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Author Topic: Wet dreams~ ♥  (Read 1924 times)

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Wet dreams~ ♥
« on: August 14, 2011, 09:36:13 am »
~ Current Cravings ~


 Here are my current cravings and interests, Updated frequently although i'll quickly label any plots that i feel have been overused or i'm simply not interested in at the current time. I keep a copy of this list on my On's and Off's, I suggest you stop by there too have a quick read over a few things, thanks. I don't mind random Messages, Simply send me a PM and we can get involved in a roleplay at any given time. These plots are not directed towards anyone in particular, more so i used a BBCode in the intro, Hence your name, then again perhaps i'm magic~

I'll be placing a number value beside each roleplay that is currently active or in discussion for creation, the number will represent how many threads it currently has, too keep things from growing tedious i'll only be having at max two of each of the roleplays ongoing at any one time, thanks.

Wiped the slate clean

        Casual, Traditional, Vanilla

Lost in Love

- Starting off with the most common of stories which will more than likely be used as a 'break' from the usual propaganda that i'll be involved in. Young female arrives home from school/college/work too greet her other half, be it a male or another female, depending on your interest on the matter. The traditional setting of romance and loving interest towards one another, having been a couple for several years they've grown accustomed too one another, taking note of they're sexual preferences and whatnot yet even now they are continuing too explore. Being a rather young couple, The age range relatively close, 18 - 24 would seem reasonable. They're inexperienced in the desires of the body too some extent, they're curiosity getting the better of them one evening as one of the pair begins too suggest erotic idea's with a few surprises that may spark a burning arouse meant or flood of tears, perhaps both.

That skirt's too short!

- With the strenuous life of a student being a hazardous and continuous ordeal there are few ways too relieve such stress, with one in mind a sly couple performs daily acts between class's too ease the suffering and ache on they're young bodies. Be it before, during or after the general educational time, the couple would participate in sexual acts with only one goal in mind, complete stimulation. There are many scenes that could take place, the bathroom during a break, or perhaps whilst skipping class, they hear a noise as someone enters, are they found out? what happens next, which could possibly lead this too being a group experience. Arriving early they plan too meet in the gym before they're first class, being a bank holiday only those who choose too come in would be around, they decided too indulge themselves with the unique gymnastic equipment, possibly leading too a bondage situation or something darker. Why not have them confront the homeroom teacher, young in they're age and quite attractive they make a unique request, perhaps blackmailing the teacher somehow, perhaps they had originally had sexual affairs with them beforehand and having taken photos threaten too leak the information unless a threesome is too occur, the possibilities are endless.

        Taboo, Conditional

Silence is Golden 

- There are many variations of this plot, the most basic of which being two female sisters, twins perhaps, growing up together under a strict ruling they're parents were over protective, keeping them distanced from other children whilst having them home schooled until the age of 16, causing them too develop an even closer bond with one another. With they're parents meeting a tragic end, murdered by a random mugger on evening whilst attending a dinner party the girls are left without a family other than that of they're rich aunt who reluctantly takes them in. Much too they're concern she does little in the way too cherish they're health and instead allows them too do as they please with the intention that they shouldn't be seen nor heard, relying on the maids for meals and further education. Using this plot the female sisters are allowed solace with one another, they're bodies have already begun too change since a young age and without the constant eyes of they're parents looming over them they are free too experiment, bear in mind this will be a virgin scene due too they're confined upbringing. The scene could spiral into one of the maids passing by the room one evening and noticing strange noises from within, curiosity getting the better of her as she'd investigate, watching the females play with one another which could lead too her approval and a third party could be involved. Perhaps the maid teaches them further about sexual education, using the vast array of toys and equipment as well as experience she's had with the other maids one the females leading too a sexual orgy. At the time the maid would be the more dominate figure whilst the twins would bare a switch role, only answering too they're libido and sexual curiosity, perhaps they both take dominance over the maid? This scene could be played out with a fantasy environment, the females elves, Feline folk, Etc etc.

