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I'm pretty open minded about most everything.  I love all things sensual, that is the biggest turn on for me.  And if there are any questions or anyone wants to ask about something not listed, please do!  As I said, I'm willing to try almost anything once...or twice.

What I'm looking for in a partner - I would like semi-literate partners, meaning...they should at least make an effort at using correct spelling and grammar. Detail is important! I'm not talking about overkill here, but enough detail to paint a clear image would be nice. I am a sucker for character development! I like pictures and history - and while they are not required, they are always appreciated. I have a lot of things on my plate right now and a life outside of E - this means that I will post as often as I can, but I will try to post at least once a week...sometimes more...and I would like my partners to be able to do the same.

A warning to potential partners...I can sometimes write very lengthy posts! Not every post will be endless, and I don't expect anyone to reciprocate with equally long posts, but I thought it only fair to warn you that there is potential for such. I usually write at least 3 to 4 paragraph's and would like the same in return.

This list is ever growing and ever changing!

·Descriptive writing!  Details, details, details!
·Conflict/power struggle
·Mild bondage
·Mild D/s (I LOVE a strong, dominant man...not cruel...just in charge)
·TEASING!! (GOD, I love to be teased!)
·Seductions – subtle seductions are best, but any will do
·M/F, F/F – I’m willing to try just about anything once, maybe twice
·Dragons! (Especially those that can take human form!)
·Light Non-Con (sometimes a girl just likes to be taken! – BUT NO VIOLENCE)
·Sexual Tension – love that!
·Light pain (a good hair tug, sensual biting, etc.)
·Anything Sensual – things that involve all the senses are HOT!

·Site limits
·Bestiality (I like creatures – vamps, were’s, dragon’s, but not into furries of the non-human variety – hope that makes sense)
·Bad grammar, excessive spelling errors
·God Moding
·Excessive Pain, gore, blood
·Non-sexual bodily fluids (vomit, urine, etc.)
·Anything to do with children (under age is a BIG no-no in my book, and by that I mean anything under the age of say…16)





The Velvet Glove
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My Character:
Name: Sophia Campbell
Age: 33
Hair: Rich Strawberry Blond
Eyes: Sky blue

Physical Description: Slender, well built, feminine curves. She is 5'6" and carries herself with confidence and poise. She is graceful and poised with a sophisticated bearing.

Personality:Sophie is vibrant and charming. She is very intelligent and well read. Quick to smile and genuinely warm. She is confident and well bred. Her manners are impeccable and she is the model trophy wife. A delightful and popular hostess. She is also strong willed, opinionated and stubborn. She is passionate and sensual.

The Story: Sophia comes from a wealthy, upper crust family. She met and married her husband shortly after graduating from college. He is a powerful and influential man with certain...contacts. He takes excellent care of his wife...she wants for nothing, save his attention. He is a work-a-holic...constantly on the go and while she often travels with him, she rarely has his undivided attention. When they do have sex it is satisfying and nice, but it rarely happens and it lacks something Sophie can't quite put her finger on. She loves her husband very much despite the distance currently between them, but she feels a bit neglected and under appreciated.

Recently her husband has been even more inattentive than usual due to important goings-on at the company. It has been month's since he's had any time at all to enjoy his beautiful wife, and even longer since he's been able to pay her proper attention. He feels the strain of it very keenly and lately has noticed that his lovely wife has been more absent than normal. In fact, the last two business trips he'd taken had been without her as she'd claimed she had charity business to work on. He thought nothing of it until he started getting reports from friends about his wife's activities. His loyal and loving wife has seen fit to partake of the company of other men. And not just any other men, these men seem to be of a certain ilk. His wife seems to have developed a fondness for being dominated. He has her followed and received very detailed reports on her behavior with these men and what exactly it is that they do to his precious wife that has her coming back for more.

Instead of leaving her, he decides it is high time his wife remembers who her true master really is. He forms a plan to ensure that his wife will never go to someone else for her needs ever again. He begins by sending her a note...a note signed "Your New Master"...a note that orders her to show up at a designated hotel room at a designated time...and not to even think about refusing or he'd tell her husband everything.

I am looking for someone to play the husband. Please PM me with any questions or clarifications.

