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Author Topic: Immortalis ((OOC))  (Read 1495 times)

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Immortalis ((OOC))
« on: May 06, 2011, 08:43:25 PM »
In the days when lore was passed through lips and song, it was the strength and power of men that immortalized them. The earth was governed by the laws of honor and the might a man carried himself. The only way to be remembered is to be immortalized in deeds and power so great that it was spoken of and remember for many centuries.

This is the world that exists today, and many seek this power and immortality.

Their first obstacle? To cross the scorching desert. Many die in the journey alone. Past the mirages, scorching heat, misleading dunes, tucked deep in the desert sands, is a compound. There is a towering wall around it that stretches its sun-bleached stone as high as skyscrapers. The main gates automatically open with a knock. Past the mighty, intimidating walls is a ring of grass as large as a football field. A cobble path from the main gates cuts through the grass and beeline’s for the entrance to arena. The Arena walls jut up as proud as the fortress walls. Nothing else exists in the compound. Here, creatures and beings of all kinds fight and train together in order to obtain this immortality. Their goals? To become powerful enough to be immortalized. Many come from all stretches of lands, of all races, of all power.

How will you wish to be immortalized? Are you a hero wishing the change the world, or an overlord wanting to control it with an iron fist? What do you bring to the arena and how do you wish to impact those around you? It is your actions that make the future. The choice is yours, but more importantly: Will you survive?

The actual RP: Click!
THERE IS AN ADULT VERSION!! PM me for the link.

Character Sheet
Tournament Schedule/Structure

I actually have very limited rules. This is a rather easy going thread. I do hold strict to the ones I have, though.
>>>Follow Elliquiy rules. This is an Non-Adult RP. If you wish for an Adult version of this site with more gore, brutality, and sexual content, than PM me.

>>>No god-modding, instant punches, or unwanted control over another person's character. If it is consented, then please make a note of it.

>>>I will allow SMALL OOC comments in the actual RP (IC), but there has to be an actual RP post accompanied with it. If need be, ask other RP-ers to check to OOC thread so speak thus. NO POSTS WITH JUST OOC IN THE ACTUAL IC!!

>>>You must fill out a character sheet before posting. You don't have to even wait for an approval, but check back to see if I need you to change somethig.

>>>Please post 3-4 times a week. If you are going to be gone or busy, please notify me in PM or OOC.

>>>I would like this to be a literate. So please, at least a paragraph per post.

>>>Have fun! Let your imagination roam! I kept the plotline open so every RP-er can contribute. There will be tournaments once more members join.


This is the grassy area that circles around the arena. There is nothing else here.

Once there, it is an oasis amongst the barren land. There is running water and a cafeteria for food. Each person gets a dorm, and have the option to share it or get their own. Merchants pass by into the arena with goods, clothes, and weapons. The actual arena grounds is nothing but dirt.

Dorms are located inside the arena, beneath the stone stands. Each dorm is of decent size. Each has their own sitting room, bedroom, and one bathroom that must be shared.

Character sheet:

Username: (You Username)
Name: (Name of your character)
Role: (Are you a mentor (only 2 allowed), student, fighter, slave, etc. Use your imagination!
Origination: (Where did your character come from?)
Race: (Use imagination!)
Description: (What does your character look like? Images accepted)
Abilities/Weapons: (What do they use to fight with?)
Character: (They're personality. Are they evil, good, neutral, etc.)
Bio: (What is their history? You may also want to say what their ambitions are.)

Tournament Schedule/Structure
None listed, yet.

There is no limitations for races, gender, etc.

There is no limitations to plotlines. I leave the plot open because I want you all to be creative and contribute to it. I find the best things about RP-ing is allowing to have free reign on creativity.

Since not everyone can be Mentors, I have limited it to only 2. They are first come, first serve.

((slot open))
((slot open))

Looking for more RP's?
I will advertise other RP's in order to help those needing members, and for members looking for some RP's. If you wish to advertise your RP, please fill this out:

Name of RP: ((What is it called))
Owner: ((Your Username))
Category: ((Where in Elliquoy would we find this RP?))
Synopsis: ((Only 3-5 sentences max, please.))
Links: ((This must contain the IC thread, OOC thread, and any other thread pretaining to it.))

Any questions?
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Re: Immortalis ((OOC))
« Reply #1 on: May 07, 2011, 01:22:56 AM »
Username: Trost
Name: Axius and Eleithinna
Role: Owner
Origination: Unknown
Race: Half-deity
Age: looks 26
Gender: female and male
Description: Axius is 6’2”, broad shouldered, and has muscles rippling on every inch of his body. His skin glows a flawless bronze. A mane of dark brown hair flares around an angular, sharp face and stretches past his shoulders. Icy blue eyes cut at any passersby beneath a permanent scowl. His bow lips are usually arched down to match it. He is caught always wearing black; usually this is in black pants, black boots, and a black sleeveless shirt. On his back, he bears a celtic tattoo.

