Let's Play `Plots Inside` {MxM}

Started by tissuesan, June 11, 2011, 12:14:53 AM

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I'm an 8 year veteran of Roleplaying
I only participate in MxM!
I play Sub, Switch and Dom (My preference depends on the plot)
I prefer to have a plot or some kind of story guideline set up instead of just jumping in
I like my partners to have some sort of mastery of the English language
I'm not a grammar nazi, my grammar isn't the greatest, although please try
Length depends on my partner, although I prefer at least around two paragraphs a post, I mirror what I'm given
Someone with patients preferred, I am a college student, have a job and am battling nausea and sleepiness due to my pregnancy!
If you are still interested and willing to put up with me then lets get started


♥♥♥♥{I take joy in possessing you} SUPER CRAVE!
Teenage boy/Ghost boyxTeenage boy

Character one is a good boy, nice, sweet, not a total suck up but just a nice kid. He has a boyfriend that is kind of the opposite of him. His boyfriend (character two) being a drinker and getting into fights every now and then. Character two isn't a horrible kid, though isn't the best either, though he treats Character one well. Yet he also wishes Character one was a bit more outgoing a bit sexier. Well due to a family curse Character one gets possessed by a boy that died a few years before. The boy being the total opposite of Character one. Character one fights the ghost boy possessing him though is taken over every now and then by the boy. What happens when Character two starts to like this ghost boy, thinking the boy is exciting. What about when the ghost boy tries to convince Character two to help him fully take over Character one. Will Character two dump his boyfriend and help the ghost possess him? Or will Character two stand beside his boyfriend in the end and help get rid of the spirit?

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College studentxCollege student

Character A & B are share a college dorm. They were assigned to the room by the school themselves. Character A is a bit more studious then character B. While Character A keeps his parties and fun to weekends only and focuses on school through the week, Character B parties all week and uses the weekends to catch up on his studying. Their schedules conflict greatly and from the first day they drove each other crazy. Although even through all the fighting and hatred they are both aware that each other is gay and both find the other attractive. Instead of admitting it and trying to form some kind of friendship/relationship the two of them battle it out. Each purposefully trying to drive the other one crazy, either by bringing random boys into their room, stripping purposefully in front of the other, teasing one another, flirting and messing with each other, ect. Will the two ever find common grounds to get along? Or will they at least give into their temptations and admit they want the other person.

School nursexStudent (No boys younger then sixteen)

Character one is the school nurse at an all boys private school. The school has boys from freshman to Senior, grades nine through twelve. The nurse has a problem, he has an attraction to young boys, boys around sixteen years of age. He prefers the ninth and tenth grade boys and rarely goes for the eleventh and doesn't have much use for the twelfth graders. Character one is discrete about coercing the boys into fulfilling his needs. But what happens when Character two comes along, a cute freshman that doesn't fall for manipulation. Character two welcomes Character ones advances and takes control of the situation. The tables turns and Character two ends up forcing Character one into doing what he wants, when he wants. Not that Character one minds the action, although not being in control is definitely something knew for him and a bit degrading at first, just how this boy can manipulate him drives Character one crazy.

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(This plot is a domxdom- A fight for dominance and control

Character A is a bartender at a gay bar. The owner hired him because he is cute, friendly and knows how to make drinks. Many guys at the bar are interested in Character A, although he may flirt with many men at the bar he is only interested in one, Character B. Character B is smooth talking and very attractive, the man almost never leaving the bar alone. Character B gets lucky one night and smooth talks the cute bartender into going back to his place. Character A not having had sexual contact in months puts aside the fact he knows Character B is a player and goes home with him anyway to have some fun. But what happens when Character B finds out the cute bartender is much more aggressive then he could have ever guessed, Character A not being the cute submissive bottom that he appears to be. How will the misunderstanding of who is in top get solved, with both men fighting for dominance over the other?

♥♥♥{He's Mine}

Character one has a great life, he is a famous internet photographer with a site that makes him enough to live off for the rest of his life. And all he has to do is take provocative pictures of his beautiful male models. Taking pictures of naked boys all day is great when you're a gay photographer. The man having a large enough house to keep all his models living with him. For a queer Character ones house would be like the playboy mansion. Not only that but all of character ones models absolutely adore him. The photographer doesn't even have to try to get into any of their pants, they willingly give themselves to him. Of course what happens when his five sexy models begin to get a little rough while fighting over him. The five beautiful models each trying to seduce the photographer into being theirs. Who will succeed?

♥{All for your happiness}
Step-brotherxStep-brotherxyounger step-brother

A Boy has a mother that never seems to be happy she has been single for a long time and finally she finds a man and they decide to get married. The boy is seventeen and understands that his mothers happiness comes first. The mother and son are now moving into the mans house which he also has two sons. One son is older then the boy and one son is younger. What the boy does not know is that both the older and younger brother are attracted to him. The older brother expresses it opening and makes advances openly, while the little brother plays innocent until he gets the other boy alone with him.

♥♥♥{OOPS! Now that's Embarrassing!}

A teacher is starting a new job at a new school, and to relieve some stress before his first day, he hires a prostitute. All goes well, the hooker leaves, and the man gets ready for class the next morning.
Then the next days event surprise the new teacher. The prostitute is one of his new students! The student is mortified and doesn't want anyone knowing of his side job! Will the teacher manage to go about comfortably, or will he take advantage of the student turned hooker?

♥♥{I wont let you leave}
Married Couple (We can either do Adoption or MPREG in this plot)

Character one and Character two have been married for two years and have a beautiful one and a half year old baby boy. The two lived fairly happy together in the house Character two bought them. Though slowly Character two begins to become violent, possessive and extremely jealous. He believes Character one is cheating on him and thinks he needs to put Character one in his place. When the fights continue on for a couple months, along with the beatings, Character two even going so far into forcing Character one to have sex. Character one gets tired of it and finally decides to leave him and take their baby boy. Though what happens when Character two gives Character one an ultimatum. Either character one comes back to him or Character two goes after full custody of their son. And with Character one having no job, living with his friend and not having a stable income there is a good chance Character two will gain custody.

ProstitutexBusiness man

What happens when you are a prostitute, hating it, and trying to find somewhere that will hire you? Character one gets a rich looking attractive man that comes in taking him up on what he offers. The next day Character one helps a woman out, pushing her out of the way from being ran over by a car. The woman being very grateful to the boy all of a sudden offers character one a job as an assistance at an important downtown office, her husband’s office. She also lets character one stay at her place until he can collect enough money for a down payment on an apartment close by the job. At arrival at the woman's house, Character one meets her husband (character two) being the man that Character one was with last night. Character two continues to treat character one like a whore. The man still believing he can do whatever he pleases with character one and simply pay it off with money. Though character one doesn't consider himself a whore any longer, he had gotten a real job and wants to leave the past behind. Character two being the cocky and arrogant man he is wont accept character one and treat him like a human being. Though after being stuck together for so long will something more blossom between them?

♥♥♥♥{My little Masochist}

Character one finds character two in an alley half naked and beat up. There are three guys still their beating him up when character one arrives. Character one then scares away the guys and takes character two that is now unconscious to his house. Character two wakes up and after a small talk tries to leave. Character one wants to know what went on and starts asking about who the boys were and what they were doing to him. Of course what character one would have never have guessed, character two finally reveals that he paid the three to assault him. But character two is disappointed as all the guys did was beat him, when he had really paid for them to roughly rape him. And now character twos hoping character one can help fix that little problem.