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Author Topic: ♔. ▍&& The Bunny Box [ f seeking mxf, fxf ]  (Read 7848 times)

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♔. ▍&& The Bunny Box [ f seeking mxf, fxf ]
« on: April 30, 2012, 07:04:43 PM »

I am a heterosexual female.

Currently, I am looking for roleplays involving either fxm, fxf or non-romantic pairings.  Right now I’m only looking to play the female role in the story though there will be times when I’d like to play the male role.  I don’t care about what gender my partner is as long as they can play a convincing character.

I usually post at least once a week and I would like a partner who does the same.  Sometimes I’ll post a bit more frequently and sometimes you’ll have to wait a few weeks for a response though I will do my best to let my partner know if that is the case.  If I ever take longer than that please feel free to send me a PM just in case I forgot.

My preferred mode of roleplaying is through the forum or secondly, through PMs.  I will never do IM roleplays so please don’t ask. 

I feel comfortable playing dominant/submissive/switch characters and have a bunch of different plots with any of the roles involved.  I’m also fine with a roleplay that doesn’t involve any d/s relationships.   I would prefer a partner that is at least a switch as I’ve found I don’t click very well with people who wish to play completely submissive characters.

If you are interested in a plot, please PM ME AND DO NOT POST IN THIS THREAD.  Seriously, do not post in this thread.  I like things to be in order and I like to have the freedom to reorganize without having to worry about someone's posts.  If you post here I will ignore you.  It’s a pet peeve of mine so please just bear with me.

You can find my Ons and Offs right here.  Please take a look at them so you can familiarize yourself with what type of games I like and if you think we’ll be a good match. 

I’m happy to answer any questions that haven’t already been covered in this little introduction.


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Re: ♔. ▍&& The Bunny Box [ f seeking mxf, fxf ]
« Reply #1 on: April 30, 2012, 07:05:31 PM »

Theme: Power Play, Drama, Dark Romance, Action
Pairings: M x F, F x F
Setting: Modern, Red Riding Hood

Theirs was a war that had been waged for centuries.  Werewolves, the people called them.  Shapeshifters able to walk in the skin of a wolf as they hunted through villages and tore entire families to shreds.  Their taunting howl beneath the pale moonlight was enough to chill the blood of even the sturdiest of men as they locked their doors and prayed they would survive to see the sunrise.  These cruel beings hunted freely but their existence would not go unchallenged.  Mortals from a special family would don their weapons and red hoods as they charged into the forests ready to risk their lives and strike down their foes.  For years these two sides had been locked in eternal conflict with one another until their very existence became a thing of myths and legends. 

Of course those villages had long since been destroyed and paved over to make way for bustling cities filled with bright lights and loud noises.  Cultures changed and people grew as they lost themselves to technology and forgot all about the old ways.  Of course, not everything changes and even within the twenty first century these two sides continue to hunt each other down.  Their weapons are more advanced and their methods more strategic but their grudge is still growing and their anger is unrelenting. 

She’d been tracking him for months now as she waited to finally make her move.  He was young but he was an alpha and his influence over the city was growing with each passing day.  They’d told her he had to be eliminated and she’d taken the job without any hesitation.  So when the time finally came to meet, she was ready to strike him dead and fade into the shadows leaving only a scrap of red behind.  It should have ended quickly but the pair had stumbled into something they shouldn’t have seen in the midst of their scuffle.  In the shadows lurked a danger that could spell the end for them all if left unchecked.  Now they’re forced to put aside centuries worth of bad blood if they want to have any hope of seeing a future.

Status:    Available

Theme: Supernatural, Action, Adventure, Humor, Dark/Light Romance
Pairings:  M x F , F x F
Setting: Modern, Fantasy, Supernatural-based

Demons, ghosts, vampires, banshees; creatures of myth meant to frighten small children and play brooding heartthrobs on the big screen.  They are the dark monsters hiding under the bed and the pale, glittering figures that look out from posters decorating the rooms of teenage girls.  They are many things to many people but everyone holds one truth about them…they’re not real.

