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Author Topic: from whom am i born? (Existence in ignorance) Open Roleplay  (Read 2536 times)

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Flashes, memories blasted through this newly created mind, head whipping, thrashing, violently. Smashing his head into the blunt, rubberized walls that trapped him. Why was he here? what had he done!!?? He couldn't remember his name! why were they treating him like a nuclear bomb?! He just wanted to get out of this fucking room!

The doctors claimed they'd found him in a small perfectly formed semi-circular crater of glass within the wards gardens.

He didn't remember.

They said he'd screamed, crying until his throat was raw and his voice unintelligable, about some horrific apocalypse. An entire empire destroyed before his eyes, billions killed, and the voices in his head crying, weeping at the loss of their "children".

The doctors had him placed in solitary observation. Apparently his screams weren't the only thing that had echoed across the mental hospitals grounds. The day had been so perfect, sunny, warm weather. But the moment he'd arrived almost gale force freezing winds had overtaken the small hospital and hadn't stopped in th three months he'd been there. He didn't know where. Someplace called england? outside london he'd heard. They spoke funny. Odd accents. Why did they only have one tone to their voices? Or was he the odd one. Doctor after doctor had asked him where he'd learned to utilize both his higher and lower vocal chords....

higher and lower? what were these fools talking about? Why did they ask him if he had trouble taking in oxygen? His skin was supposed to be blue !!....thats what the one voice, the one that overpowered all the others, told him. It guided him. Yes, it identified itself as sol...?Sol? like the star! yeah! Maybe he had the god of the sun guiding him!!

Regardless, this voice was the calmest, although not the kindest. He'd come to associate each voice with a color. The kindest voice felt green. He liked talking with green. He'd told him his name but it was difficult to remember. Most of the names were. Too complex. Sol, that was the only one he could remember.

Thanks to "Sol" he was able to gain the doctors trust enough and answer their questions satisfactorily, earning him the removal of the restraining jacket. Sol told him that if he'd really wanted it off he could have simply ripped it off, but it was wise, good, that he pretended to be normal. He was a good son. Whose son was he?

Pretended? "Sol, what do you mean pretend? im just like them....right?" All he'd gotten in reply was a chuckle. This was from red. Red scared him. Red was violent, he told him to do terrible things to the nurses. Red had almost made him shove a pen into one doctors throat. Sol and Green had stopped him, taken control and taken over his voice. It was frightening that they could control his body so easily. But comforted him when he was alone. They were his only friends now. These people inside him.

The doctors interviewed him, always strapped into a metal chair with what they said was the strongest possible restraints. "For your protection son, you have a habit of hurting yourself and becoming unstable. We know your a good person. You stopped yourself from stabbing Dr. Buxton rght? bad people don't do that. You just had something happen to you in your past that makes you behave this way. Your a perfectly healthy young man, we all understand."

So they said. He could feel it. They were afraid of him. He didn't need Sol, or green, or yellow or purple to tell him that. He'd more than once ripped their "strongest restraints" to ribbons without even trying. This strength scared him sometimes. But Sol, always wise and calm, told him it was his right, his heritage. He was "the last of their kind." whoever "their kind" was. He didn't care. He just wanted out of this shit hole, and if not for his deep seated desire not to hurt anyone, he'd have listened to red and just torn this place apart.

More memories, Sol, he looked just like him!! is this what ...."we" looked like?

He swore he could hear them all laugh before Sol answered. No....most weren't as pretty as me....but for the most part we all shared the glowing eyes.

He wasn't sure what they meant by glowing eyes, but he couldn't keep being called "patient 2034976". So he'd asked yellow green and Sol for names. Ultimately, it was green who came up with what he liked best. He got the feeling Green was the brains between all the voices.


He liked Ozy better. Easier to pronounce.

Now, he sat, head laying against the rubberized wall, forehead not even split open despite the brutal bashing he'd given it, waiting for the next doctors visit. It was almost becoming fun. Apparently, yusing his "higher and lower" vocal chords meant he spoke with two separate voices in unison, one deep and rumbling, the other higher and pleasent to the ears. and eerie mix, at least thats what the nurses said.

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Re: from whom am i born? (Existence in ignorance) Open Roleplay
« Reply #1 on: May 18, 2011, 09:31:29 AM »
To say that Ame was nervous would be the understatement of the year. What had she been thinking. It was her second year in an apprenticeship and she decided to write her thesis on -him-. If she hadn't been a Daddy's girl then it never would have happened. At the moment, standing outside the building she couldn't help but wonder why she was so interested in this particular case, or why she had begged and pleaded with her father to let her in on it. She was told the words Dangerous and Unpredictable, but she didn't care.