**I want this to be story driven. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE read my O/o's before replying. This will not be a first come first serve story. This is a particular craving and I am looking for a very capable writer. If you are interested in this storyline, please submit a short character sheet and an in-character writing sample.***

Under a Western Sky
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Samantha Adams is an independent, strong-willed, stubborn woman with a dream. She is the brand new owner of the Double Diamond Ranch...a run-down, ramshackle 15-acre parcel of dust in the middle of the Arizona desert. The house is barely standing, the horses have long gone and everything needs to be repaired. When her father died last year there was just enough left in his estate after funeral costs and paying off bills to put a hefty down payment on what Sam hoped would be her saving grace. The one thing Sam had always known was horses. She had an eye for spotting winners. Since graduating college she'd made quite a name for herself as a trainer. She was good, but she was broke. So far, the Double Diamond had only one thing going for it and that was Diablo's Shadow...the next favorite to win a majority of events in the coming racing season. Sam hopes to get him ready for the triple crown and break into the coveted world of the racing elite...and making enough money to turn the Double D into a favored training and breeding facility. Unfortunately, she discovers that she can't do it alone despite her independent stubbornness. She finds it necessary to hire a ranch hand to help. What she gets is a surly, opinionated, domineering cowboy with a penchant for speaking his mind when it isn't wanted. Someone who Sam is uncomfortably attracted to...someone it would likely be unwise to fall in love with.

**I'm looking for a cowboy to complicate Sam's life. Any takers?

Under Lock & Key
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Name: Cassandra O'Shea, Cass to her friends
Age: 23
Height: 5'6"
Meas: 36-26-36 

Personality:Cass is, upon first glance, haughty and snobbish. She is cool and aloof, in charge...or at least she likes to believe so. She is often bossy and short tempered. She appears spoiled and self centered, shallow and reckless. But there is more to Cass than meets the eye if one looks closely enough.

Who is she? Cassandra O'Shea is the daughter of Mac O'Shea of O'Shea Industries, the largest tech and software company in the western world. Mac spent most of his time away from home on business and even when he was home he had little time for Cassandra. Since she was 12 her constant companion has been one body guard after another given the constant threats her father received from any number of enemies. Cassandra had a bad habit of getting the men fired, usually in short order. Her tactics were dirty and underhanded and thus far they had never failed her. Her latest victim resulted in her father confining her to her rooms until he hired a new guard. Two weeks later he has finally found a suitable candidate.

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Daddy had gone too far this time. Cassandra O'Shea visualized all the ways she planned on punishing her father for his latest transgressions as she checked her reflection. Imagine, locking her in her rooms for two entire weeks. And while he was home no less...of course, if he'd been away on business she would have had better luck slipping away. His henchmen were so much easier to deal with when he was out of sight and out of mind. As it was, as soon as he set foot in the house every evening at 4 he'd demanded her presence; and having demanded it he then kept her prisoner by his side late into the evening when he would decide to retire and escort her back to her rooms. Cass had grown to hate the sound of that damned key as it secured her only escape route.

Today was no different save the fact that Mr. O'Shea had seen fit to stay home instead of going to the office and was currently sequestered in his study. Cassandra had been pacing the floor all morning waiting for the inevitable summons she knew was coming. She didn't know why he was so angry this time, it wasn't as if she hadn't done it a thousand times. She had tried to tell him that she was no longer a child and that she no longer needed a personal body guard 24/7...after all, it had been 3 years since anyone had tried to kidnap her; and even longer since there had been any attempts on her life. Somehow, Daddy hadn't found that reassuring in the least. He had lectured her for several hours after he'd fired the latest hired gun. It wasn't her fault the man had been so easy to manipulate. Daddy should screen his potential employees better.

If he truly wanted her safe and secure, then he should have sold his company years he'd promised her mother he would when she'd been dying. But of course, Macormack O'Shea wasn't much for keeping promises to anyone...why should his dying wife be any different? Instead her father had thrown himself full tilt into his work growing his tech company until it was the largest and most profitable in the western ]hemisphere. He was second only to Toshimoto Enterprises out of Japan...and they had ties to the Yakuza which owed to their success. Cassandra had been left to her own broken heart, bouncing from boarding school to boarding school. Nothing had really changed.

You would have thought she'd be used to the idea of being under constant guard. Her father had secured body guards for both her and her mother the first time he'd received a threat against them. O'Shea Industries had managed to land several high profile military contracts early on...and the death threats and warnings had come shortly after. Cass had been about three the first time someone had attempted to kidnap her - and she remembered every nightmarish moment of the ordeal. For a long time Cass had been fine with being under lock and key, but when her mother became ill...and her father became less and less present in her life...she became less and less amiable to the idea of personal body guards. Cass had been 12 when her mother died and it had devastated her. Seeing her father as one of the contributing factors to her mothers illness, she struck back at him in every way she could. She'd been kicked out of more private schools than she cared to count, been hauled in by the authorities on any number of misdemeanor charges, ran with the wrong crowds and generally lived her life fast and hard simply to garner her fathers attention. Instead, she got stuck with one body guard after another. Her joy in life had become finding new ways to get each one fired.

