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Author Topic: Some roleplay ideas (M looking for F or M, everybody welcome)  (Read 2135 times)

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Offline ChangelingTopic starter

I am listing some of roleplay ideas that have been floating in my head for a while. Please send me a message, in case any of them arouses your interest. I am very flexible to modifications and playing any of the characters, unless i have mentioned specifically.

Heady Concoction

Mya Burnett was the rising star of the company. Immensely talented, brash, to the point, she was the fastest rising star in the global conglomerate. In the few years after she had joined the company, she had averaged multiple promotions per year and was well on way to the top echelons. She was feared and respected in equal measures across the company, feared most by men, and respected mostly by other women. But all this hard work had left her personal life very lonely. She had virtually given up on relationships, given the way most men became insecure around her.

But she did miss the physical part of it.

The heady concoction of unlimited power, and willingness to use it had slowly intoxicated her, and when he eyes fell on the new intern, she knew she had found an outlet for her desires.

Notes I have left the character of intern intentionally vague. It can be a male or female character or even a feminine male or futa. I will leave that up to the other player. It is left open ended intentionally as I have some ideas for Mya, and will like to see how they play with your ideas for intern.
For Father's Sins

He did not think twice before breaking her heart, and getting engaged to the rich heiress. And when she tried to tell everyone their story, she was framed and sent to prison for a long time.

The fire for revenge consumed her all those years she spent in the harsh confines of the prison. After she came out, all she had in mind was tearing his life to pieces, and bleed him to his end cut by cut. She worked her way to illegal riches by exploiting the connections she made in prison, gaining power to put her plan in action.

He had lived a life of luxury, a beautiful wife, a dotting son, who did his best to appease his father. He was the apple of his eye. He could not see a world without his son, he could give his life for him.

But she did not want to take his life, she just took his life away from him. She got the son kidnapped and thus began her plan. She would make the boy into a little play toy, humiliate him, take his manhood away from him, all the while video taping this, and sending the choicest clips to his father.

Notes It is inspired somewhat by the movie 'Old Boy'. The genders of the protagonists can changed based on the discussion. The hatred is directed towards the father, but the child will get caught in the crossfire. I am interested in exploring the carrot and stick approach, in treating the kidnapped person. No adding a lot of details here, as there are lot of layers we can add based on the preferences of the partners.


What !!!, I am not a boy?

The only person Terry knew in the whole world was his mother. He remembered vaguely, they lived in a small town when he was young, he played around with other kids. But almost all of his memories belonged to this jungle shack, and the woods around it. His mother taught him to read, and write, he could speak some broken english. He was good at hunting small animals, collecting wood, and eatables from jungle, but entirely dependant on his mother. What will he do now, when she did not wake up this morning? As she had told him, he dug a hole for her and buried her. Totally clueless, he did not knew what to do?

Backstory: It was love at first sight for Amelia. The handsome photographer had swept her off her feet. The young naive girl lost her virginity to him, and then her mind and life when she got pregnant, and he never returned. Her mind got not get over the shock, and when she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, she wanted to protect her from the cruel world. She never wanted her to face the hurdles that a girl faced in that part of world. So she did what her warped mind thought was best. She moved to a small town where she raised her baby girl as a boy named Terry. And when it became difficult to conceal that truth over the years, she moved to a lonely jungle shack. Terry never knew she was a girl, how was she to figure out?

Notes: I am looking for someone to play the character of Terry.
Option one: A researcher doing research on the leopards in the area, happens to chance upon Terry. The plot will go on from there, as two meet, and there is an effort by researcher to bring back Terry to civilization.
Option two: You suggest something :-)

Idea seeds
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All work, no play

This is an unfleshed idea at the moment. It will invove a female adminstrative assistant at a company and a male intern. The AA is very hard working lady, working all the time to meet the needs of the staff, organizing events and parties for them. But she is never the part of fun, even working hard at the parties, never with a date. The new intern notices this, and decides to ask her out.

