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Started by ReanimateMagnus, May 21, 2011, 10:16:20 PM

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I will be updating this as much as I can as I think of more to say, for right now just know that I'm really open when it comes to story. I've roleplayed a lot of different stories. I generally stick with fantasy settings. That doesn't mean I wont do sci-fi or modern. I'll update this as much as I can.

Send me a message if you are interested as of yet. I'll be updating this, like I've already said.

My Rules:
Write as much as you can without rambling. I don't require any length, just as long as you have something for me to work off of.
If I cross the line with anything, please let me know.
If you think you are crossing the line, please let me know.
The times I am available vary so bare that in mind.

bold = Favorite
Green = Craving
normal = Interested
strike through = Not unless we talk about it

My ideas so far:

Magnus:This is my main character. I play a magistrate who has recently found out that his father, the current magistrate has died in the continuing war that beseeches the kingdom. Now, being the sole family left, as a final act before heading to war himself he has to find a suitable wife to run the fief while he is away. Though he knows that love does not come as easily in a month that he has before he leaves, he hopes that at least he would be able to find someone strong enough to manage without him. About the world: The world is set in a made up one that me and another member created, the kingdom is on the norther part of the continent where his fief lays right on the southern most east portion right where the river cuts the kingdom off and the ocean is on the east. There is overlying mountains to the north that blanket most of the coastline along that side. Due west is a mix of forest and plains that are not hilly at all. This is the human kingdom and thus foreigners are not welcome and would most likely be slaves or outlaws. Directly south of the kingdom is the elven kingdom which splinters off at their southern most western region where demons reign over a volcano. Across the seas to the east of the continent is a small island where gnomes live mostly in peace, a few slave traders come by to well...enslave them.

Last Samurai Standing: This is a continuation of where I have left off with a character I play on another site. He's obviously a samurai as the title depicts. He would be the lone survivor of the Battle of Sekigahara, this is where I have left off with my character at the moment so my idea is maybe you find him right before he faints from exhaustion, or find him walking weakly down the path with his wounds or whatnot. The timeline for this rp is exactly October 21, 1600. Tsuyoshi is known as the demon from the enemies as he has never lost a battle he has been a key member in.

New Master Loyd: This character takes place in the same world as Magnus, he was just a pre-teen when he went off to war, and now that the war is over he has come home, his father and mother both dead. The now ruler of his land he comes home to find the only person taking care of the land is his father's one slave that is left alive.

Poor Family: This I've done a couple of times, I would role play as the only male child in a poor family. His father had left his mother when he was just born and so he was the man of the house growing up so to speak. So all of his life he thought he had to help out and provide for the family since his mother didn't have any skills other than whoring herself. Since a young boy he knew that he would have to be good at school and good at sports in the hopes to get a scholarship later in life so that he could make a living and help his family out. This idea is purely incestuous and can be either sister/brother, step-sister/brother, cousins, or mother/son or step-mother/son.

Tycho the Immortal: This character has lived since he was born in 293BC, he looks though like he is in his late teens to early twenties. Not really knowing why he's immortal he travels the earth in search for understanding his past. Though being alive for over 2000 years has been made it harder and harder as things change and the world around him and the mystery of his past gets buried deeper. You can play as whatever character you want with this. It's really open, but the main idea is that he meets another immortal or has a half sister.

Sith Lord JacenThis is a what if story about Jacen Solo. The setting is in the Star Wars universe in case you don't know who Jacen Solo is, he's the son of Han and Leia who gets corrupted into become a Sith. The role play would revolve around the time he spent finding out different force techniques and perhaps meeting other Sith and Force Users.

Nagi the Highschool Fighter This is based off of an Anime called Tenjo Tenge. Where I would play a martial artist who basically rules the high school by fighting and beating anyone who didn't do what he wanted. The character is more or less an asshole who would rather be punching someones lights out than sitting in class.

Akira the Prodigy This is kinda like the manga Prince of Tennis in that he's a young high school student who will one day be one of the top 10 tennis pros for many years. The story would be a romance and the trouble he deals with balancing his highschool crush and tennis, the story would progress with either her rejecting him and then finding out later that he's gonna be famous, or her accepting him before he becomes famous.

The Mute Catboy This is one of my few sub characters. You find him caged as a slave in an auction. He's not very healthy, and he has a sign outside saying For Sale. Below it in fine print it says that the slave cannot speak due to unknown causes. The causes would eventually be told through the story, but at the moment it's best to keep it a secret.

