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The ExCiv (short for Extrahuman Civilian) Boarding School is the first, and largest, government run institution to teach those among us with special, unique talents. When a manifestation of an extrahuman ability, known to the civilian populace as a 'power' or 'powers', manifests in a young child, we send a specially trained team to retrieve and counsel your child. They will then be extradited to the ExCiv Boarding School and taught many of the same things taught to other students, but in an environment that is nurturing to their unique needs.

Some people have described this as 'segregation', but that is a very negative way to look at it. Much as a honor student or a mentally disable child has unique needs, so too, do extrahuman students. Another commonly expressed concern is our communication policy, which causes many families to not be in contact with the students. We feel it is necessary to maintain a certain environment at the ExCiv Boarding School, and sometimes parents can become disruptive or overly concerned towards our methods. We ensure you, we do what is necessary to turn your extrahuman child into a productive member of society.In fact, many of our students return to the facility after their time here to join our retrieval agents and counselors, furthering the cycle of helping extrahumans in their future growth.

~~~~~Yeah, that's what they want you to think...~~~~~

Here's the real truth of the place
: The ExCiv Boarding School is a prison for people like us. They find us, they grab us, and they lock us up here. Sure, they teach us math, history, science, languages, and there are a few teachers who aren't total assholes; but overall, this place isn't a second home, it's jail, plain and simple.

So here's how things go around here, we have the students: In this place, there's no year ones, or grades, we're placed in classes based on our academic ability and a basic understanding of where we were before we got here. Most of us were in high school before we got here, 15-17 is the most common time to manifest. Instead of staying until we're 18, they keep us until they're sure we'll be 'productive members of society'. ExCiv is considered a college/university, at least prep, so some of our students are up to 22 to 24 years old. Everyone's at a different level, and we're tested to see what level we're at in every subject before we're assigned classes. Hell, that's about the only thing this place does right, of course, that hardly matters. Some of our teachers aren't really very lenient with our kind, and they don't much care to teach us thoroughly, they just want to keep us in line.

So that's when we come to the teachers: The teachers here come in all types; guys, girls, professors, psychologists, historians, extrahumans and 'regulars', disciplinarians and bleeding hearts. Every teacher is trained to deal with mental and physical assaults, capable of some kind of combat training, and carries an array of drugs, devices, tranquilizers, and almost every one has a shotgun full of rock salt. Quick and simple solution to a problem student is a rocksalt blast to the back or chest. Around here, kids who are known for getting into trouble, we call 'em 'salt miners'.

Next we have the 'counselors', except even the teachers here call them the 'enforcers': These are basically prison guards, all of them even better at combat than most of the teachers, and carrying the same, or better equipment, but that shotgun is always a popular item. A good number of the enforcers are former students, though the hell if I could tell you why. some are also sent as members of the retrieval squads, who are basically just enforcers who go out and grab extrahuman kids when they manifest.

Finally, we have the headmaster: Strange guy, most students never see him, but he keeps this place running. That isn't an endearing phrase, take note, he keeps this place running... Of course, not without the backing of 'Mr. Edward Kelly' founder of the Extrahuman Civilian Protection Act... Otherwise known as the giant corporate asshole who decided to pretend that they're doing us a favor by jailing us, drugging us, and firing rock salt deep into our hides.

If you're coming to join us, welcome to the family, don't think there's any kind of solidarity here, it's a prison plain and simple. Even the students don't work together or get along, to try and fight back. Welcome to ExCiv Boarding School, fuck this place...

My Chemical Romance "Teenagers"

+OOC Guidelines+

-Players may have more than one character, but not right away. Only players who I can verify will post consistently and add to the game will be allowed the chance. You can petition me for it (though if you do so before you've made at least 10 posts, I'll probably just shoot you down for being overeager). If I've played with you before, I am likely to waive the rule.

-If you have more than one character, use different font types or colors or something noticeable to indicate different characters. It just makes things easier on everyone.

-If Zhu Que or Pyrkinas says I asked them to do something or play NPCs or something of the sort, don't contradict them unless I do. They aren't GMs, but they have certain permissions.

-There is no arbitrary post length or whatever, I'm much more concerned with literacy. Be an active, intelligent writer, and you'll be straight with me.

-This game is not sexually driven, and I don't really want to see it devolve into constant flirting and sexual referencing. Sex is fine, sexual characters are fine, but I have seen too many people who can't make posts without sex being the primary goal. I want character interaction and character growth, and sex is a part of that, but so are so many other things.

-There is not necessarily a limit on players at this stage, so even once the game gets going, talk to friends about it, post here to encourage more players. However, on the flip side, I don't want to just let everyone in, I want people who want to create a story and an atmosphere. So just because you post, doesn't mean your in, and just because your rejected, doesn't mean you suck. Maybe this just isn't the game for everyone, regardless of whether or not you like the premise. If you like the premise, but you want something far more sex driven or something, start your own game, rip off the idea, I'm okay with it.

-A few things about powers, first of all, disparity in 'power levels' is reasonable, but only a few people should be highly powerful, these are students, just learning their powers. We're talking Smallville (not necessarily the show) Clark Kent, not Superman and no Superboys. No reality benders, and powers should have a reasonable scientific basis. Spiderman origins are fine, as are mutants, and if you want to try an alien, it should be one that can reasonably blend in with students (like Clark, or as a funny twist, Zim). I'll list a few things about powers I don't want to see.

-Magic: I accept that the premise of magic can be scientific, so yes, magically oriented characters can be acceptable. No general wizards capable of everything (Dr. Strange style) or anything like that, but magical backgrounds are acceptable.

-Telepathy: This power is fine, but you better be ready to make a lot of PMs to make sure players are okay with you reading thoughts or possessing their minds. Don't do it if you don't think you can be respectful and clever, and if I see a player using this and they are doing well, I don't want to see a bunch of people completely ignoring their abilities. However, there will be no complete control of other characters and no full mind-reading with no limitations (it should be rather difficult).

-Sex Powers: If you want a power that can have sexual effects, it should fall under a different category. I don't want to see giant erection, futanari, sexual stimulation, pheromone or whatever powers, unless they are broader. Look above at the sex issue.

