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Author Topic: [NC-Light] ExCiv Boarding School (Check out the other thread)  (Read 19887 times)

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Offline Ryuka TanaTopic starter

wouldnt it just be easier for him to have a private shower inside the room...dig a hole to allow plumbing to go out...and mount a hose ona  wall or going to the john might also be a problem

"The rig probably wouldn't be full body, mostly just tubes to release sedatives (controlled so he doesn't accidentally release his power) and things used to supress and absorb his power otherwise. He's still likely to spend most of his time in a cell. Also, they wouldn't insist students shower everyday, they don't exercise that much (there's no gym, this is essentially a prison for prisoners you don't want buffing themselves up), and this is a 'prison'."

Offline Ryuka TanaTopic starter

Also, so C-level students are allowed to go to the A and B wings? Cooly. o3o

"Sorry, I forgot to get this one. They do need escorts, and they'll rarely be allowed in the A-Level, but yeah. They can, as long as they don't cause too much trouble."

Offline Wolfy

I am so ready to

Offline Wolfy

oh yea steal the one girl that kenny might have a normalish life with mr i can control the lethal energy i emit :P

(/me is totally screwing with wolfy)

:P Lightning trumps radiation. lol

Offline fallensaviour

oh we'll see about that

he starts to glow green

Offline Wolfy

Yeah..but bam, you're already dead. xD

Unless that suit has a surge protector. xD

Offline Ryuka TanaTopic starter

Shakes head, "do you really think electrocuting a radioactive guy is a good idea? Also, there's a good chance you're on a few sedatives to make sure it takes a little more time than just a thought for you to discharge electricity. Either way, in this hypothetical duel, I'm gonna say, you might very will kill the unstable radioactive guy, right before his body goes nuclear and kills you as well."

"Anyway, I'm still finishing setup, I want to do the Setting Info. You guys can putter around the OOC thread or read about all the little areas in the locked IC threads for now."

Offline Ryuka TanaTopic starter

"Oh, hey, for the sake of it, I am going to transfer the discussion regarding the 'new kid' over to OOC, and turn it into a small discussion."

Offline fallensaviour

eh...its probably a conductor actually...though it might have alot of padding between me and the shielding...what for the whole not having to constantly go to the sick pittiful it is wing

plus...depending how fast it rises you might be dead too...just much slower :P yeay radiation poisoning :P

edit: how pitiful it is wing? i have no clue what i ment to say there...other than however pitiful it is...
« Last Edit: May 13, 2011, 04:26:10 AM by fallensaviour »

Offline Ryuka TanaTopic starter

"Oh right, the medical bay, I thought about that and then forgot... I think I'll just not make a thread for that, or make one if someone ends up there. Hope no one needs actual medical or surgical attention... Proffessor Blauschild is the main medical technician..."

Offline Zhu Que

  Stares in worry. "Uhm... Eep.. I also hope not... That doctor is CRAZY!"

Offline Ryuka TanaTopic starter

"Okay everyone, check the OOC thread for setting info, and the first thread here in case you missed any changes I made in the last couple of days. The game is nearly ready to begin. Let me know if the OOC thread if you think there's anything that should be added to the Setting Info or OOC notes."

"Also, check the roster to be sure you know who's in the game, and see the finalized (at least for the most part) info."

Offline minerva7790

Whoa, this is moving way faster than I expected!! Umm, I'm in the midst of creating a character, so don't go anywhere without meeeeeeeeee. Will try to have it up within two or three hours!

Offline Pyrkinas

No worries, we'll probably be accepting players for a while. Need more teachers and enforcers.

Offline minerva7790

Uhh, well, since I began thinking up my character two days ago, when this thread was only freshly started, my character is neither teacher nor enforcer, but student. I just PMed Ryuka, because I need to ask him somethings too anyway. Hope it goes well! *crosses fingers*

Offline Pyrkinas

Students are fine, too.

Offline Ryuka TanaTopic starter

"Doubt we'll stop recruiting unless the number becomes unmanageable, but I like having a large group."

"HOWEVER... I think I'm going to insist that (after Minerva) that we get more teachers before recruiting too many more students."

Offline Arktonyel

Re: [NC-Light] ExCiv Boarding School (Needs Teachers)
« Reply #67 on: May 16, 2011, 02:03:55 PM »
Casper Bayn <Arktonyel>
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Callsign: "Ghost"
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Powers: Adrenaline Control (The ability to control Adrenaline rate and apply it, such as, Speed, Strength, and Reflexes)

   -Special/Signature Weapon: The prototype weapon, 'Electric Eel', is an advanced whip type weapon. It can extend and contract whip that with the flick of a switch, has an electrical current running through it. Also, at the end of the hilt, there is a tranquilizer dart that can be stabbed into someone who is to close for the dart to be shot at.

