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Author Topic: Deliciously Deviant Desires [Bon, NC -- mostly F for M -- all writers welcome!]  (Read 3263 times)

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Offline SyeneTopic starter

Welcome! I hope you see something that you like! If you don't see anything specific that tickles your fancy but you think we might be a good match, you're welcome to suggest one of your own ideas.


Here's what I ask for from and offer to my partner:
  • Communication: Please share your thoughts and concerns about the progress of the story and mention any extended absences! If you find that you've lost interest, please do me the courtesy of letting me know. I promise to do the same. I don't mind idle chatter, but it's definitely not a requirement.
  • Details and Content: Give me something to work with! I don't need a novel, but I do need details to latch onto. Details about your character's thoughts and feelings are always great, but I also like sensory details about their appearance, clothing, and surroundings. I'll try to provide the same things for you.
  • Gender and Sexuality: I don't care what gender you are as long as you write whatever you're playing well. I most commonly play submissive females, but I also enjoy playing both males and females that dominate females and the occasional light story. I can switch if a story calls for it, but I'm generally not interested in dominating a man long-term.
  • Plot vs Smut: I like smut, but I don't like only smut. I need a plot as well. I adore tales of star-crossed lovers fighting to be together, but it can also be great fun if the main characters are more adversarial. The plot can potentially be centered around the smut, but it needs to be present. Generally, I prefer longer stories, but I do occasionally like to explore an idea with a one-shot.
  • Posting Frequency: I like a partner who can post 2+ times a week. It's fine to be absent occasionally, but I've unfortunately found that my interest can fade if we frequently go several weeks between posts. I would estimate that I typically post 3-6 days a week. I try to answer posts in the order my partners made them, but sometimes I'm just not in the mood or I pass over a post so that I can give it the attention it deserves when I have enough time.
  • Post Length: I like to see at least 2-3 solid paragraphs, ideally 4-6 paragraphs, but you won't scare me with something longer. I personally find it hard to consistently write more than 6+ paragraphs per post. I generally give what I get, so if your posts are on the shorter side, my replies will be shorter as well. That said, I can write a pretty darn long post if the situation merits it.
  • Spelling and Grammar: Nobody's perfect, but I do want to feel like you care enough about your writing to glance back over it and correct any egregious errors that slipped through before you hit "Post." I consider myself a reasonably accomplished writer and I'm enough of a perfectionist that I try to correct any errors that slip through before (or sometimes after) I post a reply.
A Few Favorite Ons

For details about my particular kinks, please take a look at my Ons and Offs, but here's a list of a few that are always welcome!
  • historic and historical fantasy settings
  • forced and arranged marriages 
  • dub-con and coercion
  • characters who are submissive in bed but rarely out of it
  • when "no" means "yes"
  • D/S and bondage
  • intelligent characters and partners 
  • petite character, large partner
  • kidnapping and captivity
  • moral shades of gray

Please give me some of your thoughts on the story and characters if you contact me to express interest. It doesn't have to be a lot of detail, but I do want an idea of what you're going to contribute to the story. The themes mentioned are the bare minimum, so feel free to mention any other themes or kinks that you think would be a good fit.

The Ties that Bind -- Looking for M

Themes: consensual sex, kidnapping, captivity, bondage, battle of wits, star-crossed lovers

One of the emperor's younger sons, he is tasked to track down the only surviving member of the royal house of a newly conquered nation. She will be forced to marry another member of his family once captured, thus tying the newly conquered nation more tightly to the empire. An honorable man, he's uneasy with this but knows it is his duty. She is clever, resourceful, and devoted to the good of her people as well as being a great beauty.

Eventually, he manages to catch her in a situation she cannot escape and captures her. He's conscientious about keeping her from escaping and while he can't help admiring her beauty, he treats her fairly. Although wary at first, she's entranced by the honor and kindness he shows her, as well as the very strength he uses to keep her captive. He's attracted not just to her beauty, but to her determination and cleverness. Her attempts to escape turn into a sort of game for them as she tries to outwit him and he tries to anticipate her plans and stop her. As they journey back to the capital, the pair falls in love, though they continue to find themselves torn by their respective duties to their countries.

Gameplay would begin as the prince corners and captures the princess and would proceed through the slow development of their shared love and the challenges they face as they struggle to reconcile it with their duty. Likely there will be lots of bondage, but the sex would be completely consensual. I like the idea that she might actually be the one who initiates it the first time. The setting could either be pseudo-historical or fantasy.

I'd prefer to play the princess, but I might be convinced to play the prince for the right partner.

