Ms. Mackify's School for Sexual Exploration.

Started by Mira Willow, September 24, 2011, 09:19:53 AM

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Mira Willow

A Government instituted sociological/ phycological experiment. Where children are sent at the age of 16 to a private school of the coast on a small Island. Once there they are separated from society by removing all contact. Then they are given a new set of rules that revolve around being completely open about sexuality.
All the islands laws are about sexual freedom, and the main subject of the school curriculum is to teach children about different aspects of sex.
This way children around able to experience sex in a free and safe environment.

These are an example fo some rules on the island.
1. Each student is assigned a dorm with one or more other students.
2. No clothes are to be worn on campus, unless dictated by teachers.
3. Sexual acts in public are allowed by only under the surveillance of a staff member.
4. Children under the age of 20 have to follow whatever command is given to them by an adult.
5. though it is not common, if a family comes to the island, sex among said family is encouraged.

Love to hear if you are interested, been dyeing to do a RP about something like this.


Dude. What? *laugh* it sounds like fun at least...


Wow! This so should be under group games, and if it is, count me in!


Hahaha, I've never seen any concept as more free in my life. This could be a really interesting scenario; developing characters who have reasons to be sexually overt could be great fun. As the lovely Haibane stated if this isn't a group thing, you should make it one.  ;D
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I agree with all of those above. Groooouuuup hahaha.
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Mira Willow

If you guys are interested I would love to do this as a Small group thing. I will have something up for that soon. Please Pm if you want to be in a group version of this, just to show the general interest level for it, Thank you!


My one concern for a group game is Rule 4 which implies that a straight boy could be ordered by a professor to (for example) give oral to another straight boy. Or anal... and so on with 2 straight girls. While I find that idea fantastically hot and would love to have such rules included and enforced it would mean every player you accepted would have to agree to be into bisexual and gay acts. I think that would be very exciting though it might reduce the number of people interested quite a lot.

But given a small number of players who are into that as both a kink and a game idea (and especially if each took up more than one character) I think it could be a blast.


We could just respect each other's O/O's and if somebody doesn't want to roll the bi or straight way, avoid involving that with their character. Though we could still say it happens outside of our characters. Pretty easy enough to deal with.

I'd love to join as a group. I even have a few character ideas in mind already.


I would love to join this as a group, its sounds like it could be lots of fun  ;D

Mira Willow

I have made a group RP of this, so if you are interested in doing that please say so in that.
If not feel free to Pm about 1 on 1