It was now or never, a deep breath and then a step. It was pointless to be nervous, wasn't this the kind of place she was studying to work at? Get a grip Ame! So...what does the average woman do before going anywhere new, she pulled her compact out of her purse, ran fingers through hr hair and reapplied lip-gloss. She was ready. Another deep breath and her feet were taking here right where she needed to be.

Once inside she felt better, until a secretary too her to the security room. Her bag and jacket were both taken, so were her new earrings, matching necklace and watch. Three rings were taken from her fingers and one from her toe. They even took her belly ring and belt, that left her in her socks, skinny jeans and tank-top. She couldn't even wear her shoes because they had laces and in the wrong hands laces could be used to strangle a person.

Forty minutes of her life was wasted being pat down and told the rules, she was none too happy about the fact tat she wasn't allowed even a pen and paper to write anything down. Finally Ame was directed to where she was supposed to go, the person Ozy or whatever would be brought in. A lot of strings had to be pulled for this interview.

The first couple of minutes as she waited was spent pacing, then sitting, then crossing...uncrossing her legs and tapping her blue coloured nails on the table. There was no clock, but she could sweat she heard it ticking. Her hands combed at her long dark hair. She'd wanted to tie it up, but her hair tie had been taken away because...who knows...maybe it'd take someones eye out if it was flicked.

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Re: from whom am i born? (Existence in ignorance) Open Roleplay
« Reply #2 on: May 18, 2011, 10:11:34 AM »
They got us fresh meat boy

Damnit! Red always liked to talk about new nurses and doctors like playthings or...well it just freaked him out. He smacked his head again against the wall, hoping to jar Red loose so the others could get him pulled back into the deeper recesses of his mind.

You seem to have gotten someone news attention Ozy. This could be a good thing. I will make sure to keep Atrophos in check. Nathlum will be helping you so you don't talk to yourself.

Atrophos? Nathlum? OH! Right! That's what their names were. So complicated. Why couldn't they all be easy like Sol? Atrophos was Red, Nathlum was green. He committed the names to memory as the cell door was opened. His head rose, black hair, streaked with neon blue, a color the doctors were baffled to discover was his natural hair color, covered most of his face. To mot he would look like a predator sizing up his prey. But the staff had long ago learned that it was just how Ozy looked at everyone. It didn't help that his irises were slitted vertically, giving him an almost feline hunters presence.

"Hey Ozy, Looks like..."

Ozy smirked, again, a gesture most would take to be predatory. He was a walking conundrum. He supposed some of Atrophos mannerisms just surfaced in his expressions. He cut the tall, husky black guard off "I have someone new to talk to? ....Interesting. Alright, i know the drill...."

The Black guard, Gerald, was the only one not disturbed by Ozy's precognitive abilities. He talked to Ozy whenever he got the chance. Since Ozy never left this room except for interviews, Gerald had to have felt a sense of pity for him. He looked no older than 17, but his words, the way he thought and behaved, moved, spoke of someone much older and experienced. The others were thoroughly disturbed, looking between each other nervously. Gerald just chuckled and shook his head. "Can't get anything past you can we Ozy? Alright, sorry man but you know the drill."

He did. Standing slowly, so as to prevent the other guards and newer staff from freaking out, he kept his hands visible as he walked up to Gerald, the human handcart familiar with him. Polished surgical steel, with hand and leg restraints, as well as a waist band to prevent mobility of any degree. Gerald knew it was all for appearance. He'd seen Ozy tear the things apart when he tried to attack Buxton. The guy was a sleazy bastard anyways. Asking all sorts of messed up questions to Ozy. He didn't feel any sort of pity for the doctor, who'd quickly been relocated to a ward in central London.

Standing on the handcart, he let the more nervous guards strap his wrists and ankles in, the white cotton clothes chaffing him. Gerald snapped the waist band into place and waved the other guards back. "I got this. I keep tellin ya the guys as harmless as a kitten long as you don't ask the wrong questions. Chill out folks.

Ozy could appreciate the sentiment but knew it was wasted. Lately, Sol had been....showing him things. He could literally see the fear pulsing around them like purple clouds, brightening as he came closer to them, hair dangling in front of his face with that wide, toothy grin directed at them for effect.

