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Author Topic: Looking for dominate characters (see list of ideas inside)  (Read 978 times)

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Looking for dominate characters (see list of ideas inside)
« on: June 25, 2011, 08:07:48 pm »
Sicilian Mafia (NC, Possible Extreme)

Your guy is son of the Sicilian mafia boss. Your dad takes an abrupt turn in life which results in you taking over the family business. My girl is the presidents daughter. She is walking around Sicily on vacation. With her is her bodyguard. Who your men kill to kidnap her and bring her to you. chick isn't no pansy. She is trained in the various forms of martial arts. Your guys people just got the first move. Cloroforming her to knock her out. Now my girl also happens to pull Houdini's.(escape artists attempts). Your guy has become territorial and is pissed when she is crushing on his biggest rival...since your guy of course wants her.

Child Of The Tigers (NC, Extreme, Possible Con) <need male or female character>{TAKEN}

Years after the Animal Gods were nearly totally annihilated the Gods have sent new ones. A Tiger Goddess has been born into the world of humans. And is protector of her jungle. One day a set of hunters is hunting in her jungle. They had a baby with them. And they were trying to poach animals of her jungle. So the Tiger Goddess made her appearance. Threatening with total death in painful ways if they didn't leave immediately. In their rush to flee they left behind the young baby girl. The Tiger Goddess takes pity on the innocent babe and takes her along as she went back to her cave.

Years pass and the child has grown up and is the only human to live amongst the Animal Gods and Goddess's. She is now 18 years old. And can speak and understand the animals of her forests tongue. She is also able to speak the tongue of humans throught the Tiger Goddess's teachings. So she'd know and understand humans and be better able to defend their land. She has grown into a beautiful youth of the forest. Then one day the touches of humanity met their tranquil forest.

Unwilling Chinese Model (NC, Possible Extreme; can possibly be a hetero rp)<I play the unwilling model>

A man from China has moved to the United States. To Hollywood, California to be exact. He has barely any idea what he should do in his new life in America. He just knows. He plans to relax and take it easy on the beach. Relax from his stressful lifestyle in China. Though a modeling agent who works for the richest man in the city tells his boss of the guy he had seen at the beach. The day his boss sees the man for himself on the beach as the boss's limo drives past it...the boss decides...that he wants him. Whether or not the Chinese guy wants to do the modeling or not.

I have many others just craving these three.

Will play multiples of the same story with different people.
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Re: Looking for dominate characters (see list of ideas inside)
« Reply #1 on: June 25, 2011, 08:13:16 pm »

Soul Of Fire And Ice (MxM, MxF i play the dual souled character)

A boy is born to a family with the powers over fire and ice. The dragon spirits of Ice and Fire live within his soul. He cannot fly but he can control and manipulate and create those two elements. He though was hidden from sight. Growing up amongst the mystical creatures of fae and dragons. He learns to live in harmony and as one with nature and his surroundings. Living a peaceful and blissfully ignorant. Then a woman/man from a foreign country, who is of royalty, hears the rumors about the fire & ice guy and decides that he must be hers/his. Or he must be destroyed.

The Fallen Star (MxM, MxF i play the fallen star)

A star child is born and lives up in the sky as one of the stars. One day something rattles the heavens. The space above the earth. The area that surrounds all of the planets no matter what galaxy or solar system. An explosion of the 13th dimension sends stars flying in all direction. One star in particular is sent hurtling towards the earth. The one known as the North Star by humankind. After impacting with the earth, the north star became not a meteor but took on human form. He lays unconscious in the center of a humongous crater. Clothes tattered and torn. Still burning on the edges from the heat of Earths atmosphere. Will he be found by friend or foe? Someone willing to help? Or someone who will hurt him in the end?

Child Of The Abyss (MxM, MxF I play abyss child) TAKEN

The world has slipped into the first stages of Armagedon. The realm of hell has been opened into the realm of humans. Angels stand by and do nothing. A new realm has appeared. The Abyss. That is what it is called. A swirling black vortex of shadows, darkness, and powers so strong...even the demons of hell make sure to avoid it. The appeared in the Burmata Triangle. Totally swallowed it up whole. The powers that be won't even touch it. The years passed by and The Abyss was getting stronger. Yet a society of magic and psychic power users rose from the cinders of burning cities...and though it cost each and everyone of them their lives...sealed The Abyss. Yet they didn't do so fast enough. The Abyss had accounted for its appending doom. And little known to any of the beings of Earth...unleashed its "seed" upon the world.

That was years ago....balance is restored upon the world. For what good it has done. Hell and Heaven are back in their proper realms. Humanity has control over their realm once more. It has been so long that many of humanity of forgotten about The Abyss. Yet the world itself...had not forgotten. The "seed" of the abyss grew, adapted, altered, and shaped itself into the form of a child. The Nexis child. The rumors of this supposed Child Of The Abyss flew around yet no one was able to prove it true or false.

