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March 07, 2021, 12:07:05 pm

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Author Topic: Romance, Temptation & more! [consensual(ish), F for M chars]  (Read 7548 times)

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Romance, Temptation & more! [consensual(ish), F for M chars]
« on: August 07, 2011, 02:08:42 pm »
Welcome! If you don't see anything that specifically tickles your fancy but you think we might be a good match, feel free to suggest one of your ideas.

Currently seeking something a bit (or a lot) kinky, playful, and unconventionally romantic, with a bit of drama. Something a bit switchy is definitely possible if that's something that might be of interest to a partner.

My ideal partner will...• mention their character's thoughts and feelings in their posts.
• typically be able to write 2+ replies a week in the forums.
• write at least 3-5 solid paragraphs.
• spend a moment proofreading before posting.

My favorite story elements include...•  historic and historical fantasy settings
•  dub-con, forced and arranged marriages, etc 
•  characters who are submissive in bed but rarely out of it
•  kidnapping and captivity

Here are my full Ons and Offs.

If you're interested, please send me a PM rather than posting here. Please include a few of your thoughts on the story and characters in your message. A sentence or two would be fine -- I want to start getting a feel for where we might take the story together, but I understand that you probably don't want to put too much time into a message for a story that may not be available. The themes mentioned are the bare minimum, so feel free to mention any other themes or kinks that you think would be a good fit.

Darkest Dreams

Themes: dub-con, D/S, bondage, kidnapping, captivity, forced marriage

She's woken trembling more nights than she can count from dreams of submitting to dominant, powerful men, but she suspects that reality would be far less kind than those dreams, were she to find herself made into a slavegirl. When one of her father's enemies takes her captive, threatening to kill her unless her father agrees to an agreement sealed with her marriage, she's not about to let her nascent attraction to her captor prevent her from escaping. She's largely lacking in the necessary skills to do so, but clever enough to take advantage of what she can. Her captor, while he has a taste for submissive women, finds her determination, bravery, and quick wit refreshing. When he begins to notice the way her breath catches with something more than fear when she's brought before him after an attempt to escape, he's even more interested. Not only is she bright and strong-willed enough to become a true partner, rather than the pawn he'd expected, but it appears that she may have a taste for the darker pleasures he prefers. Escape might become a game for them, an excuse that they both welcome for him to "punish" her. Perhaps arrangements are made and she becomes his queen, enthroned beside him by day, trusted to rule in his absence and kneeling before him at night. 

I really love the idea that she's pretty intensely submissive, but that she's got plenty of spirit and is not going to let her desires stop her from doing her duty. This would be well-suited to a fantasy or historical setting, but I'm open to other ideas. They could be royalty, nobles or perhaps members of powerful families within the underworld, though she has certainly been somewhat sheltered up until her kidnapping. I want the non-con elements to stay more on the side of coercion than physical force, but a few stolen caresses and kisses would be acceptable as things progress. Depending on my partner's preferences, we could limit it to pretty mild D/S or take it in a more extreme (still consensual) direction.

Temptations and Villainy

Themes: seduction, captivity, bondage, moral shades of gray, star-crossed lovers

Daughter of a powerful villain, she is a powerful and dangerous woman in her own right and although she doesn't seem to have her father's ambitions, she is certainly no angel. When she's taken captive, he advocates to treat her fairly, believing that there's something more to her than the crimes she's previously committed. For his trouble, he's charged with keeping her prisoner. Although she understands that the other options would have been less pleasant, she resents being kept as a prisoner and fully intends to escape. She embarks on a campaign of seduction that is only successful in the sense that he begins to fall for her. He finds himself challenged by her seductive wiles, she finds herself challenged by his strength of will, and they both find themselves challenged by the powerful, genuine desire growing between them. Teasing and playfulness highly desired. He may not be able to keep his lips from hers when she begs him to kiss her, but she finds it increasingly difficult to care that no matter what else he may do, he never quite loses control enough that she can escape him. Even as their affection for each other grows, outside forces conspire to tear them apart and they must not only deal with those outside forces, but with their conflicting obligations and morals. Perhaps her father returns, intent on rescuing a daughter he still believes to be completely loyal? Perhaps his allies grow impatient because she is not acting suitably contrite or accuse her of some more serious crime?

I'm primarily interested in an interesting power dynamic and conflict, laced together with consensual sex and plenty of bondage. The setting could be anything from medieval fantasy to modern superhero.

Bound by Duty

Themes: seduction, captivity, bondage, moral shades of gray, star-crossed lovers

One of the emperor's younger sons, he is tasked to track down the only surviving member of the royal house of a newly conquered nation. She will be forced to marry another member of his family once captured, thus tying the newly conquered nation more tightly to the empire. She is clever, resourceful, and devoted to the good of her people.

Eventually, he manages to catch her in a situation she cannot escape and captures her. A chivalrous man, he treats her fairly, though he's very conscientious about keeping her from escaping. As they journey back to the capital, the pair slowly fall in love, but find themselves torn by their honor and their respective duties. Even after their mutual feelings are clear, he's reluctant to do anything that might possibly be construed as taking advantage of her.

The story might begin as the prince corners and captures the princess and would proceed through the slow development of their shared love and the challenges they face as they struggle to reconcile it with their duty to their countries. Likely there will be bondage overtones. The setting could either be pseudo-historical or fantasy.
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Added "The Warlord's Queen" -- really hoping to find a partner who loves the concept as much as I do!  :-)

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Re: Romance, Temptation & more! [consensual(ish), F for M chars]
« Reply #2 on: January 10, 2021, 07:48:28 pm »
Currently seeking something a bit (or a lot) kinky, playful, and unconventionally romantic, with a bit of drama. Something a bit switchy is definitely possible if that's something that might be of interest to a partner.