As they cleared the new group, Gerald, wheeling his folding handcart along, whispered in his ear "You know, your eyes are startin to glow man. not sure what happened but it's kinda weird y'know? might wanna have an explanation ready." As he said this he pulled out a mirror from his pocket and held it in front of Ozy. He was right, his eyes, always a bright emerald color, had actually taken on a slight glow in the sclera, turning the white a dull, though luminous green. Oh well.

Gerald said nothing more. He was held deep in the ward, so it took a solid 20 minutes to reach the room where his new shrink was. Odd, this was in the minimum security wing. They either were viewing him less and less as a threat or they were getting sloppy. Probably a bit of both really.

The big guard wheeled him into the room, eyes instantly analyzing every aspect of this new doctor. No fear, good. He hated when people feared him. He just wanted to get out. But she was young. Younger than the withered husks he'd dealt with so far. Hitting a lever at the back of the rack, the middle foldied, the portion his arms were clamped onto raising as he lowered to raise into arm rests. Gerald, as was his job, walked over to the door, standing at rest with arms crossed at his stomach.

Ozy smiled, trying his best not to seem frightening as he analyzed this new girl."I guess the doctors got tired of trying to pick my brain huh? too much going on in there for them. Names Ozy, but you already know that right? Of course you do....So, to what do i owe the pleasure.?"
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Offline creepmouse

Re: from whom am i born? (Existence in ignorance) Open Roleplay
« Reply #3 on: May 18, 2011, 09:05:05 PM »
Corrigan walked slowly down the hallway of the psych ward, where she was stationed as a nurse. The cart she was wheeling in front of her rattled, the many glass bottles on its surface clinking together pleasantly. Her rubber soled shoes squeaked on the tile, making her grimace with every step. She couldn't stand the sound; it sent shooting pains through her head, making her want to scream. But she always held it together. 'For the patients,' she would think, 'always for the patients.'

Today she had pinned up her waist length, two-toned hair, into two buns on either side of her head. This revealed her sharply pointed ears, although she was the only one who could see them; she had learned at a young age that she had slight telepathic powers, and could hide certain things from anyone, if she tried hard enough. This had gotten easier over the years, and nowadays she hardly had to try.

The newest patient, the one named Ozy, was being interviewed today, she noticed. She had only ever been past his room twice, and each time, she could have sworn he was watching her, looking past the glamour she put on herself; possibly even deeper, into her very soul. Those two times, she also could have sworn she could hear a very faint voice within herself, a female voice that radiated anger and jealousy, but also lust and a deep desire.
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Offline Ophelia Jaxon

Re: from whom am i born? (Existence in ignorance) Open Roleplay
« Reply #4 on: May 19, 2011, 06:51:38 AM »
No, Ame wasn't scared, she was actually annoyed that she was kept waiting so long, and surprised in the state the man...boy...whatever came to her in. It tugged at her conscience seeing someone so...trapped. What ever she thought he would be like, she hadn't expected this. She knew he would be a bit strange, but she thought...scarred or right off his head or someting. His slitted eyes gave Ame the heebie-jeebies. It took a lot of control not to shudder.

Once he was settled in, she opened her mouth to ask the guards if they planned to stay in the room the entire time, but thought it a daft question, so instead the words that escaped Ame's pink painted lips were "Hello, I'm Ame, thank you for agreeing to meet with me." Had he agreed, or had he simply been forced?

Her head nodded to his statement. "Yes, I know who...well I know your name anyway. Before we get down to business of why I'm here, why don't we get to know each other a little better first?" Gain the patients trust. It was the first lesson learned. "As I said, I'm Ame and I'm a student studying to work at a place like this. about you tell me a little something about you?"

Amy moved her chair so that she was sat straight across from him, within arm distance. The guards were there in case he tried anything, so she wasn't frightened. She even...smiled to him

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Re: from whom am i born? (Existence in ignorance) Open Roleplay
« Reply #5 on: May 20, 2011, 12:13:04 PM »
Ozy chuckled, actually chuckled, right about the time her thoughts passed through her mind. "Gain the patients trust huh? Fair enough, let me get a bit more comfortable." Tilting his head slightly so he was looking over the edge of the steel "Chair", he locked eyes with the security guard "Yo. Gerald, I'm about to pull a buxton on the seat so don't freak out k? The damn cuffs are chaffing my ankles."

