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Author Topic: The Candy Shop ~ Ideas and Wanteds from lollipop ~  (Read 6430 times)

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The Candy Shop ~ Ideas and Wanteds from lollipop ~
« on: December 14, 2010, 05:01:54 PM »

Thank you for stopping by The Candy Shop. Please, take the time to read through this first post. And remember the last posts of the thread have my newest ideas. :-)

It's been awhile, so I decided I'd do this again. For the most part, this thread is a blatant ripoff from my OOC thread on a different site (several of you on here already know me and know this to be very true, lol). But, I figured I'd give it a shot here as well. I'll also be taking ideas from my other wanted thread (from a year or so ago) and adding them back here.

I'll ask, please, that rather than post to this thread anyone interested in the stories or ideas please send me a message. I'm over organized and very OCD ... I'd like to keep this thread pretty stream lined. I thank you, in advance.

Here you'll find my questionnaire from the original introduction thread and here you'll find my ons and offs.

The first post of my O/O thread contains a list of all my roleplay threads on E (for examples of my writing style).

After some confusion in ideas available and those that are not available, I've decided to include a thread directory. This thread contains a good deal of content, as I not only use it to include the ideas open for play, but for me to categorize those ideas that have been claimed but not yet put into play.

The posts linked below contain libraries of ideas that are currently available, organized as best I could by genre.

Science Fiction Ideas
Historical Ideas
Fantasy Ideas
Modern Ideas
One Shot Ideas

The Reserved Ideas post contains ideas that have been claimed and are not available for play. If any of these ideas fall through, they will be made available again. Though, as long as they are posted here they are not available so please do not send me a PM asking to play them.

For my muse in action you can find my New Ideas on the last post of this thread.
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Re: The Candy Shop ~ Ideas and Wanteds from lollipop ~
« Reply #1 on: January 03, 2012, 12:17:35 AM »

I wouldn't call myself a geek, but I tend to love a good futuristic tale or some such thing. Here you'll find my current desires for such stories.

... Alien ...

Parker Lawrence is a graduate of the school of hard knocks. She's been on her own since just after puberty and held every job a person could possibly think of stopping just shy of prostitution. Though, at one time, doing just that had been on the table. Thankfully she hadn't needed to go that far, but she did have to claw, scrap, and fight her way to a place where she could afford to eat more than raman noodles or go dumpster diving for clothes to wear the next day.

As it is she has a small apartment in the city, works two or three jobs and barely has time to think ... much less have a social life. Everything has settled, she's settled, and several years shy of her thirtieth birthday she finally feels like she's accomplishing something.

So forgive her for being a little dismayed, quite shocked, and more than a bit freaked out when something ... or someone explodes from the sky or up from the ground (she isn't sure which). And this someone ... or something ... is about the sexiest, strangest man she's ever seen in her life.

There goes being settled.

My inspiration for this idea comes partly from the movie version of Thor with Chris Hemsworth and majorly from the Katy Perry song E.T.. I really love that song, its sexy ... fun and tells a story. So whether he be a super hero (like Superman or Thor) or something else entirely, the alien has to be humanoid. I'm open for discussion on anything/everything else.

... The New World ...

I see this as a cross between The Lost World and Tarzan, though taking place on another planet altogether. Sometime in the future a group of scientists travel to a planet where life has been discovered. The planet is almost an exact replica of prehistoric earth complete with Dinosaurs and the like.

Once there, the scientists discover that they are not the first space travelers to reach the planet. A very much human young woman, raised on the planet among the animals comes to them. She becomes their guide and an experiment all her own.

Who is she? Where did she come from? Why is she there?

I'm looking for someone to play at least one of the scientists. I would also like to add in a good dose of mystery to this about those who came to the planet before. Did they really travel to a new planet of just back in time to their home?

... The Driver ...

I actually have two versions of this idea. Both of which inspired by the rush of of movies with this sort of theme (the new movie Drive, The Transporter, etc).

Version A:

A man hired to just drive, to ensure that packages get from point A to point B with little or no law enforcement entanglements. From getaway drive for large heists to transporting stolen merchandise between criminals. His job is, with little or no hesitation, to drive.

So what happens when he is forced to drive the daughter of a Drug Lord to her father, when she doesn't want to go? When people are trying desperately to kill her? What does she know? And why does he want to do more than just drive her where he's supposed to?