The knock at her door startled her out of her reverie. "What?" she snapped harshly at the locked door.

"Your father wants you in his" Griffin, her fathers' right hand know-it-all opened the door and stood aside for her to pass.

Arguments were useless. Cassandra stood from the dressing table, her outfit carefully selected to prompt as much ire from her father as possible. Griffin rolled his eyes at the black leather micro-mini skirt and black and red corset and stilleto heels she wore. He knew her father would not be pleased. "Don't look so grumpy Griff...I'll behave."

Griffin snorted disbelievingly as she strolled past. They made their way silently down the grand staircase to the first floor of the palatial estate her father had insisted on buying for her departed mother. If Daddy had ever cared for anyone other than himself, he would have realized mother hated this place. "Wait here." Griffin ordered as they stopped outside the double doors of her fathers study. She stuck her toe out slightly to stop the door from closing completely as Griffin went in.

She could hear her fathers voice but couldn't see to whom he was speaking. "You must understand that she is a very willful girl. She will do her best to discredit you in some way. She's gone through a dozen men in less than a year. She is stubborn, and clever...and angry. You will have to be vigilant. The current situation calls for her to be under constant supervision...these people mean business and they won't stop until they get what they want. If any harm comes to my daughter, I will hold you personally responsible - and that's a debt you don't want to me." Her father's voice was grave. She didn't like what she'd heard. Her father was keeping secrets from her again. "Ah she here?"

Cass heard Griff murmur something unintelligable and decided that was her cue. She burst through the double doors "How could I refuse father? Your invitation to join you was so...welcoming." her tone dripped with caustic sarcasm as she sauntered toward his desk. She took up residence on the corner closest to him, feigning boredom.

"Enough Cassandra." The censure in his gaze told her he was unimpressed by her choice of attire and she smiled snottily. "I want you to meet your new body guard. I believe he's perfect for the job." Mr. O'Shea stood from behind the massive oak desk and waved his hand to indicate the gentleman across the room that Cass had so far seen fit to ignore.

Without turning around, she rolled her eyes and sighed heavily "Does this mean I'm to be released from my prison then?" she inquired with a touch more heat than she'd intended as she continued to ignore the man her father had hired.

"Do you see what I mean?" Her father shook his head in frustration "And this is just the tip of the iceberg!"

PLEASE READ MY O/o's BEFORE RESPONDING. I am looking for a strong, dominant, possessive man to play the new body guard. This was originally begun with another partner here on E, but it never got any further than my opening post. Continued silence has left me restless. I would very much like to play this out. Please PM me to discuss this further if you are interested. Thank you.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
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Miranda Beaumont is a promising young med student in the middle of her 2nd year of residency. She is in competition for the head resident with 3 other students, but she is the favored choice. She works very hard and has precious little time away from the hospital. There isn't any time for dating, there's barely enough time to sleep, but her mother insists...and she is persistent. Every time the woman calls she is on Miranda's case about finding a boyfriend - she even goes so far as to set her up on blind dates constantly. She finally tells her mother that she is seeing someone just to shut her up. Mom doesn't believe her, she wants to meet the young man. Miranda is in a bind. As the pressure at work mounts, a friend suggests she take drastic measures...she suggests putting an ad up on the local 'List' advertising for a photo only boyfriend. Miranda liked the idea so she did. The ad read:

Busy Med student in 2nd year of residency needs photo only boyfriend to get nagging mother off back. No funny business. Clean cut, nice looking gentleman needed to pose for a few completely innocent pictures. No strings, no relationships, no questions. You will be compensated monetarily for your time. Please contact Miranda at 343-9909. Thank you.

A couple of weeks go by and she receives only one call. The same guy calls and leaves several messages. Unbeknownst to Miranda, her friend has set this up. There is a guy she thinks is perfect for the aspiring doctor but knows no other way of getting them together so she has cooked up this little scheme. Her friend knows this guy will be crazy about Randa and vice versa.

I am looking for a gentleman to play the guy. I will leave his motivation up to you. Please PM me if you are interested.