The large black guard shook his head and sighed "Yeah yeah alright Oz man, just don't go lunging over the table like last time, can't say for sure if big blue and green will stop red this time." Wait, blue, red, green? Obviously Gerald spent more time talking to Ozy than most. Turning back to Ame, he smiled as kindly as he could, muttering "one moment please" Before the muscles in his arms flexed, bulging larger than his body size should have allowed. Two loud "Pop's" Echoed through the room And Ozy stretched his arms over his head, popping his back and neck before bending over and two more pop's sounded. He came back up holding the two ankle restraints and made similarly quick work of the waist restraint.

All trappings removed, he lounged, literally lounged in what most would be considered a surgical table turned seat, kicking his feet up onto the table. His head tilted to the left, a curious feline gesture as he lay his cheek against his left arm, propped up by his elbow on the seats arm bars. the vertically slitted eyes stared into her normal circular pupils, still smiling.

"Well, where to begin...oh, lets see. Since they sent me such a nice looking person to talk to i guess i can stop that." He pointed out the window to the ice storm that had been raging for three months non-stop. Ever since they day of his arrival in fact.  The slight green glow of the white of his eyes intensified until it seemed the entire orb was alight with the color as the storm died at what some would consider a freakishly quick rate. Almost within a minute, the skies were a normal blue, sunlight shining down on the ice covered grounds.

"For one, i like sunlight. And blue skies. Atrophos likes black clouds but he's a jerk anyways. Nathlum likes to play with the clouds, so i had to ask him to make it sunny again." Now this was more like a schizophrenic. Except schizophrenics didn't have the ability to instantly disperse massive ice storms at the wave of a finger. "And before you ask yes, they all have appearances. Defined bodies inside here." He tapped his right temple to indicate his mind. "They all look like me...well not exactly. But overall everything is the same. Sol is the one i closest resemble. Hair, blue skin, facial features, everything.It's like having a clone of myself talking to me except he's a lot smarter. The others look exactly like me except for color.  The color streaks in the hair and the eyes are the only way i can tell em apart. Hence the color naming scheme. Red's a reeeal nasty one too. Tried to kill That one doctor for saying we were delusional. I may be, but they sure aren't. By the way, Gerald, you seen that cute elfy nurse around lately?"

The large guard sighed, like one would when a child asked the same question he'd been given an answer to a hundred times already. "I told ya Ozy, ain't no elves workin here man. That girl Corrigan isn't an elf man. She has black hair and normal ears. Elves is supposed to have pointy ears right?" Ozy sighed, dramatically himself and turned back to Ame. "sorry about that, some people here just have no vision. So, tell me a little about yourself. Your mind is suprisingly well  shielded. And it's not intentional either. I wonder, maybe you were born with psychic barriers? interesting. The human race seems to be evolving along the proper lines."

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Re: from whom am i born? (Existence in ignorance) Open Roleplay
« Reply #6 on: May 20, 2011, 04:09:30 PM »
Corrigan continued on through the halls, until she neared the interview room. Just as she was closing in on the door, she heard the strangest sounds, a metal-on-metal grating and then several incredibly loud pops. She left her cart and ran to the door, looking in through the narrow mesh threaded window. Her eyes widened at the spectacle inside the room; Ozy had just demolished his restraints! She shook her head and continued to stare, then ducked out of sight as Ozy's eyes returned to the girl who was interviewing him. She held her breath and listened as he explained himself to the girl; never had she heard anything remotely like his story, not once in her two years of working here.

Then she heard her name mentioned. '"Cute elfy nurse?"' she thought. The nerve of him to say such a thing to her coworkers... 'Of course they have no vision, they're only human...' She sighed and turned to go, but something held her in place. The strange voice she'd heard inside her own head. The one that only surfaced when she was around Ozy. The one that made her feel as if SHE should be in one of these padded rooms, tearing at the walls and screaming about the loss of her home, her kingdom, her entire race...

"That's right, girl. Being around this... creature... brings me out. Listen, and know my name well: I am Havok."

Corrigan gasped, a light sheen of sweat breaking out all over her fair skin. She was shaking, she noted... Not good. 'I've got to get out of here...' she thought, and whirled around, running back the way she had come...
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Re: from whom am i born? (Existence in ignorance) Open Roleplay
« Reply #7 on: May 24, 2011, 07:56:13 PM »
Azile ran toward the interview room as fast as her bare feet could carry her. The top part of her body swayed to the tune of her bare feet going pat pat pat pat as if it was some sort of song. Azeil was wearing the usual insane asylum clothing. She had short dark hair that went down to her shoulders and dark green eyes.  She also had  scars up and down her arms from where according to her she had been trying to let a cat out, that had accidentally possessed her body. About a foot or two behind her there was a nurse chasing after her, not looking too amused at having to chase the girl down.

