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Author Topic: Immortalis ((IC))  (Read 1110 times)

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Offline TrostTopic starter

Immortalis ((IC))
« on: May 06, 2011, 08:45:31 PM »
In the days when lore was passed through lips and song, it was the strength and power of men that immortalized them. The earth was governed by the laws of honor and the might a man carried himself. The only way to be remembered is to be immortalized in deeds and power so great that it was spoken of and remember for many centuries.

This is the world that exists today, and many seek this power and immortality.

Their first obstacle? To cross the scorching desert. Many die in the journey alone. Past the mirages, scorching heat, misleading dunes, tucked deep in the desert sands, is a compound. There is a towering wall around it that stretches its sun-bleached stone as high as skyscrapers. The main gates automatically open with a knock. Past the mighty, intimidating walls is a ring of grass as large as a football field. A cobble path from the main gates cuts through the grass and beeline’s for the entrance to arena. The Arena walls jut up as proud as the fortress walls. Nothing else exists in the compound. Here, creatures and beings of all kinds fight and train together in order to obtain this immortality. Their goals? To become powerful enough to be immortalized. Many come from all stretches of lands, of all races, of all power.

How will you wish to be immortalized? Are you a hero wishing the change the world, or an overlord wanting to control it with an iron fist? What do you bring to the arena and how do you wish to impact those around you? It is your actions that make the future. The choice is yours, but more importantly: Will you survive?

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Offline AK89

« Reply #1 on: May 08, 2011, 12:15:49 AM »
Real Name:?
Code Name: Zale
Age: Appears to be early twenties but unknown
Sex: Male
Role: Fighter and entertainer
Origination:No one knows
Race: Human kinda
Bio: There is little known about him only that he was trained by someone and then left for whatever reason. He has taken on his own destiny and now choices what to do. His domineer is calm unless properly stimulated. He has a dark past that even he does not full understand.

Weapons: Swoard and a hand gun tho he has been know to use anything and everything.

Offline TrostTopic starter

Re: Immortalis ((IC))
« Reply #2 on: May 08, 2011, 03:33:27 AM »
((Thank you for posting, AK89, but all profiles must be posted in the OOC thread. At the bottom of the first post here, if you click "Click!" than it will bring up the OOC thread. Please post your profile there, and you can post here whenever you'd like.))

Axius was infuriated! Weeks... WEEKS he had been cooped up in this damned prison. He was unable to leave the walls of the fortress. This would not be such a horrid fact if he had SOMEONE for company other than his counterpart. There was no one to fight! The man paced in an irritated fashion, his feet stomping thunderously and crunching in the dirt below as he let out an animalistic growl. His usual bronze skin was turning a shade of red-brown from anger.

"Dear Axius, you will burst a blood vessel with such a temper." came a heavenly voice from the stands.

Axius whipped around, for all the world looking like the motion was half-tempted to be an attack. (And in truth, it almost was.) His blazing blue eyes fell on the soft ones of his counterpart. Eleithinna gave him a soft smile from her perch. Her gown rippled around her like a pool of milk, ruffling softly over the edge of the seats. Her dark brown hair fell in elegant tendrils around her thin frame. Axius growled at her.

"This is your fault we are stuck in here! I'm losing my sanity, damn it!" he roared, and one could swear the earth shook.

"Have patience, Axius," Eleithinna urged in an almosting singing voice. Some soft undertone lured and nurtured Axius' raging heart, unwillingly soothing it with its hypnotic trance. "The warriors you seek will arrive in due time."

Axius scoffed and stormed away from her, feeling sick from her pure energy yet her power soothing his anger too much for him to continue fighting. He continued his routine training.