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Author Topic: SEEKING: Circus of the Damned (Looking for Female RPers <3)  (Read 1086 times)

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SEEKING: Circus of the Damned (Looking for Female RPers <3)
« on: April 16, 2011, 02:03:44 am »
"Come one, Come all! Come see the Spectacle of a Lifetime!
A spectacle that will blow your mind!
All ages, All creeds and all nationalities, welcome, welcome!
We ask for only one thing!
Your Soul..."

It was news that rocked Heaven and Earth. After a fiery confrontation consisting of St.Peter and Lucifer himself, Death quit his job. No, you heard it right, Death. Quit. His Job. Citing an extremely demanding work schedule with absolutely no time off after aeons and aeons of servitude, Death himself fled from the immaterial world, instead choosing to live a mortal, yet satisfying life as Generic Joe from Accounting. Left with no other agent to harvest the souls bound to the afterlife, the Demon, Purgatory and even Heaven itself was in disarray. What now, was to happen, in a world without Death to keep those in the righteous path?

Hell, on the other hand, was troubled. All souls in hell have terms to serve in Hell before ascending to Purgatory to repent their past sins. Without fresh new souls being brought in, what were they to do except face eternal boredom? Spurred by this thought, the Hosts of Hell itself consulted Mephistopheles, a Demon who well knew the workings of the Feeble human mind. The problem was, how were they to harvest many souls when Mephistopheles could only deal with one Mortal at a time?

It was then a plan, concocted by Samael the Harvester of Heaven and Mephistopheles, the Ferryman of the Damned was formed: to create the Circus of the Damned. A way to harvest souls to fulfill the quota the once legendary Death himself fulfilled with ease. Every person who comes in...never comes back out. With the help of the Angel Af the Unforgetting, these people are written out of existence. Using the indebted souls of those who made deals with the devil, both living and unliving, they now return to serve as the myriad performers, clowns, fortune tellers and freak shows that populate this circus. Those unfortunate souls? They simply cease to exist in the minds of those whom they befriended...

So, take the whip because it's showtime! The Circus of the Damned is at Full gear! Choose your destiny, young Ma'am!

The Writer's Path
You are Af, the Angel responsible to Write out those who had perished from existence. Holding the venerated Book of the Dead, you write out the names of those who had vanished within the Circus of the Damned. Though your own morality questions as to why Samael, the Presider of the 5th Heaven would work with the likes of Mephistopheles, you do your own job: to take the lives of Ordinary Men and women. soon realize not all was well. No matter how many times you write out the soul of one person, that man's daughter refuses to forget. Now beckoning at the gates of the Circus itself, you must find a way to rid this woman from unveiling your plans... [You will play the Female looking for her Father or Uncle]

The Gypsy's Path
Long disliked for your ancestry, unlike the more free-spirited and ever forgiving members of your family, your younger brother...wasn't always that way. No matter how many times you wanted him to calm himself, he always disliked those who insulted or abused your people for their way of life. After a suspicious fire burned down a town whose inhabitants dared to assault your Camp destroying many possessions, he simply ran from home. Was this merely his own decision, or not? Even though your clairvoyance knows all, a...mysterious figure appears at the doorstep at the dead of night, offering to answer your request, the same one you spent many a year trying to find out: the whereabouts of your younger brother, who had been missing for 7 years? But...this stranger has a catch. Will you dare venture into the Circus of the Damned? [You will play a Female Gypsy fortuneteller.]

The Ringmaster's Slave's Path
The preformance dazzles the soul, but...none more than the handsome man who calls himself 'Faust' , the Ring Master of the Circus. This wasn't a mere submission of the This was a submission of your own Body to him. Seeking him out after passing through the performers, disturbing clowns and the deathly gazes of a few others, you come to his tenthouse, not know of what true nature this Circus really is. Can you really keep up with a Demon (Or Angel)'s request and demands? Just come, try your luck then! [You will play an enamoured attendee whose soul cannot be easily taken or erased.]

The Accountant's Path
You are 26 years old. Though that is relatively young by any standards, your...attitude just can't land you a date. You are too conservative to turn any relationship to involve sex, yet you are too liberal in your choosing of attempted partners. That was, until Nathaniel came into the Accounting Department. Despite his dorky last name...he seems like an extremely interesting person, someone who was both easy going AND enjoying his job. Despite the fact many of your co-workers dump their own workload to him, he was always able to get the job done. Almost always so happy to work at an otherwise tedious job. You are so flustered...he agreed to go on a 'date' with you! However...are you really prepared to find out everything about him? [You will play a Female co-worker, then at the Circus]

The Bitter Performer's Path
He promised he would not let her die, but that man lied. He had saved her from leukemia but not a 'freak' firebombing done by the distraught parent whose child had perished. With that, bitterly, your soul was enslaved to the Devil. The many years of 'claiming' souls in his name by way of Murder had long dulled your once child-like naivete, but are expected to be a performer. The Ringmaster himself seems rather inexperienced, many years of being down in the gutter as a 'failure' had dampened his act. With no other way to expend your begin to dislike him. One fateful night, you enter his Tent, with a knife drawn behind you, ready to take vengeance for your sister. there really a way to save her? [You will play the Embittered Performer]
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