So...Watchmen. That's right. I did it. *spoilers follow*

Started by Ramael, April 04, 2011, 07:06:14 PM

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So, a film sequel would be horrible, and a graphic novel sequel unnecessary.


We at E! love continuing dark, intelligent, sexy stories, don't we?

Basically, the film raises for me a bunch of great questions about morality and the law that I think can still be played around with. Don't worry, we don't have to all do Rorschach's painful zealous monologues, or Dr Manhattan's infinetismally detailed introspectiveness.

But this is an Alan Moore-verse, as we all know.

My setup?

Where the last masked vigilantes were seen and where the novel (that's right, the novel, not the film) leaves off. Under the rising enterprise of Veidt industries efforts, the devastated capital is coming to terms with the failed alien attack. After the resolution of the Cold War, Russians are now seen regularly on the streets of Manhattan, and as such there is a sort of blending of American and Russian cultures, loved by some and hated by others. Veidt industries vehicles and projects are everywhere, rebuilding after the devastation. Talk is rife of another alien attack...quiter talk is that an alien attack never happened. Conspiracy theories are rife and there are those that are paid to keep them silent...

It has been a couple of months into the rebuild that the first few masks were seen again. Some were taking advantage of the isolated pockets of devasation that still remained, in the poorer areas, some felt that they were simply helping out the depleted and by now desperately overstretched police force.

Whatever their motive, masks are back on the streets of New York. The Watchmen are no more, and some members of humanity feel the overpowering impulse to follow their lead...whatever the legacy they left in their wake.

Here's a few things to think about when creating your original (you didn't really want to play an overweight Nite Owl with kids and a wife...did you?) characters.

- How has the alien attack on New York affected you? (here's a hint-we can't all be conspiracy theorists).

- How do you feel about the new Russian influx into America? World War III was averted, and now we are best buds with our old-time enemies. Is this a good, or bad thing?

-   Where are you from? The psychic fuck-wave that resulted from the alien combusting on arrival into New York affected artistically sensitive minds the world over, affecting thousands of people in thousands of different ways. Some of these people, from whatever country, for whatever reason, have decided to get closer to the source of their discomfort. (My character will be one of these impulsive tourists, though by all means not everybody else has to be).

-   What’s your costume? None of us will be super-rich playboys like Veidt, so something vaguely realistic would be better. At the same time, it doesn’t have to be as moth-eaten and smelly as Rorschach’s. When describing your costume, or finding a picture, keep in mind that while you’ve gotta look distinctive, you’ve also got to be at least a bit protected and disguised. A bikini and some thigh-highs won’t do! Although I wouldn’t mind if it was an alternative costume of your characters :D

-   Do you seek to heal and protect the city, or exploit it for your own ends? This will be as close as we get to "good" and "bad". I expect everyone to basically be morally grey, with plenty of stuff in their bios and histories, but this one's just to get people lumped together. It stands to reason that masked vigilantes would know about each other, given a couple of weeks on the same streets lurking around the same hangouts, those who could help you, those who you need to confront, etc.

-   How disturbed are you?.........Bear with me. I don’t want complete psycho nutcases, expy’s of the Joker from the Dark Knight, but we all know that we humans aren’t completely well-balanced at the best of times. Least of all, those of us who decide to put on a mask and run around town chasing other people in masks. Your character’s personality should house some minor kooks, hang ups, prejudices, phobias, secrets…basically you’re neither squeaky-clean, nor perversely corrupt. You’re somewhere in that delicious miasma of in-between that makes up 99.9% of our human race.

Lingo; Masked Vigilantes and Costumed Criminals

The most commonly used term, used by both police and by the press, for anyone wearing a mask, is…”mask”. A bunch of masks, those masks, he looks like he could be a mask, etc.

For those of you (starting off, at least) as what could be mistaken for the “good guys”, you’re more commonly known as “masked vigilantes.” For the other types of you, “costumed criminals”. I thought this would make things easier for us to help distinguish camps. They also sound cool and will be used by sensationalist journalists everywhere.

I will post more, but I wanted to gauge interest first. Obviously, I believe sex will come into it, in fact I’m actively encouraging it. I just don’t want this roleplay to turn into “people in questionable costumes finding the lamest excuses to have sex”, and neither do I want it to be too dark and gritty with no room for romance (even a bad romance. They’re the best).

“All the E! kinks and masked hero fanatatics will look up at me and they’ll shout “Set up a Watchmen-based roleplay!”…and I’ll look down and whisper…”…..Okay.”


