less than the Lion, with assassinations and betrayal of her Clan it's families to back her distrust. Kei respects the Unicorn but at the same time is intimidated by their embrace of something so frightening as the horse she sees them as a strong people who will gain clout and power in Rokugan, and silently prays no Unicorn samurai takes shine to her....
Yoritomo Kumiko Mantis Clan Champion and Yoritomo Daimyo
Yoritomo Kei’s favorite thing is to be on the water out on a boat, of the few times she has been navigator her joy could not be hidden. Her least favorite thing is whenever she has to be on a horse due to her fear of them… Whomever she rides with will note that her grip is near bruise inducing throughout the experience.
She has a habit of talking with her hands.
Kei can be emotional at times, mostly when getting lost in speaking about History especially her clans, she is also quicker to anger than is expected which she sees as a fault. She is best at keeping sadness from showing being able to distance herself in regretful times, which she learned to do during the Mantis Civil War.
Kei believes that the act of improper behavior is one that’s punishment should be observed as case by case, mere slaps on the wrists for things that often mean little to either goal or grand view, to seppuku for major infractions that either endanger others or border on traitorous which includes open disbelief.
Both of Kei’s parents served as Bushi for the Mantis and are alive, her father is proud of his daughter having been surprised that she had talent to communicate with the kami and very close with her, he supports her openly and has served on ships with her before. Kei’s mother is also proud of her daughter although secretly she is afraid of her daughter carrying katana, believing that she will one day die in a duel that she never could win.
Kei wishes to serve the Storm Riders of the Mantis Clan because she sees that as the highest honor and believes that will be the best way to serve her clan.
Kei is religious although with her taking up martial skills in addition to her studies she has to balance her time between meditation, prayer and practice.
Yoritomo Kei will die at Sea during war turning the favour of a losing battle to the Mantis' side.

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Offline Aybara

Re: [Legend of the Five Rings] Edge of Steel
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The first wielder of Suzume Hachi's blade was Daidoji Yoshi. The man had a natural aptitude for iajutsu and was given a place to study at the Kakita Dueling Academy under Sensei Kakita Toshimo. His skill was great and Senei Kakita thought that the young man might have the potential to master the art. A marriage was arranged to Kakita Ameiko and Yoshi took her name, becoming Kakita Yoshi. Yoshi became caught up in a series of duels with members of the Mirumoto Swordmasters. He fell at the hands of Mirumoto Reju during a rainy morning, the blade had previously taken the lives of many Dragon Clan Bushi but Reju told Ameiko that the younger man had fought with honour. He was saddened to see that Ameiko was pregnant and the child would grow up not knowing it's father.

The second wielder of the blade was Yoshi's son Kakita Nagori. The man trained in the Kakita Dueling Academy much like his father though the true aptitude was not the same. He was visited many times by Mirumoto Reju who encouraged the young man to come hunting with him. Reju offered to teach him his own style of swordsmanship. Nagori had many ties amongst the Dragon Clan, particularly the Mirumoto Family. A marriage was arranged with that family. A letter was received by Nagori a month before his wedding, the exact contents are unknown. Nagori found out because of this that Reju and Ameiko were having an affair together. He challenged Reju to a duel on the spot. Reju, though not the young man's father had always seen him as a son and this conflict in his heart led him to lose the duel against a far less experienced opponent. After the duel it came to light that the witnesses that had provided information had been paid by a mysterious man. Nagori asked and was granted permission to commit sepukku and asked Reju son and friend to be his second.

The sword then passed to Ameiko other son and Nagori's half brother Kakita Majushi. Majushi studied in the Hoturi's Blade Dojo and became both a skilled warrior with his Daisho but extremely politically skilled. He was well liked at court however he had never the desire to gain influence or wealth, he had only one daughter Kakita Kiriko who would become a courtier and married into the Suzume family and give birth to one son. This was Suzume Hachi. After Majushi's wife died, he spent many weeks in contemplation, when his grandson Hachi was born he journeyed to see him. Seeing his daughter and her husband were happy if not all that wealthy it inspired him. He had come to a decision, he retired with his Daimyo's blessing to become a monk in the Temple of Seven Thunders. He gifted his blade to his only grandson. He lives yet in the shrine, happy once more.


