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July 21, 2017, 11:52:39 PM
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Author Topic: Deliciously Deviant Desires [Bon, NC -- M/F for M & F -- all writers welcome!]  (Read 4006 times)

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Offline SyeneTopic starter

Welcome! I hope you see something that you like! If you don't see anything specific that tickles your fancy but you think we might be a good match, you're welcome to suggest one of your own ideas.


Here's what I ask for from and offer to my partner:
  • Communication: Please share your thoughts and concerns about the progress of the story and mention any extended absences! If you find that you've lost interest, please do me the courtesy of letting me know. I promise to do the same. I don't mind idle chatter, but it's definitely not a requirement.
  • Details and Content: Give me something to work with! I don't need a novel, but I do need details to latch onto. Details about your character's thoughts and feelings are always great, but I also like sensory details about their appearance, clothing, and surroundings. I'll try to provide the same things for you.
  • Gender and Sexuality: I don't care what gender you are as long as you write whatever you're playing well. I most commonly play submissive females, but I also enjoy playing both males and females that dominate females and the occasional light story. I can switch if a story calls for it, but I'm generally not interested in dominating a man long-term.
  • Plot vs Smut: I like smut, but I don't like only smut. I need a plot as well. I adore tales of star-crossed lovers fighting to be together, but it can also be great fun if the main characters are more adversarial. The plot can potentially be centered around the smut, but it needs to be present. Generally, I prefer deeper stories, but I do occasionally like to explore an idea with a one-shot.
  • Posting Frequency: I like a partner who can post 2+ times a week. More is great! I'm not going to hold it against you if you have an emergency or go on a vacation, but I've found that my interest can fade if my partner frequently goes several weeks between posts. There are many slower posters that I would love to write with, but that's the way my brain works. I would estimate that I typically post replies 3-6 days a week. I generally like to answer posts in the order my partners made them but there are a lot of reasons that doesn't always happen. Some posts take more thought, especially if we're in the habit of making longer replies, it's a new story, or I haven't had a reply in a while and have to refresh my memory. If you're very active, I may also hold off on replying to you multiple times in a day so I can catch up on more of my stories.
  • Post Length: I like to see at least 2-3 solid paragraphs, ideally 4-6 paragraphs, but you won't scare me with something longer. I personally find it hard to consistently write more than 6+ paragraphs per post, but I can write a pretty darn long post when I'm inspired or the situation merits it. I generally give what I get, so if your posts are on the shorter side, my replies will be shorter as well.
  • Spelling and Grammar: Nobody's perfect, but I do want to feel like you care enough about your writing to glance back over it and correct any egregious errors that slipped through before you hit "Post." I consider myself a reasonably accomplished writer and I'm enough of a perfectionist that I try to correct any errors that slip through before (or sometimes after) I post a reply.
A Few Favorite Ons

For details about my particular kinks, please take a look at my Ons and Offs, but here's a list of a few that are always welcome!
  • historic and historical fantasy settings
  • forced and arranged marriages 
  • dub-con and coercion
  • characters who are submissive in bed but rarely out of it
  • when "no" means "yes"
  • D/S and bondage
  • intelligent characters and partners 
  • petite character, large partner
  • kidnapping and captivity
  • moral shades of gray

If you're interested in any of these ideas, please send me a PM rather than posting here. Please include some of your thoughts on the story and characters in your message. It doesn't have to be a lot of detail, but I do want an idea of what you're going to contribute to the story. The themes mentioned are the bare minimum, so feel free to mention any other themes or kinks that you think would be a good fit.

Andromeda Defiled -- Extreme -- Looking for F

Themes: non-con, monsters, bestiality, bondage

We all know the story of Andromeda, who was chained on the shore to placate the monster Cetus after her mother angered the Poseidon by bragging that her daughter was more beautiful than his nymphs. In the myth, Perseus comes upon her after slaying Medusa just in time to rescue her. But what if that wasn't the whole story? What if Perseus arrived to find the sea monster Cetus' tentacles already thrusting into all of Andromeda's orifices while she writhed and shrieked in horrified pleasure? What if after slaying the monster and claiming her as his wife, Perseus realizes that there is something about the princess that monsters just can't resist, making her the perfect bait for his next hunt?
While Perseus is fond of her in his way, he considers his wife his property to use as he wishes and he wishes to use her as bait as he rises become the premiere monster hunter in all of Greece.
This is pretty much an excuse for mythology-themed smut. We'll be taking liberties with the myths, obviously, but I'd still like someone familiar with the basic stories. I have a partner for a very slow version of this where I play Andromeda so I'm only interested in playing Perseus.