The Silhouette
Wendy James

She adopted the persona of the legendary lesbian heroine, still working out the details. How much money and the like can we have I might have her own a sports bar or something and have had a trust fund mostly used for school and to get her business funded so would be gone.

I assume any real powers are out of the question but I have some ideas for gadgets and tricks she might use.


Hey Ruby, thanks for showing interest. I think the idea of a power-woman taking on the mantle of the feminist Silhouette is a grand idea, especially because we don't hear much about her in the book or film, you're free to put your own spin on her.

You're right, we're all just humans with masks and a few tricks, no "real" superpowers other than the legend you create for yourself.

I'm glad you asked about money - your idea of having a trust fund that went into owning a sports bar is plausible enough, and gives your character a base. Also, if it's a bar, then boom, we already have a place that characters can meet and mingle, whether in costume or not. :D

I might post up a character sheet template if we get some more interest.


I figured that one so will stick to things a person with a tinkering tech side could do and wanted to hurt people and protect herself.


The Silhouette
Erika Webb

Background: Although not from a rich family was well off and openly a lesbian rather young but forced into rounds of corrective therapy by her parents fot it. She always had a nack for working on mechanics and other unladylike things, studied the martial arts as a serious hobby, particpated in sports and did well in school earning a bachelors degree in philosophy and eclectic electives from Bryn Mawr College where she was the popular with the other young women and not just in the bedroom. After leaving school she used her trust fund to open a nice sports bar Babes n' Beer nothing fancy all great looking women dresses to please, good bar food and nice beers. She quickly adopted the Russians with some Russian speaking wait staff and Russian beer but overall is pretty much seeing the peace as an opportunity after the damned alien invasion threat. The bar sports a nice lesbian and gay lounge in the basement and if family friendly upstairs. She took on the mantal of heroine patterning herself as the The Silhouette with some body armor and devices to fight crime, her martial arts skills and a liking of wearing a dominant outfit while fighting crime.

Costume: Must like the original woman with the name except she added ballistic materials to the vital areas, a hood of ballistic cloth and kevlar and the same for the pants carefully designed for the best protection while showing off her figure. And in her case thigh high lace down the front boots. Installed in this are a few devices of her own design noted below as her Silhouette Armor. It does offer more protection at the neck and chest however including a studded collar and replaces the bustier with a proer skin hugging shirt like top. She does wear an eyemask of metal padded in back as well strapping around the head nicely. Out of costume she dresses as a typical woman but looks stunning in a little black dress and heels if she goes out on the town.

The Silhouette Armor: Protective costume good against standard street arms and bladesm the jacket can take more damage but is designed so she can move in it and look good. The gloves have two explosive fired hypo darts (each) that ingject a narcotic aphrodesiac compund she that must be manually reloaded basically a good daterape drug that affects the emory some. She also sports a utility belt with common electronic bugs and listening unit, short term gas mask (10 minute air supply), flashlight (small), small camera, lockpicks and electronic bypass tools, skeleton keys and handcuffs with keys one spare are hidden in a pocketr of her right boot inside. Her main weapon is her elctrical bullwhip its like a standard whip save woven of lighte rmetals forming a solid whip, connected to a wist strap when used and a battery supply hidden about the costume so knocking out the charge is not easy its not lethal force more a heavy taser effect but does hurt like hell and is a metal whip 12 feet long that can be used as a short rope or for stunts and is worn as a belt.. The crotch is designed to allow access if she decides to have a woman pleasure her when in it.

The Silhouette Car: Not much a black average looking car she refinished, added armor to the doors, engine, solid tires, roll down window armor and souped it up a bit its only gimmicks are rotating license plates and a rear oil slick projector good for multiple uses. Its more to get her around and stay kind of incognito. Has a regular use car also a little yellow VW Beetle (older model) kept in good repair.

Skills: Mechanics, Gadgets, Martial Arts (Wu Shu), Athletics (acrobatics/gymnastics & swimming but is overall fit), , Whip (Expert), Drive Car (including evasive and stunt driving), General Education, Business management, First Aid, Seduction, Lesbian Sex (expert), Operate Technology, Lockpicking/Security Systems, Use Gadgets, Pharmacy, Launguages (english -native-, Latin and Russian -learning-), Modeling, Apply Makeup..

Personality Quirk: Only willingly saves children this means any age 0-17 years old and women the latter she often will expect to be appreciative of her help gay, straight or bi. She will dart and take women if she feels like it and they tend to be refusing her advances.

