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Started by Dani13, September 30, 2011, 03:06:00 PM

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Yeah...I really want to try a BDSM thread on here, the plot we can kinda draw out I guess, but I need a dom to help out. I'm very imaginative though, so no worries! ^^ PM me please.

If you do need a plot I guess we could do a Realistic type Rp. I haven't really done this type of RP (the BDSM not the Realistic) so...kinda new to it.

Invader to Earth: An alien is sent from his home planet to the Earth. His planet is dying, and so he was forced to go to Earth. He is so alone, so scared, so he starts wandering the streets. He eventually finds another male who asks where he came from, but unfortunatly he can't speak English. He uses a bracelet to help them communicate, and the human invites him home.  (this is as far as I've gotten, there can be more I just haven't figured it out yet.)

Master's Pet: A Vampire Lord has been kidnapping women and men from the city nearby. He's always wanted a 'pet' as his own, but all the humans he takes seem to die on him, or bleed so bad he can't help but have a quick lunch. Oh well. One day though, he sees a new male on the river's side, and steals him away to be his new pet. Hopefully he won't eat this one. (I need someone to be the Dom Vampire.)

Circus Kidnapping: A circus master is doing his regular routine. Same old same old. Until he asked for a volunteer from the audience. When the blonde-haired, blue-eyed beaut came down, he wanted to just take the boy back to his trailer and have his wicked way with him. It wasn't until he did the trick, the one where he made his volunteer disappear, when it all went to hell and back. Now the group of vagabonds, the circus master's friends and colleagues, must search for this missing boy, as it seems he was FBI's #1 witness to his own family's murder... and the boy never reappeared. (I need someone to be the circus master; this is less based on sex and love, and more on drama and action)

The Nanny: This is based off The Nanny. A boy, only 22 years of age, is down on his luck. He's been searching for work for the past few months, going from one dead-end job to the next. While working for one of these dead-end jobs, he knocks on the door of a fairly huge house. A butler answers, mistaking him for a Nanny, albeit a male Nanny, and pulls him inside. When he meets the Father of the children he is supposed to watch, he instantly is enamoured and signs up for the job. As he watches over the 3 children (or however many you want), he finds his little 'crush' evolving into love. He tries flirting with the man, doesn't work. He tries 'revealing' clothing, which almost works. When he's hit by a car and lands in the hospital though, it seems that broke the the man into confessing. (I know that didn't happen in the Nanny, but that's better than the show in my opinion)

Tokyo (insert witty comment here): Something based off Tokyo Mew Mew, but with guys. (If you really want to know, I had to babysit a 7 year old...) Basically, this would be a group RP instead of 1x1, but I'll still post it here b/c it COULD be 1x1. Anyway, you get infused with an animal spirit, which could be any animal really. A cat, dog, bear...etc. You get ears and a tail whenever you morph and you have to fight evil. We can work out a plot, but the main one I had is where two boys are on a date and one gets hit by the beam...yeah that's about it.

Twin Vampires: (This can either be done by 3 people, or 2 are controlled by one person) The instant they set their eyes on him, they wanted him. As vampires, pureblood ones at that, they always get what they want. And this cute little human is the one these twin brothers want. He was feisty, hard-headed, and his blood-oh how it smelled delicious! Of course, they agreed that they would share him. It wouldn't be fair to keep him to just one of them. (It actually kinda borders on rape, or at least force, I think. Incest)

Prison Gang: He had only been defending himself! His father for the past 20 years had been trying to force himself on the poor boy. The day he fought back, he smashed a bottle into the man's skull, and the father called the cops on HIM. Claiming that the boy had attacked him without cause, the police had arrested the boy and he stood before a judge. Unfortunatly, the judge knew his father and called the boy a liar, stating that the dad never had a bad bone in his body and sent him to prison. His cellmate is a Gang Leader whose whole gang was arrested after a bust, and in other cells. He told the boy to watch out, jail is not a place for "fresh blood" like him. The next day, he is attacked and almost raped, but his cellmate rescues him. (After that, I had hoped that they would either have sex and meet up outside the jail (the boy would be out earlier than the Gang Leader) or they eventually have a relationship and the Gang leader has his contacts kill his father and the boy helps out the gang. Either way's fine with me.)

