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Author Topic: Realms of Sin  (Read 1421 times)

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Realms of Sin
« on: October 01, 2007, 01:06:58 pm »

Been mulling a couple ideas for possible one on ones to get started here again, and was curious if any fish were out there biting. :) I'm not terribly creative so they're unfortunately pretty standard ideas I think, but I'm always open to modifications or variations of the theme, or maybe we can discuss an entirely new idea.

As I'm writing this I realise it's mostly fantasy-themed ideas below, so be warned if the genre's not for you! Not that I don't enjoy others, just that I can't think of many plots at the moment so I'll be watching new threads that pop up for ideas. Even most of the ideas below are so open-ended that we'd have to come up with a plot anyway. Most were intended as freeform though if someone wants to try one with a ruleset, or mindless dungeon crawls, always feel free.. :)

Oh, and I'm playing the victim or girl in them below.. I don't dom nor force myself on others too well in cases where it has those themes. ;) I can if needed play a couple other NPCs as well, or direct the plot a little, though hopefully the other person is more creative than me in that respect.. don't like stepping on others' toes.

1) This is kind of derived from an old thread I had with someone else on the boards here, but the person had to leave due to real life soon after we started, so we did not get very far into it that time. I've always wondered what would have happened. :) It involves a girl being trapped in a dark manor house (car broke down and she had to seek shelter and all that) and could take several twists on the tale - the spin we had I think was that it was populated by sex-crazed demons and she was their.. food. Poor girl.

Several other variants would work though, for example it could be the home of a now deceased eccentric Lord with rather.. perverted tastes, and his ghost haunts and torments her as she explores the house, with whatever devices were near as she slips in and out in a semi-reality dream state of past and present times. Or something else crazy like that. :p (Haunted) manor house with no escape, though, is the dominant theme. Fun.

2) A seclusive mage (in a fantasy world) takes an apprentice girl on, but either as much for his perverted pleasure as for teaching her his magic, or else maybe that he treats her really strictly and unfairly and punishes her at every turn for imagined mistakes or sends her on impossible tasks. Or both! She yearns for the promise of magic knowledge that he provides, though, and she endures and pushes on despite it all. Is he benevolent at heart, pushing her to be strong, or maybe he has other things on his agenda for her eventual fate?

3) Each of the nine layers of hell is a world of its own, populated with towns (and conceivably cities) displaced from the mortal planes, so the inhabitants (without magical powers) are essentially trapped there forever. Demons of all ranks often pay visits to these worlds to torment the mortals, who try to keep their head down and just eke out a living and appease the demons as they come. But woe betide anyone whom a demon takes a particular fancy for..

This could spawn several different kinds of demons.. a grab-and-carry-off type with a nice friendly torture chamber (and friends) in his/her lair somewhere, or a rhyming romantic but absolutely insistant type who tries to get her attention in all the wrong ways (as their etiquette is somewhat different) and gets angry when she doesn't reciprocate, or becomes flat out bent on embarrassing her constantly, or perhaps she is taken to be trained to become a pawn or trophy for the demon's increased status in the Court of Demons, or two different succubi fighting over the control of a small village much to the chagrin of the villagers, or something like that.

4) An adventuring pair roams the world ridding it of evil - the first a swordsperson (or any other preferred profession) that acts as the leader and diplomat of the two, the second his/her companion, perhaps slave, and ecstacy mage who can, for example, only cast her spells (and reset them, in the night) while in bondage or submission or in the throes of a climax. Otherwise her magic fails to function! Lots of fun accessory toys here to wear on travel!

5) A light elf-dark elf story theme, something along the lines of a sylvan being captured by dark elves and taken back to their city or their Spider Queen's temple to face unspoken torments and adventure. Maybe she'll even escape and save the world!

6) Hmm.. to throw in something non-medieval and non-fantasy. Maybe a female recruit in a military setting (army, or navy?) who gets to suffer through having to prove herself twice as hard, and then some, as the men in the predominantly rough, male workforce, keeping to a tough work schedule to make everyone else happy (and not necessarily, though not precluding, in a sexual way). Or maybe with a bit of modern spy intrigue twist instead, if that doesn't work - that's always a good theme to play around with. :) Or something school related, but that might be a theme flogged to beyond death.. not sure. Non-fantasy is hard for me, I don't live in the real world. :D

I won't have time to play all the games.. not all at once anyway, so I'm throwing out more ideas than what I can do and hoping a couple get a bite. And maybe edit them as we go. Or I'll jump at any other nice ideas still sitting out there and looking for victims. :) I'll probably be more of a mornings/early afternoons (North American time) poster at this point.

Male/female posting partners are fine for any of them. I do any rulesets, though if you're going to do anything outside AD&D you might have to guide me through character creation. Dice and fate are fine masters..

Feel free to PM/post or yell about any other ideas from the ons/offs list. Thanks for reading!

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Re: Realms of Sin
« Reply #1 on: October 01, 2007, 01:51:06 pm »
I love the sound of 1, 2, and 4. However I tend to do free-form but could easily come up with a basic chance using simple die if you like.

Scene 1 sounds good and i love the potential for horror.

Scene 2 is one i have tried but it never went very far.

And i really like scene 4. It has lots of potential for humour.

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Re: Realms of Sin
« Reply #2 on: October 03, 2007, 07:32:36 pm »
Like #5.

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Re: Realms of Sin
« Reply #3 on: October 30, 2007, 06:08:14 am »
Are you still looking for games?

#4 sounds really nice, though #1 and #2 would catch my thrill as well.
« Last Edit: November 12, 2007, 07:22:53 am by Xillen »

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Re: Realms of Sin
« Reply #4 on: October 30, 2007, 07:59:56 am »
I'm also interested in #1, #6, or maybe #5.