“ Aziel get back here.” The nurse commanded.

“ I want too seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” the girl have sung half whined. “ Crazy, crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy.” She sung.

She tried to stop running when she got close to the see to the wall of the interview room, but she hit it With a loud smack, and fell backward onto the ground. She didn't stay there long, before see had jumped back up and stood on her toes trying to look through the narrow window to see Oz. “ crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy.” She sung as she peeked into the window.

Honestly she couldn't see much . She saw some mean lady setting on one side of the table and then on the other must have been oz. She had heard of him, but she had never gotten to see him. She had heard he was scarey, but she didn't see what was so scarey about him. He looked kind of neat.

“ Azeil...” the nurse said grabbing a hold of her. “ lets get you back too your room.”

She growled a loud growl and turned on the nurse trying to scratch , and kick and bite, like she was some kind of beast. She had even dropped down to her knees.

“ Azeil” The nurse said strictly.

Azeil continued to try and attack her. The nurse who seemed used to the girls actions wrestled her down, and held her. She growled and hissed, and growled then stopped all together. All the nurse had suffered from the fit was a few scratches on her arm. 

“ Lets go to your room.” the nurse said again picking the girl up, in a way that she couldn't hurt her or anyone else, and moving her down the hall.

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Re: from whom am i born? (Existence in ignorance) Open Roleplay
« Reply #8 on: May 24, 2011, 09:15:38 PM »
Two aural presences flitted at the edge of his extra-sensory perception, eyes and upper body turning away from the student psychologist. The first, he recognized faintly. But a deep, untapped genetic memory recognized the more potent underlying aura.

Of course, the second he heard as much as felt. Turning back, he gave Ame a bored look. Just because he was in that room didn't mean he didn't have better things to do. "Well then, if that's all, I can find my own way back to my penthouse suite."

The sarcasm dripped so heavy from his words one could almost see it spill from his mouth.

Standing, he just glared at Gerald, silently warning the physically larger man to move. To his credit, the tall, brickhouse built black man only fidgeted slightly before sighing loudly and stepping away from the door.

As Ozy came up to the door, seeing...aziel? He was fairly sure that was it, being carried off, Gerald spoke low to Ozy "fuck man, wh the hell do you stay here? Everyone in the damned complex knows nothing we got could even make you feel more than an itch."

Ozy smirked, glad of the guards blunt honesty and replied "Oh come on Gerald. Your smarter than that. Everyone knows that all forced holding facilities need an internal hierarchy. Guards and doctors cling the the illusion of control so desperately that they will react with excessive force. To maintain it. Add in someone they can't control through drugs or fists? Now that gives the forgotten, miserable lunatics something, a myth at the least, to keep them from drowning. Notice the patient suicide and guard injury rate has dropped by more than half? Think tats a coincidence?"

How the hell did a patient, a supermax lockdown one at that, know all that about the lowered violence all over?!

Ozy chuckled softly, shaking his head before putting his palm flat to the inch thick triple bolted steel door. It looked like the kind used in bomb shelters.

"Boom" he staged whispered gleefully as a concussive blast tore the door straight out of the steel reinforced frame, sending it flying a good dozen feet down the hall, landing and sliding another 20 feet.

He could get over his phobia of these powers.


He moved, fast for his leg length, after the nurse carrying Aziel. The poor thing almost shrieked as he seemed to materialize right in front of the two.

Looking at the nurse with arms crossed, an eyebrow raised arrogantly, he bore holes through the nurses eyes.

"Care to tel me where the party is? Forgotten already what happens when doctor dipshit or the other old crones try to use heavy sedatives? I can guess its the same way I do when they did it to me. The other things inside us come to the surface to defend the host. Put. Her. Down. NOW!"

The last word vibrated the very walls of the corridor. Dust drifted down from areas neglected for years by the custodians. This was HIS castle, and the people who wore the same uniform he did, his subjects. Any good monarch watches over his people...

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Re: from whom am i born? (Existence in ignorance) Open Roleplay
« Reply #9 on: May 24, 2011, 09:40:34 PM »
Corrigan skidded to a halt, her fear of the voice inside her head nothing compared to the curiosity she now felt. Yet another loud noise in these halls was not a good thing, especially when it came from the direction of the interview room...

'God, what's going on now?' she thought, her hand raising to her throat in an unconscious gesture of panic. She whirled around, and came face to face with one of her fellow nurses, Daniel. He laughed, taking delight in the way Corrigan's eyes widened, the way she gasped and wrapped her arms about herself, conscious of the way her uniform fit snuggly against her curvy body.

