Vash The Stamped (Wanted for 60,000,000 double dollars) TAKEN

Started by Fightingfaithless, May 29, 2011, 04:43:38 PM

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Already been taken.

I have been really craving a Vash/Meryl Role play, especially since I watched the movie then re-watched the series recently.

I kind of wanted to try and rewrite the series with more of a Vash/Meryl twist and make Meryl a stronger woman which wont be hard at all but I know that rewriting it can hard to role play sometimes so if not that then have it after the end of the series and I will message more about that plot if anyone is interested.

I would play the part of Meryl so if anyone wants to pick of Vash that would be great. If we pick up at the end of the series I would even be willing to make it a three person role play and make it Vash/Meryl/Knives pairing.