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Started by Letrie, April 02, 2011, 08:41:20 PM

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So I really do hate making these threads but I suppose it is inevitable in a forum like this.  To start off with, feel free to completely ignore the graphics since they mostly exist to allow me to better organize my thoughts since I can be pretty scatterbrained at times.  To start with, here is some basic information for me that might be useful:

  • I am a FEMALE and more often then not her characters will also be female.  Yet for certain plots I may choose to play a male.  Just ask.
  • I tend to play DOMINANT, SWITCH OR SUB characters.  My characters can range from being downright evil/sadistic to temptresses to just general smartasses with a heart of gold.  They change on a plot by plot basis.
  • I will mostly play HETEROSEXUAL pairings though again, some plots I may prefer it to be mxm or fxf.
  • Is LITERATE in the sense that I post at least two paragraphs and will usually mirror whatever my partner gives me.  I like text and detail so the more the better.  Then again, if we are at a section where there is more dialogue involved or someone has writer's block then I really won't hold it against you for having a paragraph.
  • I like to play on either PMs or Threads but not IMs.  Seriously, don't even bother asking me for an IM since I haven't used one in at least a year and I don't even remember any of my old screennames.  Yes, yes, it's such a travesty.
  • I am on the CENTRAL TIMEZONE and tend to be online later on in the day/night.
  • Other information and details will be found here:  My Ons and Offs

The kingdom of Tirien was celebrating the hundredth anniversary of their independence and as the people gathered out in the streets waving their banners their eyes turned towards the sky as the sun was shrouded with the shadows of the invading army.  The people ran screaming as the enemy troops started attacking and killing everyone within sight.  The king and queen stood their ground ready to fight with their people but they told their only child to run away and save themselves for if they died then the legacy of Tirien would die with them.  The young royal ran as fast as their feet could take them before finally reaching the port of the flying city.  Most of the airships had been destroyed but a single airship remained intact.  Not bothering to figure out who it belonged to the royal snuck onboard as it left port and the kingdom crumbled behind it.  The royal thought they had escaped death but soon they found that this ship belonged to some of the most notorious pirates on the planet.  The captain was ready to kill the noble and throw them overboard until they realized that this person with Tirien's royal blood flowing through their veins was the key to a treasure that was thought lost to the world.  This would be more steampunk focused with a mixture of both fantasy and technology at work.  I'm happy to pay either the royal or the pirate captain.   

The city of Kain had been plagued by evil villains who lurked in the shadow wanting to hurt the civilians and take away everything they cared about.  Crime rates were through the roof and as supervillains controlled the city the townspeople thought that all was lost.  That is, until a new superhero stepped forward to do battle with these nefarious foes and make the city safe once again.  These would be completely original superheroes and villains so nothing from DC or Marvel.  My idea for this would be two superheroes who have an almost uneasy alliance working together against the baddies.  The twist would be that one in this duo would actually be a double agent who is one of the most notorious villains and is working to destroy the superhero.     

An idea borrowed from Zettai Kareshi.  The Anima company has been working in the robotics industry for the past thirty years as they get closer and closer to perfecting artificial intelligence.  They've managed to create robots who look human, can speak multiple languages fluently and can perform everyday tasks with ease.  Yet when it comes to simply emotions they have no idea how to function.  Will Anima holds a sweepstakes promising a great prize to the winner.  A young woman happens to be the lucky person chosen and when she comes home one day she discovers a large crate waiting for her.  Opening it she finds what happens to be the most beautiful but decidedly dead man she's ever seen.  Freaking out as to why there is a corpse in her living room she gets a note from Anima saying that her prize is the prototype of their newest line of robots.  In order to gather data for how humans interact they are putting this new prototype through a test run to see how it learns from the world.  The robots already has a list of goals it has to achieve such as learning what sadness is, experiencing sex, getting a job and other things that humans do normally.  The robot is hyper intelligent, super strong with amazing reflexes and yet seems to have the common sense of a toddler.  Now the woman has to try living and teaching the robot what it means to be human while keeping it out of the hands of competitor companies that want to dismantle it.  This is a much more humor and romance driven plot that is open to a lot of funny and awkward situations. 

A brave knight whose conquests are known across the land has headed out to complete the most difficult quest his King has ever set before him.  He is to travel to the far reaches of the planet and bring back a chalice said to contain the elixir for eternal life.  This knight completely pure of virtue and brave of heart will need some help on this quest so the court magician summons for him a demon that will be bound to him and help him reach his goal.  Unfortunately for him, what the court magician manages to summon is a very mischievous succubus.  Now our brave knight must head out on his journey with a demon who has a knack for getting in trouble and will try everything they can to make sure the knight returns home a lot less pure then when he first started off.  Of course the knight will try everything he can to resist the succubus since it is said only a pure soul may hold the chalice but dammit if the succubus isn't make that a whole other impossible quest in and of itself.  A plot open to a lot of action and comedy and a bit more light-hearted.   

Up above in the highest mountain tops there resides a God that ruled his land with an iron fist.  Legends told of his wrath and the terrible anger that he could bring upon the people but it has been so long since he graced the land with his presence that he has become little more then a story.  The God locked himself up in his palace and the world changed around him as nations rose to power and fell while technology improved and people explored the vast space of the skies.  Now, after thousands of years, the God has awoke once more seeking entertainment for the boredom that has plagued him for so long.  His sights fall upon a young woman who has heard nothing of the ancient stories except for what her grandmother would tell her when she was little.  When he steals her away in the dead of night she finds herself in a place she thought existed only in fantasies.  The God is accustomed to being revered and treated with fear and respect so when you now have a woman who is calling him a fake and not believing in magic there are sparks bound to fly.  He seeks amusement and pleasure while she simply wants to wake up from this dream and remember never to eat shellfish before going to bed again.  A clash of the ancient and the modern is made even more interesting when an old enemy wakes up as well. 

This plot is a bit of a mix between Zoids and Gundam.  In the year 3020 the world arena has changed completely with new nations rising to power and people needing new forms of amusement.  People no longer watch football or hockey and instead they turn their video screens on to the latest Mecha battle matches.  Teams form all over the world pit their pilot skills against each other in mecha matches that rival the gladiator battles of the past.  This plot can go a couple of different ways depending on if we want to have the characters on the same team or if they are rivals who are pitted against each other or are even paired up together for partner battles.  It can be fleshed out a bunch of different ways. 

A general idea instead of a plot but I've been wanting to pair Elena from Final Fantasy VII with either Rufus, Sephiroth, Kadaj or Yazoo.  The plots I have in mind are different depending on who the other person is but they're all fun so PM me if you are interested. 


Sent you a PM!  Hope to hear from you ...


I'm starting to get a better hang of this place.
Added three new plots:  Fall from Grace,  Dreams of Discord,  Land of the Amazons



I am extremely interested in both the "Falling From Grace" and "Price of a Soul" plot. I have never seen or heard of the book you mention, but the concept you describe sounds rather similar to a plotline I designed some time ago but discarded when no one seemed interested.

I'm off for the night now (work early in the morning) but I'll be back tomorrow evening. If you'd be interested in exploring either of those plot options with me, I'd love to discuss then. :)

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Massive overhaul of the thread.  I got rid of all of my old and stale plots and added brand new ones.   :-)
Also, if anyone is interested, please PM me instead of posting here.  I'm really bad when it comes to responding to request threads.