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Author Topic: Faith's Games (Detailed and Non-Detailed) M/M & M/F  (Read 1126 times)

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Faith's Games (Detailed and Non-Detailed) M/M & M/F
« on: March 16, 2011, 11:53:28 AM »
Hello I’m Faith and this is my game summary page.

I play and enjoy both Dominate and Submissive roles as well as female roles. For a deeper look into what I like or dislike please visit my Ons and Offs page, other than that enjoy.

*Please message me instead of posting so I can get to it faster and all that jazz.
*Bold represents the parts open for taking

Detailed Games:

Sweet as Candy: Marine/Civilian [M/F]
She worked at the candy store, that was all he knew about her really. Well he knew she was a Junior in college, and that she loved those sweet round apple suckers that turned her lips such a pretty red. He was fresh out of high school, and only knew a few select things about her…but he knew it was love. To bad the only thing she knew about him was that he came in to by a bag of caramels from her every week. Joining the Marines hadn’t be part of his plan but it sounded like a good place to learn how to become a man she would notice. God she was to trusting…to sweet because even though she knew nothing about him…when he came in one last time before shipping off she gave him her picture when he asked for it. After 4 long years he is back, and surprise the Candy Store girl is still there with the same beautiful apple red smile…this time he would show her he was everything she ever wanted and more. Backgrounds of both are completely open but keep in mind both have to have personalties to fit the situation at hand.
Parts: Marine(Younger man)/ Civilian(Older Female)

To Burn With You: Demon/Human [M/M]
(Based off the Movie Lo) He was lost without her, he needed her…he had loved her. The only thing he had left of her was this book and the memories of some creature…demon that had taken her…and with this he was going to get her back. He didn’t know much about summoning demons, he still was  pretty sure he had lost his mind as he set up what was needed and summoned him…the demon Lo. The most powerful and ancient demon written in the damn book and if he couldn’t find his love…his Maya…then no one could. He wished the book would have mentioned how attractive the ‘monster’ really was. However he is playing on borrowed time, now stuck within the circle he had drawn on his floor in the depths of hell Lo is playing. He has to keep his cool and not fall for the demons tricks…or looks, because stepping outside the circle would mean eternal torment and pain at the hands of the demon Lo…or would it? The demon is hiding something from him, something big…he needed to know what. All personalities are up to the player as always besides what is mentioned. The secret however, is that Lo is actually Maya, well Maya was actually Lo in disguise.
Parts:Demon Lo(Dom)/Human(sub)

Taken by Angel Eros
Of Steel and Roses: Imprisoned Warrior/Prison Guard [M/M or M/F]
This is going to have a more of a medieval world kind of feel. The guard is soft spoken and known for his feminine beauty, with an odd love for roses, but is not to be underestimated. The warrior was imprisoned for the murder of his lord, trained to kill his whole life he was sent to the prison known as hell on earth. Though the imprisoned knows that he is a blood thirsty man, with skills welding steel like none alive, he knew of his innocents but no one will believe him so he gives up hope. The beautiful guard finds the other barbaric but while trying to look up a released he uncovers a dark plot centered around the framed convict…now the only question was what is to be done? Should he even be thinking about helping the barbarian. The restrictions are in the summary besides that free range on you character as always.
Parts: Imprisoned Warrior(Dom)/Prison Guard(Sub or Female)

Eye of the Storm: Pirate Lord/Pirate Captain [M/M or M/F]
He was the most feared Pirate on the sea…or so he thought. The young man was always rather pretty for a pirate but his vicious nature and sharp tongue got him everywhere on the sea despite his unusual looks. However one terrible night during a storm he meet a real demon of the sea. Loyal crew, well not so much loyal but they were a crew, slaughtered the Captain was taken to be brig and held only for his soft almost rushed words of Parlay. Now he must face off with a being that only legends spoke of, a Pirate Lord, for his freedom...Davy Jones locker never looked so good…The past of both positions are open for your choosing and so are the personalities except what is mentioned above about the captain.
Parts: Pirate Lord(Dom)/Pirate Captain(Sub or Female)

