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Author Topic: Trinity. [Seeking M; 2/3 taken.]  (Read 1758 times)

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Trinity. [Seeking M; 2/3 taken.]
« on: July 03, 2011, 03:15:22 AM »
A trio of plots open; prepare for these to be slow moving games due to my work schedule, but that will not always be the case. Details of each RP are more than open for debate; in fact, I would love for you to incorporate your own ideas as well, although not required.

Barren Duty - Tentatively open; ongoing, but am accepting people to be in line for the next scene.
• Plot/Smut: 10/90
Warcraft, Interspecies, Size Difference, Cum.
• Salandria is a talented blood elf paladin, rising quickly up the ranks of the Blood Knights. Strong and independent, the fiery blood elf does everything her own way; even if it meant getting into trouble with her superiors. After her disobedience, Salandria was given one of the worst punishments available: Barren Duty. The blood elves who are sent there never return, although for a reason that the poor elf could never guess..

• Notes: The barrens are an unregulated pit of activity, mostly ignored by those inside Orgrimmar (Old Barrens chat anyone?). The RP would probably revolve around some sort of sex organization like in the picture here. Looking for all horde races to play opposite my blood elf, may open this to an ongoing and joinable drop-in thread if there is enough interest.

• Plot/Smut: 70/30
Sci-fi, Light.
• Year 2050: Nobody expected it. It looked as if the recession was a short one; that everything was going to return to normal. It didn't. The economic crisis spiralled out of control, reaching catastrophic levels. Riots broke out everywhere, entire countries collapsed on themselves.. civilization was on the verge of destroying itself. Amidst the chaos, those who had been obscenely rich banded together. They pooled their money and vastly expanded existing corporations, even starting new ones.

Within a year, the world was completely ruled by corporations. Countries were no more; each company had its own privatized military, vast amounts of land... New technologies, funded by the now vast amounts of wealth available to a corporation, were rapidly developed. Advances in healthcare, sciences, military; all of it was born out of competition. It wasn't long before competition turned into full out warfare, fueled by an almost infinite wealth. The world had become a battleground between the new superpower corporations.

• Notes: RP would follow the conflict between 2 or maybe 3 corporations (think Coca-Cola, Google, Apple), which are the new superpowers of the future. Each corporation would be powerful, easily more powerful than a whole country today. In order to get an edge on the others, corporations have started to meddle in genetically engineered soldiers and other questionable tactics. That's the premise; I have a lot more information I can give if you're interested.

The Ivory Crown
•Plot/Smut: 60/40
High Fantasy, Wide variety of kinks possible.
• The Island Kingdoms are host to a plethora of different races, spread out across the realm in a vast archipelago. The humans, the most populated race by far, make their home in the kingdom of Alyria; a cluster of islands in the center of the realm. The Iceborne, a mysterious female race, make their home in the frigid north, where the beautiful waters are said to turn to sheets of unforgiving ice. The mysterious elves are a nomadic race, traveling as small communities of swift canoes. The dwarves are masters of fire, building great clanking furnace-holds on volcanic islands, building great ships plated with steel and bronze. Ogres, the rare and forgotten dragons, and other races hide and populate the remainder of the gigantic realm, only spoken of in legends and drunken tales. A tentative peace exists in the world.. for now.

• Notes: Summary is just the tip of the iceberg. Looking for a strong writing partner for this one; the rest of the information (which there is a lot of, can be shared upon interest. A sort of 'preview post' can be found here; the original RP was set to follow the Alyrian Empress, who is sent to the southern kingdoms as an ambassador when everything goes horribly wrong.

Please send interest via PM.

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Re: Trinity. [Seeking M]
« Reply #1 on: July 03, 2011, 05:01:37 AM »
Moderate interest in Barren Duty or The Ivory Crown.  PM or discuss here if you think you might reciprocate.  I am pretty flexible.