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Started by Jated, April 24, 2011, 09:25:30 PM

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I know that many of us here on Elliquiy, have the wonderful opportunity to share our lives with our amazing friends.  I would like to take my first blog down a road that I hope you all enjoy.  Wait...  I don't only want you to enjoy this, I would like for you to share your friends with me.  We, as a community, have the option of writing what we feel.  For me, my pets are a very important part of my life.  I would like to, for a moment share my story with you, if you please.

When I was a child, my parents wanted us to have pets, so we would know what responsibility was.  They wanted us to find a way to relate to death.  A friend to keep us company, when we were sad, mad, happy, whatever the emotion.  I was blessed with an older brother, and 2 younger sisters.  So, going to pick out a puppy usually ended in having 4 new puppies running through the house.   Not only running, but peeing and pooping until they were trained.  The chewing on stuff usually never stopped with that many animals in the house.  As a child, I didn't like having to get up in the middle of the night to take my puppy outside.  I thought it was  an unfair and unjust punishment.  Us kids were at school for 7-8 hours a day, so that meant that mom had to take them a out, one by one.  If you let them all out at the same time, they forgot what it is they were supposed to do outside.  After all, why go outside to pee and poop, if they could do that inside the house.

By the time we got home from school, our mom was tired of the puppies, and we became immediately responsible for them.  Which we loved, because it meant we got to play BEFORE homework.  Two weeks after getting the puppies, my little girl, Lady was lost.  I looked for her all day, coming home broken hearted that I couldn't find her.  Mom said that she would come back home, as we lived on a farm, and she wouldn't go far.  A bad thunderstorm hit that night, and I remember calling out for Lady from my window. I had taken my father's spotlight flashlight for help in seeing from my two story window.  I did not sleep that night, I was lost.  Just as lost as Lady, I felt.  The next day was a Saturday, and I knew I would have all day to look for her.  Mom insisted that I help with hanging out the laundry with her, which I didn't want to bother with.  Mom went out first.  I was half way out to the clothesline before she said that she forgot the clothespins.  I ran back in, thinking that the faster we got this done the better.  I grabbed them and practically danced out the front door.  I had made it almost the whole way to the line, when mom said, "Get your dad."

I cried out, "Mom!  I want to look for Lady!  I want to hurry!"  She again said, "Get your dad."  I saw tears cross my mother's face, which almost never happened.  Instead of finding my father, I ran to my mom.  She said, "No honey, don't come any closer."  I pushed forward.  Looking around to see why she was crying.  Then I saw her.  She was wet, and laying on the ground with no movement.  I fell to my knees, and I yelled to her "Lady, wake up!"   Over and over I yelled to her.  Nothing.  My mom, already bent down beside me, had one arm around me, and the other wiping the tears from her own face.   I leaned into my mom, and she whispered to me, "It's okay honey, she doesn't hurt."  Tears poured out, my lungs burned from crying.  I swore to myself that I would never have another puppy.

(more to come)


I met my partner in July of 2005, and moved to Pennsylvania in September of that same year.  Upon moving in, I was greeted by Chachi (a collie-sheltie mix), Maggie (an English Springer), Tom Cat (description not needed), and Sam (a Siamese cat).  Oh yea, and my partner, and her mother.  I was a bit overwhelmed to say the least.  About a year later, Maggie got very ill, and passed.  Tom Cat also very old, got sick and passed.  Sam was over 20 and he passed as well. 

With such great loss, my partner and I decided to get a puppy.  I hadn't yet told her the story of Lady.  I was scared to get attached to a puppy again.  November of 2006, I thought the best present for Chelemar would be a puppy.  We were told of a litter of 1/2 Labrador and 1/2 Pitbull puppies were born, and we needed to come and pick one out.  We went directly over and picked one out.  Two weeks later the owner called us, and said that the mother of the puppies had stopped feeding them.  We, again, went over. This time to bring a new addition home to our family.  We made sure that we had gotten the right kinds of milk, food, and of course training pads.  After two weeks, puppies all look different.  These were all black with very few distinguishing marks.  We still aren't sure if the puppy we originally picked out, is the one we brought home. 

We picked the one that laid on his back for quite a while.  I proceeded to tell Chelemar that the new puppy was her birthday present.  She was very excited.  We had also gotten him a blanket to keep him warm.  Staying up nights to feed him became very exhausting.   However, we did get through it.  We had a terrible time coming up with a name for him.  His back legs are a little bow-legged.  We ended calling him Beauregard von Ruffington.  We fell instantly in love, both of us.  This puppy, took a hold of our hearts and still hasn't let go.  When we got him he was as small as a can of pop.  Now he is...

Him and his big face.

Him with his very first blanket, he still has it.

Him, and what we have come to call, Titty Sucking.  He has done this since puppy age.


Awww Honey...

You puppy thief!

Don't forget to tell everyone that you stole him.. tee hee.  That he's now your dog.. OK, well our dog.  But, he thinks you created the world.  ;D

How mum said there was no way we were keeping him until we cried and said he was gonna die.