Respect Your Elders 

- The typical family scene involving incest and a conflict of emotions and sexual desires. With the scene of the Father or Mother taking notice of they're siblings growth, the pairings are of choice, Mother and son, Father daughter, Father son, Mother daughter. One evening after the Son or daughter arrives home the parent, or perhaps both parents decide too involve themselves with they're offspring, perhaps they are unaware that they are each sleeping with they're son or daughter, the parent(s) decide too induce a plot that would allow them sexual interaction with they're offspring. Perhaps they decide too shot a family video together for future generations yet it spirals out of control, perhaps they play a devious game or watch an erotic film. With the mother or/and father having intercourse with the son/daughter it might not be entirely agreed upon, perhaps the plot they devised goes wrong and turns into a rape scene, perhaps the father figure rapes both the mother and daughter, or the son and father rape the mother and so on. This could play out in so many different ways, the deviant art of deception is a common tool used as well.

Working on work relationships 

- With the stress of leading a large scale company the director finds themselves in a bind, unable too cope with the overwhelming amount of paperwork and problems they have too solve, finding they're unable too focus due too their callous libido blocking they're ability too single out a problem and work on it. But low and behold, in comes the receptionist or perhaps vice director, just arrived at the company too help promote it further and create a stable environment. Whether they're male or female isn't the question, its how they will respond too such an outrageous request from the managing director. With a job such as theirs they are earning more than double the average wage with much less restrictions and excess holidays, its a dream job, how far will they go too ensure they keep it? Perhaps they already have a crush on the director and are intrigued by they're offer, perhaps it continues on too be a daily routine. Then again they might refuse and insist that they'll be reporting them too the CEO's, which could mean a promotion for them in return, but things might get dicey, out of panic the director might dominate the vice/receptionist, raping them whilst taking pictures, insisting that if one goes down, they both do. Perhaps it leads too a secret affair, Blow jobs during meetings with the other directors, passionate sex as the victims body is pressed firmly against the glass of the tallest skyscraper, they're bare figure shown too the world, or at least those fortunate enough too have a set of binoculars and sixth sense for that thing.

Valued Goods

- The black market has been known for dealing in goods of a valued nature, they're quality varies from seller too seller yet they all have one guarantee, too satisfy. Within the darkest depths of the traditional scum infested black market there is a small group of merchants who deal in more feisty goods, Slaves. Freshly caught from distant planets, kidnapped or perhaps they got lost along they're way and just so happened too fall into the wrong hands. There could be a fantasy element involved where its located on something like a space station, wherein the vast amounts of races that populate the galaxies have gathered too trade they're goods, although being one of the first few stations in that sector its lacking military control and so the trade of quarantined and restricted goods is made with relative ease. The main character will have too be a dominate persona, capable of taming the 'pet' that they will be purchasing, be it a simple female from the planet earth or perhaps they have a more tasteful request, the idea's will be tossed back and fourth depending on preference. There could be many outcomes from the plot, the standard purchasing of the slave too which they would have too 'break' they're will in order too subdue them and make an ample toy of them, this could mean aggressive scenes of violence yet not so much gore and mutilation, you wouldn't waste money on a shiny new toy just too destroy it. The slave owner might not even be human, perhaps they're an alien of some kind, rich and alone due too they're grotesque appearance. Perhaps the slave will try too escape, perhaps the owner will purchase more than one slave and have them embark on a sexual orgy.

Wandering into fate

- The world is still a small place, the setting dating back several hundred years too when civilization was still merely growing from the husk of genius. A group/single explorer bids farewell too they're family as they venture off on a voyage of discovery. Battling the rough sea's, diving into the vast forests filled with species of animals spoke off only in books. After several weeks into they're journey they happen across something unexpected, causing the weary traveler too question themselves. It could be some form of new plant that releases a strange toxin, perhaps a bite from an insect, so on and so forth. Afterwards they would meet a young woman, dressed in foreign attire with a look of unruly freedom about her face, she was wild. The scene could progress towards the woman saving the man or perhaps the effects of the incident causing him too take an aggressive turn that would lead too a defiant female fighting him off.