Captured and Taken -- Looking for F

Themes: Themes: non-con or dub-con, bondage, kidnapping, captivity
A young woman is kidnapped or captured after a battle by a powerful man. She could be a noblewoman, a princess, or a common girl. Perhaps her captor enslaves her or perhaps he forces her to marry him. Perhaps in doing so he saves her from a worse fate or perhaps he simply wants to sate his lust on her nubile body. Either way, he will not take “no” for an answer. He takes her body, claiming her virginity and making her forever his. Perhaps in time she falls in love with him and he grows fond of her. Perhaps he breaks her, turning her into his willing pleasure slave. Pregnancy is certainly a possibility, but not required.
This would be well-suited to many historical, fantasy, or sci-fi settings. I have a list of some of my favorite historical settings in my ons and offs, but feel free to suggest your own. While I’m currently craving playing a male with this idea, this is a favorite basic idea of mine, so I’m certainly willing to discuss playing the female in the right variation.
There are so many wonderful variations! Let me know what interests you and we’ll brainstorm.

Always Meant to Be -- Looking for F

Themes: non-con, coercion, blackmail, D/S, bondage, orgasm control, humiliation, sex toys, Victoriana

Truly, the sun has never set on the British Empire. It's the year 2018 and Queen Victoria II rules an empire as vast and powerful as the one ruled by her namesake over a hundred years ago. It's a world of manners, elaborate gowns, and repressed sexuality. When a bullied young woman witnesses one of her schoolmates squirming and begging as she video-chats with an unknown man, she grows aroused at the thought of being in the other girl's place and savors the humiliation of someone who's teased her in the past. She ultimately ends up conflating the two feelings and sets herself up online, remotely dominating elegant society girls like her former schoolmate. It's not until the angry brother of one of her girls comes looking for the person who humiliated his sister and takes revenge by forcing her to submit to him that she is forced to realize how submissive she truly is. What started out as revenge for the brother turns into a master's fondness for a plaything who blushes and squirms enticingly as she's subjected to his basest desires. Perhaps he proposes an arranged marriage to her delighted father so that he can have her for himself? She can refuse him nothing, for he knows her secrets and could ruin her in polite society if he cared to make them public. 

I have a version of this idea where I play the young woman, so I'm only interested in playing the male at this time.

Summoning The Ancient Hero -- Looking for M

Themes: strangers bound together

A great warrior and leader from a harsher time, he was summoned from the underworld to be their salvation. She is a delicate and innocent young woman, perhaps a priestess or a girl with royal blood, who was the heart of the spell that brought him back. Perhaps the spell is a reflection of a divine marriage that must be consummated in order be permanent? Perhaps his time in the underworld has given him dark, new appetites? Their fates are now inextricably bound and the fate of their homeland lies in their hands, but they will never succeed if he cannot overcome his resentment at being ripped through time and bound to a woman and she cannot overcome her uncertainty about her attraction to the powerful warrior.

There’s a lot of flexibility for the setting, but when I originally imagined this idea while brainstorming with a partner, the idea was to set it in Ancient Egypt during the Second Intermediate Period. The warrior would be from The Predynastic Period and together with the young woman would eventually liberate his country from the threat of the Sea Peoples to the north and the Nubians to the south.

The Wizard and the Weapon -- Looking for M

Themes: amnesia, shades of gray, star-crossed lovers

They found her with no memories of how she’d come to be there, naked and dazed, in the heart of the cataclysm that had ended the war. They said she wasn’t human, claimed her mind and flesh were merely convenient packaging for weapon that had shattered cities. He, a man who’d bound hundreds of souls to his will, looked into her bewildered eyes and knew they lied. Whatever else she was, whatever had been done to her to make her into the weapon her masters wanted, she was also a frightened young woman. Perhaps it had been a mistake to look into her eyes. Now he, a man who’d killed more people than he could count, didn’t want to kill her. The magical energy he could draw off of her made a convenient excuse, so he claimed her as his prize instead. When she woke up screaming in the night, he found himself strangely drawn to soothe her.

This idea is mostly about two dangerous and damaged people falling in love. I could see it involving some bondage and consensual D/s -- she’s probably been deeply conditioned to obey. Ultimately, it will be up to the two of them to save the world, perhaps from echoes of the cataclysm created by her former masters.

The Adventuress -- Looking for M and/or F

Themes: non-con, bondage, kidnapping, captivity, exoticism

Looking to play a woman -- perhaps a spy, journalist, or anthropologist -- with a tendency to repeatedly end up being taken advantage of in exotic circumstances. A bit of a thrill-seeker, prone to curiosity, and secretly a bit of a slut, she usually ends up enjoying the experience. A slightly pulpy, historical setting, probably Victorian to WWII, is strongly preferred. Fantasy and sci-fi elements are always fun to add to the mix.

I'm looking for a partner to play the series of men and/or women who end up getting the better of her. I'd also consider a version where my partner plays the young woman and I play the people who dominate her. A single encounter could also make a great one-shot. Let's brainstorm something together!

The Ties that Bind -- Looking for M

Themes: kidnapping, captivity, bondage, battle of wits, star-crossed lovers

One of the emperor's younger sons, he is tasked to track down the only surviving member of the royal house of a newly conquered nation. She will be forced to marry another member of his family once captured, thus tying the newly conquered nation more tightly to the empire. An honorable man, he's uneasy with this but knows it is his duty. She is clever, resourceful, and devoted to the good of her people as well as being a great beauty.

