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Author Topic: Deliciously Deviant Desires (seeking M & F characters for mostly M/F)  (Read 2536 times)

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Decent grammar and spelling are a must for me, but I do know typos slip through from time to time. I generally prefer partners who can post at least a few times a week and generally try to post at least a few times a week (sometimes more) but I certainly know that real life comes first. As far as post length goes, I generally want at least a couple solid paragraphs and give as much as I get, but I don't generally write more than 4-6 paragraphs. It's important to me that you include details of your characters thoughts and feelings in your posts. I'm a bit of a history geek, so I particularly love historical games with people who feel the same way about the setting as I do.

As long as my partner writes well, I don't care what gender they are. I most commonly play submissive females, but I also enjoy playing both males and females that dominate females and the occasional light story. I can switch if a story calls for it, but I'm rarely interested in dominating a man long-term. I might be willing to change the genders up in some of my ideas and make them F/F or play the other character for the right partner.

For more details about my particular kinks, please take a look at my Ons and Offs.

These ideas are not necessarily first come, first served. Please give me some of your thoughts on the story and characters when you contact me to express interest. Also, note that I don't always bump this thread when I post a new idea -- sometimes I've got enough active RPs that I'm not aggressively seeking a new one, but I want to get an idea written out.

Please PM me rather than replying to this if you're interested in a RP listed here.


The Ties that Bind -- Human Bondage -- Looking for M

One of the emperor's younger sons, he is tasked to track down the only surviving member of the royal house of a newly conquered nation. She will be forced to marry another member of his family once captured, thus tying the newly conquered nation more tightly to the empire. An honorable man, he's uneasy with this, but knows it is his duty. She is clever, resourceful, and devoted to the good of her people as well as being a great beauty.

Eventually, he manages to catch her in a situation she cannot escape and captures her. He's conscientious about keeping her from escaping and while he can't help admiring her beauty, he treats her fairly. Although wary at first, she's entranced by the honor and kindness he shows her, as well as the very strength he uses to keep her captive. He's attracted not just to her beauty, but to her determination and cleverness. Her attempts to escape turn into a sort of game for them as she tries to outwit him and he tries to anticipate her plans and stop her. As they journey back to the capital, the pair fall in love, though they continue to find themselves torn by their respective duties to their country.

Gameplay would begin as the prince corners and captures the princess and would proceed through the slow development of their shared love and the challenges they face as they struggle to reconcile it with their duty. Likely there will be lots of bondage, but the sex would be completely consensual. I like the idea that she might actually be the one who initiates it the first time. The setting could either be pseudo-historical or fantasy.

I'd prefer to play the princess, but I might be convinced to play the prince for the right partner.

The Demon's Bargain -- Non-con Human/Exotic/Extreme -- Looking for M

Although magic was illegal, the villagers always looked the other way when the beautiful daughter of a local white witch worked small spells for them to renew the fertility of the land and their wives and ease the pains of illness, injury and childbirth. Never quite considered part of the village, she was still generally content with her life. When she spurned the advances of a local magistrate and was accused of witchcraft, the villagers were quick to turn against her, some even making their own false accusations against her. Locked in a prison cell, she faces torture by the Inquisition and eventual execution. What she does not know is that she is one of the last descendants of a powerful magical lineage. Exhausted, she falls asleep and is approached by a powerful demon lord who offers to rescue her from the Inquisition's tortures and death at the stake in exchange for her service. He makes the offer sound appealing, knowing that once he has her in his power, she will never escape him and will slide slowly into darkness. Depending on how my partner wants to play it, it could be possible that she actually suffers tortures at the hands of the Inquisition before agreeing in desperation. In any case, the demon does not just corrupt her carnally, but slowly encourages her to take revenge on the people that have wronged her and begins to use his new slave to further his goals, both on Earth and in Hell.

This would likely be historical fantasy set in Europe sometime between the Dark Ages and the French Revolution, but a pure fantasy setting could work too. 

I would like to play the witch in this scenario.

Public Enemies -- Bondage/Light Human -- Looking for M or F

Daughter of a wealthy banker, she leads a life of stultifying, luxurious boredom. That all changes when she stops by her father's office one afternoon and soon finds herself a hostage in the midst of a gun battle between a young, handsome bank robber and the police. Their eyes lock for a moment and it's, if not love at first sight, then certainly lust.

When she picks up the gun that spins across the floor to her from the hands of a fallen police officer and looks up to see the robber distracted and a police officer lifting his gun to shoot him, she doesn't even hesitate. She pulls the trigger and the policeman falls to the ground. A little stunned by what she's done, she lets the robber take her away with him. Falling swiftly in love, the pair launch into a crime spree that becomes the subject of ballads and sensationalist newspapers, fascinating and horrifying the nation.

I originally envisioned this as a purely historical 1930s setting, but other time periods such as the American West might be possible. I see it as a fairly innocent romance between two inexperienced people, contrasting strongly with their ruthless crime spree, though I like the idea of including some consensual dominance and submission to it.

