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Author Topic: What I want (M seeking...)  (Read 1438 times)

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What I want (M seeking...)
« on: October 15, 2011, 04:07:18 PM »
My rules!~ - Don't fuck with these!

Writing -  Format is almost as important as quality.  This means, the best writing in the world is destroyed by a poor layout.  If even that sentence gets your artist butt up in a dander, walk away from me.  The technical and editorial aspects of writing are just as important as diction, word choice, and voice.  This is my opinion as a student of Literature, amateur writer, and philosopher of language.  Now, I also want fantastic writing from people.  Detail-sights, sounds, tastes, feels, smells-these are the ingredients of good writing, they are combined with the techniques of voice, diction, word choice, etc.

Storylines - I admit it, I like smut sometimes...  well, a lot of times.  But...  well, I never watch porn on mute.  I love a good story.  I love RP.  I love writing a story with others.  So, I want people to come at me with stories in mind, but also be willing to work with me to change it or synthesize it with one of mine.  That is my favorite thing ever, you got a story and you think it would combine with one of mine and make a whole new one?  Bring it!  I have a list of ideas below as starting points.  I probably don't want to run any of them as is.  I thought them up; I have played scenarios out in my mind.  Modifying them will make me so much more interested in them.

Posting - Yeah, Posting.  I will always try to respond to PMs and IMs, I will not always respond positively.  I know what I want and how to get it.  I will try to be polite.  But, it won't always happen.  I will try to post every day or ever other day, but that won't always happen.  extended absences will go up in an A/A thread if I ever need one.  I expect all the same courtesies from you.  It does not take more than 10 mins to put out a notice of absence, so just do that extra iota of work to make the whole world easier to get along in, okay?  Not posting in a topic for more than ten days = I will consider it on hiatus.  Two weeks and I consider the game dead and move on-permanently! I tend to write 2-3 paragraphs of a decent length in my posts and prefer to have the same written back. I will always try to respond to the information in your posts and hope that you would do so as well. Recently, I have been craving romance and action writing the most, so bring it.

O/Os - I will always read your O/O thread, your matrix, your Rabbithole, your whatever if you contact me.  I will put honest thought into whether we match well.  If you like we can have a conversation via YIM.  Please, do me the favor of returning the consideration.  I have been rejected man times in my life and have a thick skin.  IF you think we are not a match, just tell me.  I promise I can handle it.  I will return that favor.

Contact - Use a PM or an IM.  I have YIM solely for online RP.  I will respond, if not right away, within a day or two usually.  I might take time to do some investigations first.

A simple key: if it is green I want to play.  If it is lime green, I REALLY want to play.  If it is purple, that is super craving.

Fandom - There isn't a whole hell of a lot of fandom that I'd want to do.  I am a fan of many things, but I am more interested in original work.  That said, there are a few areas that I consider fandom that I would love to explore some OC fanfiction within.  Pokemon, Hogwarts, Jay Naylor, and fairy tales (specifically Dizney or twisted fairy tales)  If any of these areas intrigues you, shoot me a PM.  I don't have any specific SLs for this at this time.
  I don't mess with canon characters, but the world here really really intrigues me.  So, if anyone would like to run a pair of hunters, demons, or pagan gods, then throw me a line or two.
Warhammer/Warhammmer 40kl
This is a huge, open idea. Any storyline or pairing might attract me here. I really love the feel of their fiction and love interacting with it. I am generally open to playing Eldar, Marines, Chaos, and Orcs... of course.
I actively play and love this game. I also enjoy the fiction a lot and would love trying out any type of game within the world setting. Pairing and plot lines are negotiable.
The light novel Sword Art Online and the anime really impressed me with the idea of VRMMORPG. Anything at all involving this fandom is fine by me; Laughing Coffin, Knights of the Blood Oath, just smut, etc. The only thing that I won't do is cannon characters as our characters. I only work with OC characters. Since first encountering this idea, I have also come to love Log Horizon and Overlord and the Isekai genre in general, so I would also be open to any Isekai ideas.

Romance: The premise here is a pair who were caught in the original Sword Art Online opening event and spent the two plus years in the game fighting for their lives. It is open if they knew one another before SAO or met during. What I am looking for is romance though. YC can be female, trans, or anything else as all my Ons allow, but the story itself should be about how they fall in love and build a life inside the game with one another. Two years is a long time for relationships after all. If it comes to that point, we can even explore how their relationship translates to outside the game.
Ons/Offs negotiable: I have been seeking a game to really try to write some action scenes lately and I think GGO is the right setting for it. The SL I have in mind is of a married couple who plays GGO on date night or for recreation. It is pretty vague beyond that, but I like leaving it open for now to fill in during negotiations with a potential writing partner.
No concrete ideas here other than running as a pair of trainer, league or team Rocket, and raising our Pokemon. It can be smutty or PG, I don't care. I am sick of playing the games and want to RP it. THose seeking some bestiality angles from this, I am a bit squeamish about it but might be talked into it, so try at least. Pic references will help here if you want to persuade me.
IF you know Corruption of Champions then you know what this involves. If you don't know it, look into it. I am interested in "GM"ing CoC, so you would be the champion and I would be the world corrupting you etc. Let's have some serious fun with it, yeah?