A Blast from the Past
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  - Luka Walker is an orphan, to the best of her knowledge, and a drifter. Her parents were killed when she was only two and no other relatives could be located. She's spent most of her life being tossed from one foster home to another. Once she turned 18, she hit the road in search of something to tie her to her past. She traveled from place to place following whatever knowledge she could gain about her parents. What little records the foster agency had been sparse and provided few clues, but the clues she did have she tracked. She picks up work where she can and has many skills, some more nefarious than others. She's now 26 and still has little idea of who she is or where she came from. Her latest clue has led her to a small, backwater town in the Arizona desert where she believes she may find some information on her family.

George Garvey, Mayor of Springwater, Az, couldn't believe his eyes when he saw the pretty young woman walking up the steps to the Springwater courthouse. He could have sworn the girl was Lilly, but Lilly was dead...he knew she was dead, he'd been there. But this girl was the spitting image and she was asking questions about things she shouldn't know about. Who was she? He knew he'd have to hSherriffsherriff look into the matter...after all, what did he pay the man for anyway?

I am looking for someone to play the Sherriff, who isn't neccessarily a bad guy.

The Gods Will Be Crazy
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He is a grandson of Eros (the Greek God of love), and a half human Mother (a daughter of Aphrodite and a human father) making him a demi-god. As a young demi-god, the opposite sex was way to easy for him, they fell under his spell without the slightest hesitation. Women threw themselves at his feet. He was handsome, successful, dominant. He had everything a young, virile man would want...until he found the one woman who wasn't interested regardless of his status. This makes him nuts. He can't get her out of his mind. Her disinterest in him has created a monster. She is beautiful and graceful, feminine and strong, she is everything a woman should be; (stay with me on this now...I'm really screwing with things here! lol) a Princess of the Fae...(there's a tie in, believe me) and, unfortuneately for the young demi-god, she is in love with a prince from a neighboring clan and they are due to be wed. Our strapping young buck has made his desires for her known, but she refused him. No matter how he tried to charm her, she was resistant to his advances. This does not sit well.  Our dismayed young man turns to other means by which to have his Princess! He uses a spell to disguise himself as her beloved and steals her away before their wedding. Of course, this broke the spirit of our poor dear fairy and she died of a broken heart after her beloved rejected her when the trickery was discovered. This angered both the Gods and the Fae alike. For his punishment, the Gods and Fae agreed that his 'heart' would remained trapped and he would never know love until he made good on his deed.

It has been 500 years and our young Demi-God has grown into a cynical, caustic, lonely man who is charming but aloof. He is still a womanizer, though he's a bit less of an ass about it. He longs to find one woman to love, but his curse prevents it. Until the day Audreena moves to town. Dreena is the daughter of an Irish woman, and coincidentally an ancestor of the Fae princess. In truth she is the Fae Princess re-incarnated, though she doesn't know it...but our hero does the moment he lays eyes on her.  The only way to break his curse, however, is to get her to come to him willingly, give herself to him willingly, he must get her to fall completely in love with him in order to break the curse. Will this be his last chance to break the curse and win the heart of the only woman he'd ever loved? There's only one little thing that stands in his way...her fiance.

I'm looking for someone who can play the Demi-God and the boyfriend both.

The Gunslinger was a Lady
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This is a wild west setting. Katie Dauber was a wanted criminal and gunslinger on the run from the law and her gang. So far she had been able to stay one step ahead of them both, but it was becoming apparent that Katie was going to have to find a better way of hiding.  Her chance came when the pretty young woman riding across from her on the stagecoach west died from a vicious snake bite. She'd learned enough about the girl to pull it off, espescially in a town full of strangers. So when she stepped off the coach in Beaumont she was Victoria Montgomery the new school teacher. Now all she had to do was keep the nosy, charming, handsome sherriff from discovering the truth. This is just a general summary of the idea. Details can be worked out with the right partner.

Looking for the sherriff in this one.

Too Fast for You

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Stevie Brannigan owned the local garage in the small midwestern town where she'd spent most of her life. She was a whiz with all things mechanical. But being the local grease monkey who could fix anything wasn't her claim to fame. Stevie was a mechanic by choice, she loved to tinker with engines and had received a masters degree in mechanical engineering from MIT. Stevie's passion, though, were the racing engines she designed. Her engines had a reputation of being the fastest most reliable, lightest weight engines on the circuit. Drivers and owners alike sought out her engines, but only the best could afford them. Her newest prototype was set to turn the racing world on its collective ear. It would give the driver the ultimate edge. The only problem is...someone is trying to steal it, and they are willing to do anything to get their hands on it.