I'd be willing to play either the male or female character.

Trial by Fire -- Non-con/Extreme -- Looking for partner to play both M and F

When their parents go missing, the teenage daughters of several of the city's most powerful superheroes decide that it's up to them to defend the city. Growing up together in Freedom Tower, they've best best friends all their life, so it makes perfect sense for them to team up. Unfortunately for the girls, the city's villains quickly realize that the pretty teens are fresh meat. Their first mission ends in failure with both of them getting raped. Although they get a bit better at actually succeeding in foiling villainous plots, they always seem to get fucked along the way and, although neither wants to admit it, they both like being forced to submit. 

We could go in a lot of directions with this as far as the powers the girls and the villains have -- let me know what interests you.

I would like a partner to play one of the heroines and about half of the villains. I will play the other girl and the rest of the villains.

Augmented Reality Rape -- Non-con Human -- Looking for F

He's a nerdy college student or recent grad who released a surprise smash hit augmented reality game, Heroes of Camelot. She's a cute geek girl who's really into the game. He's admired her from afar since they were in high school together, but was always too shy to approach her. When he finally gets up the nerve to approach her, not only does she not remember from high school, but she rejects him. Furious, he programs the game to send her on a quest into a dark corner of campus and rapes her. Proud of his skill as a lover and enjoying his control over her, he delights in making her orgasm repeatedly. Although she's loath to admit it, she kind of likes it. Instead of blaming the game, she immerses herself in the fantasy of it. Growing increasingly obsessed with her, he does it again. A few minutes after he finishes with her, a message pops up on her phone telling her that the Black Knight has sent her a powerful magical item as a gift. Despite herself, she's drawn further into it, reveling in the kinky sex and the cool in-game toys he always gives her afterward.

For a kinky twist, the geek girl hears about the rapist the media is calling the Black Knight and she goes looking for him, eager to get raped and get some new magical items in the game.

I am currently interested in playing the male in this scenario.


I'm not a big fan of listing character/character pairings -- I don't think it really provides more information about plots someone would be interested in than taking a moment to look at their Ons and Offs -- but here's a few initial story seeds that I'd love to develop further. Some could be more elaborate stories, some are probably one shots.
  • Pretty much anything having to do with arranged marriages.
  • After the death of her parents, a young woman arrives at the home of her new guardian, an old friend of her father who hasn't seen her since she was a young child, inadvertently awakening powerful desires in him.
  • A girl tied up over the arms of a chair with a sign taped to the back of it reading, "blow jobs $1, pussy $5, ass $10," and a jar for cash beside it.
  • I want to play a tentacle monster that has its way with a girl. Probably a one-shot, but could be a scene in something longer.

If you haven't yet done so, please take a moment to read my Ons and Offs before contacting me.
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Re: Deliciously Deviant Desires [F seeking M/F]
« Reply #1 on: August 23, 2011, 02:45:38 AM »
Added "Public Enemies" and "Bound by Duty."

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Re: Deliciously Deviant Desires [MUL, F seeking M/F]
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Added "Imperiling Irene," "A Gift from Heaven," and "Love is Eternal" since August 23rd and significantly updated my Ons and Offs.

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Since the last bump, I've added "One Thousand and One Nights," "A Dangerous Woman," "A Suitable Bride," and "Stalked" (not all are currently available). I've also re-written several other requests extensively and made some updates to my Ons and Offs.

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Re: Deliciously Deviant Desires -- Vampires and More!
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Added "Gilded Cage."

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Re: Deliciously Deviant Desires -- F seeking mostly M
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Added "To Serve an Reluctant Master" and "From Sorceress to Slave." Moved around a number of older ideas.

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Re: Deliciously Deviant Desires -- F seeking mostly M characters
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Added "From the Sea" and "An Intriguing Proposition." Added a new section containing embryonic ideas for collaborative or future development. Added "A Suitable Bride" and "Bound by Duty" back to my list of active requests and rearranged the old requests section slightly. Made some stylistic changes.

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Re: Deliciously Deviant Desires -- F seeking mostly M characters
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Moved "Public Enemies" back to the available list and added a note about a particular craving to play a frightened and reluctant character coaxed into enjoing her new situation.

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Re: Deliciously Deviant Desires
« Reply #8 on: September 10, 2014, 01:36:59 AM »
Cut out a bunch of old stories that are permanently retired, added some more story seeds, and tweaked my ideas. Particularly looking to play a the dominant partner, but playing a submissive isn't completely out of the picture.

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Re: Deliciously Deviant Desires (looking for M & F)
« Reply #9 on: October 23, 2014, 02:44:29 AM »
Added "Andromeda Defiled" and "The Demon's Bargain" as well as updating and adding back some old ideas.

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Re: Deliciously Deviant Desires (seeking M & F characters for mostly M/F)
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A couple new ideas and some tweaks to older ideas.