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June 23, 2018, 03:45:26 AM

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Author Topic: Furry game ideas (Looking for ladies)  (Read 425 times)

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Offline BigBadWolfTopic starter

Furry game ideas (Looking for ladies)
« on: August 09, 2011, 12:49:08 PM »
I hope I can find some ladies who enjoys playing with furry characters as I do. All the plots here have anthro characters. At the end of my o/o thread I put up some pictures (not safe for work) which I don't have a plot but if you look at it and something pop into your mind please let me know.
If you intrested in any of these send me a PM. I'm also open to suggestions for the plots.

Between of the two

This takes place in a world where only anthros exists. My character is a horse who came to learn on a university from his family farm. He tries to focus his attention to learning and training (his an athlete). He had a girlfriend not a long time ago, but she ditched him while he was love in her. This made him lost intrest in girls temporally. It's not that he became gay or anything he just not want a relationship for a while.
In the game my partner played two roles. There were two girls who fight with each other all the time, and they spotted him and both of them tried to seduce him. But of course he turned both of them down. Later they would be make peace with each other and unite to have him.
An alternate version of this where the two girls are friends maybe best friends and one of them is a rather shy one while the other one is the wild. The shy one falls for my character and she try to start with something with him but of course he turns her down. When she tells everything to her best friend she decide that she will have him no matter what.

(This could be a small group game too.)

The exotic plaything

A rich and powerful Asian woman has strange sexual desires. She want a half animal half human being to serve her needs. She creates a secret laboratory where a few scientist start a research. It took a few year but they mange to develop something remarkable. A serum which able to transform humans into half animals just as the woman wanted. But they need to test it, so they start kidnap people.

The first test are disasters but slowly they mange to make the transform process stable. It turns out the serum works better with non Asian people so they focusing now kidnap tourists. They after months it seems they manage to create the first successful specimen.

I'm searching for someone who can play the rich woman I would play a tourist who is kidnapped and transformed. I would start the game after the transformation complete. In the first part of the game my character go under a lot of tests. They want to know what his change physical body is capeable of. This information is important to know how they could keep him imprisoned. And because he will have sex with the woman they have to test their abilities too. First if he carries diseases and if he could impregnate a human woman. For this they use kidnapped women and they forced to have sex, then they wait for the result. During this period the woman who's behind this is always present and controls the test.
In the second part when the test period is over she can have him to do whatever she want with him.

The dragoness and the knight

Two dragoness lived on an island far away from the rest of the world. A mother and a daughter. When the daughter grows up her mother passes away leaving her alone. She live alone only a few years until settlers arrive on the island and start to build their villages. She quickly learn that they afraid of her so she stay out of their way.

The settlers expanding which made her hunting ground very little. So she couldn't do anything else but to hunt the settlers animals. This is the point when the settlers wants to rid of the dragon, however they not brave enough.

One day a strong stallion knight arrives one of the villages. They told him about the dragon and he head out to slain the beast. The people however don't know he is a young knight and this is his first adventure. He find her cave and challenge her. She don't really got it what he want, and she reluctant to fight until she got cornered. Then with one slap she defeat the knight.

They talk a bit and the dragoness recognizes that the knight is a male. She heard a lot of about male dragons from her mother but never meet one. She didn't know why but she also felt a strange itching every Spring, and she recognize that she need a mate. And since the knight is already in her grasp...

I picture this game that she not rape him rather than try to seduce or tease him into it. The knight will be reluctant but in the end she will mange to convince him. From that point is up for us how the story continue.
I'm searching for someone for the role of the dragoness.