Eleithinna is 6’2, slender with a voluptuous body. Her body has the same bronze as Axius and the same thick, dark hair. Although, her hair falls to her mid-calf. Her eyes are blue, yet very welcoming and friendly. Her bow-lips are usually arched in a smile. Opposite of her male counterpart, Eleithinna is often seen wearing white. She is seen usually in a flowing gown that ripples like water in the tiniest of her graceful movements. The same celtic design is pinned to as a crest on her right shoulder sleeve.

Abilities/Weapons: Axius wields a huge hammer which he swings with abnormal agility and ease. His deity powers consists of water, earth, fire, and wind, though only their destructive power.

Eleithinna wields no weapons, but has a strong power to her. Like Axius, she has the ability to manipulate water, earth, fire, and wind. However, unlike him, she can only use it for positive, productive power. (Healing, helping, nurturing, etc)

Both can communicate to each other’s mind.
Character: Axius-Powerful and hungry for more, the male demi-god is a fighter. He craves destruction, challenges, and pain. Stubborn, gruff, violent, and aggressive, he is borderline evil.

The only that keeps Axius’ in line is the soft heart of his counterpart: Eleithinna. The woman is kind hearted and pure of heart. Always smiling and offering a helping hand, she is the healer of body and soul.

Bio: Axius and Eleithinna are actually two parts to one being. Once a single person, the deity had two split personalities. One half wanted to lay waste to lands, absorb and conquer every power. The other urged to be good and to help. It mourned when the darker side raged, and the darker side raged when the lighter one held it back. With the sanity slipping, the crushing power was falling out of control. Unable to take the constant psychological battle, the deity split itself into two beings: Axius and Eleithinna. Both created the Arena in order for Eleithinna to train those to change the world for the good, and for Axius to satisfy his destructive urges. Both are there to train, as well, to find a balance. Only then can they become a single being again.

Offline AK89

« Reply #2 on: May 08, 2011, 04:37:17 AM »
Real Name:?
Code Name: Zale
Age: Appears to be early twenties but unknown
Sex: Male
Role: Fighter and entertainer
Origination:No one knows
Race: Human kinda
Bio: There is little known about him only that he was trained by someone and then left for whatever reason. He has taken on his own destiny and now choices what to do. His domineer is calm unless properly stimulated. He has a dark past that even he does not full understand.

Weapons: Swoard and a hand gun tho he has been know to use anything and everything.

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Re: Immortalis ((OOC))
« Reply #3 on: May 08, 2011, 06:30:45 PM »
Thank you~! You are free to start at any time!  ;D

Offline Nyra

Re: Immortalis ((OOC))
« Reply #4 on: May 12, 2011, 04:02:08 PM »
Username: Nyra

Name: Sgiach
Role: Mentor in long range weapons/Healer
Origination: Sgiach comes from Eilean nan Sgiath, The isle of Women, a place where Warriors came to train, to become more than just become Shamans, Spirit Warriors.
Race: Vistani- A gypsy like race, that generally have a heavy tie to the earth, ancient spirits, animals and the elements.
Age: 100
Gender: female
Description: Long Black hair with purple and blue highlights like a ravens feathers, deep hazel eyes & olive skin. 5'8 ft, 140 lbs. Always has her face covered by a veil, outfits change from day to day.

Abilities:The ability to converse with animals, and ability to turn into 3 animals-  a tiger, a tyto owl and black mamba.
Weapons: Throwing daggers, spear, sword, bows and arrows (has best advantage with long range weapons)

Character: An observer, aloof, protective,  quiet, contemplating, vicious, loyal, honorable.  Fights to keep balance, is neutral in the battle between good and evil.

Bio: Originally came to the Arena to prove herself a mighty warrior among her people, however as time went on, she realised she had a different calling. Many young warriors were making the agonizing journey towards the arena, but without a guide they became lost and perished within the out lands.  Sgiach took it upon herself to come to the rescue of these warriors, giving them gentle nudges in the right least those she thought worthy.  She also decided to become a mentor, to show the newbies where to bunk, and to train them on the daily life of the Arena. She trains in long range weapons, but she has been known to be just as lethal in close combat.

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Re: Immortalis ((OOC))
« Reply #5 on: May 16, 2011, 09:04:20 PM »
Perfect! Go ahead and start when you would like!