Trading Places 

- More focused on a group game idea considering the concept would be better involving more bodies. The basic idea behind this plot would be that a group of people, perhaps including an animal or such, would be subjected too an event that would remap they're bodies in such a way that they became mentally linked with one another. As such this 'power' is not there's too freely control and can cause a series of tedious problems. Throughout the series of the roleplay the players characters will be subject too random 'Jumps', In which they would be moved mentally from one body too another, it could be during simple things like swimming, running, cooking or during those moments directly before and after an orgasm, perhaps as a female is entered for the first time, As a member of the group goes through they're fetish fantasy and so fourth.

Every city needs a Hero 

- The idea is simple enough, Within your typical city crime has become abundant, the local police force are incapable of dealing with such a large and fast growing crime rate. Yet with the birth of a selected few, capable of using unique super human powers, light starts too shine back on the crude city. The characters could be played as both superhero's, avid in helping the city fight crime before stumbling across one another, sparking a relationship, then again it could be the superhero who becomes corrupt at the sight of an innocent victim in distress, or delivering punishment too a member of the crime syndicate. With the imagination at hand the powers created could sway the tide in favor of either roleplayer.

Santa's little helper

- Following the idea that Santa is actually a perverted man who breaks into peoples houses delivering presents yet also occasionally taking it upon himself too have a little treat every now and then for such hard work that he receives no payment for, with the cost of all those toys, someone will have too pay the bills. Sneaking into a random house he happens across a young person sound asleep on they're couch, the scene can be exaggerated, roaring fire, flashing TV etc. Santa decides too have a little fun, playing with the slumbering persons body, teasing and curiously exploring, things may turn awkward should they awake, perhaps santa decides he's given out enough charity and expects something back.

Submit too Authority

- A local officer(s) capture the town troublemaker(s) up too no good once again, dragging them too the cells they have grown tired of all the childish antics and decide the law isn't strong enough too change such troublesome characters from simply making a mockery of the system while getting off free the next day. The plot would involve the officer at hand taking it upon themselves too teach the troublemaker a lesson they won't forget. This could involve straight up blackmail, intimidation, brutality involving a beating then rape, as such is the corruption within the force.

Follow the words of the priest

- The local church is having a difficult time keeping up the payments on the rent and whatnot, the local donations don't seem too provide enough and as such would mean they'd have too close down. The head priest being a man of a business mind runs through several idea's. Plot wise it could be developed in several ways, such as the priest simply accepting the fact that the church is lost and as such breaking his vows out of sheer arrogance. He may entice the few sinners that still venture into the walls of the church too take part in a form of bribe, in which they're sins will be cleared should they perform sexual acts with him. It could further still go further of coarse into a more surreal idea of the church being turned into a brothel of sorts, using those that have sinned too attract others like themselves, creating a vortex in which they would be trapped by the vows and hopes made that they're souls will be forgiven by the priests judgement.

        Fantasy, Furry, Monster

Magical Mischief 

- A young warlock/Wizard/Witch/Mage, Whichever takes your preference, finds an ancient scroll beseeching a powerful spell and the ingredients required too use it. Out of curiosity and inexperience they decide too collect the materials, or at least the closest in comparison that they could find, overwhelmed by the possibility that they could attain such power and be recognized across the land, such vanity dominates they're common sense and intelligence. After reciting the incantation they are greeted not with the magical weapon nor armor that they were foretold, instead a demon lurks in they're presence, A succubus/incubus. Within moments of the summoning the scroll disintegrates into nothing more than dust, leaving the young mage too they're fate. Now, the demon could take an aggressive stance, attempting too kill the young summoner yet upon trying they cannot, they're attacks do them no harm due too the magical chain attached too they're adjacent wrists, bonding they're souls and bodies, rethinking the situation the demon may perhaps go on the advancement, seeking too dominate the mage in order too break his mind and soul and ultimately eventually kill him spiritually, destroying the magical link that requires both they're life force and magical aura too maintain. Yet upon seeking sexual interactions things aren't as easy as they seem, the bond between them sharing the sexual pleasure and pain, linking them together as they both would experience one another's and shared Ecstasy. Perhaps the mage seeks too use the demon as a tool in the war, that's unraveling across the land, attempting too tame them through sheer dominance, being a demon of erotica and lust it would seem sensible too overwhelm them in they're area of expertise.

