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Currently, I am looking for roleplays involving either fxm, fxf or non-romantic pairings.  Right now I’m only looking to play the female role in the story though there will be times when I’d like to play the male role.  I don’t care about what gender my partner is as long as they can play a convincing character.

I usually post at least once a week and I would like a partner who does the same.  Sometimes I’ll post a bit more frequently and sometimes you’ll have to wait a few weeks for a response though I will do my best to let my partner know if that is the case.  If I ever take longer than that please feel free to send me a PM just in case I forgot.

My preferred mode of roleplaying is through the forum or secondly, through PMs.  I don't do IMs or Discord so please don’t ask. 

I feel comfortable playing dominant/submissive/switch characters and have a bunch of different plots with any of the roles involved.  I’m also fine with a roleplay that doesn’t involve any d/s relationships.   I would prefer a partner that is at least a switch as I’ve found I don’t click very well with people who wish to play completely submissive characters.

If you are interested in a plot, please PM ME AND DO NOT POST IN THIS THREAD.  Seriously, do not post in this thread.  I like things to be in order and I like to have the freedom to reorganize without having to worry about someone's posts.  If you post here I will ignore you.  It’s a pet peeve of mine so please just bear with me.

You can find my Ons and Offs right here.  Please take a look at them so you can familiarize yourself with what type of games I like and if you think we’ll be a good match. 

I’m happy to answer any questions that haven’t already been covered in this little introduction.




Theme: Drama, Power Struggle, Intrigue, Dark/Light Romance
Pairings: M x F
Setting: Medieval

Power.   That’s what it’s always been about.  For decades the two kingdoms have been at war sacrificing everything for power.  The soil ran red with the blood of fallen soldiers all used as pawns by Kings and Lords in luxurious rooms far removed from the bloodshed and cries of pain that haunted every battle.  These men with their heavy crowns and brimming coffers would sacrifice anything for even the smallest sliver of power until nothing was left.   After all, better to rule over a scorched heap of dead bodies than to rule over nothing at all.  At least, that was their plan but plans hardly last for long.

The people have had enough.  They are tired of seeing their sons sent into a godless war to dye on a pike so far from home.  They are tired of being taxed again and again to pay for a war they have no stake in.  The cries of rebellion are brewing and the people are growing restless.  Those Kings and Lords know that to keep up their game would mean to risk losing everything so they come to an agreement.  A happy royal wedding to put an end to the strife and bring both Kingdoms together as one in celebration.  A royal wedding to hearten the people and usher in a time of unity and joy as the Prince and Princess take their places side by side and rule over their united Kingdom. 

Of course, this would be a hell of a lot easier if they didn’t absolutely despise each other.  The two have spent their entire lives hearing about how terrible the other side was and now they are expected to put that hatred aside and join together as one big, happy family.  The war on the battlefield may have ended but another one is brewing behind closed doors.  Both still seek power and both want to put the other under their thumb.  Eventually one has to win but getting to the end is going to be a hell of a game.

Status:    Available

Theme: Power Play, Dark Romance, BDSM, Drama, Action, Treachery
Pairings: M x F
Setting: Medieval (possible fantasy)

With his banner waving proudly on the bloodied battlefield he would stand tall as another nation fell before his feet ready to be handed over to the King he served so loyally.  They called him a genius or a monster depending on what side of the battle you were standing on.  As a tactician he was unmatched even by men with twice his experience and his prowess on the battlefield had made him Commandant of the King’s armies even at such a young age.  His name alone inspired both awe and fear as he rode into battle with an arrogant smirk on his handsome face and a thirst for adventure in his eyes.  His King, of course, rewarded him well with coin, land, women and anything else he could possibly desire though it seemed that what he lusted for most of all was the thrill of victory as his sword made its final descent and silenced the last of those who dared stand against him.