A New World - Again, not an SL, but the impetus for one.  I like love world/race design.  If you would love to work with me to create a world then create a story or stories inside that world, I am certainly game.  I prefer fantasy (scifi is often just to big) worlds and can be a bit of stickler for details and realism, bt beyond that I am flexible and have found that doing this cooperatively produces much more robust worlds.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith - This is an idea for exploring relationship dynamics.  It's a specific bend on airings, really.  Anything from interracial (made more interesting by a historic setting) to Mr. and Mrs. Trap (super craving is right there).  The point is for us to explore the complications that arise when two people develop a relationship together against both internal and external pressures based on some difference between them and the 'normal' couple.  I find this idea irresistibly interesting.  Possible pairings are prey/predator in a furry setting, M/trap, interracial, interspecies, incest beyond the sex,  etc.  This is not about forbidden sex or romance, though that is involved, this is about character development and mental exploration.  What happens if they do decide to make a real go and get married?  How about starting a family?  Were there break ups, broken hearts, and make ups along the way?  Confusion?  Drama?  This idea is so rich with RP possibility that it makes me happy just thinking about it.

Master/slave - Would love to own most any character you want to bring my way.  We can have some vanilla D/s fun, do blackmail, NC, or even force (though I prefer this leads to something.)  Light to moderate bondage, teasing, light pain, spanking, sense play, and a whole lot more.  This can be layered into any other game as well.  Just wanted to put out there that I can and am willing to weave this theme into a story, yours or mine.  Though, mine usually incorporate them already, let's be honest.
The Contract SL
The Contract: Bondage, D/s, reluctance, various sexual kinks.
This SL has various incarnations but the main one is that YC (female, trap, or ts) has a brother/father/uncle/husband who is a gambler and has fallen in debt to my character somehow. Either I am the mob boss or the rich patron who buys the debt and comes to own your character who has been sold by the aforementioned male counterpart into sexual slavery. It could remain that way for the term of the sale, it usually starts with a fixed term to repay the debt, or maybe something makes it permanent. It doesn't have to be romance; it could be she comes to love the life or becomes dependent upon her master and panics when released back to her real life. The game could be long term or short depending on how you wanted to play it.

Furries!!! - Yeah, I like furries.  And, I love playing them.  It makes for interesting writing incorporating new physical features, sense, and mannerism into the story.  I always forget the ears and tail!  I love playing with heightened senses and physical prowess.  But, the best part is writing an alien mindset.  How does a wolf, cat, elk, or goat go about life differently than human? The real goal in playing this is to see how someone other than human might go about their lives and romances. The furries can be fantasy, modern realistic fiction, aliens or whatever. Again, it is less about the appearance of the character for me and more about the internal life as well as the interaction between my character and yours.

And now for the actual SLs!!!

Bondage, NC, force, rape, and other types of punishment on the lighter end.  Possibly, just vanilla punishment though that interests me less.  On the darker end, the demon reopens the tower/dungeon and uses the witch's womb to breed himself a new population of monsters.

She(you) is a burgeoning witch in a more realistic setting who has dabbled, knowingly or unknowingly, in demonic magic. Perhaps she stumbled upon an old grimoire in the attic or an old house, grandma's house, or a used book store. She tries the spell and summons a demon(me). Maybe she makes the deal, maybe her inexperience leads her to becoming demon food. Whatever, the possibilities are endless from the "she summoned me" setup.


She(you) is a witch who has terrorized the realm for centuries with the aid of her bound demon familiar.  He(me) has been spectacularly less than happy about this.  Maybe you were abusive or neglectful, I definitely don't like being bound and serving a human.  One day, a team of adventurers breaks into the tower, defeats the guardians, and slays the witch.  Just before she dies, the binding breaks, for whatever reason, and the demon appears.  She is brought back from the brink and the roles are reversed.  Her pet demon is no longer her pet and he is pissed about a couple centuries of indentured servitude, possibly more.  Time for her to pay.

Furry Farm
Furry is the only detail right now, but bondage and romance are highly likely.

This SL can be any of many things: a farm filled with Cow furries getting "milked" in various ways, a farm which breeds and sells furries, a regular farm run by furries. Whatever, I like combining the idea of furries and a farm. Don't you? For this SL, I like the idea of large hervivorous furries, cows of horse, over the usual cats and dogs. Also, the occurrence of wild, indigenous style furries like foxes of raccoons would be neat as well. As for the level of furry, I am a fan of anything from just ears and tails to full anthro. I am not a fan, at all, of ferals. Those are monsters, not furries

One idea is a fox or raccoon who gets caught stealing from the farm and the farmer(me) and either punishment or a romance ensues, perhaps both? Anyway, the punishment could border on the EXTREME, to light bondage, to extortion, and more. It evolving into romance is desirable but not required. No snuff!

