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the Human Powers


Rise of Writing, the beginning of 1st hand written historical accounts; present date is RoW 1056.

The Major Powers

the Holy Geggen Empire

Founded in RoW -157 by Klaudion, revered as an ancestral god of War and Authority, the HGE is a vast continental power consuming most of the western coast of the nation and bordering the inland sea in the central south. It controls the one passage between this sea and the ocean, and guards it jealously from the Kroysksans and Boularians alike. The HGE constitutes dozens of ethnicities and hundreds of cultures, so characterizing them is difficult.


The HGE has massive Bombards, tri-shot crossbows of their own invention, sophisticated steel, advanced weaponsmithing, and are beginning to experiment with interchangeable parts and (manual) assembly line processes.


Elector Counts select the next Holy Geggen Emperor from the families of the Elector Counts, however, they may not presently hold title and forfeit their eligibility to inherit the Countship upon being sworn in. Elector Counts maintain their own standing armies and generally speaking keep to their own business except for killing and commerce. Holy Geggen Emperor Frederick IV is presently trying to keep foreign relations cool in spite of internal bickering whilst he focuses on colonization, his passion and fascination with the Halcon knowing no bounds--although he regards them purely as animals and the savage Elves as unfit to be their keepers and breeders, as he incorrectly views them to have been. If he realized they were actually descended from Elves themselves, he might faint...

the Nation of Boularia

Barbaric raider state spread across a series of islands north west of the HGE, they were civilized by the HGE in RoW 419, a decision the HGE has lived to regret ever since the civil war of 716 that resulted in their independence. The civilizing has left a permanent impact on their culture, however, and Geggen fashion and sensibilities have never quite lost popularity over the centuries. Most have blonde hair and blue eyes, although the Royals tend to have red hair, which is seen as a sign of good luck.


Boularia has had a naval edge over the HGE even before they were ‘civilized’ by them, and have outdone the HGE in cannonry as of recent years. Their ships are the fastest and most reliable and while they don’t have huge land mass, they’ve made much progress in colonization due to their technological edge. They tend to prefer sustainable breeding programmes and attempt to ‘civilize’ Elves in Finishing Schools.


They have a female-first inheritance based Monarchy and a House of Lords who constitute the Parliament that votes on laws which require the consent of the Queen to be made official. While she is a powerful Monarch Queen Viktoriana III is known for being diplomatic and compromising with her Nobles and stern with other nations in matters of foreign policy.

the Kroysksa Imperiyana

Horse lords, barber-surgeons, shamans, and other yurt-dwellers fill the vast tundra and plains of this empire. The few cities are ancient, well constructed remnants of a glorious Golden Age in which Kroysksan medicine, science, and culture saw huge growths. They have dilapidated since then due to an emphasis on the ultimate superiority of that which was developed during the Golden Age, which spanned from 306 RoW to 705 RoW, when both the Red Dragon Dominion and Holy Geggen Empire struck them from either flag to secure the independence of the Fadian Freestates in order to deny them southern ports with direct access to the ocean not routed through Geggen wateroutes.


Their doctors and “natural philosophers” tire endlessly (and fruitlessly) to steal Magick from the Elves and Halmon. Many terrible labs and wicked devices have been developed and deployed towards this pursuit.


Hereditary first-come first-serve inheritance Monarchy, Emperor Pyotr the First is attempting to revitalize his people technologically during the Pax Geggana (RoW 978-present). He is known for his light hearted nature when he travels abroad and is scene as a fatherly figure by the Kroysksans, although the Fadians hate and distrust him as a wolf in sheep's clothing.

the Fadian Freestates

Darker of skin and longer of life, these states are subjugated by Kroysksa frequently and paradoxically provide them with the most technology, granted them by the HGE in attempts to undermine Kroysksan authority and power in the region.


They are somewhat innovative ship builders with unique multi-hull designs and unconventional weaponry (think Archimedes Claw, etc). Fadian Flame, the oil that ignites in spite of and even atop water, is feared throughout the land--but nowadays largely manufactured in Kroysksa.


The Fadian Freestates are democracies as (a) their forebears invented the form of government and (b) it is perceived as too weak to present a viable threat to the Geggen Empire or Red Dragon Dominion, the powers who propped them up to hamper their mutual rival the Kroysksa Imperiyana.

the Red Dragon Dominion

Along the Eastern fringe the Red Dragon Dominion reigns supreme. They established the RoW system, RoW 0 corresponding to the year Mo Ching Poh wrote his ‘Tracts on Lineage,’ a recounting of the Red Dragon Dominion's notable nobility over the years. While there are Rumours they’re ruled over by a Great Beast of scales and wings, no-one has ever seen this and traders from the RDD are quick to dismiss this as superstition. Or rather, they were, before the Halcon were discovered...


Having invented gunpowder theirs are some of the earliest bombards. They utilize massive ships more like floating castles than boats, which makes them poor ocean faring vessels. They have minimal colonial efforts, but the Red Sails have been rumoured to have begun scouting the far coast of the magical continent and they may attempt their own efforts at some point in the future..


Bureaucratic aptitude tests select members from well-to-do-enough-to-afford-a-tutor families. Above that are the members of the Notable Families with suitable-to-dubious claim on a name from the ‘Tracts on Lineage,’ who comprise the Royal Court and jockey for positions and land grants from the Empress Dowager.

Curiously, while only males inherit, upon inheriting the newly crowned Emperor is first married on the spot, preferably on the same day his mother\the sitting Empress Dowager died, and then proceeds into the heart of the City of Heaven, after which he is never seen nor heard from again, and after thirteen days declared to have Ascended (through\to) Heaven. From there on the Empress Dowager rules until death, at which point a new male Royal is selected for the Emperorship. Empress Dowager Jin Shu has reportedly taken a keen interest in Halcon, for whom various RDD adventurers scour the magical continent. The more rare and magnificent the better price they shall fetch after the lengthy journey home.

Timeline -157

Klaudion founds the HGE


‘Tract of Lineage’ written by Mo Ching Poh, who coins the term “Rise of Writing” and ascribes the publication date of his work with its true beginning.


Kroysksan Imperiyana’s Golden Age begins


Gunpowder invented in RDD.


HGE brings civilization at the end of a sword to Boularia


Gunpowder's military applications in RDD grow rapidly with invention of primitive explosives, spreads rapidly to HGE.


Kroysksan Golden Age ends as RDD and HGE gang bang it from either side and split off the Fadian Freestates to keep their old rival weak and manageable.


Boularia wins civil war and secedes from HGE after ultimately being denied status as an Elector Countship; the recent war with Kroysksa makes it hard to muster a resistance before naval dominance kicks in.


HGE masters Bombard manufacture to the point where ship-mountable Bombards see common distribution. From here on naval engagements where one side lacks Bombards can have but one outcome--decimation.


Pax Gagana begins with the Sailing Accords, a treaty signed between the RI, Boularia, and HGE to put off their on-again off-again wars in favour of exploration and growth.


Game begins.