Residence: A non-descript home with a alley garage with auto-tools and the like, a basement workshop and momento room and is a nice cozy home with used furniture and eclectic. Has anice library of used books and textbooks from school, some others.


Nice profile Ruby! Be cool to have the disciplined and dangerous Silhouette stalking the streets in our RP. I like the well-thought out costume and the fact that even how she's a crimefighter...she's not above a spot of long-range daterape. :D

I have a few vague ideas for plots, namely a shady group that is intentionally stirring up Anglo-Russian tensions in the recovering city, to ends that are not clear to our (anti-)heroes as of yet but may become so as the plot moves on...


Here's my character sheet. Potential players feel free to use this as a template :D

Rory Barker/Harlekeen

Real identity exposed?

Masked vigilante

Charismatic and eccentric, Rory is an impulsive character and takes what he wants when he wants it. He has regular mood swings and goes from soaring positive highs to soul-crushing lows and fits of anger in seconds.

Can be impulsive, cruel, selfish. Given to bouts of boozing on expensive cocktails, smokes, does drugs when he can afford them. Doesn't have a regular income.

Abilities/Fighting style
Having spent most of his life in the circus, Harlekeen is fit and incredibly flexible. He has no trouble with long jumps, running across buildings, and throwing projectiles. His slight build however would put him at a disadvantage in a straight fist fight, and when in combat he does his best to disorient his opponent with hit and run tactics.

Rory Barker grew up in England. He had always wanted to perform and went to stage school, from there joining touring theatre groups and then circuses, that took him all around Europe. He found a strong bond with his circus performers, and also that he didn't care if the audience enjoyed the show, as long as it gave him a rush. This ended up losing him his job finally when he finally took a show too far in Spain. Drifting around the mediterannean, he was in Italy when he awoke one night screaming. Turning on the TV, he saw the news in New York, and realised his nightmares corresponded to the bizarre horror the TV was showing in America. Packing his bags, he spent the rest of his money getting a one-way ticket to the States, whereupon he began to make his money back by alternately performing in the street and stealing. He wandered, trying to talk to victims of the attack, making inquiries, always curious, always asking. Often this inquisitive nature took him down paths that were not always safe on the streets of New York, and he found himself relying on his fists time and again. Between busking on the street, petty thievery, making contacts with 'psychics' affected by the alien attack, and fighting his way around the back alleys of the city, he found he preferred life behind the mask to the one without it, he styled himself the name Harlekeen and became obsessed with the "alien attack", trying to find others who had the same night terrors he had that fateful night.

Becoming aware that New York had a history with masked "superheroes", Harlekeen's addictive nature had found himself another vice, one that he acts out with abandon and seemingly arbitrarily on the streets of Manhattan.


NOT daterape having the young lady or woman repay her for the help and risk she favors they just put out willingly, then reluctantly then well against her will is fine.

Harlekeen can always work at my characters place for some money and crash in the storage room and she will see he gets at least a light kevlar vest and sharp things to throw when needed I'm assuming he can juggle and do some mime clowning for tips outside to. And no pressure just work when he feels like it. I can teach him some Wu Shu as well he might do well kicking and fighting dirty as a mentor as he gets settled in.

Foxy DeVille

I'd like to throw my hat (or mask) into the ring...

Diane O'Ryan

Identity: Secret to the general public

Appearance: A very fit young woman in her late twenties. Diane has auburn hair and hazel eyes. She dresses in black pants and a vest that has a bit of a western look to it. Instead of a mask, she wears red-tinted sunglasses.

Diane has a small tattoo of a dove on her hip and an incredible ass.

Skills: Atalanta is a superb shot with both bows and guns. She has trained extensively in hand-to-hand combat. Her skills in tracking, stealth, and motorcycle riding are also impressive. Atalanta is fluent in Spanish in addition to English.

Gear: Atalanta's main weapon is the bow. She wield a customized recurve made of shatter-resistant graphite. Her arrows are tipped with highly sharpened titanium alloy head. Atalanta has toyed with the idea of "trick" arrows and has a few armed with tasers, smoke bombs, tracking devices, etc.  As a back-up, she carries a revolver. While her outfit isn't armored, she does wear a strip of red Kevlar underneath her vest.Her sunglasses have built in targeting scopes and nightvision lenses. Atalanta's main vehicle is her Triumph T-110 motorcycle.