Weaknesses: Prolonged use of Adrenal Control will cause him to be fatigued or occasionally faint. He will need rest and nourishment afterward. There is also a possiblility the ability may backfire due to physical limitations of musculature and bone.

Bio: Casper Bayn graduated ExCiv at the age of twenty-one in 2005, then was recruited (he volunteered is more like it) to the Enforcers Unit. There he took up training in Soubenjutsu(the Japanese Martial Art of using a Whip), as well as Judo/Sambo Mix Martral Arts, for the next eight years. As of recent, Casper was promoted into the Retrieval Unit of the Enforcers. To the more recent students and staff his story is unknown, but those that knew him as a student, knew him as a 'salt-miner', as he was always causing trouble. After some counseling with 'Shepherd', he came to look up to the Enforcer, and the other students (and staff) noticed a change in him. He had become determined to be an Enforcer, and so joined shortly after his graduation.

Personality: Casper's attitude towards students tends to be stern, though understanding. He believes that what goes on in the school is wrong, but that it keeps things in line. The main reason, after his talk with 'Shepherd', for being an Enforcer is to help the students. Even if the approach to helping them is cruel punishment. 'That is what you call tough love.' he would say. As for how he acts towards the staff, he is generally polite and keeps to himself, usually only talking when directly talked to.
Description: On Duty (The way students will see him) and Off Duty (How 'Staff' will see him in Staff Only Areas)

OOC Sexual Preferences: I like to try and avoid it if possible, but if it does happen, then I would like to use the 'Fade-to-Black' concept.


Hey everyone, um. This is my first time actually being part of a Role-Play community such as this. Please feel free to point out any mistake I may make from here on and just point me in the right direction. So long as we have an understanding I am completely okay with you. Looking forward to our time together.
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Offline Ryuka TanaTopic starter

Re: [NC-Light] ExCiv Boarding School (Needs Teachers)
« Reply #68 on: May 16, 2011, 03:33:02 PM »
"Approved, will append it to the roster eventually."

Offline Zhu Que

Re: [NC-Light] ExCiv Boarding School (Needs Teachers)
« Reply #69 on: May 16, 2011, 05:08:08 PM »
  Glomps Arktonyel. "Yay!! Welcome to E and to the game.... You'll love this... and I'm pretty sure Casper and Evangeline will have a weird relationship.... Theme song!" Does a cute/flashy pose.

Offline Arktonyel

Re: [NC-Light] ExCiv Boarding School (Needs Teachers)
« Reply #70 on: May 16, 2011, 05:58:17 PM »
  Glomps Arktonyel. "Yay!! Welcome to E and to the game.... You'll love this... and I'm pretty sure Casper and Evangeline will have a weird relationship.... Theme song!" Does a cute/flashy pose.

I'm sure they will...oh crap the theme song. > ~<

Offline minerva7790

Re: [NC-Light] ExCiv Boarding School (Needs Teachers)
« Reply #71 on: May 16, 2011, 09:55:49 PM »
Worked out some (read: a lot of) kinks (not that kind!) with Ryuka-san. Hope it's alright now! :P

Mika Kawaguchi minerva7790
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Sexual Orientation: Asexual for now (that is, she has never really been attracted to male or female. It is intelligence that attracts her)

Mika has the ability to manipulate dimensions, including space-time. On the basic level, this means she can teleport and theoretically time-travel, by bending space-time to connect two otherwise faraway. But on another level, Mika can, within strict rules, cause objects to "appear", where there was none previously. This is done by searching for a parallel universe (for want of a better term) where the item exists, and reaching through the wormhole and taking it. She can only move non-living objects that are of the same size or smaller than her and are tangible. The item must also be plausible to exist in her own world. Therefore (for example), she cannot bring faerie dust into this world, even if it may exist in another world, because faeries do not exist in this one.

It can be hypothesised that Mika's abilities are linked to her incredible mental abilities. She has eidetic memory: never forgetting what she hears or learns. Mika's former friends used to joke that she was from the future herself, while her enemies called her a freak. Her physics teacher called her the miracle of the century and the key to the questions of the universe, though few agreed with him.

The laws of nature itself govern Mika's abilities. Mika can only use her powers when there is a wormhole that enables her to access the other dimensions. Mika cannot time-travel. Or rather, she tried once to travel to the past, but was nearly trapped into the wormhole, and has since never dared to try again. She can only teleport to places within sight, for fear of reappearing in a wall or a solid object, and being stuck there.

The law of probable equivalent exchange rules her power to manifest objects. Just as she is able to take objects from other dimensions, so are other people from the other worlds able to take from her world. The exchange of goods is based on the assumption that the people who have such powers exercise them sparsely, at nearly regularly intervals. Therefore, she cannot manifest too many items at one time.

The specificity or rarity of the item she wants also plays a part in how long she needs to manifest it. The more rare or specific the item she wants, the more time she would need to search for it with her mind from this plane, and to open a portal to it too. Also, it is dangerous for her to manifest food items as it is possible for the molecular structure of items to change in minute ways in the wormhole. This may render a perfectly harmless piece of food poisonous, or a perfectly forged blade cracked and flawed.

