Hemingway's one-shot search! [ MUL ]

Started by Hemingway, April 03, 2011, 12:12:34 PM

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Hello, and welcome to my thread!

Here's a list of ideas I'd like to use. These are intended mainly as one-shots, but can be developed into something long-term.

Incest: Brother and sister, or sister and sister, have always been close – unusually so. While they've never done anything overtly sexual, it has occured to both. One night, one decides to act, and the other is happy to go along with it. Neither knows what the consequences are going to be, so they spend the night getting to know each other better than they ever did before.

Fantasy: A human has captured a wanted dark elf. A storm forces them to seek shelter in a cave, and they discover that even the dark elf's hatred of other races, and the human's wariness of her motives, cannot extinguish the desire for company. It's hard to say what the consequences will be, but the two decide to find out.

Demons: A succubus ( or a pair, or three, or any interesting number ) decides to entertain herself with a human girl. It could be as simple as a night-time visit, or more sinister and elaborate stalking.

I may add more ideas if they occur to me, but as I'd like to find someone as quickly as possible, I'm just going to get it out there. Also, if you have ideas that, for any reason, you think I would like, feel free to share!

While I prefer to RP in threads ( or PMs here ), I wouldn't mind using AIM, this once!