Background: Diane isn't one to talk much about her past. What is known is that she grew up poor in the Southwest with a drunk for a father. She ran away in her teens and drifted for a while before hooking with a guy in the bounty hunting business. While the relationship was brief, Diane was bit by the bug and began bounty hunting herself. Following the tragedy in New York, Diane felt like she was called for a higher purpose and journeyed there to aid the citizens in their time of need. She became the vigilante Atalanta, hunting criminals not for money but for justice.

What isn't known is that all that is pretty much a lie. Diane O'Ryan is a highly trained security officer for Veidt Enterprises. Seeing the resurgence of "mystery men," Adrian Veidt decided to create a ringer to keeps tabs on them. Diane was selected for her skills and attractive appearance. A blue-collar look and background was crafted by his marketing department to appeal to the working class. So far no one suspects the truth.

Personality: Atlanta comes across as a tough-talking tomboy. She fight hard and parties hard, enjoying cheap cigarettes and cheaper beer. She expresses concern about the people of New York but isn't preachy about it. As for her actual personality, so far all that has been shown is a professional efficiency and an utter devotion to Adrian Veidt.   


If you can get the parts my character could likely whip out some trick arrows.


I'm interested in this, I've always loved the Watchmen universe.


Great profile, Foxy Oni! I love Artemis, all the more for her little secret - it's a nice touch. I'd love to know more about her personality and flaws...

Alys, feel free to whack up a CS, or just an outlined brief few ideas on your character :D

Foxy DeVille

Quote from: Ramael on May 02, 2011, 01:53:39 PM
Great profile, Foxy Oni! I love Artemis, all the more for her little secret - it's a nice touch. I'd love to know more about her personality and flaws...

Well, as Atalanta she plays the part of the working-class hero, not unlike Green Arrow back in the day. She doesn't really see herself as anything special, just someone with some skills trying to do the right thing. Atalanta has a bit of a temper when it comes to dealing with bureaucracies and doesn't handle more high-browed environments well.

When not playing that role, Diane (if that is her real name) is utterly subservient to Veidt Enterprises. It's possible that she has gone through a great deal of mental conditioning to create the Atalanta persona and when that's "off" she's more of a blank slate. It's something less ethical Veidt executives might take advantage of.


Shadow Bolt




Secret Identity:Elsie Poe (Goes by Ell)

Real identity exposed?: No

Alignment: Masked vigilante


Street Wear

Eyes: Blue.

Hair:Dark brown.


Appearance:Always dressed in more conservative apparel, Elsie doesn’t do much to draw attention to herself while working in the library. Pinning her abundant brown hair in a tight bun at the base of her neck she looks the part of a prude librarian. Large  glasses surround her eyes, magnifying the blue eyes she has. Paler than most, it just shows that Elsie doesn’t go outside much, preferring the company of a good book rather than people.

As Shadow Bolt, Elsie allows her brown hair to flow freely. Only half is pulled up into a small bun and replacing her glasses is black kohl and a black mask. Elsie dresses in a modest black leotard with basic black boots, a silver sash tied around her waist and a silver bird embroidered on the vest she wears. The vest itself has several pockets hidden inside the lining along with two larger pockets on the outside. On her wrist is a automatic crossbow where as on her other wrist Shadow Bolt keeps her smoke bombs always handy.   

Weapons:Shadow Bolt uses a variety of throwing knives or long distance weapons. Her favorite though is the automatic crossbow in her position. Using silver bolts instead of arrows for the device Shadow Bolt can either pin a person to the wall using their clothing, sometimes using body parts or easily kill them by aiming for their head.

Likes:Reading, working, eating home cooked meals, music of all kinds, walking in the park, practicing her throwing helping people in need. (Check o/o’s for other things.)

Dislikes:Arrogant men or women, people who abuse others, those that don’t enjoy reading (check o/o’s for more.)

Talents: Speaking different languages, deadly aim with her weapons, gymnastics, basic first aid, cooking, and photographic memory.

Personality: Very polite and respectful with a hint of sarcasm every so often, Elsie has a very protective nature over those who need it. Not one to stand by while someone is being hurt or abused she will act quickly from the shadows not enjoying anyone’s attention for long. 

Vices/weaknesses: Elsie has very few vices, they mainly involve the books she works with or the occasional need for caffeine. Though her weakness is seeing children abused, not able to stand it she will act quickly even in public. Has a strong sense of justice that sometimes clouds her thoughts as Shadow Bolt, she is less quick to help those in the wrong such as drug dealers or prostitutes. Shadow Bolt will actually hold back, and watch until she sees whom was in the wrong. Most of all if she hears someone bad mouth the police she will react hotheadedly and if she is patrolling while hearing such things Shadow Bolt will actually attack the person. Telling them to be thankful for the law.

