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Started by Darklyangelic, June 05, 2011, 04:55:17 PM

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Please PM instead of replying to this thread

**update 36/05/18 - currently wanting a single writing partner for a single plot/tale.**

Hi I am DA or Darkly.

Please make sure that you read my o/o's and preferences before PMing me. I will always reply even if it is to say no thanks. My posting rate is around 1-3 days from reply although there are moments when my life takes over (I have a disabled son and work full time as well as having a plethora of friends who seem to get themselves into regular jams and the odd health issue that comes to give me a slap). I will always let my writing partners know. I aim for 2-3 paragraphs and will write more if I am able. I am not often able to maintain substantial posts at speed so if you want more detail constantly I am afraid my posting rate would reduce to once a week to allow for it. I like to chat in OOC, like there to be a connection that means the writing partnership flows.

** denotes possible long term

Bondage -

**Degrees of separation - she had joined the d/s chatroom for a month now; at first nerves kept her from speaking but then she had replied to a private message from someone. They had put her at ease so quickly, so understanding when she described her interest but lack of experience. Soon she was logging on every night after work to chat to him until the evening when, with a glass of wine for courage, she had suggested that they should meet. It was just due to be a coffee and meeting each other in person, her nerves didn’t let her agree to more; and so she went to the small coffee shop the next Saturday only to discover that the man she has been chatting so intimately with was someone she worked with and by the look on their face they are just as shocked it is her.

I am imagining a couple of work colleagues who are friendly in the office, know each other to laugh and joke over the coffee machine. Maybe there has always been a small amount of light hearted flirting.

Themes - bondage, d/s, relationships

Treading the boards - The role was one in a million, a career maker and she landed it. It was a dream but then she read the script in more detail. There was a sex scene, no more than just a scene it was a graphic, passionate and often violent love affair and she was a virgin; new to all of this she went to her leading man to ask for help. She wants him to teach her everything, wants to work through the script so that each reaction on the camera is from experience. It calls for her to submit to him, to be consumed with him and although the idea scares her it excites something deep inside and soon she is living the script.

Themes - bondage, d/s, rough sex

Spring Break - It is time to let down her hair, party like there is no tomorrow and make some memories that she will never forget. She is feisty and adventurous but she wants to experiment, wants to test her limits....are you the one to test them to breaking point? Think it would start off gently but quickly escalate.

Themes - bondage, d/s, rough sex, group sex...pretty much anything until she calls out the safe word.

Deal with the boss - She had been passed over for that promotion yet again and she knew it was because she was a woman. Damned board of directors and their old boys club rules. She knew that she was going to have to take matters into her own hands and in a private meeting with his boss she offered something she knew the other candidates couldn't...herself. If she had to sleep her way to the top then so be it but she wasn't prepared for his tastes.

Themes - flexible on themes within my o/o’s

N/C & reluctance

Meeting the parents – Her parents have always been disappointed with her choices, least of all her new boyfriend. It is their wedding anniversary and she gets an invite for the big party across the country for all the family and friends. She knows that it won't just be the party though, it will be the staying in her old family home, enduring the questions about her life and the judgements of each more successful sibling and relative and even with the tentative success she is enjoying she knew already that it would barely be enough but then the universe decided that would be the moment for everything to go wrong the week before. The boyfriend dumps her, she loses her job and the day before she is due to set off for her parents she manages to crash into you. With her car a write off she breaks down and tells you everything as you begin to exchange insurance details. She is desperate, stuck and has just run out of options, and in a moment of madness pleads for your help.

Themes - blackmail, reluctance

Mob bosses daughter - He had broken the code, hurt the Family... and now gone into hiding. Someone had to know where he was and his daughter was the prime target. She is snatched and taken for interrogation, because she will talk and if not they will film her subjugation and humiliation to send it to the rest of them as a warning.