High action, high octane, adventure tale. I'm looking for the driver, I don't want to work out too much of the story just yet (I'd rather have input from a partner). Though I know I don't want the driver to be the classic Jason Statham type badass. Okay, he can shoot a gun and throw a punch. But he's best behind the wheel. A lot of this thread will take place in the vehicle. Even the naughty bits. ;)

Version B:

In version two, the driver is the female lead. A run of the mill, morally bankrupt (at the beginning anyway) driver who will literally do anything for money. As in version A, she's paid to drive. A driver, assassin, all around badass.

This one, is a table turning type of deal. The badass in life, the asskicking, strong, single minded driver meets for one purpose or another a client. This client, she's to escort safely somewhere (details to be worked out with whoever takes this tale). But she's also being paid, by another client, to kill him. He would be, on the surface, clean cut and completely opposite of her. Perhaps even a bit nerdy. But behind closed doors, he'd be the dominant ... self assured one. Eventually, she would find a dose of morality ... maybe even love. Which means, they'd have to go after whoever wanted him dead.

... Destination: Paradise ...

Welcome to Arcadia. A colonized planet light years away from the home most knew as Earth. To those very few who can afford it Arcadia is a technologically advanced paradise that offers every luxury imaginable. Can't afford the multi billion dollar price tag a life here holds? Then try for your position today as an EPA (employed professional of Arcadia). Only the smartest and most beautiful need apply.

At 26 Elisha Dane stepped off a ship and onto the metropolis that was hailed Central Arcadia. Her first realization (the name of the city itself) was that the planet lacked originality. Her second was that there were more secrets in this place than she held herself. Though, hers may be much more damning.

A private concierge is her job description, though she's quite positive that is not all her job will require. And it doesn't take long for the truth of that thought to come slamming home as Elise is taken on a wild ride of lies, deceit, and sex.

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Re: The Candy Shop ~ Ideas and Wanteds from lollipop ~
« Reply #2 on: January 03, 2012, 12:17:48 AM »

Thread ideas in this post will have some sort of historical leaning. Most, however, will have some sort of twist and will be sub-categorized accordingly.

... The Prince's Lady ...


To align two counties together with an unbreakable bond against a shared foe, a Prince (and Captain of his Navy) travels across the sea to marry the daughter of a King. Their journey back to his home is hampered with great obstacles and adventure. Will these two souls, forced to marry for the good of their world ... find love in the face of adversity.

... Iron Fist, Velvet Glove ...

He’s a warrior leader. Strong, stoic, and sometimes seen as heartless and cruel. His enemies he crushes beneath his might and those loyal to him, who stand with him ... he’ll defend with his entire life. Selfish and prideful, he lives his life alone. Though many women of his people come to warm his bed, none have ever warmed his heart.

She is mysterious, little is known to him or his people about the one found wandering through the fields. She speaks the language, knows the customs, but has no memory of who she once was. She’s a fallen one, a gift from the heavens in her own right. She’s been given one chance to make amends, to fix what she has wronged, and her chance is him.

A world on the brink of a devastating war, a woman tasked with turning an iron fist into a velvet glove. Can she do it? Is he worth it? Can she save his people from the very man they entrust to keep them safe? Will his jealous rages be too much for her or will she steal his heart and soul, just as he steals her body?

... Innocent Seduction ...

Lady Catherine Worthington, Countess of Aston, married for love. Unlike most of her friends and family, she was not forced to love her husband. Both she and Lord Worthington, Earl of Aston, had been young during their courtship and thus married before most of her friends had found their matches. Their romance, while short lived, had been the stuff of fairy tales. Catherine, or Catie as her friends and family called her, could not have been happier. She never really thought of the repercussions of her husband leaving the night of her wedding. He was an officer in the Royal Navy and had been called away. It was to be the last time, as he was now a married man.

He was to be away only a few weeks. So Catie made her way to his country estate, which would be their family home, and began to prepare for their life together. She made herself familiar with the staff and immediately started to add feminine touches to the large house and surrounding gardens. She made time to ride the horse he'd bought her and made even more to write him letters, telling him of all she had done and how very much she missed him.

Weeks turned into months and soon her heart was breaking. As a messenger did not bring her word from her love, but word of him. And that his body would be brought home and how gallantly he had died. And with that letter and it's cold, cruel worlds her entire life crumbled around her. She had left him no heir and herself no security. In truth, they'd not even properly been married ... as it was never consummated. Yet another thing she'd not shared with him in a life that they were supposed to live together.