Blind Man's Bluff: (this is based of a fanfiction I once read) A man, burned by a fire that erupted years ago in his own home, is forced to come back to the hospital to recuperate after being shot on the job as a cop. While in his 'private' room, the nurses tell him that a new patient is having to share his room. The man is very concientious of his burn scars on his face and neck, so he tries to ignore the new patient. As it turns out, the new patient had been blinded by an electric shock while working on his house. It should eventually heal but after a few days of talking with each other the burned man does not want his friend's sight returned. (This can go two ways: The blind man finds that the man is burned and it creates a problem OR he never gets his vision back but accepts the man as is) (TAKEN)

X-Men: PLEASE! I WANT TO DO AN X-MEN RP! :3 I'm in the mood, please. Any plot, any pairing, but wants OC please. If you do use an X-Men character, I'll make my own OC. Please PM me!!

Demon Protector: Based off an old story I once read. The world is full of demons and humans. Some humans are the demon's pets, while others keep the demons on a short leash. A boy, no older than 19, awakens one day to find a very handsome demon at the foot of his bed! The demon starts to explain that they are mates, that he has no name and that the demon himself is Prince! Oh dear. I think that the boy (19) should be a bit feminine, as in height and looks. The Prince is very Dominate and acts like a pure demon to others, but around the boy is nothing but sweet and tender as if afraid of scaring him off.

Scary Godmother: Ever see that movie? With the little girl who meets the monsters? Well, change Hannah into Harry! This is when Harry turns 17; Orson and him have been dating the past few Halloweens. All the monsters approve, even his cousin who keeps threatening the vampire with Life! *gasp* Anyway, as it turns out, when the Vampire Prince (Orson) turns 18, they must have a mate. Harry, who's a year younger, is almost considered his mate except for one thing-they've never had sex! Orson feels a bit hesitant, seeing as Harry and him never get any time together. Between Scary Godmother and Skully, Jimmy and Bugaboo, it seems they'll never have time! Except...tonight. It's Halloween and Orson is visiting Harry before the party begins...

Star Trek: I am NOT a huge fan, but neither am I ignorant of the series. I know several things about Star Trek, but every now and then I need help. Anyway, here's the plot: During a refuel and repair stop on one of the planets, the Federation decides that they need a new doctor on hand. They send Dr. Kane Lineus, a Doctor for only 3 years. Spock meets him to take him to the ship. Kane understands the Vulcan race and does not shake Spock's hand, instead bows his head to him. Spock feels...a pulling to Kane. As soon as they're on the ship, they have a mission. Dr. Kane has to go with them, and is injured. Spock is forced to perform a meld, and in turn, makes them t'hy'la. (I know that wouldn't really happen, but I'm in a Spock/OC mood.)

Static Shock: I'm up for: Hotstreak/Virgil, Virgil/Richie, Hotstreak/Richie, Richie/Virgil. Any of these, or Hotstreak/OC.

At The End of The Day: Everday, this normal everyday businessman goes to work. He types up reports, faxes them off, gets pissed at his boss, drinks a truckload of coffee, the same old same old. When he gets home however, his sweet little slave is there to 'greet' him. The slave, who has been his boyfriend/lover for the past few years, is a true submissive, but also has his own mind. Every time the business man comes home, his little slave flounces up to him in short leather shorts, wrist bands, and his collar on while telling him he made dinner and how was his day? Afterwards, with the slave kneeling at his feet and himself feeding his cute little one, they go and have some BDSM fun~

Mpreg: I'm up for it. Sure. If you want to use one of my plots and INCLUDE this, sure we gotta talk about it, but why not? Just saying I'm up for it.

FMA: I actually have an OC for this. The Alchemic power he has, imagine Roy Mustang's power of snapping his fingers and flames coming out. Well, instead of flames, I can make it rain. It's really cool. I can make it lightning and thunder and storm. No concrete plot.

Camp: I have a plot for this actually, based on actual events (well, one event). At a camp one afternoon, one boy walked by the pool. There was another boy in the pool, and the boy waved at him. Unfortunatly, when he waved, the boy in the pool was walking around it and he stepped into the pool, disappearing from view. The boy rushes in and it turns out the other boy has broken his foot. (Yes I broke my foot in a pool, sue me. Anyway, I have a feeling that maybe the boy feels bad about inadvertantly causing it and helps the other boy around, and it turns out they are from the same town or something.)


Updated w/Prison Gang and Twin Vampires.


Updated w/Blind Man's Bluff and X-Men


Updated with Demon Protector.

Is in a switch kind of mood! Anyone want me to Dom in any of these scenes, PM me now before I loose the Muse!



Star Trek and Static Shock are updated.


Updated with ATETD, Mpreg, FMA, and Camp.