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Department of the Army

07 MAY 16
To: Meng, Hannah H., Sgt.
From: Smith, Robert J., Cpt.

You are ordered to fly out at 2315 tonight to China. Captain Williams will meet you as soon as your plane lands and inform you of your mission. Since your current team member is injured and unable to accompany you, you will meet your new team member once you are in country. Your orders are attached.

Good luck, soldier.
Capt. R. J. Smith

May 2016.

For the past three years tensions between the US and China have been at their breaking point. Seven months ago, with minor support from the People’s Liberation Army, North Korea invaded South Korea. The United States’ reaction was quick, and a complete takeover by North Korea was thwarted. In the time since, China has pushed more money and military power into helping North Korea and the struggle has continued.

Three months ago the United States took the offensive and launched a massive bombing campaign on Beijing. The political and military heart of the country was destroyed. However, recent intelligence has revealed that the surviving political and military leaders have gone underground in the southern capital city of Nanjing. US military leaders have decided to throw out the old rule that they don’t assassinate.  Several sniper teams are being sent to key locations in the city, their mission to scout out high-profile targets and remove them from the equation.

I will be playing Sgt. Hannah Meng, chosen not necessarily for her accuracy (even though she is pretty accurate) but for her keen ability to track targets while remaining well hidden. Her parents came to the United States from South Korea before she was born, and Hannah is a US citizen. She didn’t request to go to sniper school, but from the moment she entered basic training she showed all the aptitude needed to succeed at the specialty.

I’d like to play her against a very specific character. I’d like a partner who can play a pure-bred American male, something along the lines of the good old boy stereotype. Their situation as a sniper team in a highly active combat zone will already be full of extreme stress, and I’d like to add the stressors of mistaken heritage and racism (from both sides) in to the mix as well.  Their mission will keep them alone and in smallish quarters for a few weeks at a time. They have communication with other military units in the area, but are ordered to keep radio silence unless absolutely needed, such as to report position changes, kill confirmations, or to obtain their weekly re-supply of rations and necessities.

What will happen when two people who are biased against each other are forced to work as a team?  Will they figure it out or will communication break down and their mission turn into a failure?

If you’re interested, you know how to reach me.
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