When Turk Murdock (name can be changed), ex-home town hero and international racing superstar, showed back up in town Stevie was already on guard. All through high school she'd tried to get Turk's attention...but she was nothing more than the awkward geeky girl who hung around shop class and tinkered with engines. The only things that had interested Turk back then was the head cheerleader and fast cars. All he could see was the finish line. Now, Stevie had grown into an independent, confident, striking beauty...and Turk wanted her newest toy. But what was he willing to do to get it? Could he be the potentially dangerous thief? Or is he the answer to her lonely heart?

Looking for someone to play Turk Murdock.

Captive of the Keep
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Medieval setting...Scottish Highlands. Kieran McTavish is the strong willed daughter of Lord Mctavish, a powerful man with rich holdings. For decades her family has lived in peace with their neighbors and in harmony with the land. Kieran is a fiery tempered, strong willed termagent bent on being ruler of her father's keep once his time on this earth was done. She was the last McTavish child left alive. With hair the color of spun copper and eyes to rival the emerald hillsides, Kieran was a breath taking beauty with the spirit of a warrior. A woman to make any man proud; but Kieran had no desire to be leg shackled to some preening, whining boot kisser to the king just to garner favor for her father. She has made it clear that there wasn't a man in all the Highlands who could conquer her. Kieran had stood strong by her word turning away every suitor who had come calling....until the day that dark devil appeared at her father's table.

His eyes were the color of the Cornish sea during a storm...a strange bluish gray that was immediately mesmerizing; his lips were full and strong, one corner drawn back in a ferocious smirk that held too much confidence; a head full of long dark hair was pulled neatly back in a simple leather tie and Kieran scolded herself for wondering what it would look like loose. He was broad shouldered and his muscles were clearly outlined through the thin fabric of his fine shirt. His legs were hidden beneath the oak table, but Kieran was certain they would be thick, strong legs. His skin was bronzed from long days in the sun, whether from work or war she wasn't sure. The man was embroiled in a heated discussion with her father over lands. This stranger was laying claim to her fathers keep...threatening war if her father did not surrender. When she walked into the room, conversation halted. Her father ordered her immediately out of the room...but she had already felt the scald of the strangers heated gaze.

Several month's pass and the situation grows more tense until the dark warrior lays siege to her father's keep and win's. Now that he has the keep, he has decided to lay claim to Kieran as well. He vows that she and her father will remain his captives until she bends to his desires and agrees to be his bride; and he sets out to set her blood stirring for his touch. Will he be the one to finally tame the she-devil?

Looking for a very dominant male on this one. Please PM me for further details.



***Be on the lookout! More ideas festering away as we speak! On their way to this board soon!***

Supernatural Stalker
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Story - He had been following her for weeks; ever since he first saw her...first realized he'd finally found her. But he had to take this slowly, he had to make her come to him. For weeks he'd insinuated himself in her mind. Where ever she was, he'd allow her to catch small, quick glimpses of him...just long enough for her to notice...and to pique her curiosity. When she was jogging in the park...he'd come jogging the opposite way and barely make eye contact. When she went to her favorite club, he'd appear here and there only to disappear again before she could get close to him. When she was in the mall going down the escalator, he'd be on the opposite one going up, making sure he met her eyes and maintained contact. He noticed when she started looking for him in the places she frequented. He stepped it up then...appearing in the farmers market to reach for the same piece of fruit at the same time, causing brief contact...only to disappear when she looked up to see who he was. He would walk by and brush her cheek when she was sitting at an outside cafe; he would stand behind her when she worked late at the museum, only to disappear when she turned around. He was well aware when she started dreaming about him...she had drawn him to her. That was last night. Now he stood in the darkness of the night, under the oak tree at the edge of the park across from her home. Tonight he would enter her dreams himself...and begin the real seduction. Now he would make her come to him.

I will leave the type of supernatural character you want to play up to you (vampire, werewolf, ghost...give me an idea, I'll let you know) and I will leave the circumstances of how he first saw her up to you. I would like someone who can really draw out the slow seduction of the story. I want him to tease her with his presence, but reveal little or no information about himself...only enough to lead her to the next clue. This is a rough outline of what I want, ideas, plot lines, etc. can be discussed with interested parties.