His reputation had made his kingdom feared and all the neighboring lands prayed that the King’s attention would not fall upon their homes lest he send his conquering beast out to destroy him.  It came to no one’s surprise when his King sent him off to a neighboring kingdom to the north that had just crowned their new Queen after the untimely death of her father.  They were a small kingdom but their wealth was vast and they held direct access to precious trade routes.  Of course he was being sent out as merely an envoy and a visitor as such an outright hostile attack on a predominantly peaceful land would earn them the ire and attention of their enemies.  His mission was to go to this new land and probe it for any weaknesses.  He was to undermine the Queen, a mere slip of a girl really, and breed resentment and envy amongst her council.  He would plunge it into a state of chaos and then he would rise above the flames as an avenging angel ready to save the people from their horrible oppression and hand them over to the ruler they deserved.

It would be easy enough but all his carefully laid plans seemed to fall apart when finally meeting face to face with the Queen.  In all his life he had never met his match on the battlefield but in this woman he may have finally found his equal.  She had sin on her lips and lust in her eyes commanding the attention of everyone in the room.  His loyalty and diligence will be tested as he finds himself slowly falling under her spell.  Will the conqueror finally become the conquered?

Status:    Available

Theme: Dark Romance, BDSM, Master/Slave, Drama
Pairings: M x F
Setting: Modern , Light Fantasy

The agency had said he was a difficult client but she didn’t have any other options at this point.  Her student loans were coming due and her roommate had kicked her out of their apartment so her new boyfriend could move in.  Besides, how bad could it possibly be?  All she had to do was clean a few things and in return she had a very nice paycheck and a place to live for the year.  Fine, so maybe being a housekeeper wasn’t what she’d always imagined herself doing but reality was harsh and sometimes you had to sacrifice just to keep a roof over your head.  The other girls might have quit after only a week but she knew she could outlast them all.  It wasn’t like she had any other choice.

To call him cold would be an understatement.  In fact, she was sure she’d met ice cubes with a warmer personality than her boss.  He was younger than she’d thought and still somehow he managed to have this giant house and a whole army of servants at his beck and call.  He must have been born rich because she didn’t know just what kind of job he could have considering he never left the property.  Well as long as she kept her head down and did her job then he seemed to pay her no mind.  In fact, the only rule he had for her was that she was supposed to be promptly in bed by midnight and not leave her room until 7 am the next morning.  An easy enough rule to follow but she’d always been the curious type and it was driving her crazy not knowing why he wanted her in her room when the clock struck twelve.

One night her curiosity got the best of her as she snuck out of her room and slowly padded down the carpeted hallways as quiet as a mouse.  Every rational part of her was telling her to turn back and go to sleep but she couldn’t escape the draw of the light peeking out from beneath the door at the end the of the hallway.  The very same door that had always remained locked no matter how many times she’d tried to go in.  Now curiosity might not have killed this particular cat but she was about to learn that things in this house weren’t quite what they seemed and that there was a price to pay for disobedience.

Status:    Available

Theme: BDSM, Drama, Dark Romance,  Power Play
Pairings: M x F
Setting: Modern or Medieval, Light to Medium Fantasy

It had taken months to gather all the necessary items but finally she was ready to cast her spell.  In the light of the full moon she prepared for the ritual slowly muttering the words under her breath that would draw the demon to her.  The girl was young but she was arrogant and despite her inexperience she thought she had the power to summon forth a demon from the depths of hell and bind it to her will.  She’d read the spell books and practiced the rituals ignoring all caution that this type of magic should only be practiced by the most skilled hands.  She was blinded by her ambition and nothing would stop her from getting what she wanted and what she deserved. 

Her ambition seemed to be enough though as a bright light filled the room and ushered in a demon more powerful than she could have ever imagined.  An incubus she wanted to bind to do her bidding and bring her the power she’d always dreamed of.  Unfortunately, this demon was far too strong for her to control.  The binding was done and his soul was tied to her own but she soon found herself over her head and under the allure of something far more powerful than herself.  The demon, angered at being summoned, now found himself a new plaything to ease his lingering boredom. 