Animal Instincts

- Straight up beast vs beast styled roleplay. With an array of animals too decide from the usual and conventional being the dog, cat, horse and sometimes pig, there is a lot more variety, there are no restrictions. The scene would consist of the two furries, of humanoid resemblance in they're animal form, meeting one another through one of various means. Perhaps they simply decided too take a stroll through the forest in search of food or too satisfy they're curiosity over something, they might get assaulted, raped. Greeting another animal like creature they would have a sense of they're libido and sexual instincts, noticing and taking advantage of this the pair might agree too cross breeding or perhaps the roles of dominance and submissive take hold, perhaps even dom vs dom, a power struggled sexual frenzy, Claws, teeth, hoofs and hair.

Buying a friend

- A relationship involving a Human and an Animal of sorts, Much like Animal Instincts yet with a more modern approach too it in some aspects. This would involve the partners being one of human and one of beast, the bond could be something along the lines of a farmer and they're dog, A young girl and her new pony, perhaps even occurring during the likes of a school trip too the local zoo. The roleplay itself will involve the human character having a sexual conflict with the animal at present, depending on the users choice this can be freely decided.

Drowning in Ecstasy

- A local diver takes the golden glow of the sun as a gift, heading out too sea with the intention of venturing down into the waters murky depths, seeking out a thrilling experience, hoping too find something of interest. He was a professional yet luck was not on his side, finding the perfect spot he'd venture on down below equipped with the latest gear yet something would go wrong, be it a simple gear malfunction, an attack by one of the sea's predators, which ever the case his chances of survival are naught too slim, due too the depth in which he'd have dove too. By sheer 'luck', a fairy tale would save his life. The other roleplayer would take on the form of a mermaid/merman, in which they would gracefully save the drowning victim by pulling them too an underground cave. Where the roleplay goes from there is by choice. Perhaps they experience a new found relationship, perhaps the mermaid expects payment in the form of offspring, then again, she might have decided too save the victim for nothing more than too sate her hunger.

Gotta Catch em' all 

- Pokemon, What more can be said. This can be a varied roleplay in the sense that the characters at hand could be of mixed class, Two new trainers, A trainer and they're pokemon, or even two pokemon. Several plot idea's come too mind, such as a forced breeding at the Day care center, the trainer having paid the two elderly keepers with such a large amount of cash they expect them too attempt too force two different pokemon too breed with one another in the hope they will create something of next gen material. The trainer may have caught a new pokemon through dirty tactics, using a rare pokeball, then when summoning the pokemon they meet karma's swift hand as the pokemon decides too take revenge.

Young Forever

- Vampires. With the thought of actually involving a roleplay with a vampire i came across several ideas. The main involving a young vampire who uses they're teenage looks too lure they're victims, using sexual conflicts too not only sate they're libido but too later feast upon those exhausted from the wild sexual fantasies thrust upon them. The plots could involve the typical Human and vampire scenario or perhaps turn more fantasy still, with in inclusion of random meetings with a werewolf or vampire hunter, the use of traps and torture coming too mind.

Let's Duel !

- Yu-Gi-Oh based plot. The basic idea would be that a random encounter between two players takes a sudden turn for the worst, or then again perhaps its planned by one of the two. Challenging one another too a duel they each stake they're bids and begin, yet they quickly realize its no ordinary card game, with the pair entering the shadow realm new rules take hold over there duel. As such the most preferred era would be in which the duel disks were used, for hologram and the duelists body capable of free, unrestricted movement. The monsters summoned would have they're damage and other physical effects transferred too the duelist, basically if the summoned monster feels pain so does the duelist, the same with pleasure and so on. Depending on the rules will depend on the battles progress, whether direct physical attacks have any effect or other means are needed too win.

