Looking for a King.....

Started by La Vida en su Muerte, May 11, 2011, 09:21:44 PM

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La Vida en su Muerte

A Dom type King, probably a little bit crazy, but wise in his own way.  Older, but able bodied (early 40's) preferably a fighter/warrior of some type. 

Why, you may ask?

Well, I have a young pretty little queen that needs to be ruled over.  A queen that is near the age of your full grown son, the prince, your heir... but possibly not for long.  You have acquired this young woman from one of your best friends and advisor under the promise that any and all sons (or children) she bears for you, would supersede your present heir to the throne.  This causes much unrest, not only in this kingdom, but in a neighboring one as well.  There is the risk of war, both civil and foreign, and also the risk of an assassination of this young, lovely, innocent new play thing of a queen.  You can not be with her all the time to watch her, so you assign your son, the one who may very soon have everything he was promised ripped from his hands, to protect your prize, the same prize that is the main cause of the prince's dismantling.  You trust that he will honor you as his father and king despite what has happened, and that your wife fears you enough to never disobey or displease you.  However, we shall see.

This is a medieval-ish setting, with no to very light magic.

*****Some NC scenes between the King and his wife may needed*****

Please PM myself or Swordsman18 if interested  ^_^

My life hurts.
Been gone for too long.  Depression is a bitch.
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