You see, the demon had plans of his own and this mortal was his key.  He’d been banished in hell for far too long and now that he’d had the chance to taste freedom he wasn’t willing to give it up without a fight.  The mortal realm had gone too long without his influence and it had thrown stale and dull without the spice of sin.  It was time to add a little temptation back into the world and he had the perfect toy to start with.

Status:    Available

Theme: Power Play, Drama, Dark Romance, Possible D/s, Seduction, Bondage
Pairings: M x F
Setting: Medieval

Good ladies were supposed to be well behaved.  They were supposed to be sweet, delicate little things whose main purpose was to make their husband’s life pleasant.  With shy glances and coy smiles they spent their days tittering away while sipping their tea and never straining their minds with anything more than talks of the latest fashions.  They were delicate little flowers while she was a vibrant rose with thorns ready to pierce tender flesh.  Perhaps her father had died mysteriously in a fire or her aged husband had fallen ill by some unknown sickness.  Whatever the case, she found herself as the head of a wealthy household with no man to preside over her.  In an era where women were nothing more than dolls to be admired and put away, she had grasped and power and refused to let it go.  Of course such an interruption in the status quo wouldn’t go unnoticed and such a woman could not be allowed to run freely.

The other noble men quickly sent word of their concerns for her health.  After all, she was just a tiny woman and she needed someone to look out for her, to protect her.  They offered themselves up with noble intentions that they could take away the burden that must have been weighing so heavily on her poor little head.  Their concerns were quickly rebuffed and they became more adamant.  One Lord especially demanded that she stop this foolishness and take on a husband like a good lady would.  A week later he was found naked in the woods with his throat slashed open and his fear-filled eyes staring up at the heavens.  Of course the lady could have never done such a terrible crime but there was always the matter of her shadow.  The man that always seemed to follow two steps behind her like a dog at his master’s heels. 

He was a vagabond, a criminal, an assassin and a stray.  How the two came to meet was up for discussion but he never strayed far from her side.  He was her champion and her sword; when she was challenged or her actions were called into question he would don his weaponry and fight in the arena for her voice.  There were also tales that he carried out murder under her name and cut down all those who dared oppose her.  Of course there were rumors as to their exact relationship but rumors were nothing more than idle gossip and the simple minded fools couldn’t begin to imagine the things the pair got into when they were free from prying gazes.  They called him her dog but things were always different behind closed doors.

Status:    Available

Theme: Humor, Action, Possible Drama, Lighthearted
Pairings: M x F
Setting: Modern

Bank robberies, crazed psychopaths and mayors being held hostage for large sums of money; just another day for our caped crusader.  Blessed with powers and a need for justice, our hero spends their nights patrolling the city always keeping a keen eye out from criminals on the loose.  They are a beacon of light in the darkness assuring the citizens that no matter how terrible things seem, there will always be someone there to protect them from the worst that humanity has to offer.  That is, until their phone goes off reminding them that they’re late for dinner once again.

See, being a hero and a force of justice has an unfortunate knack of cutting into one’s social time.  It’s hard to find a date when you’re always on the lookout for the next bomb threat.  It’s only by sheer luck that our hero has managed to find the partner of their dreams and now they’ll do anything to keep that person in their lives.  Unfortunately, what they don’t know is that their love is keeping a secret all their own.  While one is busy trying to thwart plans, the other is tying the chief of police to a lightning rod during a torrential storm.  Masks and capes can be great for a secret identity but they’re not so helpful when you realize that you’ve been dating your enemy all along.