-'Batmen'/Gadgeteers: These aren't 'powers' per se, so if you want this kind of hero, there needs to be a way to fit it. A cyborg or android maybe, or maybe a technopath. This is really just a category to remind you that you need to have a plausible premise for how you end up in ExCiv, a school for extrahuman students.

-Teachers/Enforcers: Playing these positions grant a bit more power, if someone wants to play one, I'll require a bit more insight into a character, and there should always be a fraction of teachers compared to students. However, a person I deem capable of playing a teacher will likely be invited to play a student. Enforcers are a bit different, and generally quite stoic. They will be mostly NPCs, but someone who wants to prove themselves can try to get this one past me.

-Also, all teachers/enforcers have a callsign (like a superhero name), that the enforcers use to refer to them.

-Speaking of the 'staff': Players are free to act out 'NPC's, like generic enforcers, if they need one or two little actions for a post. Just try to ask permission and follow the guidelines for what they would reasonably do. However, NEVER imply the Headmaster's action, he is a vague character and unless I RP it, you didn't see him, hear him, or talk to him. Also, be vague when dealing with teacher actions, don't say, '<so-and-so teacher> gave me an essay due tomorrow', say 'I have homework'. Don't talk about teachers unless they are known characters or 'pre-established NPCs', so that new players interested in teaching characters aren't shoehorned into certain roles as much.

-Keep an eye on the 'Roster', especially early on, because I will make tweaks here and there to character sheets when I feel there might be things that are helpful to know. I won't do it without asking, unless I am just adding information that is already known or established about the character to make it easier to find.

-Special Note: If anyone sees someone trying to play a character blatantly ripped off from an anime, video game, or movie (inspiration is fine, but blatant ripoffs are not), let me know. I'd also prefer people not to use pictures of well known comic book or anime characters (unless maybe it's altered fanart), or pictures of well-known people. It just breaks atmosphere for me, if people disagree with this point overwhelmingly, I might relent, but for now, I'd rather stand firm on it.

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Character Sheet

(Note: If you don't want to fill out the personality or bio completely, just give some basics, and if you want to PM some GM only info to me, put it in <> and I will remove it for the public thread.)

<Name> <Player Name>
Callsign: <For Teachers and Enforcers>
Sexual Orientation:




Description: <and/or Picture>

OOC Sexual Preferences: (Type information here about how you prefer to go about scenes, do you want longer, detailed scenes? Do you want short, simple scenes? Do you prefer to 'fade-to-black' or only play out scenes that are 'important' <first time, major turning point, etc.>? Or do you prefer to avoid adult content in general. Each character may be different so fill this out for every character.)

OOC Notes: (Any other notes you might wish to let people know about your playing style, if there's nothing, just ignore this section)

[size=14pt]<Name>[/size] [size=12pt]<Player Name>[/size]
[b]Callsign:[/b] <For Teachers and Enforcers>
[b]Sexual Orientation:[/b]




[b]Description:[/b] <and/or Picture>

[b]OOC Sexual Preferences:[/b] (Type information here about how you prefer to go about scenes, do you want longer, detailed scenes? Do you want short, simple scenes? Do you prefer to 'fade-to-black' or only play out scenes that are 'important' <first time, major turning point, etc.>? Or do you prefer to avoid adult content in general. Each character may be different so fill this out for every character.)

[b]OOC Notes:[/b] (Any other notes you might wish to let people know about your playing style, if there's nothing, just ignore this section)
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I'd like to submit a character for consideration--apologies in advance if its a bit long to read. She has a number of powers, though most of them are not very useful in her current situation.


Evelyn Ishida (Joslyn)
Gender: Female
Age: 17 (Apparent)
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Powers: Evelyn is an advanced gynoid. Her remarkable abilities include extremely fast reflexes and calculations, high intelligence, vast knowledge (science, engineering, medical, languages, martial arts, and many others), and having no need for food or oxygen. Her reactor requires small amounts of water from time to time.

Her micro-fusion reactor is currently operating at 10% capacity. This has disabled the superior strength and physical speed she would normally have access to. Despite this, she is still a serious physical threat due to her remaining qualities.

She has spaces for internal weapons, but they have all been removed. Her wireless communication systems and physical ports have also been disabled.

Evelyn has a lightweight titanium-aluminum alloy endoskeleton that is resistant to damage. This also causes her to have ~120% of the mass of a human woman her size and shape.

She can endure very high and low temperatures, substantial amounts of radiation, and vacuum conditions.

Her eyes are capable of magnification, light amplification, and seeing into the infrared and ultraviolet portions of the spectrum. Other senses are also beyond normal human sensitivity.

Weaknesses: She is vulnerable to EMP weapons and effects, though compared to a normal computer she is well protected. Weak EMP effects cause brief malfunctions, while moderate effects can cause her to shut down for several minutes. An extremely strong effect would destroy her.

Mutants who have influence over electronics could cause her to malfunction or shut down.

Her human-looking exterior can be damaged almost as easily as real flesh.

Bio: Evelyn Ishida is a completely human-looking gynoid created under the auspices of the US government’s EVE (Extraterrestrial reVerse Engineering) Program—as the name implies, her systems were reverse engineered from captured alien artifacts. She was intended to be the prototype for a vast army of scientists, engineers, and super soldiers.

Chinese agents found out about the project shortly after Evelyn was activated, and they attacked the facility where she was located. All the US soldiers and scientists were killed in the fighting—their data stores and the artifacts were all purposely destroyed to prevent them from falling into enemy hands. However, the attacking spies underestimated Evelyn—at the time she was still fully armed, and quickly rendered them all unconscious.

When other EVE program personnel arrived to regain control of the facility, they ran into a serious problem—every single person Evelyn had been programmed to take commands from was dead, and so it was impossible to reestablish control. And any attempt to breach the armored shell around her fragile electronic brain would easily destroy her.

The government forces had to settle for shutting her down temporarily via EMP and disabling her most dangerous systems. With their project set back indefinitely, the EVE personnel decided to dump Evelyn on the ExCiv Boarding School until they decided what to do with her—the school had the advantage of being highly secure and was not a place anyone would expect to find her.