Dream control
What if someone has the ability to control your dreams? What if you have that ability? How can you use it to control someone?
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Wife and the intruder

Katey was a freshman in college, when she fell in love with Harry, an investment banker. She met him while working at the Starbucks, and his charm and sharp wit won her over in no time. Soon they were spending most of their free time together and most of Katey's nights were spend at Harry's apartment. Oblivious of her falling grades, she had fallen in love with Harry, and promptly accepted when he proposed. Soon Harry was offered a CFO position at one of the leading firms, and she left college to move to suburbs. She did not realize when she had transformed into a typical suburban housewife from a charming young student. With Harry being mostly out of town on business, she was spending a lot of time pondering over her routine life, with no surprises, not the same sex life of earlier.

Kevin was in 6th year of his life prison sentence. First two years of the prison life were most difficult for him, for he had not come to terms with his new life. Who framed him, how all the evidence was planted, how his DNA was found on the murder weapon? In the past few years, he had resigned to the facts and tried to make his life as easy as possible in jail. He was at peace with himself, at least he knew he did not kill anyone.

One day, Kevin was given the news that he will be transferred to another jail tomorrow morning along with others. Kevin was not affected by the news, but he did not knew it was going to give him another shot at life. Might be the driver was careless or was he replying to a text, when he lost the control of the prison bus near the bridge. The bus tumbled several meters into the woods. When Kevin recovered from the shock, he saw the guard next to him, unconscious. He grabbed the keys to his handcuffs, and crawled out of the bus. He knew he had very little time to get as far as possible from the site of crash, soon the area will be crawling with the cops.

Notes: It is easy to figure out how the 2 characters will come into touch. This is not intended to play as a NC or rape though. Some force will be necessary to secure entry into her home, but it is not required to be of sexual nature. It will be more of a how 2 human beings come together in a conflicting situation, yet find something common in there.


Coming out, with encouragement

Only thought Kai had in past few months, was looking forward to start of college. The days and nights he had put into studying had finally paid off, and he had gotten a fully paid scholarship to an elite university. His family was proud of him, everybody in his small town spoke highly of him. He had a role model of kid to others, soft spoken, mild mannered, a church regular. But what excited him, was the whiff of independence. He won't be under the prying, judging eyes of people anymore.

But this excitement also bought with itself a bug chunk of nervousness. How will he handle a big, modern city? Will he be really able to channel his inner desires? From a young age, he had realized different things excited him compared to other boys. He also liked girls like them, but paid more attention to their clothes, hair, make-up. The number of crushes he had on girls, were evenly matched by number of crushes he had on other boys. But he also realized, a single shred of truth coming out of his mouth, will make him an outcaste, he might end up in a remediation camp.


I am looking to play the role of Kai in this story. It will start from the time he arrives in the city to start his college. The other main character will be another male, who will eventually help him realize his true self. The character can be a senior student, a professor, a business man he meets while working as a barista. I am open to any of the possibilities here. An interesting twist will be if the man is married, and how it affects his life. He can be a straight man, who is also struggling with his emotions. Might the wife finds his affair kinky, and decides to be a part of it. As I said there are lot of possibilities to explore. We can add complex human emotions, drama, intrigue, etc. to it.

Physically Kai is going to be a feminine boy, and I want to incorporate cross-dressing, gradual transformation (might be hormone therapy, might be something else into it). But he will not be a doormat or very needy character. As usual I would like to discuss it with you, and build on this premise.

I will add few more to the list, when I have some time on my hands.

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Offline freakside nation

Re: Some roleplay ideas (M looking for F or M, everybody welcome)
« Reply #1 on: April 26, 2011, 10:28:48 PM »
PM sent. O;

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Re: Some roleplay ideas (M looking for F or M, everybody welcome)
« Reply #2 on: January 29, 2012, 08:42:32 PM »
Moved the taken stories to a separate section.
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Re: Some roleplay ideas (M looking for F or M, everybody welcome)
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Added a new section for un-developed stories.

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Re: Some roleplay ideas (M looking for F or M, everybody welcome)
« Reply #4 on: February 12, 2012, 03:16:19 AM »
I would love to play 'What? I am not a Boy?!" story with you!

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Re: Some roleplay ideas (M looking for F or M, everybody welcome)
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Added Heady Concoction.

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Re: Some roleplay ideas (M looking for F or M, everybody welcome)
« Reply #6 on: April 18, 2012, 10:17:51 PM »
Are you still working on "All Work, No Play."?