A Dangerous Woman -- Looking for M

Themes: consensual sex, seduction, captivity, bondage, moral shades of gray, star-crossed lovers

Daughter of a powerful villain, she is a powerful and dangerous woman in her own right and although she doesn't seem to have her father's ambitions, she is certainly no angel. When she's taken captive, he advocates to treat her fairly, believing that there's something more to her than the crimes she's previously committed. For his trouble, he's charged with keeping her prisoner. Although she understands that the other options would have been less pleasant, she resents being kept as a prisoner and fully intends to escape. She embarks on a campaign of seduction that is only successful in the sense that he begins to fall for her. He finds himself challenged by her seductive wiles, she finds herself challenged by his strength of will, and they both find themselves challenged by the powerful, genuine desire growing between them. He may not be able to keep his lips from hers when she begs him to kiss her, but she finds it increasingly difficult to care that no matter what else he may do, he never quite loses control enough that she can escape him. Even as their affection for each other grows, outside forces conspire to tear them apart and they must not only deal with those outside forces, but with their conflicting obligations and morals. Perhaps her father returns, intent on rescuing a daughter he still believes to be completely loyal? Perhaps his allies grow impatient because she is not acting suitably contrite or accuse her of some more serious crime?

I'm primarily interested in an interesting power dynamic and conflict, laced together with consensual sex and plenty of bondage. The setting could be anything from medieval fantasy to modern superhero.

Darkest Dreams -- Looking for M

Themes: dub-con, D/S, bondage, kidnapping, captivity, forced marriage or slavery

She's woken trembling more nights than she can count from dreams of submitting to dominant, powerful men, but she suspects that reality would be far less kind than those dreams, were she to find herself made into a slavegirl. When one of her father's enemies takes her captive, threatening to kill her unless her father agrees to an agreement sealed with her marriage, she's not about to let her nascent attraction to her captor prevent her from escaping. She's largely lacking in the necessary skills to do so, but clever enough to take advantage of what she can. Her captor, while he has a taste for submissive women, finds her determination, bravery, and quick wit refreshing. When he begins to notice the way her breath catches with something more than fear when she's brought before him after an attempt to escape, he's even more interested. Not only is she bright and strong-willed enough to become a true partner, rather than the pawn he'd expected, but it appears that she may have a taste for the darker pleasures he prefers. Perhaps arrangements are made and she becomes his queen, enthroned beside him by day, trusted to rule in his absence and kneeling before him at night. Perhaps things take a darker turn when her father refuses the alliance and he suggests that he could claim her as his concubine instead of killing her and force her father to watch him use and abuse her like a common slavegirl and she agrees because she's peeved with her father and she longs to be dominated by him.

I really love the idea that she's pretty intensely submissive, but that she's got plenty of spirit and is not going to let her desires stop her from doing her duty. This would be well-suited to a fantasy or historical setting, but I'm open to other ideas. They could be royalty, nobles or perhaps from powerful families within the underworld, though she has certainly been fairly sheltered up until her kidnapping. I want the non-con elements to stay more on the side of coercion than physical force, but a few stolen caresses and kisses would be acceptable as things progress. Depending on my partner's preferences, we could limit it to pretty mild D/S or the young woman could end up collared, pierced, and/or branded. 

Naturally Submissive -- Looking for M

Themes: non-con, coercion, blackmail, D/S, bondage, orgasm control, humiliation, sex toys, Victoriana

Truly, the sun has never set on the British Empire. It's the year 2018 and Queen Victoria II rules an empire as vast and powerful as the one ruled by her namesake over a hundred years ago. It's a world of manners, elaborate gowns, and repressed sexuality. When a shy, young woman witnesses one of her schoolmates squirming and begging as she video-chats with an unknown man, she grows aroused at the thought of being in the other girl's place and savors the humiliation of someone who's teased her in the past. She ultimately ends up conflating the two feelings and sets herself up online, the only place where she can overcome her shyness, dominating elegant society girls like her former schoolmate. It's not until the angry brother of one of her girls comes looking for the person who humiliated his sister and takes revenge by forcing her to submit to him that she is forced to realize how submissive she truly is. What started out as revenge for the brother turns into a master's fondness for a plaything who blushes and squirms enticingly as she's subjected to his basest desires. Perhaps he proposes an arranged marriage to her delighted father so that he can have her for himself? She can refuse him nothing, for he knows her secrets and could ruin her in polite society if he cared to make them public. 

I wrote
this post
Brookwood Academy -- The reign of Victoria II -- May 18th, 2013

Wrapped in a slightly ragged but cozy woolen shawl, Genevieve Carrington sat curled up in one of the window seats in the library of Brookwood Academy, her presence there obscured by the deep blue, velvet drapes that hung in front of the window niche from ceiling to floor. The narrow slit in the curtains was just enough for her to see out, but as long as she sat still and no one came close, there wasn't much chance she'd be seen. The building was old, dating back to the beginning of the reign of Victoria I, and the windows were single-pane, making it one of the colder places in the library to sit, but she liked the privacy, as well as the bright, natural light that made it such a perfect place to catch up on her reading. There weren't many places at the school where she felt safe from the attention of her teachers, who meant well but pressed the shy girl far beyond what made her comfortable, and her classmates, who at best hardly knew she existed and at worst teased her with merciless cruelty for her shyness and the state of her family's finances. Hearing the library door open, she glanced up to see who it was, tensing slightly as she identified the pretty, auburn-haired girl as Elizabeth Somerset, the temperamental daughter of the Duke of Beaufort. Elizabeth, always ready a cutting word for anyone she considered inferior, had humiliated Genevieve on more than one occasion.