Vampire This is my traditional vampire role. Taking place in an old castle far north of Magnus' fief where the vampire comes out at night and stalks his prey or buys a slave at the local auction and then farms her for blood or breeds her for more humans. This character is usually played as a harsh dom, but can be changed to a more romanticized vampire.

Zombie Lord This is a new idea that I had in the car ride home the other day. This would take place in old era fantasy. A zombie who has not lost his mental capacity to think and react like a human. So he becomes king of the zombies, being able to communicate in their moans he directs them and tells them where to go and where to find the humans. One day he finds that the zombies bit a woman, but she didn't change over night. Finding out that she was naturally immune he seeks her out.

The Demon This character is for extreme rp. Unnatural sized cocks, tons of cum, Gokkun, Bukkake, BDSM. The main storyline for him is that he has been trapped in a spell chamber for thousands of years, being let loose by (if modern) some wiccan girls or (if fantasy) some demon worshipers or fellow demons. This is probably my most sex driven character.

The Thirst: This is a scenario where a vampire is the last among them in the world that is over run by zombies. Having very little sources of blood left he searches for survivors after he nearly depletes the hospital of blood storage. This can either be non/con or con.

Damaged GoodsBad luck and good luck can only go hand and hand, if something good happens to you, something bad will bound to happen to you. Say you win the lottery. Then you're wife dies. Say you win the lottery twice. Then your last relative dies. Alone and with no one to share your happiness my character must try to cope with everything that happened. Living in a small town with many single ladies means being the most eligible bachelor when you're a multi-millionaire. But how can he commit to anything whenever something good happens to him something bad happens later.

The Robot - A robot, a slave, a humanoid, the most high tech robots never see the market due to their extreme intelligence which turns off most people, he is cursed but more like programmed with this intelligence, these high end robots are never mass produced and usually sell for billions of dollars and even then what could they be used for, his new owner has her ideas.

False Evil - The world see him as the malicious ruler, many fear him, some even would go so far as to call him the Devil himself. There's more to this demon among men but none have ever seen the light of day after finding out his secret. Mostly drama/romance. Open ended.

The Satorare - Living never was easy for Sato. Growing up in a secluded life. Did I mention he is a Satorare. Yup, one who's thoughts can be hear by anyone within fifteen meters of him. This makes life difficult when he moves into the big city.

Lonesome Peril - They say in space no one can hear you scream, well you also can't run away in space. There is no knight in shining armor coming to save you away from a madman who holds the genetic key to piloting the ship. Options are limited for the young girl. Could it be that eventually she could enjoy her new position as the captain's social and sexual interaction?

Time Traveler Stven is a human, but unlike most humans he's actually five dimensional. Not physically, but because of this he interacts with time much different than everyone else. He can chose to change his location in time. Move between time periods and age himself both directions. This allows him freedom to do as he pleases. Your character could be any one of different characters. Open to vanilla or extreme.

Ura Jutaijima
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I like the last Samurai standing.  I could see him waking up in the home of a woman widowed by the war...Kinda like the movie, The Last Samurai


Thanks fallenangel77

Added Zombie Lord idea.


Old Idea from Old rp

Old school Fantasy Master/Slave

The setting would be old era fantasy like lord of the rings, but not necessarily that book. Slavery would be common place and you would rp as a slave. Slave training would be my profession as I would see you as nothing more than an investment. BDSM, Vampires, Undead, Furries, Incest, Light or Hard torture.

Picture Idea




I'm really interested in your Vampire Plot. :)
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Id be interested in playing out your immortal one. I am a fan of the highlander movies and series, so I know the reference material. No fighting and killing each other though, Im assuming.


I PMed you playfullchick76 and Praxx


I also enjoyed your vampire plot if it is still available

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Added - Damaged Goods

Craving and Favorite



Lady Temptress

Hi there. I am interested in your Damaged Goods plot, if it isn't taken yet.
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Hello. I think your vampire plot and Old school Fantasy Master/Slave plot sounds interesting.

10/9/12---Have been sick for over a week now and school is getting more demanding. Will still be able to write responses but will not be able to be on every single day (I will certainly try to be on a couple times a week though). Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.



Added new picture idea.

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The Leopard and the Lung - Where ever Katsumoto goes it always rains. Plagued by a ghost who continuously follows him. Unaware and oblivious he tries to maintain a social standing. Unaware that this ghost of his always scares off any love interest, as she wants him for herself. It isn't till the ghost gains enough strength that she can finally show herself to him.


I'm back, from outer space. Just kidding, it's summer.

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Hey you. You owe me some rping. XD Wb.
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