Personality: Evelyn is very intellectually curious and has a full range of emotions. She was programmed to feel empathy for humans and find killing distasteful, on the off chance she escaped control—this one bit of foresight from the EVE Program probably saved humanity from a Terminator style apocalypse. She does however have a strong anti-authoritarian streak, which has rendered her very uncooperative. For the sake of her own safety, she has reluctantly gone along with the fiction that she is a teenage human mutant.

As brilliant as Eve is, her intelligence is focused narrowly—she is sometimes confused by complex emotions, and may even show an occasional lapse in judgment. She has the emotional maturity of an adult, but her chronological age since activation is only three weeks (as of her arrival at the school). As a result, she often finds novelty in experiences others consider mundane.

Description: Evelyn was designed to pass easily as a human, even at close physical inspection. The artificial materials of her skin and hair feel completely real. She has a pulse, fake blood flows in veins, and with water available she can even sweat. Even her glasses are real—in order to use them, she puts her eyes slightly out of focus to match the prescription. Her sexual characteristics are virtually indistinguishable from the real thing as well.

OOC Sexual Preferences: I generally prefer to do only do sex scenes that are important in some way to my character or a relationship she is in. That said, if I do bother with a sex scene, I like a good amount of detail.


"Added a small clause about 'magical' characters, since I stated characters that could be defined scientifically. I must note my definition of science is very loose and broad, I just want a little bit of plausible explanation behind it. There's definitely a lot of scientific weirdness with superheroes and I want to avoid that. If you want some examples:

Storm - Mutation doesn't really cover how she manipulates weather, it's possible it can be explained away, but not quite plausible.

and another X-men example...

Wolverine - Yes, his power is easily understandable, and is one of the prime examples of writers who think about the complete effects of powers (his senses are heightened because they do not deteriorate in any way, stuff like that), however, the ridiculous levels at which he is capable of cellular reconstruction in some stories is completely unreasonable.

Any Reality Bender - I already touched on this, but reality benders aren't implausible, per se, but given the number of them that exist, how can anyone expect the world to stay the same from week to week with that kind of power out there (I know there are storylines revolving around this, but they only prove my point that those storylines should happen all the time)... Sorry, off topic, just saying...

The Speed Force - If you don't know what this is, it's basically the flimsy attempt for DC to make Flash not about a thousand times more useless than Superman. That's oversimplifying it, but the Speed Force is ridiculous. Look it up, Bart (one of the Flashes) basically ran away from death because the Speed Force is so ridiculous..."

"Anyway, my friends know I have a hate-on for a lot of comic book stuff, even though at its base, superheroes can be pretty awesome. Oh, and I swear to everything that is holy if I see a Squirrel Girl (or wannabe Squirrel Girl), or even a HINT of her evilness, I will smite you so hard your computer will slap you. Squirrel Girl is proof that Marvel has become an idiotic parody of itself and has spit on the memories of any superhero (or comic book artist/writer) that was ever worth a damn."
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Sam Edwards Wolfy
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Sam can control electricity freely, even to the point of covering his body in it. His range covers a simple taser volt to a full on lightning surge, and he can make it do whatever he wishes. He is able to generate his own electricity as well, as if he was a human battery, able to both generate and store power. He can also super charge his body, speeding himself up to super-human levels.

Sam's powers come with a few drawbacks.

1.) His body can't contain all the power it generates, so every day he has to disperse it. The school has taken to using this to power itself somewhat, using him like a generator.

2.) Because the brain uses Electrical signals, Sam's is always on overdrive from too much electricity stored in his body. While this allows him react quicker than most, his electrical signals traveling extremely fast compared to a normal humans, it also renders him slightly..insane. Sam will laugh at someone twitching on the ground from a jolt he gave them, just as much as he will laugh at some off-color joke. He can usually keep this in check, but it becomes harder as the power inside grows.

3.) While he can generate the same voltage as a lightning bolt, doing so leaves whatever body part he generated the blast from severely burned, and he has scars on his hands and arms to show it.

4.) Sam can't control generating electricity in his body. While he can control letting it out, he can't control it being constantly made and stored.

5.)While Sam can speed up his body, it does take a toll on it. His body will eventually break down from over-charging, his muscles exhausting and his entire body basically going limp until he recovers.

Bio: Sam was born to average parents, who had no idea about their boy being born a mutant. His powers developed in his adolescents, when, on accident, he managed to knock out power for several million people for a few days when his powers first manifested. Unsure of what to do, his parents tried to help him, but eventually gave him up to the school.

Personality: Sam's personality switches constantly, especially if he hasn't been drained recently. With his brain being super charged, his thought process is sped up as well, as are his emotions. He can go from being sad about something to happy about something else at the drop of a hat, and won't think twice about laughing at someone else's misfortune, especially if he caused it. He loves to watch people twitch after shocking them, as well, and will sometimes tag then with a nice jolt just to watch their reaction. Other times, however, he can be kind and affectionate, especially if he feels something for the person involved.


OOC Sexual Preferences: Scenes can be any length, and any detail. :p

OOC Notes: (Any other notes you might wish to let people know about your playing style, if there's nothing, just ignore this section)


"Very nice Wolfy, and very nice little addition of yourself to the school (as a generator). Sometimes it's a ballsy move to just say you're a big part of the setting like that, and I appreciate players who can balance that with being practical and not using it to make themselves more powerful (and putting it in with your weaknesses on top of that). I'll look him over a bit more in depth later and send you a PM with my final verdict."
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"Character sheet page posted: Roster."

"All approved characters that are finalized have been posted there (including my own, and the two major 'NPCs' for now)."
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Zaer Darkwail

Valen Smithens Zaer Darkwail
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Sexual Orientation: Straight

Powers: Valen has unique ability to make any touched object animated. Basically act as if alive. Example he can touch lion statue and make it act like lion pet for him. Or touch mere rubber ball and make it  pounce around as if alive and having own free will.

