looking for a non-typical one on one

Started by Ariabella, October 15, 2007, 11:55:51 AM

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Ok, I'm in the mood for something fairly violent, so I'm thinking about a stalker who hides in a business after the place is closed to take the object of his desire. There are maybe five co-workers with her, and he disposes of them one by one in rather gruesome manners while making her watch. PM if interested.

Edited to include: this will be mostly non-sexual, more of a serial killer stalker scenario. There is room for suggestiveness etc, and with the right idea, something nc might be added.
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Umm... Hmm... I could try the stalker. I'm pretty good at graphic violence.


  If your still looking i am willign to try this one. It's good to write something without alot of sexual stuff in it once in awhile. I sucessfully played a Hannibal Lectre type o a different site before  and this sounds like it could be fun.