Hachi knows the tale of the sword and feels that Nagori's actions mean that he has a debt that he hopes to repay them some day. The blade's wielder is often noted by members of the Mirumoto family. Hachi would like nothing more than to bring those responsible for tricking Nagori into fighting his friend and mentor but knows that this is unlikely to happen. He thinks most often of his grandfather when he meditate's before the blade, he admire's the man's skill and his life choices.

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Room for a Scorpion to be amongst you lot?

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Put one up, Idej.  :)

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Is the swords background alright? I have a few potential plot hooks regarding it to add to your list of how to make us cry.

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Name:  Bayushi Yukiko
Sex: Female
Age: 19
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'9”
Weight: 143 lbs
Clan: Scorpion
School: Bayushi Courtier School

Rings: Air 2 (Awareness 3 Reflexes 2), Earth 2 (Willpower 2 Stamina 2), Fire 3 (Intelligence 3 Agility 3), Water 2 (Perception 2 Strength 2), Void 2

Calligraphy 1
Courtier (Gossip) 1
Etiguette 1
Investigation 1
Sincerity (Deceit) 1
Temptation 1
Meditation 1

Perform (Woodwinds) 1

Knives 1

Stealth 1
Forgery 1

Kenjutsu 1
Ninjutsu 1
Defense 1

Commerce 1
Sleight of Hand 1

Craft 1
Medicine 1

Servant - Attendant (Ami) (Jiujutsu 1) 1 6 points
Servant - Attendant (Himiko) (Jiujutsu 1) 6 points
Dangerous Beauty 2 Points
Crafty 2 Points
Language Senpet 1 Point
Perceived Honor 2 Points
Precise Memory 3 Points
Silent 3 Points
Wealthy 2 Points

Disbeliever 3 points
Failure of Bushido - Courage 4 points
Touch of the Void 3 Points

Honor: 2.5 Actual 3.5 Perceived
Status: 1.0
Insight: Rank 1 (129)

Equipment:  Extravagant Clothing, Wakizashi, any 1 weapon,
Calligraphy Set, Traveling Pack, 7 koku.

