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Author Topic: My RP Plot idea list (M looking for F) w/ some Plot Pics  (Read 705 times)

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Offline IanCravesTopic starter

My RP Plot idea list (M looking for F) w/ some Plot Pics
« on: June 05, 2011, 07:28:26 PM »
Hi and thanks for taking a look here.  I've seen lots of great RP request lists since joining E.  This is my first list of ideas so I hope it compares in quality to other lists I've seen thus far.

I am going to try to make this my running list of RPs so please PM me if you have an interest in joining with any of them.  I am also open to other than forum (prefer IM over email) for shorter scenes.

It's Over
An abrupt breakup initiated by the M results in the F breaking in the next night to force herself upon the M for one last memory of their sexual relationship for her pleasure

Pregnancy Leads to Sexual Exploration
A couple has been married for several years and is very much in love.  Their years of an active bedroom life but trying to have timed/protected sex while they finish college have finally failed and resulted in her becoming pregnant.  Even though the couple had hoped to delay this a little longer, they are still happy and together they now can explore the changes she is undergoing in her body through this experience; new sensations, enlarging breasts, lactation and not worrying about protection.

Boss and Personal Assistant Taken
The pair have a good working relationship.  One is more naive when it comes to sex and while being overtly sexy in her office attire (without really realizing it), is quite shy in bed and not sure what she likes.  As the sexual relationship develops, the shy role becomes more confident, aggressive and nearing nympho-like.  This could include some non-con, blackmail, etc.


Conjoined Sisters (looking for 1 or 2 F)
Sisters are conjoined from birth and share much of their body except their heads.  Therefore they are 2 different women and desire different ways to explore and use their shared body.


Reunited Couple
A couple has been separated for an extended period of time due to his business travel.  They both have agreed at the outset of the extended trip to try and avoid pleasuring themselves but towards the end of the trip, the phone conversations become less about catching up for the day and more about what they are going to do to each other. When he finally returns home, she is in the bedroom and is beginning to show him what she has been doing while he was gone (she couldn't help herself).  This one could include masturbation (mutual or forced watching), orgasm control or many other options.  Probably a little less character development and a little dirtier.


A lesson in seduction
A woman is in love with a man, but she is naive and unskilled in the art of seduction, but she either finds out about/ knows about a man who is famed for his ability with the ladies, so she goes to him, and asks him to teach her how to seduce the man she is currently in love with.  He agrees, and starts to give her lessons.  It turns into the two of them being falling for each other.


Amazonian Trading Company (looking for longterm F roles - may move this to a group request if there is enough interest)
Johnathan is the captain of a privateering venture (crown sanctioned pirate).  He outwardly seems to be very confident with a dominate personality.  His crew is a tribe of Amazon-like women that recruited him for his abilities.  The world sees him as the Captain, known to be an intelligent tactician and very capable on the high seas. The women appreciate him for those qualities and he is a man they need in this period of time to be the face of their business venture for them to be successful.  Privately though, the man is very submissive to the women and his other ability is to satisfy their needs both sexually and to help in the procreation of new sisters of their Tribe.  Since the captain is smart as well as physically capable, the women see him as a skilled captain in privateering terms, but also as quality chromosomes.  I see this is a longer RP, that can include impregnation, lactation, group play and while the women are of a dominant tribe that has typically not relied on men they are individual characters of various sizes and may not all conform to the stereotypical form (the women are not necessarily all large, muscular and dominant).  Everyone respects each other's role within their business venture and acts accordingly.  This is sort of a reverse harem consisting of Johnathan but could also develop many other individual relationships between the women as desired.   Should be excellent for anyone that finds this period clothing to be quite arousing too.

The Road Less Traveled
You are returning from a long weekend with a friend and decide to ditch the highway and try an old road (think Route 66) an just enjoy the afternoon and take your time.  After many hours, all the lights on your dash illuminate and the car urges you to pull off and stop.  You can see only a large ranch house in the distance from where your car broke down.  Just a few lights on at the house but nothing else on the horizon as far as you can see... holding your cell phone up in the air but no cell signal and the sun is going down fast...

General Desires (Bold roles are the ones I would likely play if indicated)

Woman who wants to be satisfied (not necessarily a Dom F role but could be) - She has been afraid to ask for something in particular or just wants to experiment with something new
Scenes with breast/nipple play, lactation or more focused on large or sensitive breasts
Neighbor/Single Mom
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Offline IanCravesTopic starter

Re: My RP Plot idea list (M looking for F) w/ some Plot Pics
« Reply #1 on: June 07, 2011, 04:21:32 AM »
Update RPs and added a few.
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