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Started by Snark, August 14, 2011, 01:27:07 AM

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Saw that this was the place for suggestions and since I just had a random thought after popping back in here after a long leave, I thought I'd share it.

Why is there only a Classifieds for one shot? Shouldn't there be at least one more thread for threads intended to run longer? It's just I like my RPs to last a while most of the time, and I like posting ideas in a place there likely to be seen, so it'd only make sense to me.

I have a hunch since smart people seem to be in charge here there's an obvious reason I'm overlooking, but if so this could at east be a learning experience for me.


I think the Classifieds for threads that run longer is the Wanted section. The Classified thread in the One Shot section put there, if I'm not mistaken, so that the Wanted forum wasn't clogged up with one shot requests.


Ooh, that's probably it! Yeah, I suppose that makes sense, I mean, it probably wouldn't hurt to have another thread, but I can see how with the wanted section it could seem really redundant.


I don't see where it would help to have just a thread, when there is an entire forum and you could put up your own thread with your own ideas in it. ;)