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Author Topic: Touch the Thorns (New & Improved Story Ideas)  (Read 9380 times)

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Re: Touch the Thorns (New & Improved Story Ideas)
« Reply #25 on: December 13, 2012, 12:09:20 PM »
And added Loki's Revenge in the Supernatural section.

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Re: Touch the Thorns (New & Improved Story Ideas)
« Reply #26 on: March 22, 2013, 11:50:28 PM »

I would like to explore the idea of a place (perhaps a person, a location, a group) in which young women are free to explore the wilder, rougher, kinkier realms of sexuality without any strings attached.  The idea is that they can try it and are free to never return.  They can try it without having to go through rituals of dating or seduction.  They can try it without having to care about relationships or feelings.  They can try it and know that they'll be getting the real deal, the full treatment, no holds barred by men and women who know what they're doing.

The story would follow one woman, I think, but the idea lends itself to the idea of a place or person which has dealt with multiple women like this.  Late high school age, college age girls who want to find out what it's like to be tied up, what it's like to be dominated, what it's like to have rough wild dangerous sex.  But they don't want to find some serial killer on Craigslist, or have to wine and dine some likely suspect and hope the results are good.  Here they go just for the sex, just for the experience and the education and the orgasms.  There would be different levels, from the first experience being bound, clothed, on the horse and made to orgasm with toys--to the woman taken to the basement or some other locale for a bound gangbang.  The sex would never be vanilla, there's the rest of the world for that.  It would be for finding out what it's like to be fucked like an object, and the ability to just walk away after.

The nature of the "place" is a bit vague.  We might simply be talking about a dominant man who provides this experience for young women.  A woman might hear about it from someone who has been through the experience and can vouch, and decides to try it herself.  It might be a small group of individuals who provide this.  It might be a place where people interested in this experience gather together.  The key is that it creates this experience of cut to the chase, pure sex, pure wild exploration.  Like a sex club, but stripping it away even further, so that a young woman doesn't worry about being hit on, pursued, stalked, or even making small talk.  What happens here, stays here.

I am looking for someone to play the woman in this tale, and help me flesh out the details.

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Re: Touch the Thorns (New & Improved Story Ideas)
« Reply #27 on: March 27, 2013, 12:23:42 PM »
I have a general desire to play a dominant man to your submissive female.  If you take a look at my On/Offs, and in particular my ideas above, you'll get a sense of what I like and what my imagination stirs up.  I am not interested in more traditional lifestyle BDSM, with slaves and sirs and pets.  I'm more interested in the deeper sense of control, the way a dominant man can turn you weak in the knees with just a word or glance.  I have a variety of men in mind, from sleek and elegant to crude and ugly or dangerous and hard.  It depends on the storyline.  I particularly enjoy older men to a younger woman, and the sense of him pulling her along into a world which he is very aware she is made for.  It's not so much about romance, he may be cool and cruel, but it is about the intense relationship, and about the voyage he takes her on.  A great deal of kink can be expected.

I'm glad to hear your prompts for a story like this, or your ideas on the prompts in my thread, or original ideas sparked by any of this.  Obviously, in particular I'm looking at playing any of the above prompts as the dominant male character.  I can only really handle one more story, so I apologize ahead of time if I turn out not to have the time for you.

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Re: Touch the Thorns (New & Improved Story Ideas)
« Reply #28 on: March 28, 2013, 09:34:13 AM »
Revised items I'm looking for at the top, added some plots at the end.

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Re: Touch the Thorns (New & Improved Story Ideas)
« Reply #29 on: April 24, 2013, 11:26:08 PM »

Inspired by this true tale in the news (, as well as some ideas that had already been floating through my mind, I'd like to play out the story of a woman drawn to dangerous men, and the most dangerous of them all.  The news article is about a gang leader in jail who managed to gain control of the jail, running a criminal enterprise while behind bars, and impregnating four different guards, two of whom were devoted enough to tattoo his name on themselves.  What kind of charisma does  a man have to accomplish this?

I'd like to tell the story of a man like this, the ultimate bad boy, an admitted murderer who has the dark intellect of Hannibal Lecter, the physical power of a gang banger, and the sexual charisma of Casanova.  A man so persuasive he can get a female guard to bear his child even knowing he's done the same to others.  Even knowing he's locked in a cell and she's presumably free.