Abilities/Fighting style: She prefers to fight from a distance, but if the need comes to deal with hand to hand Elsie uses her black belt in karate to good use.

History: Raised by her parents who where firm believer of the masked heroes of their days. Elsie grew up reading the original Night Owl’s book several times over, enjoying how the man wasn’t afraid to stand up for what was wrong or right. Her father a police officer and mother a school teacher she lived a very modest life, yet after the events in New York things began to change in Elsie’s small Louisiana town.

People became more corrupt or suspicious; thinking that anyone and everyone was out to get them. It was on a routine traffic violation where Elsie’s father met his end. The guy was high off of a mixture of drugs and killed the man at point black with a sawed off shotgun. Not believing her father had been killed in such a ruthless manner and no action was made all because the guy was the son of a political influence in the southern state.

Taking matters into her own hands, the sixteen year old used the skills that her father had taught her while at the firing range. Using a false name and disguise, Elsie sneaked into a party the guy was having and quickly worked on finding the male responsible for her father’s death. It was easy though the guy high out of his mind and ready to enjoy Elsie’s body as she flirted with him, luring him to a private room she acted quickly. Locking the door and knocking the guy onto the bed Elsie told the guy who she was and why she had to do what she needed to do.

Taking out her father’s favorite gun Elsie felt no remorse as she shot him in the head or when she watched the life leave his eyes. Making sure to leave no trace she left the scene of the crime, no one remembered seeing her, no one heard anything, and no one could place the murder on Elsie. The family just marking it up to a drug related incident.

Soon after she graduated from high school and made plans to move up to Manhattan, the place where people needed the most help and Elsie couldn’t resist the call to be like the Night Owl a hero for those in need. After a few years in the big city she found a job at one of the main libraries and became completely involved in her work but not truly trusting of the one who built the building, Veidt .

Deciding to keep true to herself Elsie did just as she swore to do, become a masked hero. Taking up the name Shadow Bolt she has taken down many thieves or rapist from the shadows, leaving only a sharpened black throwing star as her calling card.


Definitely interested in this. Character coming right up!
Real Name: Trent Bauer
Masked Identity: The Burning Man
Real Identity exposed: No
Alignment: Masked Vigilante

Personality: Slightly paranoid and very pessimistic, one might wonder why Trent took up vigilantism. After all, it is mainly done by people who believe that a bunch of guys in crazy masks may actually make a difference in the grand scheme of things. Trent has no such illusions, he knows that at best they can be a mosquito stinging at the great big lion of crime. He'd just rather be a mosquito than wait for the lion to devour him.

Background: Trent was born in the middle class of New York, living most of his childhood there. He went to an average school, had an altogether average education, and on the whole nothing set him apart from the rest, until the great alien attack happened. He was lucky enough to survive the attack, living on the outskirts of the city at the time, but while the psychic shockwave did not kill him, it did damage his mind irrevocably. He grew paranoid, convinced that somehow humanity as a whole was to blame for all the nightmares, the voices in his head and the things he saw that weren't there. He came to believe that the criminals, the sinners of humanity was the cause of his curse, and of all the horrors that mankind had endured lately, and he decided to lash out against them. He decided to make them pay for their sins. He decided to make them burn in hell.

Abilities/Gadgets: Due to his instability, despite his belief that everything will go to hell, Trent is in fact very courageous, almost fearless. His coat and the strips he wraps his head in are asbestos-lined and fireproof. He also always carries a Zippo lighter with no inscription, a couple of bottles of gasoline, and a can of black spraypaint, with which he sets fires to opponents. He also carries a climbing rope with a grappling hook fastened at the end. He is in decent physical shape, and a decent enough unarmed combatant, though he has no real martial arts training.



Great stuff so far!

Does Burning Trent have some kind of horrible disfiguration underneath his mask? Or is it simply part of his fire-proofing? Shadow Bolt looks cool as well, somewhat of a parallel to Atlanta in their style.

Does Ell have any more unique flaws? Most normal people don't like to see children abused. Also, how has she gone about making/affording the smoke bombs? How does she feel being a 'good guy' yet one who will probably be on the run from the police, especially should the murder she committed come back to haunt her?

Questions questions :D

I expect that some of us, even though we're acting for the 'greater good', may be locked onto by the press/law enforcement more than others. Harlekeen and Burned Man, for example, even Silhouette, don't put across a wholesome American image, whereas I'm sure Atlanta's secret Veidt affiliation would keep her safe from most detectives...