Love ya!


Yes, I was surprised that he loved me as much as I love him.  You're still his mommy!!


Everyone please feel free to add your own pet stories.  Would love to hear them!


The One
Seventy-five dollars isn't a lot of money.  It's definately not a lot for a dog--especially a Collie/Sheltie mix.  That's what the ad said.  I couldn't believe it.  All my life I had wanted a Collie.  Lassie had been my favorite...well, everything, when I was a child.  I had seen all of the movies, read the books, watched all of the TV shows.  It wasn't just Lassie I adored though, it was the Collie itself.  Huge, dark doe eyes.  Long, sleek fur  of blush, brown and white; delicate limbs, and the full main.  To me, they were the most glorious of dogs.  Here was my chance to have one.  Or as close as I was likely to come.

I immediately called the number.  "Hello, are you the people advertising the Collie/Shelties?"

"Yes, but there aren't any left."

"OH, No!"  My heart fell to my knees and I couldn't help keep the sorrow from my voice.

"Oh wait.  She replied.  "Just a second."

I bounced up and down, biting my lips as I waited for the woman to come back to the phone. 

"Yes hello?"


"Well, we might have one little girl left.  A woman called about her, but she's not sure if she wants her.  She would have first pick."

"Oh, I understand, but can I come and look at her please."

"Well, I guess that would be OK..."

The ride, only ten minutes, seemed to take forever.  And, I had already had her name picked--just in case.

When we arrived, we first saw the father, a tri-colored collie.  He was huge, and beautiful.  Regal, he walked like a king around his pups (all claimed) and his mate--letting we intruders know who was boss.  The mother, the Collie/Sheltie mix, was lying in the middle of the floor, four of her pups tumbling over and around her as they used Mamma as a slide in their play. 

"Where did that girl get off to?"  The owner stood, arms akimbo.  "Well, there she is.  Kneeling, she called, "Come on.  Don't be shy."  And the little one made her way, tongue and tail wagging to her.  "This is her." 

She made to bring her to me, but I smiled and asked, "Could you let her down so I can call her?" 

"Hun, it's not likely she will come to you."  She replied.

"I know."  I smiled back to the woman.  "It's just..."  I shrugged.

Doing as I wanted, she nodded and put the puppy down.

I slid down until  I was seated on the floor and watched her play with her siblings and Mother.  She was beautiful, happy, and full of fun.  Her black tipped ears seemed to have no cartilage as they went this way and that, as she listened to her brothers and sisters, and everything around her, waiting for each new adventure.  A stray leaf became a game of chase for all of them.  And as to the victor goes the spoils, the winner raced around the room holding aloft her spoils until it crumpled in her mouth.  I laughed softly and clapped at her decisive win.  As she eyed me, I could have sworn she gave me a small nod of her head as though accepting her due.

After about fifteen minutes of this the pups lay down for a rest.  Most lay down near their mother again, but She lay near the sink doors--directly across the room from me.  As though I weren't there, she began to lick her paws.  In a soft, clear voice I called, "Cassidy,  come here girl."  She lifted her head and looked at me.  I nodded, then called again.  "Cassidy, come."  She rose up and padded across the floor to me, crawling up my skirt to lie in contentment in my lap.  I petted her for a few moments before lifting her, so that I could look directly into her eyes.  That's when the magic happened.  There was absolute adoration there already.  From that moment, she was my dog, and I was her human.  I had never had a magical connection like that before with an a dog.  Sure,  I had loved and connected with them, but not immediately. 

I pulled her to me, and felt my heart wretch.  The other person still had the first option.  I tried to fight my tears as the puppy kissed me on the nose.  Lifting my head, I looked at the owner, who was standing beside us, giving me an odd look.  "Will you let me know as soon as possible if she's available, please?"  I smiled and put the girl down as I rose to my feet.

Writing my phone number down, I began to walk toward the door.  My new friend followed, close behind, sitting beside me at the door as if to say, "I'm coming too."  I wanted to lean down and swoop her up.  Stiffening myself, I stepped out and began to walk up the side walk to the car.

"Chele, wait."  I heard my Mom call, but I didn't want to turn around because I was already crying and felt a little silly about it. 

"I'll meet you in the car." 

"Wait for me,  I need you a minute." 

I stopped where I was and without turning, waited.

"Here, hold this a minute."  She said. 

Turning to take what she offered, I held out my hands, only to have them filled with squirming, licking puppy.
I looked up, eyes wide, "Wha?"

She wore a huge grin as she explained, "The lady said the dog was made for you.  She began to cry and whimper when you walked out the door." 

"Thank you, thank you."  I yelled back to the owner, who stood in the door waving.  "Oh, thank you!" Lifting Cassidy to my face,I cried in earnest then as I buried kisses into her spicy scented fir.   


Awe, great story chelemar...

love to read posts like that!


I have to say, you guys, that reading your posts brought a smile to my face.  Jated, your story of Lady pulled on my heart-strings, and who couldn't help grinning at Chelemar's tale of love at first sight?

