Two Quick Ideas: Military and Dystopia (F/M or F/F)

Started by Beorning, May 10, 2011, 12:25:19 PM

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Here are two general ideas for one-on-one stories I'd like to try doing... Both ideas are, admittedly, vague - but I'd be more than happy to iron out all of the details with anyone interested in them :)

1. Military RP - I'd like to play a young woman who gets drafted into the military against her will. It'd be the story about her adapting to the military lifestyle and discipline, struggling with the hard physical training and so on. My writing partner could play any role, really - a fellow recruit? My character's commanding officer? Someone else? When it comes to the exact setting, I'd prefer this story to be set in a modern world or in some realistic SF setting. Still, I can this working in a fantasy world, too...

2. Dystopian RP - again, I'd like to play a young woman - one that is living in some kind of dystopia. When it comes to the nature of this dystopia, I'm flexible and open for discussion - personally, I see it as some orderly world in the vein of "Equilibrium" or "THX 1138". And again, my writing partner could play anyone, depending on the preference - I don't have any specific storyline here... I'm mostly interested in exploring some personal story set against the dystopian backdrop.

These are the ideas... As I said, I realize that they are vague - but that doesn't mean that I'm waiting for my writing partners to work out these stories' details all by themselves :) On the contrary - I'd be more than happy to expand on these ideas in the course of discussion!

So, if you'd be interested in one of these ideas (or both of them, even - these two ideas could be easily merged into one), just PM me! And... let's talk :)