As far as the human world is concerned there are no such things as monsters.  Those creatures that go bump in the night are just a figment of an overactive imagination and even the strangest scenes can be explained by science.  Humanity thrives because they refuse to believe that there could be terrible, horrible creatures lurking among them.  To believe is to be afraid so people choose ignorance as they close their eyes and cover their ears whispering to themselves that it’s all in their head even as they see those ghoulish eyes staring down at them.  That is, all but a select few.  They call themselves hunters and they lurk in the shadows ready to protect the world.  They know these creatures are more than myth and they know the horrors these monsters can reap.  They put their lives on the line banishing ghosts and staking vampires while always trying to stay unknown.  It’s a thankless job that can get you killed and the stress has made more than one person break.  Still, someone’s got to do it.

Okay, so this is a bit of a Supernatural inspired plot line involving hunters, demons and the like though I’d really like to stay away from the whole angels vs. demons debacle that has been present in the past couple of season.  No real knowledge of the show is necessary as I’d prefer this be a game involving original characters with only elements taken from the show.

Status:    Available

Theme: Dark Romance, BDSM, Master/Slave, Drama
Pairings: M x F
Setting: Modern , Light Fantasy

The agency had said he was a difficult client but she didn’t have any other options at this point.  Her student loans were coming due and her roommate had kicked her out of their apartment so her new boyfriend could move in.  Besides, how bad could it possibly be?  All she had to do was clean a few things and in return she had a very nice paycheck and a place to live for the year.  Fine, so maybe being a housekeeper wasn’t what she’d always imagined herself doing but reality was harsh and sometimes you had to sacrifice just to keep a roof over your head.  The other girls might have quit after only a week but she knew she could outlast them all.  It wasn’t like she had any other choice.

To call him cold would be an understatement.  In fact, she was sure she’d met ice cubes with a warmer personality than her boss.  He was younger than she’d thought and still somehow he managed to have this giant house and a whole army of servants at his beck and call.  He must have been born rich because she didn’t know just what kind of job he could have considering he never left the property.  Well as long as she kept her head down and did her job then he seemed to pay her no mind.  In fact, the only rule he had for her was that she was supposed to be promptly in bed by midnight and not leave her room until 7 am the next morning.  An easy enough rule to follow but she’d always been the curious type and it was driving her crazy not knowing why he wanted her in her room when the clock struck twelve.

One night her curiosity got the best of her as she snuck out of her room and slowly padded down the carpeted hallways as quiet as a mouse.  Every rational part of her was telling her to turn back and go to sleep but she couldn’t escape the draw of the light peeking out from beneath the door at the end the of the hallway.  The very same door that had always remained locked no matter how many times she’d tried to go in.  Now curiosity might not have killed this particular cat but she was about to learn that things in this house weren’t quite what they seemed and that there was a price to pay for disobedience.

Status:    Available

Theme: Angels, Dark, Drama, Romance, Drugs
Pairings: M x F , F x F,  M x M (tentative on this)
Setting: Modern, Low Fantasy

He sat on the rooftops watching another soul stray from the flock.  He was an Angel, a messenger of God sent down from the heavens to help those lost souls who fell into temptation.  There was one in particular he was watching who had caught his interest many months ago.  She could have been someone good, someone pure but she fell into her evil ways and cared more for the pleasures of the body than for her immortal soul.  He was so close to simply turning away from those already lost until he was attacked by a demon in the middle of the night.  The battle was quick and he was caught off guard with no way to defend himself.  All he remembered was a flash of light and then darkness.

He awoke hours later in an alley his head throbbing and his body aching.  Somehow the demons attack had forced him to take a mortal form and stripped him of his wings.  There was no way to communicate with heaven and no way to return home.  He thought he was done for until she stumbled across him.  The very girl he had been trying to save and had turned his back on.  He’s not sure if she actually believes his story or thinks he’d delusional but she agrees to help him track down some way to get his wings back.  Somewhere in the city the demon still lurks and if they can find it they can return him back to his former glory.

The search will be hard enough without the added challenges of the temptations he now faces.  As an Angel he was immune to the draw of hedonistic pleasure but now, in his mortal form, he finds himself susceptible to things he would have never imagined.  It hardly helps that the woman whose become his partner leads a life that pulls her and him into the darkness.  If he can resist he still has a chance to regain his wings but the shadows are so tempting and they’re calling out to him to fall.