Having no heir of his own, The late Earl's first cousin and boyhood best friend, assumed the title and all it's holdings. The new Earl of Aston had been her husband's best man at their wedding, the only time Lady Catherine had ever met the handsome rake. But her husband had loved and trusted him, shouldn't she? Her mother and sister thought otherwise and filled her with such fear of being left in poverty without any form of security that Catherine made her way back to London and to the large Worthington Manor that was to be her city home. Now, the new Earl resided there.

Her family told her to seduce him so that he must marry her, to save his honor. Lady Catherine hadn't the heart for such a dishonest act. Even thinking of such things brought her such great guilt. Especially when the mentioned purposely carrying his heir and forcing marriage. She'd loved her husband far too much and continued to love him though he was gone. And in the time following the funeral the new Earl had never even moved to force her from her homes or her accounts. In fact, he'd embraced her in a shared sorrow the second time she'd been in his presence.

No, she came now to bargain with him. To beg of him to be sure that she would never live in a hovel as her mother's worries suggested. But upon meeting him, knowing him, and being near him ... would she discover something else? Was it possible to love more than once in one young life? And could they both move past the guilt and sorrow that brought them together, in order to live yet again?
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Re: The Candy Shop ~ Ideas and Wanteds from lollipop ~
« Reply #3 on: January 03, 2012, 12:17:57 AM »

I'm a sucker for fantasy, be it high or low ... Merlin or Elves. I love it. My fantasy inspirations come from as close to the heart as Tolkien to to more modern varieties of such things. But in truth, I love it all. But as with the historical post, a lot of these ideas will have be put into sub categories to better define them. Enjoy. :)

... Escort of the Damned ...

Centuries ago she was cursed. The curse put upon her by an angry god, jealous and selfish who took offense to a young, beautiful elf falling in love. Vowing that she would only love once the elf stubbornly stood up to the jealous god and now is damned to spend eternity between hell and earth, escorting the souls of the damned to their final destination.

To break the curse? She must love again. To her, it is impossible ... at least until a young warrior driven by greed and lust finds himself at the end of an opponent's blade. Can she show him the error of his ways after seeing that inside his heart is still good? And can he show her to love again?

... The Succubus Wakes ...

Dark Fantasy

Over the years, she's found her way into the souls of many men. She craves their touch and the wicked things they give her. Literally she feeds off of what they give her, both willingly and forced. But she's lay in slumber for far too long and awakened ... hungry.

A warrior leaves on a journey, only to find late one night he's made his camp right in her home. He's strong, attractive, and now ... hers.


I've never tried my hand at this sort of story and I don't necessarily think it would be a D/S (with the warrior as the sub). Though it could be, I'm more interested in discovering how she functions, the lust and the hunger all rolled into one very powerful being.

... The Paige ...

She grew up watching him, learning as she watched. From a young age, she knew that she wanted to be what they were. The men of her world with their strength and honor, the warriors. So she honed her skills as well, until she could best most of them. But she was always too young, too weak, and too female. And still, she watched him.

When he took a paige, she was the first to volunteer. She idolized him, worshiped him even. But to him she was nothing more than a pesky younger sibling. Only she wasn't, not at all. Her age was only a few years shy of his and their bloodlines had never crossed. But him, she was nothing ... or was she?

A dark time has fallen on their people. When the odd pair can only trust each other, will love bloom?

... Lies and Seduction ...

Dark Fantasy

Lenora's world was riddled with sadness and pain. By the time she found herself stepping over the threshold into womanhood she was alone. Completely alone, no family to call her own and shunned by the town around her. Shunned because it was said her parents took in a dark stranger, a demon, and that demon had sullied her.

Lies, of course. All lies save for the stranger. Her family had taken in a stranger when she was younger. But he'd never so much as looked in her direction, much less sully her. When her mother had died, suddenly without cause or warning ... the rumors flew even higher. Rumors that her mother had died of shame. And then her father quickly after, collapsing of his own broken heart.

But the stranger has returned, bearing a warning. A warning of a coven of demons that come to destroy her village, destroy her way of life. And he comes to take her away. Though Lenora isn't so sure she should trust him. Isn't certain she should take a chance on a stranger who knows far too much of the demons and far too much of her.

... Untitled ...

I was thinking of something along the lines of a dark/demon hunting version of Charlie's angels. Three women, each with talents in such things that are hired by a wealthy and mysterious man to essentially hunt and vanquish demons. So in this one, I'm looking for Charlie and Bosley type characters.

... Untitled 2 ...

