Dominant [Male] Seeking [F/M/Other] for sex, storyline, fun

Started by Valth, June 14, 2011, 10:41:44 AM

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About Me

Hello, you can call me Valth. I identify as a bisexual male. Open to roleplay partners and characters of all genders.

I enjoy building stories that are immersive, intriguing, fun, and sexy. I like to please others, and explore the places that shared creativity can lead to.

I'm laid back, use proper grammar and spelling, and I understand that real life comes first. I write 10+ paragraph posts or merely a few sentences, depending on the mood/writing style of my partner.

In sexual relationships, my characters are dominant men. The level of dominant behavior depends on the dynamic of the relationship.

I am up for a one-shot pump and dump, to a long-term romantic, intricate storyline. And anything inbetween. It all depends on what we want to do. I have found each to be satisfying in their own ways.

What I’m Looking For

A RP partner who is creative and willing to get into a scene and have fun with it. I do my best to make a scene that’s easy to be interested in, but it’s a two-way street. Even if you play a very submissive character, your writing does not have to take a back seat to mine. Which leads me to another point, OOC is not IC and vice versa.

That being said, I'm happy to chat OOC. I'm friendly and enjoy conversation.

If you are looking for something more extreme, dark or twisted, please message me so we can discuss it. This includes abuse, torture, humiliation, kidnapping, non-con, etc. Of course, none of this is necessary and I don't want my ad to be focused on this - at risk of scaring anyone away.

If any of this sounds like something you're interested in, then please read on and/or send me a message.

Turn Ons

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- Licking, biting, spanking
- Feisty characters
- Oral sex [Giving, Receving]
- Twinks
- Noncon / Dubcon
- Dirty Talk
- Curvaceous characters
- Petite characters
- Whips, including belts
- Bondage, Hair pulling
- Romance
- Anal sex
- Choking, smacking, slapping
- Excessive Cum
- Risk of Pregnancy/Pregnancy
- Fantasy
- Multiple orgasms
- Height differences
- Interracial
- Incest
- Age differences
- Public sex
- Blood
- Threesomes/Group Sex
- Smoking/Drug/Alcohol Use
- Watersports

Not into some of my turn ons? No problem. I enjoy everything from vanilla to BDSM.

For a more exhaustive list, check my f-list: <Snipped - No Public Information in the Public Section> - Timeless


- World of Warcraft
- Lord of the Rings
- Fallout
- Post-Apocalyptic
- Custom Worlds
- Sci-Fi/Cyberpunk
- Western / Wild West


My Character / Your Character

- Vampire / Prey
- Master / Slave
- Teacher / Student
- Werewolf / Prey
- Warlock / Demon / Apprentice
- Father / Son or Daughter
- Brother / Brother or Sister
- Knight / Princess or Prince
- Prince / Princess or Prince
- Prince / Peasant or vice versa
- Adversaries

- And in general, pairings with Angels/Demons/Fantasy Creatures

And any combinations of these pairings, or others that you suggest.


- Horror
- Fantasy
- Mystery
- Thriller
- Black Comedy

Storyline Ideas

Some loose storyline ideas that are able to be built on.

Family Ties (Incest)

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Two lovers that are step-siblings, or step-dad and step-son/daughter. Their families end up coming together through marriage. They can be royals, elves, or just normal, realistic humans who are in this position. I'm ok with age difference here, or similar ages.
We can start wherever we want with this, either before the families are officially married or not. Anyways, I would like for it to be a relatively secret affair, and it could perhaps involve adultery, in the case of my character (the step dad) having sex with your character (stepson/daughter). This story idea could be in practically any setting or universe. Also willing to do blood relatives.

Leather Bound

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My character is a rather reclusive but highly respected and well known warlock / arcanist / voiduser / etc. Your character (YC) hears of his great powers, or has otherwise seen them in action. Your character tries to win over my character's favor to allow YC to be his apprentice. Assuming they are successful, YC may learn they are in for more than they bargained for. My character may have a secret, such as being a vampire, werewolf, or more demonic/sadistic than imagined. All of this depends on your preferences. Possible master/slave dynamic.

Fuck Slave (Non-Con Storyline)

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My character is in his 30's, and your's is still in high school, or fresh out of it. My character essentially uses YC as a fuckdoll, using and abusing YC however he wishes. MC smokes, drinks, beats, cheats, and will probably get you pregnant. He'll also want you to introduce him to your young friends, so he can fuck them too, whether they like it or not. By the end of it though, they'll probably be begging YC to bring MC back so he can breed them. Maybe one of their boyfriends will walk in on MC seeding their girlfriend, and perhaps MC will then rape that same boyfriend. There's hardly any limits with this storyline. Absolute smut.

Thanks for reading.


Updated a bit, since I really needed to...


these are my main plots right now, but if you don't want any of those plots, PM me and we'll talk. Ok? (I don't Dominate much, it's too weird for me, so I Sub a lot)


Updated once again! I sincerely apologize to all previous roleplay partners for leaving so abruptly again. Life and personal issues got the best of me.

I hope you all can understand, and I'd certainly love to RP with you again if you do. :)





Back for the summer before college. Posted an update at the top of the thread. Lookin' pretty much exclusively for that!