Exalted 2nd: Realm of the Dragon

Started by Dingo, November 02, 2007, 10:00:22 AM

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In the River Province, almost located in the East or in the South lies one of the Hundred Kingdoms called "The Realm of the Dragon"

This kingdom is ruled with an iron hand by a former god-blood, now a true god. This god claims to be the son of the Elemental Dragon of Fire and his great personal power has at least given grounds to believing that claim.

The Kingdom only has one very large city, that is compared to other cities of the Hundred Kingdoms, with roots in a first age town. The nation is large enough to be sustain itself. It has mines, fertile fields and forests.

Trade does occur with the neighbours and the guild. The main export product of the Realm of the Dragon is mariuhana. A special highly addictive variant mutated by the Wyld. The proceeds of these "crops" are used to buy slaves and more luxuries.

Diplomatically the Realm of the Dragon is very well liked. They don't bother their neighbours, don't show any intention of doing so and they honor their deals with the Confedaration.

There are some advantages to living in the Realm. At the price of personal freedom, a byzantine bureaucracy, and neighbours spying on neighbours, one gets the best education a mortal can get in outside the Realm, the lowest crime rate in all of Creation, and nobody has to die of hunger.

Three organisations rule the country following guidelines set by the Dragon himself. These are the Ministries, the Army and the Secret Police

The Realm of the Dragon is in existance since the Usurpation and has never waged war. But it has defended itself against several incursions. And the defense was never gentle. With the "outrageous" claims of the Dragon, during the Shogunate era thousands of Dragon Blooded, who came to hunt this "imposter" were slain by the Dragon. And the country and the Dragon still exist.


This game will be run in 2nd edition Exalted. Solars, Lunars and Outcaste Dragonblooded are allowed. Sidereals only with permission. The focus of this game will be in the Realm of the Dragon.

No Circles from the start, though there is a chance that you might join up with another. This means all games start as a series of solo games.

Character Creation notes.

Starting characters.

Lunars receive a free (and obligatory) +2 on Lunar Bond  (background)

No background is allowed to be taken at a level of 4 or 5 without my permission.


More background will follow on demand


Waiiiiii!  *pounce!*  Sign me up, and dibs on Chocolate! 

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So,  what exactly would someone have to do to play a Chosen of Endings or a Chosen of Serenity?


Sell a Kidney. I might be interested to play a Lunar...



Sounds interesting, Ill grab a Solar spot
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There is no such thing as a solar spot.

But if you want to play a Solar, Muse has been so kind as to give me some threads in his board.


and then find the threads started by me amongst the stickies.


What sort of overall tone are you thinking of?  I'm sort of thinking of playing a Lunar...

Also, why the automatic Solar Bond 2?  Is that just because you prefer the idea of Lunars being more closely bound to their assigned Solar in general, or is there a specific reason?


This is Elliquiy, should be a good enough reason. Besides, I like Solar Bonds and none of the Lunars that I have seen created actually have this background, so that's why. I might not even let it show up unless the player puts points in it.

The tone of the game is going to be a very dark gritty tone. Anime-esque with lots of hentai influences. But there is also a plot.


Interesting.  For plot purposes, should PCs be particularly inclined to work against/on behalf of the Realm of the Dragon?

And should we expect bad things (capture, rape, etc.) to happen to the PCs in particular, or is that up to us?


Quote from: Jefepato on November 03, 2007, 12:30:54 PM
Interesting.  For plot purposes, should PCs be particularly inclined to work against/on behalf of the Realm of the Dragon?

That is actually up to the character. I can actually see people willing to work *for* the establishment as well as against it. The Dragon himself is actually a leader who allows people a lot of leeway in doing the things he says that have to be done. Of course, making mistakes can be quite deadly.

Quote from: Jefepato on November 03, 2007, 12:30:54 PM
And should we expect bad things (capture, rape, etc.) to happen to the PCs in particular, or is that up to us?

Bad things can and might happen. But the details of those bad things are up to the players.


I am looking to get started with this game, character submissions can go in the thread indicated for that on Muse's board (link to it is somewhere in this thread).

The goal is to run seperate stories that may or may not cross over. Some people have already indicated that they do wish their stories to join together eventually. Others may be more interested in keeping it apart.

As this is Elliquiy, I do allow anything that isn't against the site rules, and some nasty stuff may happen to your character, but you can indicate the kink there yourself.

Well that was it, last post from me here.

Oh, everybody who posted is accepted (as well as one other who didn't post here).

Chameleon, if you are still interested, I do have an idea how a Chosen of Serenity can fit in. PM me if you are still interested.