I have no title for this, no real plan yet. I'll think on it some and come back to this, to add something to it. I'm not sure about the ladies yet, but I know I see the men as father and son (King and Prince). I know I want it high fantasy, to create an entire world around these people and their lives. A world with love and passion; lies and deceit. Granted I have no idea where the image came from, if it was a game cover or what not. If it was, I don't want to go that route (I'm not much into system gaming). I just want to write a story and create a world inspired by this.

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Re: The Candy Shop ~ Ideas and Wanteds from lollipop ~
« Reply #4 on: January 03, 2012, 12:18:08 AM »

These are my modern or more contemporary ideas. Rarely do I have ideas that are of a contemporary setting without a twist. But who doesn't love a good twist?

... Shakin' Hands ...

Shakin' Hands is my version of a roleplay brothel. This I consider a small group thread with limited availabilities. Currently, the thread is invitation only. Though if you interested and we currently write together, please feel free to send me a PM.

All information can be found in the OOC thread and the original Wanted thread.

... Full Moon Rising ...

In a modern world where the things that go bump in the night aren't merely the stuff of legends, demons stalk the night. Slayers are trained, sometimes born for that very purpose ... to hunt and send these demons back into the depths of hell. She is one of these slayers. The daughter of werewolf father and a weakling mother who had died upon her birth ... she was one that was born for that very purpose.

And as the full moon rises she chases a demon unlike any other. One that sucks the very souls from his victims. And no race is safe. Not werewolf, vampire, fae, or human ... all fall in his wake. The closer to the full phase of the moon, the closer he comes to gaining full power and becoming unstoppable.

Yet she isn't the only one who chases him. A stranger, one her nose cannot place. Who is this stranger and why does he stalk this beast but not make himself known?

... The Artist's Touch ...

A young woman finds herself fixated upon by an evil witch; a hag who is jealous of her beauty and goodness. That jealousy leads the witch to trap the beautiful young woman in a painting. Trap the young woman there for centuries, forever stuck watching time pass her by … trapped until love breaks the curse.


This idea is still in rough planning stages. Though, what I’m looking for is a male character, who in modern time buys the painting. And, over time, begins to become enchanted with the woman he sees there … to the point that the curse is partially broken. I can see the story keeping her there in modern time and taking them back to her time as well, to defeat the witch. Perhaps ala Alice in Wonderland (though painting not a looking glass) traveling through the painting between both worlds.

... Leata's Place ...

Her name is Leata Hart and she isn’t a rock star, porn star, or any such thing. Being accused of the later might get a man a swift kick to the balls. At 18 Leata left home, or what she considered home at the time; a trailer park in rural southern Mississippi where the only family to be heard of was her alcoholic mother who spent most of her time drunk and yelling at the TV.

Nobody really knows what happened to Leata, just that she sent a check to the funeral home director to cover her mother’s funeral after the woman died. It wasn’t for several years after that, when things started going wrong in town, that Leata Hart made her way back in. She was scarred, though not on the surface, something or someone had hurt her bad. But, left her with money to burn; enough that in her mid thirties, Leata Hart buys out the only bar in town … a ramshackle hole in the wall in the middle of a swamp, right off the highway.

Her clientele ain’t normal, but neither is Leata. In fact, Leata knows a whole lot about whats being going on in town since she left. Even the stuff ain’t nobody supposed to know. So as the mysteries reveal themselves, everybody wants to know who is Leata Hart and who is the stranger that’s been hanging around the bar that nobody can remember having seen before? What happened to her when she left? Where did she go? And what’s going to happen next?


This story, as I see it, is going to have to be a multiple character story. I may lean to making it a small group thing, with the right people. Though, at the very least a partner interested is going to need to be able to write multiple characters believably and with efficiency. I, myself, will play additional characters as needed.

Also ... I'm not sure yet where I'm going with this. I don't know if I'm wanting to go with a "Walking Dead" zombie apocalypse thing, but its possible. I've thought too, as I typed this out, of Sam Merlot on True Blood, so I can see it going with the vampire/werewolf angle (though not a "outed supernaturals" type of theme). Or even tracing back my Anne Rice fandom and looking into a voodoo/magic/witchcraft angle.