Status:    Available

Theme: Power Play, Drama, Dark Romance, Possible D/s, Seduction, Bondage
Pairings: M x F
Setting: Medieval

Good ladies were supposed to be well behaved.  They were supposed to be sweet, delicate little things whose main purpose was to make their husband’s life pleasant.  With shy glances and coy smiles they spent their days tittering away while sipping their tea and never straining their minds with anything more than talks of the latest fashions.  They were delicate little flowers while she was a vibrant rose with thorns ready to pierce tender flesh.  Perhaps her father had died mysteriously in a fire or her aged husband had fallen ill by some unknown sickness.  Whatever the case, she found herself as the head of a wealthy household with no man to preside over her.  In an era where women were nothing more than dolls to be admired and put away, she had grasped and power and refused to let it go.  Of course such an interruption in the status quo wouldn’t go unnoticed and such a woman could not be allowed to run freely.

The other noble men quickly sent word of their concerns for her health.  After all, she was just a tiny woman and she needed someone to look out for her, to protect her.  They offered themselves up with noble intentions that they could take away the burden that must have been weighing so heavily on her poor little head.  Their concerns were quickly rebuffed and they became more adamant.  One Lord especially demanded that she stop this foolishness and take on a husband like a good lady would.  A week later he was found naked in the woods with his throat slashed open and his fear-filled eyes staring up at the heavens.  Of course the lady could have never done such a terrible crime but there was always the matter of her shadow.  The man that always seemed to follow two steps behind her like a dog at his master’s heels. 

He was a vagabond, a criminal, an assassin and a stray.  How the two came to meet was up for discussion but he never strayed far from her side.  He was her champion and her sword; when she was challenged or her actions were called into question he would don his weaponry and fight in the arena for her voice.  There were also tales that he carried out murder under her name and cut down all those who dared oppose her.  Of course there were rumors as to their exact relationship but rumors were nothing more than idle gossip and the simple minded fools couldn’t begin to imagine the things the pair got into when they were free from prying gazes.  They called him her dog but things were always different behind closed doors.

Status:    Available

Theme: Under Cover, Drama, Power Struggle, Dark Romance, BDSM
Pairings: M x F
Setting: Modern

He was untouchable.

Drugs, extortion, trafficking and murder; there was nothing he didn’t have his hands in.  The law didn’t really hold much meaning to a man with the money and power to have the world eating out of his hands.  Top politicians were in his back pocket and anyone who tried to come after him would quickly find themselves heading straight towards a grisly death.  For years the feds had had been tirelessly working on trying to connect him to some of the worst crime sprees the country had ever seen but it was no use.  Anyone who wasn’t already on his generous payroll was too afraid to even utter a word against him.

What they needed was someone on the inside.

It was a suicide mission, really.  No one with an ounce of self preservation would ever sign up for it but the feds were desperate and he needed to be stopped before he had the whole city under his command.  She’d been trained by the best to take on some of the most dangerous situations anyone could face but nothing could have prepared her for this.  Her job was to get close; closer than anyone ever had.  To meld herself in to both his professional and personal life while slowly collecting evidence to build the case against him.  The stakes are high and she knows that if her cover is blown she’s in for a fate worse then death.  The man is a monster but the deeper she goes in to his world, the more she can’t tear herself away.

Status:    Available

Theme:  Humor, Adventure, Possible Romance, Lots of Snark
Pairings:  M x F, F x F
Setting: Medieval, Fantasy

Welcome to A world of dragons and myth where witches lurk in the forest and terrifying beasts guard wondrous treasures.  Brave knights in gleaming armor charge out through the land to rescue damsels in distress from the clutches of foul creatures who wish to do them harm.  Snatching their sweet-smelling prizes from almost certain peril, they are supposed to live happily ever after.  Unfortunately, things hardly turn out the way they’re supposed to in the stories.  Especially when your damsel in distress is sporting quite a bit of facial hair and your knight is struggling to pull her armor on over her breasts.