Quote from: Ramael on May 04, 2011, 06:47:11 AM

Does Burning Trent have some kind of horrible disfiguration underneath his mask? Or is it simply part of his fire-proofing? Shadow Bolt looks cool as well, somewhat of a parallel to Atlanta in their style.

Nope. Well, since his eyes aren't covered by the wrappings, his eyebrows are probably always in various stages of regrowing, but no disfiguration.


I suggest some sort of body armor for the ones without any, my character could whip up some vests for you two. Basic metals and padding nothing fancy but would offer some bullet protection.


That would be awesome. Maybe add some kevlar or something to the coat, as a protection from bullets


An armored flame thrower could be useful bottle can beak and all, if they made them in Alien I'm sure she could whip out something effective. Once we meet in the game.


The bullets that you assume will be coming-you might not need it at all, and kevlar's quite costly, not to mention hard to get hold of. There weren't that many characters in the novel that had bullet-proof armour (Does Adrian's bullet-catching count?! :D) and, as they say, prevention is better than the cure. Also, why would Silhouette help out an apparant psychopath?! I'm not saying she wouldn't, but there would have to be justification...


I'm not saying kevlar for him more regular metal formed into a breastplate with some protection in unarmed and weapon combat and some defense on the vitals from bullets. She could get most of the parts from the nearest junkyard and it would just need workshop time.

She saves the good stuff for her own needs. But if we form a team the better he is the better it is for me as a teammate.

Anyway fear has its benefits it tends to unsettle the enemy just having him there at a questioning might get people talkings.



Street Wear:

Teiko Katzuhara/Night Fox

Real identity exposed?

Masked vigilante

Teiko is a monster on the inside. He lives to kill the wrong, and yearns for their blood. When unmasked Teiko has to mask his rage, and only shows a calm perspective of himself. Not a hermit to society Teiko exchanges conversations with those of interest, or the random who approach him. He's bright and can put two and two together before most. He's very comfortable around the opposite sex, and won't hesitate to make the first move. Some what possessive and very protective of himself, and his things. ADHD finds it hard to sit around, and do nothing.

A partying fiend, falls easy to the offering of marijuana. Aspiring male model. Tends to tell the truth instead of sugar coat things. See's all crimes as volatile as the next. A thief was just as guilty as a rapist.

Abilities/Fighting style
Teiko uses the japanese swords called Wakizashi. Having some training with using the blades, he combines his swordsman ship with his training in mixed martial arts. Being small and light he's quick and agile. Being a user of parkour allows him to reach heights that the average person wouldn't.

Growing up in Japan Teiko was raised up by the Yakuza. His family killed by the gang itself after not being able to pay off their debts. Of course they made sure he was educated and did well in school, but once he became of age he became of a part of the gang itself. No real big role but gangster Teiko took his share of ass whippings, and gave out his own. Some of the older heads of the clan, saw him as an prodigy and wanted to make him a deadlier force to reckon with. His training with a blade, and hand to hand combat did just that. Though having never killed a man before Teiko was a bit of a softy. Only taking praise in kicking someones face in not killing them. It was until he was pitted up against a small group of a rival gang that he tasted his first blood. Fighting for his survival Teiko showed no mercy, and after that the sensation of killing became greater than sex to him.

Buying his way out of the Yakuza he found his new path in New York. Not even looking to be a model, a scout of sorts found him and brought  him in to the new world. His life of glamor took a hit when the aliens came. He was in Atlanta when he had heard of it, and came back as soon as possible. Disturbed by the evil that came from their attack Teiko used his skills acquired from the Yakuza to do some good, and satisfy his personal needs. Some might even say he was evil fighting evil. Taking the name Night Fox.



Quote from: Ramael on May 04, 2011, 05:11:54 PM
The bullets that you assume will be coming-you might not need it at all, and kevlar's quite costly, not to mention hard to get hold of. There weren't that many characters in the novel that had bullet-proof armour (Does Adrian's bullet-catching count?! :D) and, as they say, prevention is better than the cure. Also, why would Silhouette help out an apparant psychopath?! I'm not saying she wouldn't, but there would have to be justification...

The only one we know for sure has bulletproof armor is the new Nite Owl, and he's pretty high tech. Though out of all the characters we actually see fighting, only 2 are without bullet protection(rorschach and Laurie Jupiter). Three if you count hollis mason, i think we can be pretty confident he didn't have bulletproof armor back in his day either.