Its really open to any number of things. I just want it a little darker in terms of having a few "scary" scenes, action, and a hefty dose of mystery. 
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Re: The Candy Shop ~ Ideas and Wanteds from lollipop ~
« Reply #5 on: January 03, 2012, 12:25:03 AM »

I've been in the mood to discuss and probably play several short, smut filled stories. In my mind, one shots (a few scenes and that's it). I also tend to find inspiration for such stories from images. So below I'll list the image and ideas I have for each one though nothing is set in stone and I'm willing to plot and plan (though not expecting these ideas to be plot heavy). Keep in mind these are cliche for a reason, because I'm a firm believer that sometimes a cliche can make for the best smut (I can even provide links of stories here to prove it). lol

Gold Digger

She's young, wealthy, and recently widowed. But is she after another sugar daddy, one that might make her richer or is she looking for a new, young plaything? I don't have anything set in stone, I just know that she's the type to use her assets to get to where she needs to go.

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Re: The Candy Shop ~ Ideas and Wanteds from lollipop ~
« Reply #6 on: January 03, 2012, 11:50:38 AM »

All Ideas are reserved on this post are currently reserved. If plans fall through (for one reason or another) they will be moved back to the previous posts for your consideration. Plans do often fall through, so please check back if one of these ideas interest you. If they do come to fruition as threads, they will be moved from this post altogether.

... The Centurion ...

Originally this concept came from the Roman/Celtic conflicts that both literature and hollywood have covered so many times. That does not mean that it has to take place in the north. However, that sort of division is what inspired the idea.

A Centurion takes his cohort to battle, only to be ambushed and defeated. He will have fought honorably, of course, and in the process discovered that one of his own ... one of his men (I'm actually doing quite a bit of research on this, so expect this to change as I get that done) had betrayed them.

Having been left for dead, one of the enemy, a young woman without a people finds him, nurses him to health, and helps him to restore the honor he has lost.

Yes, it's vague as hell and will remain as such until I finish my research. Though even then, will stay pretty vague until I work out the full story with a partner. :)

... The Sorcerer's Apprentice ...

In a world much like our own, but very different, magic reigns. Magic, both dark and light, is what fuels everything people do. Magic mixed with technology ushers in a new era. And with that era comes a darkness of unimaginable force.

A young woman; willful, intelligent, gifted, and untrained is the only power that stands between her entire world and the darkness that threatens. But she needs a teacher, one whose power rivals her own. One who walks a fine line between the darkness and the light. One who can tame the anger inside her. One who can prepare her for the battle ahead. One who will stand beside her, fight with her, and teach her much more than just magic.

... The Gypsy's Woman ...

A world, very much like that of our people's past, but very much different. In this world, gypsies are the life blood of culture. Different clans of the traveling people all band together under one Gypsy King.

A young woman, not of gypsy birth finds herself nude, sitting before the leader of one such clan. The pride filled, power hungry, man will take the beautiful fair skinned one as his own. She shall be his next wife. At least until the the heir, the Prince of the gypsies steps in and stakes his own claim. Whether he does so from sheer awe of her beauty or for some other reason ... no one knows.


I see this as a budding adventure, a bit of intrigue, a bit of romance ... and a lot of steaminess from both the heroine and the Gypsy Prince.

The Fighter

She's got an attitude and the body to match. She's a personal trainer in a coed gym, for a monthly fee she'll whip a guy into shape with a mix of old school boxing training, weights, and cardio. And if she likes him enough? Maybe she'll wave that fee and try a different training regimen.

Basically, I just think this one is uber hot and would make for uber smokey smut in a one shot. What she does and the setting is completely negotiable, as I just mentioned the first thing that came to mind (I've other ideas for her as well).

The Tutor

She's a genius; the quiet, shy, studious type who tutors others in the classes she excels at (which is likely most everything). Is she in her senior year, tutoring the football Captain for extra credit or in college tutoring the fraternity brother for enough money to buy her books for next semester?

Many thanks to all my partners (potential partners) for their interest in my story ideas ... I look forward to playing these reserved ideas with those of you who have reserved them.
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Re: The Candy Shop ~ Ideas and Wanteds from lollipop ~
« Reply #7 on: March 20, 2012, 05:25:56 PM »

For the time being I'm putting my newest ideas in this post. So I guess this post is my muse in action. lol

... Her Best Friend ...

He's been her best friend her entire life, since they were little kids. He taught her to fight, she taught him to flirt, and through youth they were inseparable. Through break ups and make ups, and every major moment in each others lives they've been there. Only where she's always seen him like a brother, he's always wanted it to be something more.

College separated them and now they're both home, both back to where it started. He's engaged and she's single. He stills wants her and she still wants her best friend. What happens when she starts wanting something else too? Or when his relationship falls apart just weeks before his wedding?