He was a Prince; a (supposedly) born leader of men who had somehow gotten himself trapped in the highest room of the tallest tower.  The King frantically sent out word of a reward for anyone who would go and fetch him.  Sadly, most knights simply didn’t seem to care if there wasn’t the added bonus of marrying a Princess involved.  She, on the other hand, simply had a thirst for adventure and a need to prove herself against the oafs that paraded around saying she wasn’t a true knight.  As if having a sword between the legs was all it took to be a true knight.  Taking the King up on his offer, she road forth to save the Prince and drag his sorry ass home and collect her reward.  It was easy enough finding him and slaying the beast that held him captive but getting him home was an entirely different matter.

It seems there’s a reason fairy tales skip to the happily ever after and gloss over everything else.  They never mention to long journey back home and the challenges the pair has to face.  Ogres, thieves and the constant bickering as the knight grits her teeth and said that No, for the hundredth time, they are not there yet and if he asks one more time she’s going to throw him off the back of the damn horse.

Maybe some stories just weren’t meant to be told.

Status:    Available

Theme: Action, Adventure, Humor, Light Romance
Pairings: M x F
Setting: Medieval, Medium to High Fantasy

Cross the valley of thorns, defeat the evil dragon, climb to the highest tower and then kiss the Princess rousing her from her slumber only to be named King yourself.  That was how things supposed to go but fate had a sick sense of humor and the adventure had quickly lost its flare.  It was supposed to be some great tale that poets would write about for centuries to come but so far all he’d gotten was a bunch of thorns in his ass while nearly being barbequed by a giant flaming lizard.  It just wasn’t fair!  He’d gone all out and bought the shiniest, fanciest armor he could get his hands on and now all that metal was little more than a melted puddle on the ground. 

Well, at least there was a Princess out of it, right?  A soft, docile young woman that would worship him for the hero he was.  She would sing his praises while----did she just throw a SHOE at him?  Apparently Princesses did not take well to having a complete strange kiss them while they were trying to sleep.    This Princess in particular was currently throwing everything she could get her hands on at our poor knight who just narrowly avoided being hit in the head with a book.  This wasn’t at all like the fairy had said it would be and now our poor knight finds himself a cranky Princess all the way back to her kingdom where her father would surely reward him.

At least the evil witch was dead, right?   NO?  What do you mean no?  That absolutely terrifying dragon that he’d just killed was just a pet?  A BABY PET?!  Well what in the hell did the mother look like?  Well if the witch wasn’t dead that meant she’d be coming after them to get her Princess back.  Throw in a bunch of robbers, evil trolls and a horse that seemed to delight in making his life a living hell and there you had a fairytale no one would ever read.  This journey was nothing like he’d imagined but now he was stuck and the only way to make it back home alive was with the help of her Royal Bitchiness who would not stop yelling at him.  It was going to be a hell of a trip.

Status:    Available

Theme: Drama, Power Struggle, Intrigue, Dark/Light Romance, Humor, Superheroes
Pairings: M x F
Setting: Modern

He was a paragon of justice: the protector of the innocent and defender of the weak.  At least that’s what the newspapers called him to try and generate some buzz around their already dying media. Grainy photos of him graced the cover of every paper and new blogs would pop up every day with each one claiming that they had some kind of secret knowledge on his hidden identity.  People were quick to throw out names and even the police were eager to gather clues but try as they might they could never pin him down.  Hell, the only people who got close enough to even get a good look at his masked face usually ended up behind bars with a black eye.  The only thing anyone was sure of was that he was untouchable.

That’s right, not only was he good but he was damn good.  Bribes, blackmail, coercion, nothing could touch him.  There was no temptation he wasn’t immune to and nothing the villains could offer him that would make him turn the blind eye to their misdeeds.  He loved his city and the people in it and nothing would ever make him turn his back on the idea of justice that had been imbedded into him.  At least, that’s what he thought.  A routine robbery at the museum turned his life upside down and has put his morals to the test unlike anyone else.  After all, she did the one thing no one has ever done; she got away.