Perhaps Mika's greatest weakness, however, is her apathetic personality. Although she has these powers within her reach, she often finds no reason to use them. Even if she could stop a murder from happenning in front of her eyes, she won't do it if the victim is someone she doesn't know, or hate. She will only use her powers if it benefits herself or an acquaintance. Not friends, because she has none. None so far, anyway.

Bio: Mika never knew her parents. She was raised by an elderly couple whose children had already grown up and started families of their own. Her foster parents never pretended that she was their child. Instead, they were honest about how she was left on their doorstep as a baby, and always said she must be a godsent to brighten up their lonely house. Mika always accepted this without question. She was a quiet child who asked no questions. Her foster parents always thought it odd, though they just did their best to bring the child up.

Mika's intelligence started showing itself when she began going to school. She almost never did her homework, but because she could answer every question in every test perfectly, her teachers found it hard to punish her. Mika was sent for an IQ test, but the results were unimpressive. Perhaps just as a reason to get rid of her, Mika's teachers recommended for her to go to a school that specially catered to students with high IQ, which Mika's foster parents complied. The new school, however, found her difficult to deal with. Her new teachers found her tiresome to teach because she always knew the answer to any question. Mika loved to read, you see, so she had learnt most of the things these teachers asked her. These teachers were trained to teach inquisitive and bright kids, not one with the memory of a computer. In the end, they left her alone to read at the back of the class. As long as they supplied her with a constant stream of books, Mika caused them no trouble.

Mika did not fit in with her peers, and especially the older children, who were angered that she was allowed to read textbooks that were meant for them. Difficult facts that they struggled to learn came easily to her. They treated her as an outcast, and Mika was content to be treated so. She spent her lunch breaks alone and went home immediately after classes. Her foster parents found it hard to keep tabs on their adopted daughter, however. She seemed to disappear right after coming home, only to reappear at dinner time. In truth, Mika had discovered the passageway through space-time, and spent her time travelling the world, or simply hiding in some library somewhere. To other worlds, mostly, but sometimes to other places in this world, or other times. There she would spend the afternoon, learning about that other place or time, until it was dinner time. She soon learnt that she could also bring objects through those wormholes, though sometimes the object would disintegrate in her grasp if it violated the laws of the universe, such as creating a time paradox.

Running to another place was the method that Mika used to escape the older children, when the ostracizing turned to bullying. She would simply look for a wormhole, or create one if there was none, and hide elsewhere for a time. However, there was just one time she was caught by surprise and used her power a splitsecond too late. A senior had already gotten hold of her arm and he later reported experiencing a force like a whirlpool or a sink, and Mika disappearing before his eyes. His hands had grown suddenly very hot, and the leather gloves he had been wearing appeared to burn away too. When Mika returned to her own world, she found that rumours had spread that she was a witch who used black magic. Students and teachers alike moved towards her expulsion, but before the principal could draft and sign the expulsion order, Mika was transfered to another school. You see, the government had already caught wind of Mika's strange ability, and had swiftly made plans for her transfer to ExCiv.

Personality: Mika shows no emotion or feeling to all but the most extreme conditions. She seldom smiles or speaks, but spends much of her time simply sitting there and reading.
Description: <and/or Picture>


Believe it or not, they're both the same girl: Mika. She's often bored with life in general. School is too easy for her, and not even dabbling with computers (which she's really good at) can sustain her interest. It might strike some people as unusual that a girl so smart and so "futuristic" can be so interested in something as girly as clothes and makeup. She likes to try different styles, but the gothic lolita or punk are her favourites.

OOC Sexual Preferences: I am neutral about sex scenes. As Mika's sexuality implies, she has always avoided sex and doesn't exactly have interest in it. It would be good, however, to be able to explore it, perhaps in some non-con scenes.

OOC Notes: Mika's an alien... Or not. Who knows?

Offline Ryuka TanaTopic starter

Re: [NC-Light] ExCiv Boarding School (Needs Teachers)
« Reply #72 on: May 17, 2011, 12:54:48 AM »
"As long as you remain careful about your ability, try to remain vague and if you're not sure, ask me about things. Otherwise, you're accepted, you'll be placed in C-Level, but in a room, not a cell."

Offline minerva7790

Re: [NC-Light] ExCiv Boarding School (Needs Teachers)
« Reply #73 on: May 17, 2011, 06:53:06 AM »
Thank you~~

Offline Ryuka TanaTopic starter

Re: [NC-Light] ExCiv Boarding School (Needs Teachers)
« Reply #74 on: May 17, 2011, 05:21:48 PM »
"As it stands now, we need teachers, so, that's what I'm looking for, and I doubt I'll be looking at too many more student applications just yet, until I get a couple of teachers to teach them."