... Night and Day ...

She is Nyx, Goddess of the night and the other is her daughter Hemera, Goddess of daytime. By night the mother comes, beautiful and powerful. By day, her daughter. Together they play a wicked game of chance with a man who knows not how to tell them no.

But who is this man? Is he too a deity or perhaps a mortal hero? And what is it that they seek from him or he from them. Will he anger the Goddess older than Zeus himself or will choose to shun the daylight? And what do the two goddesses tell each other as they pass in the twilight? And what will the King of the Gods have to say if and when he learns of their game?

... From the Sea ...

For every Prince of the Kingdom, there was a quest before they could become a King. For this hero, his quest was to be at sea, Captain of a Vessel traveling to lands unknown. A man of the sea as much as a man of the land, the Prince is more than just a figure head aboard his ship, he is the Captain. And when he is notified of something floating in the water, he pulls the water logged wretch from the ocean himself.

When she dries, he finds a woman unlike any he’s seen before. Covered in strange markings and strange jewels the exotic stranger captures his attention (and her perhaps his heart) and soon whisks him away into a world of a danger and intrigue in a world he never knew existed.

Looking for world building a lot in this one, needing a partner to create both the Prince’s Kingdom and the lady he pulls from the water; someone to weave a story with me. Looking for a cross between Arthurian historical and high (elves and the like) fantasy. In truth, I’m highly likely to turn this into something epic. One of my longest held writing partners says I do that a lot.

... Wicked Game ...

A group of wealthy young ladies, who fancy themselves much like Carrie and her bunch in Sex and the City grow bored of their mundane Friday nights out together. Through that boredom they develop a game, a rather wicked a game.

Each lady would go to a separate bar and seduce a man and make plans to meet up at a certain hotel at a certain time. The woman whose man shows up first, wins. It’s a worthy prize to win as well. One she REALLY wants.

But something happens along the way, something that tear away the tease … something that changes the wicked game. But, what is it? I could be lust, so heavy and thick she no longer cares about the game, it could be the prize, or it could be something else completely.

... To Sir ...

They’ve never met, though they know each other well. She’s all alone in a big house with a lot of money to burn (a socialite perhaps, a widow, maybe even a starlet of some sort). But who is this man? She’s written to him for months, telling him of herself and who she is, what she wants … what she needs. All out of a bout of inspired patriotism; he’s a soldier away at war and she just wanted to give him something to take his mind off of the battle. What more could she give than herself?

Now that they are face to face its going to be more than sexy letters.

... Keeper of the Moon ...

She’s an ancient, mythical being born of the very earth itself. She lives secluded, away from the world that continues on around her. Her job is to protect the power of the moon. More than just the power to control the tide, the power of the moon shines light onto the darkness.

To protect this power, she’s forgone any life she could have had, any love she could have experienced. For life as The Keeper of the Moon is a lonely life.

Until that power is tested and taken, until she has to put her trust into a warrior of unknown origin, with his own powers, to get it back.

... Something a Little Vaudeville ...

This one, I know will have at least one burlesque performer (pictured above) and I will assume all sorts of interesting characters. I’m not big on group games, but I would consider doing this as a small group (with certain people). I want to keep it fairly historically accurate and will need someone who is willing to do significant research themselves (for their own characters). But for a specific plot, I don’t have one yet just a general fascination for the world.

... The Cove ...

Isolated, beautiful, the waves of the tide crashing between a narrow opening between two rocks; a place that no one has mentioned in a century, a place where time ceased to exist a long time ago. It’s her place and it has been as long as she can remember. It’s the place she goes to get away, never knowing the magic that resides there … never knowing what could await her there.

Until one day, there’s a strange vessel in the water of her cove and a strange man on it’s shore.

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Re: The Candy Shop ~ Ideas and Wanteds from lollipop ~
« Reply #8 on: April 02, 2012, 04:13:08 PM »

January 3, 2012 ~ Restructured thread, added new ideas.
January 3, 2012 ~ Moved "The Fighter" Idea to the Reserved post.
January 10, 2012 ~ Moved "The Tutor" Idea to the Reserved post.
March 6, 2012 ~ Reopened "Shakin' Hands" on a limited basis and added it to the Modern post.
March 12, 2012 ~ Added New Idea "Night and Day" to the New Ideas post
March 20, 2012 ~ Added 6 New Ideas to the New Ideas post
April 2, 2012 ~ Added New Idea "Her Best Friend" to the New Ideas post