A new villainess has hit the scene and she really doesn’t play fair.  The masked hero’s very will is being put to the test every time he meets her and eventually one of them will have to give in.  So what happens when an incorruptible objects meets a wicked force?  Well you can be damn sure it’ll get interesting.

Status:    Available

Theme: Romance, Fluff, Humor, Drama, Slice-of-Life
Pairings: M x F
Setting: Modern

I’m not even going to try to make an excuse for the utter fluff of this game.  Cheesy made-for-tv movies are in full swing for the season and dammit if I don’t find them ridiculously adorable.  I saw one recently and now I just have the urge to play out this stupidly romantic/ fluffy plot. 

For her, working with her hands meant getting a manicure at one of the exclusive nail salons that lined the streets of Beverly Hills.  The last time she’d ever even touched mud had been back when she was a little girl before promptly screaming bloody murder and running in to the waiting arms of one of her many nannies.  To say her life was charmed was to say that the Grand Canyon was just a little hole in the ground.  Spoiled, pampered and privileged were probably some of the nicer things people could say about her but when you had money and power you just didn’t care.  She’d held the world in her hands but then, like so many other things, it all came crumbling down.

The police didn’t waste any time carting her father off in handcuffs while reading the massive list of charges against him.  Fraud, embezzlement, tax evasion and extortion were just some of the many counts the once powerful business mogel had against his name.  He was stripped of his position as CEO and all of his accounts were frozen until the whole mess could be cleared up.  She was sad to see her father go but she was absolutely destroyed when her family’s accountant informed her that she wouldn’t be able to touch a single red cent of their money.  Having never done an honest day’s work in her life, all the money she had actually belonged to her father meaning she was shit out of luck. 

Well, almost.

There was a single farm in the middle of nowhere that had been passed down to her from her mother after her mother’s untimely death.  It was the only thing of value she still had and now she had to make the best of it.  With her little Ferrari screeching in to the dusty driveway she learned that she’d inherited something else as well.  See, someone had to be taking care of this far the whole time and he wasn’t eager to just hand it over.  Now she’s stuck trying to turn this drab den of dirt in to a profitable piece of property while trying to keep an unsteady truce with a man that’s as friendly as a grizzly bear.  All the while he’s trying to run her off the land so he can buy it from her for cheap.  It’s a war of wills and there’s no telling who will win.

Status:    Available

Theme: Femdom, Dark Romance, Humiliation, Power Play, Drama
Pairings: M x F
Setting: Medieval

He was calm, cool, collected and the very idea of what a ruler should be.  With his father’s unfortunate death he was ready to take the throne and to take a wife.  Before he could be made King he had to marry the woman he’d been promised to so many years ago.  Their match was one written in blood and to break it would be to forfeit his right to rule.  While he had little love for the woman and their previous encounters had been less than pleasant he’d put up with her for the chance to sit on the throne.  After all, he was to be King and there was little she could do.

At least, that’s what he thought.  Always being watched by guards and advisers left the man with little chance to sow his wild oats and on their wedding night he was surprised to find that his new wife had far more experience than him.  It was humiliating to know that his wife far outpaced him in the bedroom and while he wanted to roar out in anger he found himself weak under her skilled touch.  She was power-hungry and greedy with desires to rule far above her station but he couldn’t stop himself from going back to her again and again.  It was a cruel game she played manipulating him, humiliating him and taking from him all she wanted.  This was a poison but one he couldn’t seem to let go.

So my inner Domme is coming out and I’m really in the mood for a more intriguing femdom game.  I’m looking for someone to play a new King who is confident in all things but is very naive and fairly innocent in the bedroom leaving him ripe for the picking from his new Queen.  She knows how to work him to get what she wants and what she wants is power.  This game is going to be heavy on the power play and it’s rare I get a chance to play a sexually experienced woman against a more innocent man.  Again, there will be femdom, humiliation and perhaps a few more extreme things if my partner is on board.  However, this game will take a bit of discussion just to work everything out.

