"The Breeding Farm"

Started by FrankieDupraz, May 09, 2011, 06:43:33 AM

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I just want to thank every one that has contacted me about my ideas, and I'm really surprised that they both got so much attention.  While I'm now no longer looking for a Sailor Moon story, I'm still looking for probably one more "Breeding Farm" story.  I've added a variation that I'd like to try.

'The Original Idea'
- Scientists have discovered a revolutionary -- and very controversial -- way of growing armies within the space of a couple of days.  Pregnancies take as little as a week.  The world's wars are now fought between men and women who reach adult age within three months.  Battles are bloody, as soldiers now truly are 'expendable'.  If one dies, another one is grown and takes his place.  The population are divided on whether this should be allowed.  However, just like the nuclear race of the Cold War... as long as one country is creating these armies, so must their nervous neighbours.

In order to produce these armies, the Government created the Breeding Program.  19 year old girls who are considered in peak health are drafted in to serve their country.  The drafts are mandatory, and their duty can last anywhere from 10 - 15 years.  This all takes place in a department nicknamed 'The Breeding Farms'.  Breeders have also given their duty the derogatory term 'Harvesting'.  Once they reach the age of 35, research suggests that the scientific techniques that cause their bodies to create children in such a short time begins to wear off.  By age 41, their bodies return to the 9-month pregnancy period.

- I need someone who is willing to play a woman who is around the 30 - 35 age mark.  She's 'harvested' countless children, been impregnated by who knows how many men and did an unknown number of sexual favours.  She doesn't want to go back to the real world... she's been here for almost a third of her life, and thanks to the Government 'Propaganda Classes'... she's been subtlety brainwashed in to believing that her sole purpose in life is to breed an army.  She's desperate to stay, and she'll give as many blow jobs as it takes to convince her Guards and Department Officer to keep her.


I wouldn't mind playing Sailor Moon A or B. And I wouldn't mind playing Breeding farm. Leaning toward Breeding Farm more than the other two but will play all 3. I play the one you really wanted to play out.



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I like the breeding farm too.  Sounds like something I could definitely get into ;)