Next Door: Retired Cop/Retired Criminal [M/M or M/F]
They never thought they would be a victim of a crime…after all they were once a criminal themselves but that being so didn’t stop it from happening. It all started when they were released and moved into a small rather modest apartment. Across the hall was, sadly enough, a Retired Cop who was entirely to young to retire in their opinion. The criminal was boxed between two rather nice people. One was a couple whom were so nice when they need sugar, the other was such a sweet young woman, brought them cookies. It was a rather dull living besides the fights they got into with that damn cocky cop on a daily biases…that is until the haunting screams started. Guess the saying is true ‘you can never be to careful about who lives next door…’(The cop is not the culprit but if you want them to be we might be able to work something out.)
Parts: Retired Cop(Dom)/ Retired Criminal(Sub or Female)

Tomorrow Night: Sultan/Consultant’s Child [M/M or M/F]
(based on a movie called Arabian Nights) The Sultan had been hurt…and hurt badly. His love, his one and only, betrayed him on their wedding night. Attempting to kill the Sultan the woman ran to her secret lover, the sultan’s brother, screaming for her husband’s murder. In rage the sultan threw one of his double swords swiftly to kill his brother only to kill the woman who he loved and betrayed him. Now unwed the people are restless and fear their sultan mad. In order convince the people wrong, though they are half right, they get the sultan to agree to marry. The only thing is the other has gone insane and blind with his sorrow, intending to kill his consort by hired assassins on their wedding night. Having loved the man since they were young the consultant’s child agrees to marry, hoping the save him. In order to stay alive the young new consort weaves stories of fantasy, leaving the other on edge every time as to keep him wanting more. The line ‘Tomorrow night’ the only thing between them and death.
Parts: Sultan(Dom)/Consultant’s Child(Sub or Female)

Tragic Sin: FBI/Civilian [M/M]
This one has been on my mind for a long time. A serial killer called Tragic Sin is on the loose, killing his victims in a horrifying display of blood and gore. Law enforcement is stumped by the cryptic clues left behind in the form of odd musical codes. This is where the Professor of music at Trento U comes in, a prodigy of music the young man had become a music professor at the grand major league college. Cracking the seemingly unbreakable code he is suddenly, as well as very reluctantly, thrust in a world of danger. The professor’s only protection is the Top FBI agent, currently working the case, this man graduated at the top of his class and then some…the only thing is this professor as a large hatred for law enforcement. I give anyone who wants to do this free range with their characters as long as this is know, this two will not like each other to begin with.
Parts: FBI Agent(Dom)/Professor(Sub)

By Any other Name: Poor Bartender/ Rich CEO[M/M or M/F]
This has a bit of a twist in the usually positions. The CEO, having this position at birth, lived a rather pampered life with parents who loved them, even though they were absent a lot. The bartender, once from a rather well off life before their loving family fell into dept. Soon as a child they were introduced into a life of underground fighting and life on the street to keep the family alive. Both meet in a rather awkward fashion, the CEO insulting the wrong people and then ‘saved’ by the bartender. Now the CEO is being hunted by the dangerous street gang they must rely on the bartender and in words place their life in the others hands. Same as before you have free range with your character this the only thing rule is that the bartender feels the CEO is useless and spoiled while the CEO finds the other interesting but below them.
Parts: Poor Bartender(Dom)/Rich CEO(Sub or Female)

Taken by Nimeneth
How About Now?: Head Knight/Rouge Thief [M/M or M/F]
A rouge from a family of rouges the young thief loves his family, and though he dreams of a better life he is content…or so he thinks. The Head Knight is of noble blood and loves his job and takes it to the up most seriousness; however this supposed perfect knight is haunted by something that makes him mistrust any and all things to do with love. The rouge however loves without question and is quite the romantic. Both are worlds away yet after one night of work the thief finds himself robbing the wrong stranger. While traveling back from slaying a monster for his kingdom’s allies he is suddenly ‘attacked’ by what had to be the worse thief he had ever encountered. Regardless he had a duty and captured the young man. Now with a month’s travel back to the Kingdome both must survive a dark presents that fallows the knight as well as each other's company. You have free range on the except what is written about them above, as well as the thief’s main goal is to annoy the knight into letting him go and the knight feels nothing but the up most distain for the thief.
Parts: Head Knight(Dom)/ Rouge Thief(Sub or Female)