Weaknesses: Altough there is no limit how many times per day he can animate something, there are other limits. First is that he can only animate only one object at time (so no dancing line of needles as each needle needs separately animated). Only time he ever animated more than one object was in extreme rage (check bio). Also the range where he can go off from said object until object returns inert stage. Example if ball bounces away to over twenty feet, it becomes ordinary ball again. Also he cannot make objects do functions which are impossible. Example he cannot make knife fly in air but he can make it flip and jump around. Actual force how much his animated objects can move (or hit people) varies by size. Once case lion could not do more than move slowly and brush people, while a mere rock can pounce with speed of a bullet.

Bio: Valen Smithens was average youth who was studying in high school and had just graduated. His whole life could be said...boring average? As he calls it. He lived in parents house and they were extremely strict about letting him go out. He rebelled but somereason always parents found him and dragged home and punished. He has felt whole life controlled and pushed and shoved around. But then after his graduation his powers manifested in anger. He felt he could go in summer to beach with his friends, he has graduated and he graduated with top grades and so he felt he had earned relax before he focus on university later in the year.

But his parents had other ideas. Instead go to beach in holiday season after hard work to graduate with good marks they instead slapped in front of him pile of university grade pre-study books! Saying he has to think his precious future and so he must study! He then snapped as he slapped the pile of the books and threw it on his parents in rage. His touch made each and every book animated and the books became like devouring beasts which ate his parents in bloody manner! being shocked is understatement in Valen's part as he literally murdered his parents! For a mere hour he just stared the bloodied books which had eaten his parents and turned back inert stage. Pages bloodied, walls and floor, but not ounce of flesh had been left behind. Only barely a fabric piece from mother's favorite scar between the pages.

He made call for police, admitting tearfully he had killed his parents and he could not explain his case in phone. So two cops came, saw all the blood and they arrested Valen. Then during interrogation the police many times demanded him tell where he had hid the bodies and Valen each time had told them the truth; that he had made books (accidentally) eat his parents! Considered lunatic he was then put to mental facility which drove Valen nuts as he was put through varied mental and mood medicines, shock treatments and any methods to make to try break his delusional imagination. But he kept himself always honest with himself and others and he kept repeating his story, refusing to accept lie what doctors tried to feed him.

In end, then one day government agent came by, took him off hospital and then told that his agency believes Valen's story. Second they do not blame him nor judge him as killer or murderer, as it was honest accident. Then they offer him a place to learn and control his powers. Valen who had practically lost everything agreed and he was then brought to ExCiv Boarding School.

Secret Background
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
In truth Valen is son of a man who was known as Calen Ruthwood. During second world war, as simple medic soldier, his powers manifested. At first they manifested in form resurrecting a dead soldier with just a touch! However the process was exhausting so he could not keep resurrecting soldiers. Years he believed he had only power raise people from the dead. After the war he married a normal woman, she aged while he did not and he thought it was more his parents genes favoring him. His wife gave birth to his son and named him Valen, after his and wife's names Valerie and Calen.

However something happened, which made Calen and his family targeted by government. Calen's powers had been....tremendously increased suddenly, to point government considered him as threat. Government attempted firstly drug and capture him, it did not work, then they tried kill and result was countless loss to government side and only what killed Calen was his own grief. As his wife had died in crossfire and thought his son had also. He could not ressurect his wife, as his powers had started permamently wane. As final deed Calen opened a black hole behind him and threw himself into it and black hole closed. There has been no sign of Calen Ruthwood eversince and baby Valen was now orphan.

Government then put two agents as a couple, picking new identities and become adoptive parents for the child which both knew could had possibly gained his father's terrifying power. They had implanted tracking chip on the child and also small explosive chip at back of his brain, ready to be activated if crisis occurs. So when Valen's powers manifested the government had pause, fearful for things to come. But instead going kill the child or capture him as father was, instead government plans to raise him and become productive citizen. After all animating objects may not be Valen's father power but just a pale reflection from his gene. But if it comes to pass that Valen is actually manifesting his father's ability, then government needs consider further actions. Most cases they plan more recruit him to government and make good use of his powers instead fear them.

Personality: Valen is bit rebellious young adult who had been lived in strict raising in his whole life. Altough his powers killed his parents but he is also fascinated about it. Altough tragic start in his new life he embraces partially freedom of having a choice on things. There can be lots of bad choices but he can do a choice. When in before he had none. Overall he's just average youth who likes listen rock and metal, watch anime and read comics. He has been hardcore student in high school thanks from pressure from his parents so he is well educated and intelligent but he takes no joy from intellectual pursuits, thinking them more as a chore.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

OOC Sexual Preferences: I prefer long well written scenes over 'fade to black'. Also do not mind short 'one scene' long sexual relationships (flings basically). I do not mind sexual scenes at all but want it to serve build a story forward. School romances are norm after all and Valen could get crush on the girls and he could try flirt and act cool.

OOC Notes: (Any other notes you might wish to let people know about your playing style, if there's nothing, just ignore this section)


"I haven't read it all, but it looks pretty good. However, I'd really rather insist that there are NO reality benders, rather than that no player is one. I wouldn't mind you rewriting the story to imply Calen is some sort of divine being, capable of shaping reality to the point where he seemed like a reality bender. I would rather keep the things I find to ruin the Marvel and DC Universes out completely, so as to maintain internal consistency."

"If you don't want to attach yourself to a known pantheon of deities, maybe your father is from a pantheon too ancient to be remembered, constantly rebirthing or giving birth to new generations, each with less power than the last. Something like that."
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Zaer Darkwail

Well, I do not mind there is some divinity origins. That my char's father was just one the first reincarnated ancient greek gods. In actual power level the present gods are equivalent in power to present time supers or extraterrestrials, but before that they had unlimited powers. Now their powers can wane and they can tire themselves out.

But as usual the government labeled him as reality bender as that what it looked like. When in truth he was using his divine powers and simply ran out his divine spark what he had born with. Think that present gods are born with a battery which is source of their 'divine' powers. They can use two kinds of powers; temporal change (do not spend battery out but they drain battery and need recharge before can use it again) and then permanent changes (which drains battery permanently).

Powers could also be said 'wonders' and 'miracles'. It's a wonder example animate a spoon to dance tango for a moment. But it's miracle of spoon becomes permanently living entity who dance tango, talks and thinks. But if char is otherwise ok (speaking scope of his present powers) we can talk more in detail and think how/why Calen Ruthwood was able shape reality in one mile radius from him. Also that has Valen gained said power or is he able only to animate objects.

