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Started by Chameleon, October 02, 2007, 06:29:08 PM

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Nagah:  I was wondering if anyone out there was interested in running and OWoD Nagah game?  Acting as the invisible knives of Luna,  slaying other fera who have forsaken their orginal purpose in the grand design.  This will also require two more players to get off the ground.

Promethean:  NWoD here,  looking for an ST that would be willing to run through the "Life" of a Muse.  This will have plenty of oppurtunities too get down and dirty.  Ask for more info on the PC if anyone is interested.  This will more then likely run best as a one on one game,  but,  I'd be willing to try it in a group.

Ananasi:      Spiders are sexy...  Wait, did I say that out loud?  They're a changing breed that I've always been interested in playing.  Unfortunatly,  I've never found a ST willing to let me give one of these eight legged freaks a go.  I'd actually like to go through the first change here,  I was thinking about your averag college student for a decent template of the character I had.  This,  is probably another one on one,  considering the solitary nature of the spider shifters.


Ooh, now there's soem obscure ones!  I'd have a lot of fun with either a naga or an anansi.  ^_^
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I've played a nagah before, but not in a group.  It was alot of fun because you had to be creative about how you did things.  Garou can just shift usually and take on their BSD enemies, but a Nagah can't.  Word gets out and they are in serious trouble.  Plus there is the whole thing that the Nagah are actually the ones who started the War of Rage.  So if someone wants to run a Nagah game, I wouldn't mind having a go as well.

Never played the other two though, but am familiar with Ananasi.


We've got enough for a nagah nest,  which is excellent.  So,  is there any ST out there willing to take control of a Deadly Viper Assassination Squad?


im more prone to the garou and vampires myself. ;D
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I've played enough vampire and were-wolf games,  and I've got books laying around I'd like to actually use.


Really wish I would have seen this sooner I'd have jumped on being in a Nagah game, just have to many games I'm running in my own house to pick up another one.  I miss my Nagah, I had three perfect judgements, the gm couldn't even justify the opponent getting a dodge roll,  Danger sense became a requirement in our game.


Ohhh...WoD! Fun, fun stuff. I'd be interested, particularly if I could bring in a Changeling. the new game for that is soooo much more interesting than the old one.


If there is ever a promethean game setup let me know. Ive got a male Galatean erotic dancer/stripper that Ive never gotten to play before
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