Character History & Background:
Twenty Questions
1.    What Clan Does Your Character Belong To?
a.   The Scorpion Clan
2.   What Family Does Your Character Belong To?
a.   Bayushi
3.   Is Your Character A Bushi, A Shugenja, Or A Courtier?
a.   Courtier
4.   How Would Others Describe Your Character’s Appearance?
a.   Sharply dressed if not close to scandalous, Yukiko walks with an air of grace without the slightest hint of the great burden she bears.  The woman is always with her two servants Ami and Himiko when she is out in public and when it is appropriate for them to accompany her.  Those that see her, know she is a Scorpion with her signature mask on all the time and are cautious around her if outright distrustful.    Her main striking feature are her eyes, these eyes show great ambition, a laid back attitude, but also shows an animalistic hunger.  Yukiko makes many around her uncomfortable.
5.   What Is Your Character’s Primary Motivation?
a.   To ensure the empire remains intact while improving the status of the Scorpion and their allies the Dragon.  Yukiko’s personal goal is to show to the other clans that regardless of their actions the Scorpion will always be an important part of the Empire’s foundation.
6.   Who Is The Person Your Character Trusts
a.   Yukiko trusts no one wholly, except for the Scorpion Champion.
7.   What Is Your Character’s Greatest Strength And Weakness
a.   Her greatest strength is her tongue and how she is able to use her honeyed words to deceive some of the staunchest Crabs into at least consider what she says might be true or to divert the enemy towards her rather than the true targets, which is all she needs, someone to doubt their own judgment and then she can slip into that crack and place the venom.  Unfortunately her greatest weakness is being a Scorpion, and so she has to take caution with her words and use them carefully.
8.   What Does Your Character Think Of Bushido
a.   Yukiko views Bushido as a mere fantasy, one that looks good on paper, but is highly inconvenient in real life.  Though like all other Scorpions she does respect the tenet of Chugo (Duty and Loyalty) in Bushido for she takes absolute obedience to the clan seriously.
9.   What Is Your Character’s Opinion Of His Clan?
a.   Yukiko views that her clan, despite her lack of complete trust towards many of her fellow clan members has great pride in being a Scorpion.  Yukiko feels the most at ease around them and knows that they won’t do any harm to her unless it is necessary.  Yukiko is indifferent towards the allies and enemies of the Scorpion, but she does keep good note of them to ensure in accomplishing the clan’s goals.
10.   Is Your Character Married?
a.   No she is not
11.   Does Your Character Have Any Prejudices?
a.   Yukiko only has prejudices to the Senpet for enslaving the Scorpion during their exile, the Spider clan for obvious reasons as well, and pretty much anything else associated with the Shadowlands.  Other than, that Yukiko has no other prejudices, or shall it could said her prejudices towards everyone else is in equal quantity.
12.   To Whom Does Your Character Owe The Most?
a.    Yukiko owes her loyalty to the family daimyo immediately as she serves the daimyo, but her first and foremost loyalty is towards the Scorpion Champion as the Champion is the clan leader and she will serve the Champion should she ever receive an order coming from the Champion.
13.   What Are Your Character’s Favorite And Least Favorite Things
a.   Yukiko’s favorite things include, calligraphy, playing games with others, sex, and reading the texts of the clan, and ensuring loyalty to the clan.
b.   Her least favorite things include killing (she knows it is necessary to do so, but she takes no enjoyment in it), disloyal actions to the clan, and breaking ones word.
14.   Does Your Character Have Any Recurring Mannerisms
a.   When she is in a normal relaxed mood she will bring out her pipe and begin smoking it.  If she is nervous, her left eye twitches a bit.  She has a tendency of saying “of course” many times in response to what others say to her if it is appropriate to do so.
15.   What About Your Character’s Emotions?
a.   Yukiko’s outward emotion is one of happiness, glee, and ambition.  She rarely shows anger and only does so in the strictest circumstances, usually around those who do not use their potential to the fullest regardless of codes, ethics, etc.  She calls these people “imbeciles.”  Her anger is not a roaring rampage of destruction, but one that is cold and chilling.  The one emotion, sadness is the one she conceals the easiest, for she is one to rarely be sad in times of crisis.  Yukiko knows not everything is about rainbows and butterflies and knows of the harsh reality that she is in and will not break under the pressure of it.
16.   How Would Character Handle A Subordinate’s Improper Behavior?
a.   Yukiko admires loyalty the most and will demand that a subordinate reciprocate the same feelings.  She also understands that her subordinates are not the same as her and thus gives them some leeway should the action or inaction be easy to shrug off.  Yukiko also admires those who play in the games of deceit and trickery but will not show mercy to those who have the temerity to do so and fail.  There is no room for rashness and recklessness in those games and will execute punishment in the most extreme method possible.
17.   How Would Your Character’s Parents Describe Her?
a.   Her mother would describe her as a pride of the family, one to never disobey the loyalty of the family or the clan.  She also possesses a great mind.  Her father would say she is a intuitive person one whose heart will not waver in the actions that need to be done in the service of the clan and the Emperor.
18.   What Is Your Character’s Highest Ambition
a.   Her ambition is to be a top official within the Imperial Court, and why is that?  She wants to do so as she would be in an area of influence, but to also be one of the greatest diversions for the Scorpion in their game of deceit and trickery.
19.   How Religious Is Your Character?
a.   Barely religious, only maintaining the smallest amount that she can offer and that is all.  She believes that religion has a part in society, but unfortunately she does not know what her place is with religion.
20.   How Will Your Character Die?
a.   She will die by her own hands, should she find out that death is creeping up on her.  She will kill herself through poison, and use her death as possibly another tool to be used for the clan.  She will more than likely meet her end not in battle, but in her own home.

Ons and Offs
Yukiko is a woman that is interested in doing many things, but she really likes to dominate others, but if one is able to outwit her she wouldn't mind wearing his or her collar.  Afterall it would make the game much more intriguing. 

She is up for just anything if you can impress her and/or earn her trust.

Yukiko's Father:  Bayushi Toshiyaki

Yukiko's Mother:  Bayushi Reiko
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Five bu for every koku, ten zeni to every bu.

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No problem at all.  Also, Aybara the history for the Kakita blade is acceptable.  Hachi will have some big hakama to fill wielding the storied blade.

Also as a sidenote, before I start placing threads down it occurs to me that I forgot to ask you about desired sexual content if any that you want to occur in the game.  Please put up a post with your character's ons and offs and any particular scenarios you would like to have played out during this game.

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Well basically, I'm up for anything consensual and if there are non-consensual elements I wouldn't mind either provided it ain't in like the great bizarre or extreme stuff.