Genevieve eyed Elizabeth warily as the other girl sat at one of the tables near her and took out a notebook and what she recognized as being their math textbook. She put earbuds in her ears, clearly listening to music as she began to write. Between the music and the fact that she was barely in Elizabeth's peripheral vision, Genevieve felt comfortable enough to relax and returned her attention to her book.

Five or ten minutes later, there was a faint buzz, prompting Genevieve to look up. Elizabeth picked up her phone and started what seemed to be a video call with someone. "I'm in the library," she hissed.

Genevieve couldn't hear or see the response of the other party, but she could see the way Elizabeth reacted, her eyes widening in shock tinged with something she had yet to identify as she whispered, "But what if someone comes in?" Once again, Genevieve could not hear the reply, but a shiver seemed to run through Elizabeth's body and she gasped, "No, Master. Please, I'll be good..."

Still curled in the niche, Genevieve watched with wide eyes as the one of the school's haughtier bitches -- and that was saying a lot given that Brookwood was attended almost exclusively by the daughters of England's highest nobility -- splayed her legs wide and hiked up her skirts, exposing not the pretty, expensive lingerie Genevieve would have expected to see her wearing, but a device that Genevieve realized after a moment's shock must be the latest in high-tech chastity belts. Elizabeth unbuttoned the top buttons of her blouse with her free hand and pushed the garment aside. She grasped her breast and began to play with her nipple, squirming and whimpering as she did so, "Please..."

Genevieve watched for nearly an hour, growing increasingly fascinated as the person on the other end of the call repeatedly brought Elizabeth to the edge of orgasm, leaving her kneeling wantonly on the floor while she begged and sobbed in frustration. She found it intensely arousing, easily able to imagine how frustrated Elizabeth must feel to be denied an orgasm again and again, as well as how helpless she must feel knowing that she was at the mercy of her master, and thinking that Elizabeth deserved to be taught her place. Eventually, Elizabeth's master relented and Genevieve was treated to the sight of her schoolmate writhing and groaning in the ecstasy of an intense climax.

That night as she lay in bed recalling it, Genevieve brought herself to the most powerful orgasm she'd yet experienced.

Carrington House, London -- August 3rd, 2016

The melancholy strains of Chopin, Liszt and Stravinsky filled the music room of Carrington House as Genevieve played, her unhappiness in the wake the row she'd had with her father pouring out in the music. If she was honest with herself, she had to admit that it hadn't even been a real fight -- that would have required that she fight back. She was angry with her father for being so unreasonable, but mostly she was upset about her own meekness. She desperately wished she knew how to assert herself, though she didn't have the least idea where to start.

Several hours later, while paging gloomily through a social media sight, she ran across the profile of her old classmate, Elizabeth Somerset. A spark of mingled spite and desire shot through her and on an impulse she sent her an anonymous message, crafting a sumptuous message describing how she'd once stolen a glimpse of her and how she longed to be the one repeatedly bringing her to the edge. She regretted sending it immediately and was startled and fascinated to discover the next morning that Elizabeth's reply was not just positive, but interested.

Over the next few days, she developed the persona of the "Count d'Argent," ultimately developing the confidence to talk Elizabeth into putting on a belt for him.

Her Majesty's Theater, West End, London -- February 19th, 2019

Dressed in a hand-me-down dress from last season that had suited her sister's coloring and figure far better than it suited her, Genevieve stayed in her family's box fussing with her smartphone during the intermission, settling back comfortably in her plush, red velvet seat. In truth, the "Count" made enough money off his "stable" of girls that she could have afforded this year's dresses in a color and style that suited her looks, but she was still painfully shy and she preferred it this way. No one looked at her. Surely no one would ever guess that she might have an alternate identity, let alone one like the "Count..."

Genevieve liked opera, particularly Verdi, well enough to tolerate a few social aspects of attending the theater, but she had no desire to mingle as most people did. While Genevieve's family couldn't really afford the expense of keeping a box at the opera, neither could they appear as destitute as to let it lapse. Genevieve was the only one in the family who had a real interest in attending and the prospect of seeing Aida in person had been enough to lure her out of the house.