Status:    Available

Theme: Action, Adventure, Drama, Light/Dark Romance, Anything
Pairings: M x F, F x F
Setting: Medieval, Medium to High Fantasy

Magic is a sacred thing, unbound by the laws of man.  Centuries ago it ran freely gracing every living creature with its might.  The people would gather and practice weaving spells and hexes always remembering to treat the magic with the respect and awe it deserved.  It was a time of learning and prosperity where even the poorest of villagers could join together in its warm embrace and thank the heavens that though they may not have much they at least had their magic.  Of course such times are hardly lasting and even in the most enlightened of eras there will be those willing to do anything for power.

They rose from the West in great numbers hoping to seize and control what was once a free source.  They had wealth and power and with it they raised armies and paid mages to bind they magic to their wills.  They would spill the blood of hundreds and perform barbaric rituals to make themselves stronger.  They were greedy and nothing but absolute dominion could quench their insatiable hunger.  The Mages worked their might and the Lords bathed in their strength twisting and destroying what was once pure and good.  Unfortunately, magic is a fickle mistress and it would not be bound by the cages of man.  It roared and raged destroying whoever sought to chain it and with one terrible massacre the bodies of those fools were found strewn across the dirt bled dry. 

The greedy hearts had been defeated but the magic had disappeared.  No longer were humans able to call upon its might and now they were left to fend for themselves in a world where dragons and shadow creatures lurked.  It has been centuries since and few believe that the magic was ever more than an old woman’s tale but perhaps one day there will be born the chosen few that can wield such a powerful weapon though what they choose to do with it is all in their hands.

This is a very basic idea that still needs to be fleshed out but I just wanted to set up the general world and mythos behind it.  Honestly, it’s open to all sorts of characters and can take many different directions. 

Status:    Available

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Re: ♔. ▍&& Decadent Masquerades [ f seeking mxf, fxf ]
« Reply #2 on: April 30, 2012, 07:06:02 PM »

The games listed below are more short term and focused primarily on sex instead of on building a larger plot.
 They aren’t mean to go on for very many pages and can be seen as one-shots. 
These games can evolve into longer term ones but for now the focus of them is more passion than story.

Marriage was nothing like she’d thought it would be.  All the movies painted it as some romantic adventure filled with sweet gestures and understanding.  What a load of crap.  She’d married young to a man as old as her parents.  He was a move and shaker in the financial world and he’d promised her a lavish lifestyle happy to throw some money her way for the benefits of a trophy wife.  Unfortunately he’s out of the country most of the time and when he is at home there’s no passion to be had.  She’d resigned herself to a life where the only pleasure she’d get would be from a new pair of shoes until he moved in.  After all, it would just be rude not to welcome him to the neighborhood.
Status:   Available

The ad had said they were looking for a personal assistant who would work late into the night and be able to handle any job.  She breezed through the interview and excitedly started on what promised to be a large stepping-stone in her own career.  She thought she knew how the world worked and how to get her way but soon she realizes that her boss had been serious when he said anything could be demanded of her and she would be expected to perform.  So how far is she willing to go to keep the job?
Status:  Available

It had been over a week since he last fed and the hunger was mounting.  For centuries he had lived and amassed a wealth before gaining the title of Lord and the power that came with it.  It would have been easy enough to simply pluck someone off the streets and bite into their succulent necks but his tastes were far richer than some simple street rat.  He had his eyes set on a merchant’s daughter and he would do anything to feast on her blood.   
Status:   Available

The whole kingdom cheered when their King finally claimed the hand of a new Queen.  For too long the old man had suffered in loneliness and now he found someone who truly loved him.  Unfortunately, their children were far from desiring a happy family.  As it stands, either of them could take the role of heir to the throne and they have done everything possible to ensure their success.  They take joy in the others’ failures and have quite a few underhanded tricks up their sleeves.  Yet what if all that tension is merely a cover for something more sensual?
Status:   Available

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Re: ♔. ▍&& Decadent Masquerades [ f seeking mxf, fxf ]
« Reply #3 on: August 21, 2012, 02:40:26 PM »

So I don't have any actual plots for these pictures but I find them inspiring and would
love to work off of them and create a few different plots if anyone else likes them.




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Re: ♔. ▍&& The Bunny Box [ f seeking mxf, fxf ]
« Reply #4 on: January 07, 2016, 04:40:05 PM »


   Removed unavailable plots