I want to tell the story of a woman.  She still remembers the moment when she was a young girl, an escaped criminal on the run appearing in her house, a seeming eternal moment with him there in the dark before he moved on.  Deep down she knows that's why she got into the work that she did, working with dangerous men, violent men, sadistic men.  She's a woman who no one would suspect wants to be back in the dark orbit--no one but those dangerous men, who smell it on her like fear.

The story would take place at first in the jail system.  She is ... a lawyer, a counselor, a corrections officer of some kind, a reporter ... some profession that allows her to act on her unconscious impulse to be with these sort of men.  And in Tavon she finally finds what she's been looking for - a dangerous man who will take what he wants.  She becomes involved with him in a twisted series of scenes devolving into prison sexcapades.  In this corrupted jail, taken straight from the headlines mind you, she will get fucked and used by the prisoner, and others.  See, Tavon understands what she wants, and once the cat is out of the bag there's no putting it back in.  Here he can do whatever he wishes.  And she keeps coming back.

If the story progresses long enough I see it continuing after he is released from jail.  In less restrained environment she will find herself even more restrained. 

This story will include very rough sex, restraints, devices, objects, all manner of sex.  There will be strong elements of BDSM (though like in all my stories, not in a cliched way).  Tavon's particular deviance includes hard bound sex, suspension, gags, all manner of kink in that direction.  There would be, particularly in the jail, group or multiple partner scenes.  Whatever Tavon wished for her to experience. 

I would most likely be playing Tavon and other assorted characters.  I am looking for someone to play the female character.  Though the idea has a lot of structure in my mind I'm looking for an active player who will take part in the creation, but be willing to listen to what I've got in my head so far.  Interest in hard, BDSM-style play without the cliched trappings is essential.  Ability to understand what I'm looking for in the female character also key.
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Re: Touch the Thorns (New & Improved Story Ideas)
« Reply #30 on: April 26, 2013, 09:08:22 PM »
Updated the Wanted section.  Particularly looking for this latest story above.

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Re: Touch the Thorns (New & Improved Story Ideas)
« Reply #31 on: December 02, 2013, 11:50:16 AM »

I am looking for a particular style of play right now more than a certain theme.  I enjoy games where a female character plays against a cast of characters, or a fairly dominant male character and a supporting cast.  However, I struggle to find writing partners who want to play that host of characters.

I, however, love doing that, so I'm looking to turn the tables.  I'm looking for a writing partner who wants to play a female character and I will play the opposing male and/or a cast of characters she interacts with.  There can be a central male character, or not, but the story will definitely involve scenes with other characters and center more on the female character's story.

The theme, plot and characters is up for grabs, I will be simply going with whatever partner and idea I click with the best.  However, look at my role ideas and on/offs for a sense of what might interest me.  I'm interested in hot, kinky, mostly-realistic stories, which tend to venture far from vanilla sex but always hold together with a sense of story and psychological realism. 

I'll give a couple of starters to give a sense of what's going through my mind, but I'm open to others ideas.

A Journey into Debauchery

In each of these stories, a young woman is guided by another, others, or a series of experiences into a world of intense sexual experiences.  Multiple partners, multiple kinks are a sure thing here.  This could take many forms.
  • A suave, commanding African-American college professor takes a student under his wing and introduces her to the far limits of sexuality.  Powerful raw sex, multiple partners, groups, unique settings, BDSM.  Under the guise of expanding her horizons and embracing her inner self he exposes her to every form of debauchery a woman can experience.
  • A woman, a nearly asexual one, is entranced by a female artist she meets whose work is powerfully sexual.  The woman's charisma pulls her into a sensual world, but this free bird of an artist has no intention of simply turning the woman into a lover for herself.  She takes the opportunity to pull the woman into a world of intense experiences, where bit by bit she becomes willing to do anything.
  • A business woman spends most of the year on the road, city to city, conference to conference, hotel to hotel.  Anonymous, always on the move, she takes the opportunity to explore her every carnal desire.  Anonymous no-strings-attached hookups in hotel rooms, exploring kinks with internet Doms she will never see again, amateur bukkake video parties, a trip to a sex club the night before she leaves town.
  • A young woman, beginning as a high schooler or new college student, loves sex and wants to explore it all.  Guided at first simply by her lusts through rave hookups and lusty casual encounters, she eventually discovers the world of hardcore sex, either through some sort of guide or her own initiative.  Perhaps she finds herself in the world of porn, the BDSM sex club circuit, high end whore or something else, but we follow her journey there and how she comes to love the filthiest sex.