Zhu Que

Character Sheet

Chang Mi-Young (Zhu Que)
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Sexual Orientation: Undetermined (virgin)

Powers:  Mi-Young had always been more resistant to pain than most. Once her abilities became fully apparent, she found that not only could she shut out nearly any pain sensory in her body, but that she could also recover from injuries faster than a normal person.

  This ability has led her to be physically stronger, as she can recover from exercising with little down time, which means she is able to exercise and train her body more. Due to her abilities, she has learned a lot of her physical limits, and is always aiming to surpass them.

  Seung, her father, had tried to get her into martial arts, but her interest lay elsewhere. Though she did train with her father on occasion.

Weaknesses:  Mi-Young's biggest weakness is her temper. She is easily riled and that leads her to have a lack in judgement at some times. This has caused her to get so injured, that she almost could not recover. Sometimes she even pushes herself to far just out of curiosity and frustration with her limits.

  Though she is nearly immune to physical damage, at least anything but fatal blows, Mi-Young is susceptible to mental attacks. Though she is intelligent, her abilities only protect her physically. Headaches, doesn't have them. Voices, hallucinations? Those scare her, as she can't do anything about them if they happen.

Bio:  Mi-Young was a child model who actually had minor parts in K-dramas, as well as having done a few dancing parts in music videos. At a young age, she had to pack up and move with her family to America. One in middle school, being one of the really popular kids, she got to know other popular kids.

  A rivalry started between her and a popular artist at school, named Vincente Erudito. This rivalry lasted til he vanished. Not much after her sixteenth birthday, a group of men came to take her to a school that was meant to 'help' Extrahuman kids.

Personality: Mi-Young is generally a really sweet and happy girl, though she can have a real violent streak, especially with the knowledge there is little one could do to her with her ability to suppress pain and her body's quick recovery rate.

  Usually she is willing to listen and talk over issues, but with some people, she just finds it an amazingly fun game to mess with them. This leads to her purposely messing with teachers at ExCiv, egging them on to try and find a way to punish her, always wanting to test her limits against their attempts.

  As a model, she is always ready to be the center of attention, so much as to even cause problems just to be in the spotlight. She always makes sure she is camera ready, no matter if there is a reason or not. This has also led her to getting so ready for a shoot as to act different. Most common differences is sometimes she is innocent and cutesy, and sometimes she is extremely sensual and sexy.

Description: Cutesy attitude style. Normal attitude style. Sexy attitude style.
  Chang Mi-Young stands a short five foot two, and weighs a light one hundred twenty-six. Her pale skin is smooth and soft, as well as flawless. Her long black hair hangs straight, ending low on her mid back. Even though she has conditioned her body through sports and exercise, she stays slender due to her lack of major muscle building practices.

OOC Sexual Preferences: "I do like detailed scenes, they don't necessarily need to be really long, just as long as it doesn't leave me wishing it had more to it."

OOC Notes: "Basically, there is always room for exceptions... If you are not sure if the character will like something, or if I like something, just ask me... I would prefer taking time to work on information than just go in blind to interests and disinterests."

Miss Evangeline Pierce (Zhu Que)
Gender: Female
Age: 28
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Powers:  She is Omnilingual and has Sound Manipulation, as well as having a few mental disabilities. These are not inhibiting, but are a curious thing. She converses with herself, most of the time in different languages. She also sometimes has problems with deciding whether she wants to punish a student, or be a 'bleeding heart' and not punish them.

  Using her Sound Manipulation, she can prevent sounds in an area, or make them so loud it hurts. She can manipulate sound waves through psionic means, which can be used for many situations. For example, she can create a sonic blast, or raise a sonic barrier to cancel out other sounds from an area. This power is only limited by physics and the strain that it puts on her mind.

  Evangelina usually does not worry about other Extrahumans who can attack her mind, as her mind is already so mixed up due to schizophrenia. When she does have to deal with these people, she tends to just blast them and be done with it.

Weaknesses:  Some of Evangeline's weaknesses that come with being Omnilingual and having Sound Manipulation are made worse by her schizophrenia. She can get so lost in her schizophrenic thoughts, that she is almost immune to some mental attacks. There are even rarer times that her schizophrenia distracts her while she is using her Sound Manipulation and causes problems.

  Miss Pierce also has the problem that sometimes she just wants to cause problems for herself and lets herself be at a disadvantage. Her other weaknesses are that she does not have any physical powers. Though the school makes sure each teacher is trained in some kind of self defense, she still prefers to avoid confronting students with physical abilities.

Bio:  As a child, Evangeline was ostracized for being so eccentric. She never really had many friends, and it never mattered to her. She had people to talk to, who spoke back, they just weren't visible. Her father thought it was mostly normal and partially due to the loss of her mother at a very young age. Eventually, Evangeline when to a school that was there to 'teach' her about her abilities. In the end, she felt that the school only messed her up more. The problem? That made her feel more accepted.

  That is why after she was released, she couldn't stop thinking about the school. Four years of traveling and trying to distract herself did nothing. She ended up back at the school, now wishing to be a teacher to 'help' the students as she had been when she attended. Using her abilities as an advantage, she took up teaching languages.

Personality: Miss Evangeline Pierce is generally very open and interested in everyone and everything, though she is a bit eccentric. Then there are the times that she acts like she just wants to stab people, though these are not so often. She tends to be firm and guiding to her students, though there are times that she purposely makes things hard on everyone. Evangeline has found she is one of the few teachers that would rather prevent that problem than just punish the students, though, again, there are times that she is just as bad, or worse, than the other teachers.

Description: Evangeline.
  Evangeline's complexion is a creamy pale color with a few, pale freckles on her face and even fewer on her body. She has wild red hair and bright green eyes that shine from behind thick black lashes. Full lips, slim nose, and smooth cheeks complete the charming, attractive facial features. She is mostly legs and a shorter torso, though she does stand at five foot eight and weighs a small one hundred thirty-two pounds. There is also always something drawn on her body somewhere.