Flower Power

- With the innocence of a fairy a fragile thing why not divulge in such crude delights. The plot would follow the idea of a fairy going about her usual routine, the inch sized figure wandering the forest in search of something, perhaps ingredients for a feast she is creating for an event. Happening across a new flower she ventures closer for a more curious inspection, cautious as she takes in the captivating scent that would lead her too venture inside the, dancing across the petals before tasting the honey that lay around the pollen glands. Yet it seems too be a trap, the flower springing too life as the sticky honey restricts her movements, perhaps the honey she devoured acts as an aphrodisiac or makes he sluggish, in either case, the flower defends itself, using tentacle like abdomens too constrict and attack the fairy, by what means is too be decided.

Don't forget too play with your toys

- Following a local trip too the toy store the person at hand, be they a younger character or someone older looking too buy something for a family member, they find themselves wandering into a strange area of the store before perhaps being knocked out by an unknown object. Upon awakening they find themselves in a blanket of shadows as the once bustling store lays silent and dark, having shut for the evening. Wandering towards the entrance they would find themselves locked in, with no reception on they're phone and the likes, causing the character too search throughout the store for a landline phone or perhaps a means of escape. Yet things could never go so smoothly, subtle movements at the corner of they're eye seen in the distance as something stirs in the shadows. Now this will lead into the notion of direct rape, there's nothing more too it, there's no way anyone would willing accept sex from the likes of a teddy bear. Yet the plot will involve the toy character controlling several NPC's most likely, either that or it becomes a somewhat group roleplay. Another spin off could be that the toys themselves start attacking one another one evening, the new barbie dolls are about too receive a night they won't ever forget.

Distress Signal

- The plot would follow the idea of a freshman astronaut crash landing on a foreign planet, the local inhabitants not all too friendly. A freshman just out of school has taken fighter training, they're skills as a pilot are still lacking yet they consider themselves fit enough too fight in the war that has taken over space. With a future setting the other details can be played on yet after a fatal error in either the pilots skill or due too being 'shot down' they would find themselves making an emergency landing on the nearest planet, perhaps they even get pulled through a wormhole, creating the effect of fear and 'lost in space' more real. On the planet itself the inhabitants could be of varying qualities, creatures hellbent on reproduction due too they're short lifespans, humanoids interested in the new species on they're planet, etc etc
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Re: Wet dreams~ ?
« Reply #1 on: August 14, 2011, 09:52:33 am »
You could have just sent me a PM lol.  I found this quite by accident but I will say I love your Magical Mischief idea a great deal since I've been wanting to do a similar story with a succubus domming over me. If interested check my own story thread if you'd like which can be found in my sig.  Anyway, if you like my own request I'm sure we can come up with a good idea that could work for both of us.  See ya.

Offline Missy

Re: Wet dreams~ ♥
« Reply #2 on: August 14, 2011, 03:30:10 pm »
I think I could take an interest in either "Lost in Love" if there was some more D/s involved or "Silence is Golden" if its not too extreme.

PM me please, if your interested.

Offline Envious DreamerTopic starter

Re: Wet dreams~ ♥
« Reply #3 on: November 29, 2011, 12:20:10 pm »
Updated - -


Added several new plots while refreshing those available.
Including but not limited too;;

Buying a friend
Drowning in Ecstasy
Wandering into fate
Trading Places
Every city needs a hero
Santas little helper
Submit too authority
Follow the words of a priest
Gotta catch em' all
Young forever
Lets deul
Flower power
Don't forget too play with your toys
Distress signal

Should anyone wish too contact me on the plots at hand simply send a PM and we will sort things out from there, thanks.

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Re: Wet dreams~ ♥
« Reply #4 on: November 23, 2012, 01:36:15 pm »

- - Currently conjuring up new ideas to add to the growing list. Feel free to mail me with any interests.

Thanks ~

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Re: Wet dreams~ ♥
« Reply #5 on: December 18, 2016, 01:25:41 am »
Reviving this thread, Currently active once again and hoping to pick up some new role plays.