Taken by Saku
I Can Do Anything Better: Bad Boy/ Popular Student [M/M]
They were the perfect child, track team captain, a strait A student, and a hard worker with a job as a server at a nice dinner…people loved them because of their gleaming personality and sweet face…but they hated HIM. He was the mysterious bad boy, smoking, fighting, and skipping school. He was loved for his gorgeous looks but fear for his mysteriousness. Rivals since childhood they competed over anything and everything though the bad boy usually won the popular student never gave up. They couldn’t stand each other so image their horror when both fall though an abandon well darning a fight only to end up in a world of fantasy and danger. How will they survive when both are always competing. Personalities are up to you (bad boys don’t always have to be bad boys just an outwards thing) as long as it is know that they will not get along at all.
Parts: Bad Boy(Dom)/Popular Student(Sub)

Blinded:(Under Construction)
I didn't want the demon to be ugly necessarily but I say monster because I did want it to be more on the gruesome side. The blind human unknowingly releases the blood thrust demon to 'do his bidding'.
I could see this happening by either some spell he reads out loud since he has to feel the text to read it so it makes it easier on him to read it out loud as he feels it, Or he accidentally rubs up against something that held the demon when he is trying to feel his way around.
I guess you could say its a slight Horror/Humor along with romance, being that the human would not believe the demon at first, thinking he is just some weird stalker guy following him around. Horror being that he would make 'outrageous' requests, putting people to death without even knowing he is doing it.

P.S: Any of this is subject to change if asked, I can be pretty laid back about things if asked though it might not mean it will change, won’t hurt to asked anyway.

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Re: Faith's Games (Detailed and Non-Detailed)
« Reply #1 on: March 16, 2011, 12:03:21 PM »
Non-Detailed Games:

*Orange- Parings I am currently interested in.
*If there are any you like that you do not see here feel free to message me and we can see if we can work it out.

Free Character Style: (All free character style are open to M/M and M/F, not in Dom/Sub order.)

Popular Student/Geeky Student
Blind Human/Demon
Rich Actor/Poor Stripper
College Professor/College Student

Canon characters: (Dom/Sub)

Bold-Games I will only play Sub (I know, I'm a horrible person.)

Seto/Joey (Yu-gi-oh)
Seifer/Zell or Hayner (Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts 2)
Sasuke/Naruto (Naruto)
Kakashi/Iruka (Naruto)
Zuko/Sokka (Avatar)
Arthur/Merlin (Merlin the Series)
Jack/Will (Pirates of the Caribbean)
Dom/Brian (Fast and Furious)
Bumblebee/Sam (Transformers the Movie)
Beck/Travis (The Run Down)
Wyatt/Chris (Charmed)
Jareth/Sarah or Toby (Labyrinth)
Saito/Sanosuke (Rurouni Kenshin)
Spike/Xander (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
Angel/Xander (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
Balthazar/Dave (Sorcerer's Apprentice)
Kenny/Butters (South Park)
Stan/Kyle (South Park)
Anyone/Ron (Harry Potter)
Vash/Meryl (Trigun)
Spike/Faye (Cowboy Bebop)
Mugen/Fuu (Samurai Champloo)

P.S: Any of this is subject to change, this does not mean that it will change every time asked but I am pretty laid back about things.
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Re: Faith's Games (Detailed and Non-Detailed) M/M & M/F
« Reply #2 on: March 17, 2011, 11:38:24 AM »
Added more Non-detailed Game
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Re: Faith's Games (Detailed and Non-Detailed) M/M & M/F
« Reply #3 on: April 13, 2011, 05:07:39 PM »
Interest have been added and new Non-Detailed Games have been added.
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Re: Faith's Games (Detailed and Non-Detailed) M/M & M/F
« Reply #4 on: June 02, 2011, 01:28:55 PM »
Added new Non-detailed games.
Added new detailed game: Sweet as Candy.

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Re: Faith's Games (Detailed and Non-Detailed) M/M & M/F
« Reply #5 on: June 06, 2011, 08:15:56 PM »
New Detailed Game added: To Burn With You