Another idea i have wanted to do is a human farmer who owns a herd of cow furries whom he breeds himself and milks. This SL would include lactation, pregnancy, maybe NC/rape, light bondage or dressing, branding/piercing, and any variety of actual sexual kinks.

Furry?, NC, bondage, and biting on the lighter end all the way to cutting, hunting, bleeding, and rapeon the darker end.  Traps please apply for Hunter or hunted.  I can play the hunter for a trap.

Hunter(ress)/Hunted - She(you) is a huntress tasked with eradicating a race (maybe furries) that plague humanity (alternately another race of furries).  He(me) is almost the last of his kind and is a dangerous, desperate man.  This can play out any number of ways.  He is captured and brought back for study.  She becomes the hunted and, afterwards, his prisoner; later, she becomes his much more willing prisoner.  They fall for each other and both become hunted.  You get the picture.

Dark Knight or Dark Sorcerer/you
No details as of yet, depends on what is wanted.

I enjoy both of these roles enough to have open SL ideas for both.  If you want to be the princess, prisoner, hunted, paladin, good witch to my dark character, then throw an SL by me.  Will add SLs of my own as I dream them up.

Dark Knight/Paladin
No details as of right now.

They came from two different orders, ancient and terrible enemies in a fight for the souls of the world.  They meet and clash in battle over a small village.  what happens?
Dark Sorcerer/Sacrifice
No details on kinks at this time or even exactly what the sacrifice is.  That is completely up to you and half the fun of this SL for me.

He worked for centuries to find the key to immortality.  Then, after he found it, worked for decades to breed just the exact sacrifice to get it.  It had nothing to do with innocence (or did it?) but with pure power and potential contained in one vessel, that, when sacrificed with the correct ceremony, would flow into him and give him immortal life.  Problem is, he didn't expect the sacrifice to grow up to become what it did.  Now he has to hunt it down, defeat its guardians, and stick it to her.  You would be the sacrifice.

Garag's New Toy - EX
Violence, death, bondage, pregnancy/breeding, NC, competition, harem, extreme.  This is a dark RP no matter what.  Looking for an exceptional writer for this story.  Also, I am writing multiple characters for this game, five to be exact, and you might as well.

Garag is an orc, a newly minted leader of a band of orcs, in fact.  In this world, orcs breed solely with other races (possibly via oviposition) and witht he new splintered group, Garag needs supplies and women.  He happens upon a farm/village/caravan and attacks, taking all the women prisoner and killing the men and children.  You are one of his captives and Garag's personal prize.  He has others, but you warm his furs at night.  You hear the screams of the girls every night, then he comes and lays next to you.  Sometimes, it is you screaming before he sleeps.  What is your life like now?  What about after you birth his child?  Your friends and family are amongst those screaming, possibly a daughter?  Do you help the band in further raids?  Do you help 'break' the new acquisitions?  OR, are you the ruin of this new band?  Open to any type of character for you here and there is world design involved here as well.

Groping Service
Found this Manga on one of my favorite sites and the concept is awesome! I am not sure how well it translates to more than a one off, smutty scene, but I would love to try it out. That, or I would love to play this as a one off. It has a lot of possibilities. Of course, I do not want to do what happens in the manga explicitly, just something like the scene. For a longer style game either I play multiple gropers or one who develops a relation to the servicer or a cop who begins to harass her. A lot of possibilities.

I love playing orcs, a lot. All manner, variety, style, and temperament. I have done several stories with orcs before and you can check to see what I mean. There are tons of potential ideas buried in this particular favorite SL of mine.

Fantasy setting orcs are often brutal rapine, marauders. In this setting, the orc or a group of them had raided a village and taken booty, literally and figuratively. Large potential for NC/rape or, potentially, romance as well. The orc could be a member of an adventuring party as well. Please, don't do D&D things with me, especially cannon D&D. I won't entirely dismiss it, but I will resist it.

I have also done modern day orcs, alien orcs, and steampunk orcs. Most have a similar vein to either the violent rapists or the strong, misunderstood lover, or both. Any way you out it, ask me to play an orc and I am going to think about it.

Will update as I think of more/negotiate these.
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Re: What I want (M seeking...)
« Reply #1 on: December 06, 2017, 08:17:32 AM »
I am trying to find at least one more game to sate my current cravings. I am really craving something action oriented with lots of descriptive texts and use of organic senses. I am also not in the mood for and D/s play at the moment but would rather do something wiht a more equal partner. I have enjoyed D/s play but often find the s to be a bit too passive in the writing and plotting side of things. Additionally,I was rereading some of my old favorites and found that I missed stories with two roughly equal characters.

Anyways, check me out or something and see if you want anything from me... you should always ask for the moon. Whoever has it might not need it any more.