Honestly, I see this as being a very humorous and funny plot as the characters try to juggle their professional and personal lives as well as the added annoyance of henchmen and reporters snooping around.  I see it as them having no idea who the other one is with clues slowly being added in as the story progresses.  Eventually they uncover their secret identities and we can see just where it goes from there

Status:    Available

Theme:  Humor, Adventure, Possible Romance, Lots of Snark
Pairings:  M x F, F x F
Setting: Medieval, Fantasy

Welcome to A world of dragons and myth where witches lurk in the forest and terrifying beasts guard wondrous treasures.  Brave knights in gleaming armor charge out through the land to rescue damsels in distress from the clutches of foul creatures who wish to do them harm.  Snatching their sweet-smelling prizes from almost certain peril, they are supposed to live happily ever after.  Unfortunately, things hardly turn out the way they’re supposed to in the stories.  Especially when your damsel in distress is sporting quite a bit of facial hair and your knight is struggling to pull her armor on over her breasts.

He was a Prince; a (supposedly) born leader of men who had somehow gotten himself trapped in the highest room of the tallest tower.  The King frantically sent out word of a reward for anyone who would go and fetch him.  Sadly, most knights simply didn’t seem to care if there wasn’t the added bonus of marrying a Princess involved.  She, on the other hand, simply had a thirst for adventure and a need to prove herself against the oafs that paraded around saying she wasn’t a true knight.  As if having a sword between the legs was all it took to be a true knight.  Taking the King up on his offer, she road forth to save the Prince and drag his sorry ass home and collect her reward.  It was easy enough finding him and slaying the beast that held him captive but getting him home was an entirely different matter.

It seems there’s a reason fairy tales skip to the happily ever after and gloss over everything else.  They never mention to long journey back home and the challenges the pair has to face.  Ogres, thieves and the constant bickering as the knight grits her teeth and said that No, for the hundredth time, they are not there yet and if he asks one more time she’s going to throw him off the back of the damn horse.

Maybe some stories just weren’t meant to be told.

Status:    Available



The games listed below are more short term and focused primarily on sex instead of on building a larger plot.
They aren’t mean to go on for very many pages and can be seen as one-shots. 
These games can evolve into longer term ones but for now the focus of them is more passion than story.

Marriage was nothing like she’d thought it would be.  All the movies painted it as some romantic adventure filled with sweet gestures and understanding.  What a load of crap.  She’d married young to a man as old as her parents.  He was a move and shaker in the financial world and he’d promised her a lavish lifestyle happy to throw some money her way for the benefits of a trophy wife.  Unfortunately he’s out of the country most of the time and when he is at home there’s no passion to be had.  She’d resigned herself to a life where the only pleasure she’d get would be from a new pair of shoes until he moved in.  After all, it would just be rude not to welcome him to the neighborhood.
Status:   Unavailable

The ad had said they were looking for a personal assistant who would work late into the night and be able to handle any job.  She breezed through the interview and excitedly started on what promised to be a large stepping-stone in her own career.  She thought she knew how the world worked and how to get her way but soon she realizes that her boss had been serious when he said anything could be demanded of her and she would be expected to perform.  So how far is she willing to go to keep the job?
Status:  Unavailable

It had been over a week since he last fed and the hunger was mounting.  For centuries he had lived and amassed a wealth before gaining the title of Lord and the power that came with it.  It would have been easy enough to simply pluck someone off the streets and bite into their succulent necks but his tastes were far richer than some simple street rat.  He had his eyes set on a merchant’s daughter and he would do anything to feast on her blood.   
Status:   Unavailable

The whole kingdom cheered when their King finally claimed the hand of a new Queen.  For too long the old man had suffered in loneliness and now he found someone who truly loved him.  Unfortunately, their children were far from desiring a happy family.  As it stands, either of them could take the role of heir to the throne and they have done everything possible to ensure their success.  They take joy in the others’ failures and have quite a few underhanded tricks up their sleeves.  Yet what if all that tension is merely a cover for something more sensual?
Status:   Unavailable



So I don't have any actual plots for these pictures but I find them inspiring and would
love to work off of them and create a few different plots if anyone else likes them.







   After a ridiculously busy beginning of the year, I am tentatively looking to start one or two new stories.