Pix I wanna role play anyone care to help me?---Warning NSFW (Not safe for work)

Started by Sacrah, June 25, 2011, 09:43:46 AM

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id play the female

No one will here you

A young elven girl gets herself mixed up with a large orc male, a suprisingly intellegent, and speaks english quite well.  And his pet  A large land dragon. In his eyes, and mind he wants to bend her to be the perfect sex pet for him and his dragon


Lost in the an ancient forest, unsure on how she came upon this one, a misdirection from one of the locals no doubt. Sshe finds herself stumbling upon a od setting. Ruins in a vast clearing, water in shape of a  cresent moon. Her eyes scanned wound no seeing anything, was it safe? To tired she approaches it.A good place to rest, but what she wasnt aware of who occupied the ruins. A beast of a creature, though he spoke, his words rough, his muzzle unable to fully take on the words, but what he ssees is a potential mate, and even against her will he will make her his.



Everleigh always loved the oddities, though she never really had much chance to play with them. Many avoided her but why? was she not pretty enough for evil the ugliest creatures to want her. Or where they scared that she would reject her. Until she found two moster friends an orc, and a lizard monster/ dragon creature. Though leary they soon learn she loves monsters, and wont go running from them


Bump in the night

Just when she didn't think it possible something goes wrong with a spell, and a demon she summons takes on a life of his own, not obeying her to some degree, though he doesnt seek to create havoc with the humans, but only with his mistress does he toy with. his speech muffeled by the works of his jaw but it is understandable. as he promises what is to come of her, once slave now becomes its masters master, eventually he learns to summon creatures from the depths of hell to use and abuse his now slave.


Soul to Keep

Kassy fought hard and long, but the devil was always on her heel. With one final attempt to break free from the curse that followed her, the promise she made for the life of her little brother, though his life still didn't last, killed in an accident few mnths after he survived the illness that had plagued him since birth. the devil himself held his end. now she must hold to hers, but not without a fight. And in the end she still lost, now he own her, owned her soul and her body

((more to come))

Deep Space OH

Craving big time

A large space craft floated idly through space, within it held ecodomes,forests, deserts ocean side. This is infact a alien breeding chamber,a lab of sorts.(your character) An alien being ran this ship, and has grown bored of the many failure of beings that pass threw. Many couldnt handle the fore breeding, or dont survive the many births that came with it. until he found her(my character) a cross of elf, and something else. which made her the perfect breeding bitch.

She had thought this craft was deserted after her own had broken down. but she would soon be proven wron, real wrong.

(( im looking for lots of rape, tentales, alien and monsters(he could summon or have them in chambers till time of use) Force imprenation, cum inflation etc.. be creative and detailed, huge cocks, odd shaped ones to. also, the main alien monster thing, has found away to revirginized (haha) her body afer each birth, so that the monster/aliens etc enjoy the use of her))



No where to run

With earth in shambles, after the apocolypse all the godly people taken from earth leaving nothing but the few  surviving sinners to pay for there sins. But what had she done so wrong to deserve this? Sure she had been a partier, did drugs, stolen and sure had killed a guy or two. But this, she wish she were dead. No her life is prolong, body mutating into a lust doll. A thing looking like a human, but her body is ment for the sex and rape, yet her body never being broken in, each time like her first. And so far she avoided the demons and monsters that prowled the ruined plains of  earth...
There are two things a real man likes - danger and play. And he likes women because she is the most dangerous of playthings


I'd like to play either Everleigh or the first one. Orcs and elves are my favorite pairing... PM Me?


bump it up..bump it up

hehe sorry.

Anyone wanna Help me with Deep Space Og, im realy craving it
There are two things a real man likes - danger and play. And he likes women because she is the most dangerous of playthings


There are two things a real man likes - danger and play. And he likes women because she is the most dangerous of playthings


More than willing to give Deep Space Og a run.  PM me if You are still interested.
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I'll try out the "Nowhere to run" idea with you if you're still interested in that?
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I'd like to try "Bump in the night" or "Craving Big Time" if you're still wanting to rp either of those. Please PM me.


If you still need someone for either the Deep Space or the Bump in the Night, do let me know.
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There are two things a real man likes - danger and play. And he likes women because she is the most dangerous of playthings