Themes - kidnapping, n/c, humiliation, pain (see o/o’s for limits)

The Housemate - She was desperate, her previous housemate had just upped sticks and left offering no notice. She had rent to make and a room to fill and it had to be yesterday. If someone could offer the rent and wanted to share then she would take them, she didn't even have time for referencing...she knew it was a risk but she loved the house too much and certainly couldn't make the rent alone. She wondered who she would end up sharing with but time would tell.

Themes - blackmail, reluctance, n/c

Career girl - She had grown up the privileged daughter of a wealthy, narcissistic business man who objected violently to continuing to fund the family when he divorced her mother. She went from having everything to nothing, intelligent but she had never made an effort with her schooling so she had little way of earning money but to sell the one thing she had readily available and that was her. She took what money she had left and bought a retiring call girls list. The call girl played to specific tastes though (thinking BDSM but we could talk further if you had something else in mind) and she found quickly that it was no hardship; she didn't have to fake a single thing. Within years her clientele had brought her back to the lifestyle she enjoyed, even if it was surreptitiously. If her father knew after all she knew that the fury she would face, that her mother would face, would be too terrible. She is referred to a new client and organises meeting him in an extremely luxurious hotel but as she walks in she realises that her new client is one of her father's oldest friends. Her worlds are about to collide and she will do anything to prevent that from happening.

Themes - blackmail, bondage, o/o’s

Light  (because I do sometimes crave romance)

Neighbours - they had always chatted over the fence, gentle mundane pleasantries and light hearted jokes of current events, just brief moments each and every week rain or shine. One evening it is different though; she knocks on your door looking pale and shaken and tells you that she has caught her husband cheating.

The seminar - You have been work colleagues for years, placed in different departments, you knew each other enough to nod with smiles when you passed in the corridor. She is married (unhappily) and though polite she has never really involved herself in office socialising. Then happenstance see both on a week long seminar completely on the company charge, meals to be had together each evening and stalls to visit during the day. 

I am not all about the smut (though it takes up a fair percentage of my writing thoughts) if you have a hook based in vtm or something you think may capture my inspiration then ping me a PM. I would ask that there is something sexual within a plot but will happily see it on a long fuse.

I am open to a number of other one shot ideas things like:

Hitchhiker/driver – happy to play either a desperate traveller or a really gullible driver.
Stranded driver/’rescuer’

Historic -
rake/innocent lady
servant/nobles son

You get the idea :) I love historic settings anything from Victoriana to Roman.

Also images capture my imagination:

I would love to do a RP involving these images and this is something I am going to constantly add to.....


Please PM me and we can discuss things further or if you have an idea that you think we could work on together. Please take a moment to have a look at my preferences.


Hi, Id be interested in the gambling loss RP.

My character would be at a mansion just on the outskirts of town, and I got a few ideas for your lovely lass.
He'd definitely be a step up in some ways to her previous husband and a step down in other ways.  ;)
She would be a maid in his service, and while the maids around the mansion grounds have some peculiar clothing,
inside the house, its scandelous!



Hi.  Your longer term Meeting the Parents RP sounds pretty good. I could see it starting in many ways as well so I'm open to flushing that out with you if interested.

Also like Friends with Benefits
Current Desires

(until I get a proper o/o post here)



Genesis Project in long term.

Removed the taken and finished stories and added:

Spring Break
Lost and Found

to the short term.



The housemate
Deal with the boss
Treading the boards

Genesis Project discussions have halted at the moment so if someone is interested.

Taming the slave is also up for grabs.


I am looking to start writing again after a significant period of really, really rubbish home life. A lot has happened in the last couple of years but I have missed my vent point in writing an awful lot. Please take a moment to check out my plot ideas. Everything noted is still open but I would hasten to add I only want to start off with 1 plot so I can work in my writing into my pretty damn hectic schedule.

Please don't reply in the thread. Please just pm if anything catches your fancy and we can discuss ideas.


Added a couple of stories but will have more going in over the weekend. Looking to add in another writing partner. Really craving meet the parents if anyone is interested.






Added new images.

After a lengthy absence I am looking to write again. Please PM if any idea sparks your imagination.