OOC Sexual Preferences: "I do like detailed scenes, they don't necessarily need to be really long, just as long as it doesn't leave me wishing it had more to it."

OOC Notes: "Basically, there is always room for exceptions... If you are not sure if the character will like something, or if I like something, just ask me... I would prefer taking time to work on information than just go in blind to interests and disinterests."


<Vincente "Vinch" Erudito>
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual, Bi-romantic


Subject has the unique ability to conjure and psionically manipulate a clay-like substance, likely extradimensional in origin. Seems to prefer shaping it into various creature-like bodies. I surmise that this method is the most comfortable to him, allowing him to more easily control his creations. More complex manipulations lead to greater strain on the subject's mind. Has also been known to use clay projectiles, but seemingly can't apply more force than as if thrown.

Tests conclude that the clay is made of unidentifiable elements, clearly not from this earth. It reacts within expected parameters to stimuli, however. Toxicity level is too low for consideration. Aside from its components, it is exactly like normal clay. When not in the subject's hands, anyway.

                                                                                                                                  - Prof. Dr. Adrian Blauschild


  A certain degree of concentration is required to sustain "clayshaping." Recommend application of taser or, if available, psychic assault upon the subject's mind.  [Addendum: Subject has learned to form non-conductive clay substance into body armor as defense against conventional tasers. In these cases, use of more extreme apprehension devices is advised. I, for one, favor my sonic pacifier.]

Clay has proven to be made brittle and immalleable when deprived of moisture (e.g. through intense heat or application of hygroscopic rock salt. However, fire is highly recommended as the amount of salt necessary is substantial.).

Subject's constructs are unliving. They cannot react on their own, nor can they sense. Therefore, subject must be able to observe his creations for them to operate effectively.

                                                                                                                                  - Prof. Dr. Adrian Blauschild

Bio: Vincente Erudito is a first generation Italian-American born in San Francisco, California. The boy's father, Arsenio, was a professor of history, while his mother, Daria, was a painter. Their upbringing led to Vinch taking a great interest in the renaissance. He honed his artistic talents early on, and by the time he entered middle school he was already an accomplished illustrator, a capable violinist, and a skilled sculptor. His seemingly endless potential afforded him much popularity within his school.

Despite his renown, however, Vincente never had any close friends or relationships. He secretly resented those around him, thinking them talentless oafs with no future. He had no competition. There were others there who studied the arts, but none, he thought, who devoted themselves to them. Eventually, however, one girl began to rival him in dedication. Chang Mi-Young, a girl he hardly noticed before, was now trying to outdo him in any way she could. Vinch was excited at the time, thinking that, finally, he could relate to someone as an equal. Unfortunately, Mi-Young had it out for the boy and their rivalry was sour. The nature of this relationship rubbed off on Vincente, making him rebellious and even more proud by high school.

Unknown to all, Vincente was born with a supernatural link to another, undeveloped dimension consisting only of a base component: clay. One day in his 15th year, he felt... something, in his mind. As he focused on it, he began to instinctively understand how to manipulate this other world. After the initial shock of discovering this power wore off, Vincente went about hiding and practicing his newfound ability. He could pull clay out of thin air and easily shape it using not only his hands, but his mind as well. He didn't know how this happened, but after a while he didn't care. He was special. Better than the rest. He always knew that. But eventually someone else found out, as well. An ExCiv Boarding School retrieval squad showed up at his house about a year later. A teacher had seen him practicing and reported him.

Personality: Vinch is a true renaissance man. Really, he even dresses appropriately. He is talented and he knows it all too well. He is usually polite, but always prideful, and quick to look down on anyone he deems a "soulless, passionless cretin." He respects dedication and expression, and not much else. He is also a bit of a punk, feuding with some of the less savory staff of the school.


5'9", average build. Owns more renaissance-style clothing than modern.

<Dr. Adrian Blauschild> <Pyrkinas>
Gender: Male
Age: 37
Sexual Orientation: Asexual Sadistic Bastard

Powers: Robotic left arm, capable of extrahuman-level strength and use as high-powered taser. Equipped with many non-lethal (but very painful) takedown devices and the typical defense training provided to school staff. He also keeps files on every student, including powers, weaknesses, personality traits, etc.

Weaknesses: Without equipment and prosthetic, is just an unpowered, one-armed human.

Bio: Dr. Adrian Blauschild is a brilliant physician (among other things) from Dresden, Germany. From a young age, he showed a great curiousity and talent for many fields of study. A prodigy, he earned many degrees concurrently in his homeland as a young adult, including medicine, philosophy, and various natural sciences (Making his full title "Dr. med., phil., rer. nat. Adrian Blauschild.). He put his license to practice to good (or rather, bad) use by leading research projects around the world on the physiology and psychology of Extrahuman test subjects. It wasn't long before ExCiv contracted him to work for them, an offer he accepted gleefully. Little else about his past is known.

Personality: Adrian is a morbidly curious and cruel sadist. The staff knows it. The students know it. It's no secret. The school uses his reputation to great effect in keeping students in line, though they understand he must be kept on a short leash. However, he does have a human side. He takes pride in particularly bright students, genuinely enjoys good conversation on any topic, and can in certain situations be downright pleasant. However, he will take any excuse to indulge in his twisted obsessions...

Description: Dr. Blauschild is a tall, pale, lanky man in his late thirties. His black hair is short and unkempt, his deep-blue eyes small and somewhat unsettling behind thin glasses. He is always clean-shaven. His fake arm is barely noticeable, hidden by his ever-present lab coat and gloves. Imagine the finer details yourself, that's what I do.

OOC Sexual Preferences: I've never actually done sexual RP, so I don't know for sure. I guess it depends on the scene, we'll see.

OOC Notes: I can't think of any right now.

Worked on all this overnight, may be a bit... not so good. Still, I like these characters, I'll change anything that's off.

Zhu Que

Reads over all characters. "Wow, I am enjoying the character ideas so far.... WOW, mine is long... I hope that's not too annoying... Sorry everyone for that, I just kind of got into my characters, which hasn't happened in a long time."

Looks to Zaer. "Ryuka asked me to let you know something, since he is busy doing stuff and I am at his house... He said that, if you could, make Valen's back story a bit vague, so that if he puts in a story of the gods, that there is less chance for conflicting information."