Eventually, he manages to catch her in a situation she cannot escape and captures her. He's conscientious about keeping her from escaping and while he can't help admiring her beauty, he treats her fairly. Although wary at first, she's entranced by the honor and kindness he shows her, as well as the very strength he uses to keep her captive. He's attracted not just to her beauty, but to her determination and cleverness. Her attempts to escape turn into a sort of game for them as she tries to outwit him and he tries to anticipate her plans and stop her. As they journey back to the capital, the pair falls in love, though they continue to find themselves torn by their respective duties to their countries.

Gameplay would begin as the prince corners and captures the princess and would proceed through the slow development of their shared love and the challenges they face as they struggle to reconcile it with their duty. Likely there will be lots of bondage, but the sex would be completely consensual. I like the idea that she might actually be the one who initiates it the first time. The setting could either be pseudo-historical or fantasy.

A Dangerous Woman -- Looking for M

Themes: seduction, captivity, bondage, moral shades of gray, star-crossed lovers

Daughter of a powerful villain, she is a powerful and dangerous woman in her own right and although she doesn't seem to have her father's ambitions, she is certainly no angel. When she's taken captive, he advocates to treat her fairly, believing that there's something more to her than the crimes she's previously committed. For his trouble, he's charged with keeping her prisoner. Although she understands that the other options would have been less pleasant, she resents being kept as a prisoner and fully intends to escape. She embarks on a campaign of seduction that is only successful in the sense that he begins to fall for her. He finds himself challenged by her seductive wiles, she finds herself challenged by his strength of will, and they both find themselves challenged by the powerful, genuine desire growing between them. He may not be able to keep his lips from hers when she begs him to kiss her, but she finds it increasingly difficult to care that no matter what else he may do, he never quite loses control enough that she can escape him. Even as their affection for each other grows, outside forces conspire to tear them apart and they must not only deal with those outside forces, but with their conflicting obligations and morals. Perhaps her father returns, intent on rescuing a daughter he still believes to be completely loyal? Perhaps his allies grow impatient because she is not acting suitably contrite or accuse her of some more serious crime?

I'm primarily interested in an interesting power dynamic and conflict, laced together with consensual sex and plenty of bondage. The setting could be anything from medieval fantasy to modern superhero.
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Re: Deliciously Deviant Desires [F seeking M/F]
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Added "Public Enemies" and "Bound by Duty."

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Re: Deliciously Deviant Desires [MUL, F seeking M/F]
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Added "Imperiling Irene," "A Gift from Heaven," and "Love is Eternal" since August 23rd and significantly updated my Ons and Offs.

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Since the last bump, I've added "One Thousand and One Nights," "A Dangerous Woman," "A Suitable Bride," and "Stalked" (not all are currently available). I've also re-written several other requests extensively and made some updates to my Ons and Offs.

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Re: Deliciously Deviant Desires -- Vampires and More!
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Added "Gilded Cage."

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Re: Deliciously Deviant Desires -- F seeking mostly M
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Added "To Serve an Reluctant Master" and "From Sorceress to Slave." Moved around a number of older ideas.

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Re: Deliciously Deviant Desires -- F seeking mostly M characters
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Added "From the Sea" and "An Intriguing Proposition." Added a new section containing embryonic ideas for collaborative or future development. Added "A Suitable Bride" and "Bound by Duty" back to my list of active requests and rearranged the old requests section slightly. Made some stylistic changes.

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Re: Deliciously Deviant Desires -- F seeking mostly M characters
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Moved "Public Enemies" back to the available list and added a note about a particular craving to play a frightened and reluctant character coaxed into enjoing her new situation.

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Re: Deliciously Deviant Desires
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Cut out a bunch of old stories that are permanently retired, added some more story seeds, and tweaked my ideas. Particularly looking to play a the dominant partner, but playing a submissive isn't completely out of the picture.

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Re: Deliciously Deviant Desires (looking for M & F)
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Added "Andromeda Defiled" and "The Demon's Bargain" as well as updating and adding back some old ideas.

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Re: Deliciously Deviant Desires (seeking M & F characters for mostly M/F)
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A couple new ideas and some tweaks to older ideas.

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Re: Deliciously Deviant Desires (seeking M & F characters for mostly M/F)
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Re-wrote and re-added "A Dangerous Woman" from several years ago. Added some more details to "Augmented Reality Rape."

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Re: Deliciously Deviant Desires (seeking M & F characters for mostly M/F)
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Removed a few taken ideas, back from vacation and ready for a bump!

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Re: Deliciously Deviant Desires (seeking M & F characters for mostly M/F)
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Rewrote my introduction and added "The Dark Lord's Daughter."

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Re: Deliciously Deviant Desires (seeking M & F characters for mostly M/F)
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Re: Deliciously Deviant Desires (mostly seeking M for M/F, Bon and NC)
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added "Darkest Dreams" and "Naturally Submissive."

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It's time to look for another partner.  ;)