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Started by freakside nation, May 09, 2011, 10:55:55 PM

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freakside nation

Hello there, this is my first request thread so plz to not throw me to the wolves if it's a little less than perfect. I'm going to be updating and correcting at my fancy, so do check back often.

I'm a literate, imaginative roleplayer with an easygoing personality. I'm available on the forums and very seldom on instant messenger; I don't like to rp in private messages, they're too hard to keep up with.

My writing tends to be character oriented and plot driven. Characterization makes me genki. I play male characters who for whatever reason are involved with other men, some more feminine and some masculine, all special and flawed and complicated in their own ways just like you and me. ("THE MOAR YOU KNOW") They tend to be more on the 'bottom' side of the spectrum as far as preference, but as for me, their writer, I hate passiveness. Even if the characters are passive, I'll still move the story forward through actions or secondary characters. It sucks when people only write responses to your posts rather than an actual reply.

Fallout New Vegas setting <- YES PLS.
Medieval fantasy
Ancient Rome
Gang characters
Viking Epic
Anthropomorph/Animal people
Bronze Age
'State Hospital' setting, 1800's-1900's
JR Tolkien setting w/ original characters
JK Rowling setting w/ original characters
Silent Hill setting
Superhero setting

Not liking most or any of these things doesn't mean I don't want to rp with you, so feel free to make suggestions. Any questions either in this thread or via pm are welcome.

Thanks for stopping by!

freakside nation

Updated x1
Updated x2

freakside nation

Major, major update. Tell yer frenz~

freakside nation

Another significant update: Removed several themes and the plots, seeing as though I don't remember anything about the fandoms anymore. :/

Fervently seeking good rp.