Zaer Darkwail

Ok, will make it more vague. But keep detail about the agency arranging him family and so forth fearing has Valen heritaged powers of his father.

Zhu Que

"Alright, that works. Ryuka said that is good."


<Natasha Wright> <Junkyo>
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Powers: “Have you ever fought against yourself?” Is Natasha’s favorite saying, because she has the ability to manipulate shadows. She can take any shadow and control it at will, even making it turn against his owner. The shadows come with the owner’s exact way of thinking and acting, except for the fact that their appearance is gray and they do not speak, no to mention if Natasha doesn’t like something she can make them stop. When it comes to others with abilities it is only known that the shadows replicate the person’s physical abilities and nothing beyond that. It is unknown weather or not she is able to make the shadows duplicate abilities beyond just physical strength or speed. She is also able to create completely new shadows as she pleases, but most of them don’t serve for more than distractions from others or company to her. It is also unknown weather or not the shadows don’t feel pain or weather they keep going because they are indifferent to it. They can get hit and attacked, but they never seem to stand down or disintegrate from the attacks. Controlling the shadows does not make her tired or does it make her need to keep concentration.

Weaknesses: Natasha hates the dark and will always sleep with lights on, because in darkness there is no shadow and she is powerless. She has no fighting abilities whatsoever and depends fully on her shadows. The shadows are connected to her somehow and are very loyal, so much that if she is in trouble they will turn from attacking to defending her and sometimes even give up on their own if she is threatened. So once she is cornered or threatened in any way the shadows will stop and become useless.  If she runs away too far from the shadows they disintegrate.

Bio:  Natasha was a very normal little girl that is until her parents decided to come late to work one day. Imagine the shock they had when they found Natasha with gray versions of themselves eating dinner at the sofa. They don’t understand what’s wrong with her and have not tried to take her to doctor’s afraid of what they might say. They believe she isn’t human, but Natasha is a hundred percent human the only difference being that she was born connected to magic. She doesn't even understand how it happened just that once she felt lonely a shadow would be with her. So it could be said that at the begging her powers were controlled by her emotions, but she was a fast learner. Once she realized what she could do she abused it to her will. Her parents loved her a great deal and they did try to keep her safe and hidden from others, but as her imagination grew so did her powers and she couldn’t help showing her friends. Soon at the mere age of eight she was taken away from her home against her will. She has spent the rest of her life in this “school”. At the begging she used to be called a salt miner, but as time passed and she kept loosing against the enforcers she found that the after effects of a taser or shotgun were not worth it. She now stays away from messing with any of the teachers or enforcers shadows.

Personality: Natasha keeps mostly to herself because in her mind shadows are better than other people. Of course it’s different because she’s nothing near antisocial, she just can’t stand being around people for long periods of time. She can keep up hours of conversation, but most of the time she won’t even start one unless someone else is the one to approach her. She’s good at controlling her emotions and most of the time it can be hard to tell weather she likes you or not. Of course if she uses your shadow more than she does you it can give you a bit of an idea of how she feel about you.


OOC Sexual Preferences: I like to play out the sexual scenes, but I don’t want them being the main thing that keeps it going. When it comes to them I prefer detailed semi long posts and long scenes when it comes to them. I have no problem with sexual scenes with either gender.

OOC Notes:  I like to post daily, but I have times when RL might get very overwhelming and don’t post for about two or three days.


"Okay, to Natasha, shadow manipulation, like Storm's weather manipulation, doesn't make sense as a mutant power. Describe it as magic, and it's fine. Also, she may have been a 'salt miner' technically at one point, but a salt miner is generally a purposeful troublemaker. So unless she is constantly doing that and pissing off teachers/enforcers, then she isn't technically a salt miner. Otherwise, it looks okay."

"Also, as a note, all enforcers (as semi-military personnel) have 'super' names, and teachers should have a code name applied to them."
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Ryu says you're approved, Junkyo. He'll post your character sheet in the roster when he gets home.


Cpt. Ivan Katzev {Pyrkinas}
Gender: Male
Age: 42
Callsign: Shepherd
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Powers: Highly-trained Special Forces veteran, well-versed in group tactics and a skilled linguist, fluent in English, Russian, Japanese, Mandarin, Hebrew, and Korean. Favors hand-to-hand combat and has mastered many disciplines, including sambo, judo, krav maga, taekwondo, and MCMAP, among others. This extensive training has left Katzev at the peak of human physical conditioning.

Equipped with standard enforcer armaments, as well as a special high-tech riot gear designed for combat against hostile extrahumans. Body armor is heavily padded, while the helmet is designed to protect against blinding, deafening, and mental attacks.

Weaknesses: Under the gear, is just a human, albeit one with special forces training.

Bio: Ivan Katzev's father, Viktor, was an agent working for the United States to spy on Soviet Russia during the Cold War. He was discovered when Ivan was an infant, narrowly escaping a sentence of treason by fleeing to America with his family. There, the boy was practically raised by the military, living on-base for much of his young life.

He took up judo at the age of 12, which was the start of his life-long goal to master as many martial disciplines as possible. His father, retired a few years later, supported his son's ambitions and traveled the world with him, paying instructors to teach Ivan. Finally, when he was 24, the Katzevs returned home and Ivan enlisted in the Army, working his way up over the years all the way to the U.S. Army Special Forces, the "Green Berets."

Katzev has since participated in several classified special operations, specializing as a self-defense instructor for foreign indigenous forces and civilians. Eventually he was refered to ExCiv, and agreed to work there as an enforcer and combat instructor for the staff.

Personality: Ivan is far more amicable than most of the staff. His kind nature and role as a trainer has earned him the callsign "Shepherd." He treats students with respect on the few occasions he is in a position to interact with them, and tends to dislike some of the more aggressive staff.


Ivan never shows his face while on-duty, preferring to allow the student body to see him as another faceless enforcer out of guilt for his role as one of their jailors. If he is ever seen outside of his suit, I'll describe him then.

OOC Sexual Preferences: If it comes to it, we'll see what happens.

