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Author Topic: Faith's Games (Detailed and Non-Detailed) M/M & M/F  (Read 1960 times)

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Offline FightingfaithlessTopic starter

Faith's Games (Detailed and Non-Detailed) M/M & M/F
« on: March 16, 2011, 11:53:28 AM »
Hello I’m Faith and this is my game summary page.

I play Male/Male and Male/Female games and enjoy both Dominate (Typically Top) and Submissive (Typically Bottom) roles. Everyone has their favorites of course and I do enjoy playing a Submissive character more often. I do not typically play switch characters.

Any detailed games are subject to change by request if someone has a request about a change just ask and we will see what we can work out.

*Please message me if interested in something you see instead of posting so I can get to it faster.
*Bold represents the parts open for taking

Detailed OC Games:

Born Fighting [M/M or M/F]
This would take place in a fantasy where human's don't exist just mystical creatures. Creatures have both beast and human like forms and some beast own territories. Three of the territories that share borders with each other along the ocean, the Dragons, the Griffins, and the Unicorns. The Unicorns are mostly in the middle of the three territories and the Griffins often try to start wars with the innocent creatures and threaten to wipe their race off the face of the earth. Pretty much Griffins are evil. The Dragons don't usually pay attention believing it is none of their business and that its only some light 'bullying'. In the story the main city in in the Unicorn territory calls to the Dragon's for help. They think there are just 'humoring' them until the arrive and the city is in ruins and nearly every Unicorn in the city dead. The leader of the small group, one of the three Lord of Dragons, saves a small group of survivors and brings them back to their lands. One unicorn in particular is pissed and pretty much lets them know it. Unicorns are not aggressive or fighters, fighting is even sort of looked down on. They so, however, have a lot of magic and this one has learned to harness it to fight...and they do so often with the Dragon Lord...very often.
Parts: Dragon(Dom)/Unicorn(Sub or Female)
Genre: Action/Fantasy
Kinks: Size Difference, Animal Heats/Ruts, Rough Sex, Rival (Love/Hate), Light Blood Play.

How About Now? [M/M or M/F]
Set in a Renaissance type setting about a Thief who loves his job and Head Knight who also loves his job. The Knight takes his job very seriously and the thief doesn't take his job seriously at all. The Knight is supposed to have more of a dark past and sometimes questions his role as a knight where the thief had more of a loving past with maybe one big tragic thing that keeps him as a thief instead of living honestly. The knight runs into the thief...who is dressed in clothing of the opposite gender (and thinks they are pretty much the worse thief ever) on his way back from slaying some monster for his kingdom. Its a months travel back to the kingdom but the knight pretty much ties the thief up and drags him along to face judgment at the kingdom. Its pretty much the thief's job to annoy the hell out of the knight and the knights job to scare the shit out of the thief on the way. Different plot twists can happen on the way to the kingdom to fit into the game.
Parts: Head Knight(Dom)/ Rouge Thief(Sub or Female)
Genre: Fantasy/Romance
Kinks: Bondage, Dub-con, Rival (Love/Hate), Cross-dressing

I Can Do Anything Better than You [M/M]
Set in modern times about a popular student. He would be the track team captain, a strait A student, and a hard worker with a job as a server at a nice dinner…he is loved by everyone but he can't stand the resident 'bad boy'. The 'bad boy' in question is always fighting (winning money from said fights) and skipping school. All the girls and some boys secretly want him for his amazing looks but are to scared to actually get close enough to him. They would both be rivals, probably since childhood and pretty much make everything a competition. The bad boy would most likely win most of the time but the popular student is to stubborn to give up. They pretty much can't stand each other and are always bickering. During one fight there not paying attention end up witnessing a horrible rape/murder and have to go on the run.
Parts: Bad Boy(Dom)/Popular Student(Sub)
Genre: Action/Romance
Kinks: Rival (love/hate), Slight Dom/Sub, Non-Con, Violence.