Oh, and   Beauregard looks adorable.   :D


Well, another day has passed.  I have decided to add to this blog, daily pictures of animals.  Not just dogs, or cats, but all kinds of pets.  I feel that everyone can relate to a cute picture to start out their day.  So, here goes. 

Not sure what kind of dog this is, but it resembles something I have seen eating eucalyptus trees.


I know I said I was going to post one a day, but I was getting ready to sign off for the day, and this picture came across my screen, I hope you like it.


Quote from: Jated on April 28, 2011, 04:28:33 PM
Well, another day has passed.  I have decided to add to this blog, daily pictures of animals.  Not just dogs, or cats, but all kinds of pets.  I feel that everyone can relate to a cute picture to start out their day.  So, here goes. 

Not sure what kind of dog this is, but it resembles something I have seen eating eucalyptus trees.

There's a high probability that this is a dye job on a white dog.  The original 'panda dog' was a poodle-mix named Columbo, who was adopted by a guy in Tokyo.  Due to natural staining, his previous owner had decided he was 'ugly' and left the dog to die.  The adoptive owner used a doggy-safe dye to give Columbo his panda markings, and Columbo is now the poster puppy for adoptions in Japan.
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Oh my goodness!!!  He (she) is adorable!!  I bet a mess to brush through though!!


Congratulations Jated on your 1000th post!


Thank you dear.  I am so excited!!


Last year my sons rabbit passed away.  I am posting today's pet for him.


Today is a good day for monkeys!!!  Here ya go......


I felt that today, I should post a picture, that pulls at my heart strings, knowing the full story of Chelemar's dog.

This is for you...


Quote from: Jated on May 01, 2011, 09:48:35 PM
I felt that today, I should post a picture, that pulls at my heart strings, knowing the full story of Chelemar's dog.

This is for you...

Yes please, I will take both. :D



I saw this and loved it...never really been a fan of the sand (gets in the cracks) but this picture is great!!


Have you ever had one of those nights where things just don't go right?  Sometimes, we all have those nights.  Most of us have those days.  I have had the opportunity of being in a band for 6 years.  This year however is my last.  Which is okay, for now.  It might be a decision, in which later in my life,  may regret quitting.  Anyway....

There have been quite a few things I have seen people do, when intoxicated, that I knew they were going to regret in the morning.  I have seen people walk into door jams, and break their arm, and still say to me, "I don't feel a thing" and continue to drink.  A few days later I would see them with their arm in a cast.  All I could do is shake my head, and be thankful I don't drink, but once or twice a year. 

I found this picture, and it reminded me of a friend of mine.  Not the one that broke his arm, but another.  Since I met her, she has been very good to me.  This weekend however, she was the one that got drunk.  I helped her as much as she would let me, and stayed by her side when the guys put her in her car to sleep it off.  Here's to you...

Beguile's Mistress

That picture of the little dog in the big bed and the big one in the little bed made my heart clench.


It did mine as well.  Makes me think that dogs don't really care where they sleep, or whose bed they take.  Helps me to understand why my dog loves stealing my bed.  Especially when I already have it warm.  **giggles**


I am often reminded of things that we do for our friends.  I know that most of my friends are similar to me.  Most of time, I know that telling a story, will be appreciated by them.  Although I am not good at telling stories, they understand that... well, give me time, and I  can do it.  Usually with a laugh from them. 

I have also found myself caring for their children.  I have taught my "nephew"(Justin) how to spit. (He is a best friends son, and has no real blood relation)   No, his mother did not approve.  But I also taught him the rules. 

1) Don't spit where people walk.
2) Don't ever spit in school.
3) The further you spit, the cooler for your friends.
4) Don't ever spit in anger.
and finally
5) Don't ever spit on or near a girl.

Now, he still follows these rules.  Which, I consider, wonderful.  His mother, however, doesn't agree that I should have taught her boy that.   :P   Ah well...at least he knows when NOT to spit!


We were getting my nephew (Aiden) for a month or so, while my sister worked to save money.  Before he got here, we told Justin that we ordered a boy off the internet, and he should be here within the week.  We told him that we would bring him over to show him. 

He ran to his father, "Dad, Dad!  DAD!!!  I can have a baby brother, Aunt Mar and Aunt Chele told me that they got theirs off the internet....oh please can we get one?"

Of course his father said, "Sorry son, we don't have the internet, and can't order one."  Then came directly to Chele and I, stating that we needed to tell his son the truth.  So we did....

We looked down at the 6 year old, and smiled.  "No, we are sorry, Justin, you can't order boys off the internet, only girls."  He frowned for a moment, and said, " guess another sister would be okay." 

His dad, threw his arms in the air, and said, "Why do you do this to us???" as he laughed, and hoped that Justin wouldn't ask for a sibling.  Thinking of this, I fund a cute picture if the day...

This is for those of us, that really enjoy other's children.


i wanted everyone to see how big Beau was when we got him.  This pic was taken two weeks after we got him, so he would have been 7 weeks.