The intermission was long, the better to give the nobility plenty of opportunities to see and be seen and it did not take long before Genevieve grew bored. Her eyes flicked across the grand, neo-classical theater, spotting several of "the Count's" girls in the boxes of various noble families, her gaze eventually settling on Anne Neville. Normally, she didn't play with any of the girls when she was in the same building, let alone when they were in plain view of each other, no matter how distant, but she'd overheard Anne make a passing comment about her dress earlier in the evening, it stung, and she wanted to see the girl squirm a little.

Pulling up the app she used to control her girl's belts, she gave Anne a little buzz and then sent her a text message, telling her that "the Count" was watching her and then ratcheting up the intensity of the vibrations just a little bit, her eyes flicking back and forth between Anne as she grew increasingly affected by it and the readouts on her phone. For just a moment as she read Anne's text begging "the Count" not to make her orgasm here, Genevieve's lips curved in a hint of a smile. Then she turned up the intensity just enough to take Anne to the edge, but not over it and replied, "like this?" She waited for Anne to read the message and start to reply and then she cut off the vibrations entirely. She continued to tease Anne for the rest of the intermission, growing increasingly engrossed in keeping her victim agitated and balanced on the edge, her usual paranoia about getting caught getting lost in her excitement.

Just as the last of the audience returned to their seats and the house lights were lowered, she finally let Anne climax, a hint of a smirk touching her lips as she watched Anne moaning and twitching in her pleasure. Genevieve hadn't really meant to ensure that the maximum number of people noticed Anne's state, only to finish toying with her before the opera started again, but that was certainly the effect it had. She did not think much of it again as she returned her attention to the music and the extravagant costumes of the drama playing out below, savoring the beautiful music.
three years ago and I've never entirely forgotten about the idea. Unfortunately, my partner did not like the post as much as I did and never replied.

Webcam Girl -- Looking for M

Themes: consensual sex, D/S, bondage, mastrubation, sex toys

When a cash-strapped college student runs across an article about webcam girls, it seems like an easy way to make some money. Indeed, things seem to be going well. She finds that she can be herself on camera more easily than she can with anyone she knows in person and that her clients like that she's sexually inexperienced but interested in experimentation. One regular, in particular, has a pretty dominant personality and encourages her to explore increasingly kinky things, sometimes on her show, sometimes in personal sessions and their relationship intensifies. Unknown to either of them when they first encountered each other online, they live in the same area and he eventually sees her in person and recognizes her. Feeling like it's meant to be, he sets out to claim her as his own. Perhaps he just continues his seduction of her online until she agrees to meet him in person. Perhaps he might consider a bit of blackmail to get her where he knows she wants to be anyway. Ultimately, she finds herself eager to submit to his desires in bed.

Your choice as to who the man is. He could be a fellow student or just someone around town. He could be a professor and have quite a surprise when she walks into her class at the beginning of the semester. He could be in for a shock when he meets his new stepsister after their parents remarry to each other. All that's required is that they meet in person after they've met online.


I'm not a big fan of listing character/character pairings -- I don't think it really provides more information about plots someone would be interested in than taking a moment to look at their Ons and Offs -- but here are a few initial story seeds that I'd love to develop further. Some could be more elaborate stories, some are probably one-shots.
  • Centuries ago, the spirit of a powerful sorceress was bound in a magical artifact. When an ambitious young man finds the artifact, the sorceress sees her chance at freedom. She becomes his advisor and his lover in his dreams. When she suggests that he find her a body to possess, what affect occupying the body of a beautiful slave girl, trained from infancy to be so completely submissive and loyal, will have on her.
  • A great warrior and leader from a harsher time, he was summoned from the underworld to be their salvation. She is a delicate and innocent girl, who was the heart of the spell that brought him back. Perhaps he's been touched with darkness during his time in the underworld? Their fates are now inextricably bound and the fate of their homeland lies in their hands, but they will never succeed if he cannot overcome his resentment at being ripped through time and she cannot overcome her fear of the powerful and attractive warrior. Possible setting: ancient Egypt
  • She's a living weapon of mass destruction who remembers destroying cities only in her nightmares. He's a powerful, dark wizard drawn to protect her for reasons he does not understand. They will be the salvation of their world, but only if they can save each other from their own darkness first. 
  • Something with an Arabian Nights style setting.
  • I want to play a tentacle monster that has its way with a girl. Probably a one-shot, but could be a scene in something longer.
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Added "Imperiling Irene," "A Gift from Heaven," and "Love is Eternal" since August 23rd and significantly updated my Ons and Offs.

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Since the last bump, I've added "One Thousand and One Nights," "A Dangerous Woman," "A Suitable Bride," and "Stalked" (not all are currently available). I've also re-written several other requests extensively and made some updates to my Ons and Offs.

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Re: Deliciously Deviant Desires -- Vampires and More!
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A couple new ideas and some tweaks to older ideas.

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