Dealing with Difficult Situations

Started by ColdBloodedJellyDoughnut, May 31, 2011, 09:30:41 PM

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I've been faced with situations in my time here where people have been rude or intentionally unhandedly insulting to me or people around me. People getting jealous or just being generally obnoxious, ignoring me in SB or threads...

How do I deal with these situations when they arise without getting into trouble? Can I even call people out on their behaviour?
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Say something in private, maybe? Sometimes people don't know they're doing it, as tone is very hard to get across in text sometimes. They may not be doing it intentionally.
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If it is intentional, report to staff - obnoxious can be merely a matter of clashing personalities, but outright rudeness is uncalled for.
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If you have a problem with anyone in our community, even me or other members of Staff, report it.  Go to one of the gods or goddesses with the situation if you're unable to settle it in PMs.

We do prefer it if you can handle it between yourselves.  Staff is her to help if that doesn't work.