"Good lord, Daniel, you scared the shit out of me!" Corrigan said hotly, and went to continue on down the hall. Her progress was hindered, however, when Daniel reached out and grasped her arm, turning her to face him. "What the hell are you doing?" she demanded, narrowing her eyes at him.

"Whatever I want... With that psycho down the hall drawing all the attention of everyone in this place, we're finally alone... Don't think I haven't noticed the way you look at me!" Daniel exclaimed, his grip on Corrigan's arm tightening. His breathing was low and husky, and Corrigan could tell what he had in mind... and she wasn't one bit pleased with the thought. But she knew there was nothing she could do... Her powers didn't stretch beyond a mere glamour, and she was no match for the six foot tall, 300lb male nurse. He meant to have her, and there wasn't a thing she could do to stop him...

'Even screaming won't make a difference,' she thought miserably as he dragged her into a supply closet, her struggles not fazing him in the least.
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Re: from whom am i born? (Existence in ignorance) Open Roleplay
« Reply #10 on: May 24, 2011, 10:12:19 PM »
Emma glancedin irritation at the door numbers as she made her way down the halls. This place had more goddamn corridors than a funhouse! She was beginning to suspect it was all one giant maze. There was a good idea; make the crazies still crazier by confining them inside of endless white hallways that all looked the same! There can be no possible downside to this!

Rolling her eyes she turned left down yet another corridor. All the new trainees should get fucking maps or GPS devices or something; it was bad enough she was going to have to learn to bathe and change and feed these head-fucked wastes of air without having to get lost in the process!

At least her scrubs were cute. It had taken some flirty pouting but they'd agreed to let her wear the ones with pink roses embroidered on them. It subtracted some ugly-points from her nursing Crocs. Hideous to look at, but a godsend to wear, and could be run through the autoclave if one of the retards puked on her or something. She seriously hoped that puking was all they would do; a certain memorable scene from Silence of the Lambs came to mind and made her shudder and shift her bag to her other shoulder. There was the nursing station, but it didn't look as though anyone was there. She was supposed to be shadowing a nurse tonight, but she wasn't sure which one...

"Hello? Anyone here?"

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Re: from whom am i born? (Existence in ignorance) Open Roleplay
« Reply #11 on: May 25, 2011, 07:34:11 AM »
There was a loud sound that seemed to echo through the halls. Azile wanted to see, but the nurse had a good grip on her and seemed to pick up speed in wanting to get her back to her room. She had made it perhaps only two more steps before he had shown up. The nurse promptly let her go, thinking she didn't get paid far enough to put up with this sort of thing and took off running down the hall.

She didn't so much as put  Azile down then drop her. She landed on her but. She tilted her head to the side and looked at him.  “ I run she chases, she runs I chase?” She said it in a soft almost confused voice . She continued to tilt her head until she fell over on her side. She blinked a few times.

“ Hey its you. I wanted to see you . People ta....” She frowned forgetting what she had wanted to say. Sometimes she forgot words. Sometimes she said stuff tat didn't make any sense not even to her but that had always happened. She didn't start the forgetting until the doctors started making her take toes evil bad tasting candies every day.

She blinked again, and jumped up to her feet. “ you made the world go boom.” She jumped, and started singing “ booom, booom booom booom,” dancing to her song.

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Re: from whom am i born? (Existence in ignorance) Open Roleplay
« Reply #12 on: May 29, 2011, 09:16:56 PM »
*For days it had been the same thing. Ever since Mr. Blue had arrived. Strange voices speaking in a strange language. Crazy, crazy, crazy. Or was it genius. He couldn't remember which one he was now. Juust that the nurse that gave him the pills he tossed away was pretty. That and the voices in his head said to dissect her and see what she looked like inside.* "but what is life that is constrained in a box of thoughtful chagrin." *Sometimes he remembers things that he used to say, but the voices just drowned him.*

*Today he was walking the halls looking every bit the mad scientist. His blue eyes sharp, but vacant. His mouth in a frown. Almost as if he were actually formulating some kind of experiment. The truth was he wass rehashing how a nurse had run ,freaked out, by him. He walked right by the tall blue man and the girl yelling boom. Right into the glass wall.* "By the great Jerusalem, A FORCE FIELD! Astounding! Some manner of interstellar gobbdlygook must power it's stadistactic haxshik drive. The implications are enough to drive one insane!" *Continuing to stare and mumble he just remained standing there."