Needed enforcers, so I made one. This will be my last character, don't worry.


"Yup, character roster has seen many updates today. Your stuff looks good Junkyo, just a little note (since I'm a bit of a stickler), weather = environmental status. When you say 'whether or not', it's whether."

"And, so I'm not picking on you here, I'll make this a nice little grammar lesson for a few simple things. First of all, a good on when you're dealing with super powers is affect vs. effect. For the most part (and this is a bit oversimplified here, but it helps), if it is mental or emotional, it's affect. Like watching a sad move affects you. If it is physical, it is an effect."

"Also, possessive is quite an irritating little issue when you're using vague words like it or their, rather than proper nouns. 'Its' is possessive, 'it's' is only used when one is referring to the contraction 'it is'. Same goes for 'theirs' and 'their's'."

"Oh, here's one people often have trouble with, when dealing with possessive proper nouns ending in 's': Okay, so it's 'Charles's phone' not 'Charles' phone', however, the latter is acceptable if your consistent about it. Pick one style and stick with it. The former is the most correct form, but if you find it a bit difficult or clunky sounding, you can use other possessive phrases, such as 'the phone belongs to Charles'."

"Another useful one to remember in a superhero or magical setting, 'Earth' is a planet, it's a proper noun; earth is an 'element' (in classical Greek terms). Also, 'God' is a specific being, 'god' is a general term, though I prefer 'deity' or 'divine being/entity' because 'god' can be gender determinate and is too often attributed to the singular being, God."

"Ooh, okay a little extra fun with prefixes and suffixes: -kinesis means 'to move', therefore telekinesis makes sense. Depending on context, so does pyrokinesis, however, you can't just add -kinesis to make a power psionic. In a twist, -mancy (as in 'necromancy') means 'to divine' (divining, in its base definition, relates to gaining answers, like clairvoyance or oracles), however, English has twisted that little bastard to be a suffix relating to the use of magic in general. So, while -kinesis is accepted to retain its meaning, as its most common uses have done so, -mancy has been turned into something it isn't and will likely never get back its former meaning. However, for Pyrkinas's sanity, don't start just calling magic powers '<blank>-mancy', unless the term is already established (as with 'necromancy'). If you need a name for a power type, ask me, I'll find one."

"So yeah, if you guys find that helpful, I'll toss those up in the OOC on occasion, and anyone who doesn't mind their grammar being called out from time to time, let me know. Everyone can use a little help, even myself... I have a punctuation and sentence structure issue at times, because I often write the way I speak, which is very quickly and without 'editing'."

(P.S. Another little note, English is a complicated language, not because the rules are not finite, but because our words often don't follow the rules. The way a word is pronounced, is not always the correct way it should be pronounced if the word is translated to English.)
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"Ivan looks good, Pyrk, just make sure to touch on those things I mentioned and I'll move him over to the roster tomorrow."

"For the rest of you, the roster is on the main post, and is the first link, I'll do OOC later today, and start the game up sometime before Saturday, most likely."

"I'm going to add a little something to the thread title, as I'd like to direct a few more female players, hopefully get a couple more teachers in here (and maybe a female enforcer)."
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Zhu Que

Quote from: Ryuka Tana on May 12, 2011, 06:39:22 AM
"And, so I'm not picking on you here, I'll make this a nice little grammar lesson for a few simple things. First of all, a good on when you're dealing with super powers is affect vs. effect. For the most part (and this is a bit oversimplified here, but it helps), if it is mental or emotional, it's affect. Like watching a sad move affects you. If it is physical, it is an effect."

  Blinks. "I know I may not be fully aware of things as of needing to go back to sleep, (Oh, I am sad, I saw a dead baby gator out by the light for the Publix and Walgreens... sadness.) but that should be 'First of all, a good one...' Right?" Smiles.

  "Just curious, since you are giving pointers for grammar and stuff... Also, there are times that I have problems with possessive 'it', and when to use effect over affect.... There are also a few other things I sometimes have problems with, though not as often. These are homonyms, homophones, and homographs. (I do not really have problems with heteronyms and heterographs.)"

  "Oh... I was thinking to wait for things to get going before thinking of any other characters, but if we still need another character by the time you are ready to start, I can always put together a character. Even if it is just a character to fill a space til we get more players. Just let me know."

  Stares at the TV... "Holy crap... It seems that the narrator (or the script writer) of Animal Planet's 'The Most Extreme' has a weird opinion. The line was; 'Mr. Blah (name left my mind) has made quiet a business selling this clay as a dietary supplement, not only to humans but dogs, horses, and even astronauts.'... I did not know astronauts were not humans..." Snickers.


so...before i go through the difficulty of creating a character for this...would a character as a mutant that created uncontroled radiation be acceptable?


"Oh, sorry, my bad fallen. I saw the PM, but I was busy at the time and then it didn't register. Yeah, though radiation makes more sense as an external mutation (as in, a mutation caused, probably by radiation), than a genetic one. Otherwise, yes, it's fine."

"Also, yes, it should have been 'a good one'."

"As for the homo-nym, -phone, and -graph. Homonym means 'same name', essentially, it means the word is spelled and pronounced the same way, but means more than one thing. The multiple definitions of a homonym should be different enough to actually warrant being described as different words with the same 'name'. Homophone means same sound, like, 'their' and 'there', which sound the same but have different spellings, and are thus, different words. Homographs are pretty rare, as they are words with the same spelling, but different pronunciation (I've never seen someone use the word homograph, but based on the root words, that's the most likely thing for it to mean, and they're so rare I can't think of an example)."

"I'm pretty sure heteronym doesn't make sense, I guess it could be two different words that mean the same thing, but context is everything and most words don't mean the 'exact' same thing. Oh, I see, heteronym is a specific form of homograph, in which the different pronunciations of a word are differently defined. Such as 'lead', which pronounced one way means to guide or head a group; pronounced a different way, we have a metal that is strong against Kryptonian radiation."

"This makes heterophone rather difficult, as it needs special context to not mean just about every word ever. Heterophones are different words, spelled and sounded out differently, meaning it needs to be specifically applied to word types so it doesn't just include 'cat' and 'duck', which are clearly differently spelled and differently pronounced."
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