Detailed Canon Games:

So this is War: Labyrinth [M/F]
A Labyrinth AU where the underworld goes to war. Jareth, having been banished to become King of the Goblins as a punishment, actually found enjoyed the company of the loyal simple creatures. He hates all the death and sorrow the war is creating for the creatures he now considers his people but the happy little things are much to weak and stupid to survive. To save the goblins and his kingdom Jareth has to make a deal with the Lady of Labyrinth to protect a price that whatever befalls the goblins as a result of her interference will also befall Jareth. Jareth of course agrees and the Laybrinth and his kingdom are forever changed into something darker. After this and toward the end of the war Sarah or Toby return the how is up to change.
Parts: Jareth (Dom)/Sarah or Toby (Sub)
Genre: Horror/Action
Kinks:Dub-Con, Dom/Sub, Bondage, Rival(Love/Hate)

Demon Tears: Devil May Cry [M/M, M/F, or M/Trans]
A Devil May Cry AU after the 4th game where Nero finds a journal with his past written inside. This explores another path for Nero's background. Instead of being related to Dante in anyway he was the child of one of Spartas' Generals who wanted to understand the love of humans and spends a night with a human female. Unlucky the General picked a rather religious woman who felt like the baby she conceived was an abomination and went to Fortuna to try and be rid of it. Instead Agnus uses this opportunity to experiment. The experiment aimed to turn the female spawn into a male (easier to later use to breed others). This caused a separation between Nero's demon and human sides, the human part developing into the male while the demon side of him was immune to the experiments and remained female. When Nero finds out he goes to Dante, the only person he know that might have answers to the many questions this would obviously bring. The experiments and female state of his demon would explain why triggering can only be achieved by force through Yamato and not a full trigger.
Parts: Dante (Dom)/Nero (Sub) [Could be played as Male, Female or both as separate entities of Nero]
Genre: Action/Fantasy
Kinks: Dom/Sub, Body Horror, Monster, Dirty Talk, Slight Humiliation, Size Difference

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Offline FightingfaithlessTopic starter

Re: Faith's Games (Detailed and Non-Detailed)
« Reply #1 on: March 16, 2011, 12:03:21 PM »
Non-Detailed Games:

*Orange- Parings I am currently interested in.
*If there are any you like that you do not see here feel free to message me and we can see if we can work it out.

Free Character Style: (All free character style are open to M/M and M/F, not in Dom/Sub order.)

Popular Student/Geeky Student
Blind Human/Demon
Rich Actor/Poor Stripper
College Professor/College Student
Cage Fighter/Professor
Dragon/Dragon Rider
Any Mythical Beast/Unicorn

Canon characters: (Dom/Sub)

Bold-Games I will only play Sub (I know, I'm a horrible person.)

Seto/Joey (Yu-gi-oh)
Seifer/Zell or Hayner (Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts 2)
Sasuke/Naruto (Naruto)
Kakashi/Iruka (Naruto)
Zuko/Sokka (Avatar)
Arthur/Merlin (Merlin the Series)
Jack/Will (Pirates of the Caribbean)
Dom/Brian (Fast and Furious)
Bumblebee/Sam (Transformers the Movie)
Beck/Travis (The Run Down)
Jareth/Sarah or Toby (Labyrinth)
Saito/Sanosuke (Rurouni Kenshin)
Spike/Xander (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
Angel/Xander (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
Balthazar/Dave (Sorcerer's Apprentice)
Kenny/Butters (South Park)
Stan/Kyle (South Park)
Vash/Meryl (Trigun)
Spike/Faye (Cowboy Bebop)
Mugen/Fuu (Samurai Champloo)
Graves/Credence (Fantastic Beast)
Haku/Sin (Spirited Away)
Derek/Stiles (Teen Wolf)
Dean/Sam (Supernatural)

P.S: Any of this is subject to change, this does not mean that it will change every time asked but I am pretty laid back about things.
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