Stealing From A Thief (MxM need master thief)

A young man who came from a life of weath has left that all behind. Determined to make his own course and wealth in life, he turns to the life of thievary. Stealing from many who had more than their fair share of money and other items and goods. Giving most to those who needed it. Yet keeping a small portion for himself. He didn't kill and worked hard to not hurt anyone he took from. Though times were tough and often lead to such things happening.

The days passed and the young man targets a new house. A house that never appeared occupied yet he'd heard it was. Little knowing the owner of the house had changed masters. That instead of a greedy old man...he was going to be trying to steal from a master thief.

Moon Child (MxM, MxF I play moon child)

Centuries ago the inhabitants of Atlantis worshipped and prayed to the moon goddess. Years later when they were nearing the end of their time on Earth. When their final hour came...the Atlantians prayed and asked the moon goddess to take their youngest born prince....and give him to a place and time in this world where he would be needed most. Since they had never faltered in their worship and never failed at their word...the moon goddess gave them their last request. Taking the baby from its crib mere seconds before Atlantis final hour came. It sank into the sea never to be seen again. The child was marked with a birthmark that would change with the phases of the moon.

Many eras later....

The child was descended from the moon on a day it was full. Down from the moon beams the child was laid in a field of flowers. And in a place where he would be found. The mark upon his neck was full like the moon. The child was found and grew up. The years passed and the tides of time began to turn. A child of power had been born (your character) and was exactly the same age as the child of the moon. The moon child had grown and was traveling around. A strange eccentric inventor type. Often overlooked until the day the child quite literally walked in front of the woman's/man's limo(your character) and was sent flying due to the impact.

Past Fights Arise (MxM I play native half breed)

A half native american half white man child is born. Rather than having her baby raise in the white mans hands...she gave the baby to its father. And when the years passed that baby grew into a handsome man. But no longer is the wild west at peace. The old age war for the wild west has sparked once more. Only this time...that starter of that war wasn't the white was the natives americains. They have decided...they want their land back. And that they are angry at the deaths of many animals they were once able to hunt. When the war goes sour...and the natives are losing...the tribes nominate the half breed native guy to try and revive the old peace treaty...but could it happen? And at what cost?

Wild Child Of The Sea (MxF i play sea child)

The sea elves were in a time of grief. Their beloved king was dying of an illness unknown to them. His only son was going to take the throne, but according to their laws he had to have a bride, which he didnt. The grand vizier was looking trying to help him find a bride when he heard about what his people called the Wild Child of the Seas. Thinking it would help him, The grand vizier told the prince of the Wild Child.

Darkness Is A Mystery (MxM, MxF i play vampire prince)

What is the difference between darkness and light? Not much other than one is blacker than the other. And then there is the fact that more things besides humans go bump in the night. Darkness is just the shadowy side to the light, A club made up for those who live and thrive in the night, is home to many of the darker races. From demon to vampire...everyone isn't human. Nor is everyone there a good person. Most tend to be...on the evil side of things. And this happens to be the story of a vampire prince...who rides that fine line between what is good and what is evil. As vampire are held to certain...expectations. Yet to a vampire...expectations...are more of a suggestive guidlines. Expecially when your the rebel child of the family. There is two rules a prince of vampires must uphold. One...never reveal who you are to anyone. And two...never fall in love with a mortal. Yet there comes a day when someone enters the nightclub who really didn't belong. And since they didn't belong...the prince of course...wanted to mingle with them.
Vampire: Friend Or Foe (MxM, MxF, FxF I play the vampire)

Humans have just found out an incredible fact: Vampires are real. While some are open to the thought, since there have been no stereotypical attacks by vampires, others are fearful of the thought of these creatures once thought only as legends mingling amongst them. And human history has shown that humans hate what they do not understand and fear.

Gemini Guy (MxF I play duo)

Duo is a dog/wolf guy who has grown up in rather strange circumstances. On one hand he's a wild child to the teeth. On another he's tame, calm, and collected. When he's in wild child mode he has tendancy to be violent, irrational, quick to act on instinct rather than think things through. When in tame mode he's gentle, rational, very intelligent, compromising, and tends to think things through rather than leaping before looking. He is a very well known aristocrat's son. He was born with a genetic mutation which gave him his dog/wolf features. One day his father decides its time for him to marry which does NOT please my character even so his father makes an agreement with the King/Emperor of the country they are in that his 18/19 year old son would marry his slightly older daughter.

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Re: Looking for dominate characters (see list of ideas inside)
« Reply #2 on: June 25, 2011, 08:19:31 pm »
Somewhat interested in the 'Child of Tigers' idea, check my profile and hit me back.