Hunt or Be Hunted
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Story - I'm looking for a hunter...or a rival vamp. Not sure yet. The basic story is that Yssa has a very special ability...and someone desperately wants it. Whether they want to use is for good or evil (probably nefarious purposes) Yssa doesn't know. The only thing she does know is that someone is hunting her...and she has to escape, but using her ability could be her downfall. Please refer to the character sheet below and let me know if you would be interested. There are several ways this story could go...but there will be some sort of sexual tension between my character and whoever is hunting her. This can be discussed in deeper detail with interested players.[/color]

A Ghost Story
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Ok Gentlemen (and quite possibly ladies, if the right one comes along and can convince me!) - I'm craving a really good ghost story! I know, weird huh? But I have this creepy little idea about a young woman (my character) who has either just moved into or inherited a really old house...that just happens to be haunted.  The idea is that the ghost starts out trying to scare her away but eventually begins to fall in love with her.  This one is going to be very story heavy...there will be sex...but I want a good background story to go along with it. I'd like to have someone who could play both the ghost and the young woman's boyfriend/fiance. I haven't worked out all of the details yet, but if anyone's interest is peaked please PM me! Thanks!

P.S. I'm not opposed to there being more than one ghost, or possibly a female ghost as a rival...this one has many possibilities!

If You Got it...Share It!
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I know, I know! Terrible title! If you can come up with a better one, by all means suggest it!

Ok...I have another small craving I'd like to try.  I have in mind a couple who are totally hot for each other...can't get enough of each other.  This couple is young, hot, and very sexual.  She is submissive, he is dominant...but they have a little kink they like to share.  They love going to the clubs and dancing all night long before going home to indulge in each other until exhausted.  Here's the scenario.  They love to go to clubs...where she (my character) loves to pick out the pretty young wallflower who doesn't believe she's pretty...and sick her man (your character) on her.  My character loves to watch as you seduce the pretty young thing, practically doing her on the dance floor...sometimes you even let me join in on the fun...but mostly I love to watch.  At some point, maybe your character can make my character do the same to some young stud...get him all hot and bothered before unleashing him on some unsuspecting female as we both watch. 



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Name: Kyla Rivers
Age: 29
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 145 lbs.
Status: Single

Background: Kyla is the daughter of an Irish born mother and a Greek father. Her Mother is a prestigious Archaeologist and professor at Cambridge University. Her Father, before his death, was high ranking diplomat. Kyla spent most of her childhood traveling around from exotic location to exotic location on digs with her mother (who saw to her extensive education) and attending diplomatic events with her father. At a young age, she learned the importance of diplomacy and how to get her way with her intelligence. At her father’s events, she could often be found discussing world events and her solutions to them with any number of heads of state or other diplomatic figures. She was well liked by most of them. It didn’t hurt that she was a striking beauty from a very young age.

She was an adventurous and energetic child who had little fear of anyone or anything. She could regularly be found as the first one charging into a newly found cave, pyramid or other such dangerous places. This led to more than one necessary rescue – one that was particularly harrowing when she was trapped in an underground tomb for the better part of 2 days. As she grew older, her parents realized she needed stability and since their careers didn’t lend well to such things it was decided that Kyla would be better served going to boarding school. At the age of 9, Kyla was shipped off to a French boarding school where she spent the next nine years. As expected she graduated with honors and went on to attend Cambridge where her mother teaches.

Kyla studied ancient Archaeology with the intent of following in her mother’s footsteps. Once she had her degree, she spent the next three years trooping around Greece, Italy, Ireland, Russia, and Asia on various digs and archaeological sites. Her father encouraged her to continue to pursue her education and so she also received degrees in comparative literature and art history.

Kyla’s father passed 2 years ago; that’s when she decided it was time to set down roots. Currently she is working as head curator at the Manhattan Museum. She lives in an up-scale, 2 bedroom town-house in Soho. She has a few close friends and a decently active social life.

Personality: Kyla is a warm, friendly woman with an open and loving heart. She is a striking beauty with a strong sexual appeal which she underplays or tends to ignore. She can sometimes be a little high strung but is usually pretty easy going. She is sophisticated and has an air of elegance. She isn’t snobby or aloof, but she does come across as rather reserved. Kyla is highly intelligent and has a passion for history and learning. She loves art, books, music, and poetry. She loves living in the artsy district in Soho and enjoys the characters she meets there. Kyla is single, though she has had more than one long-term relationship. She likes to have fun and enjoys going out to clubs with her friends, but she isn’t really a party-girl. She had a keen sense of humor and a quick wit. She is fairly down to earth and grounded. Kyla isn’t given to flights of fancy or wild imaginings…but she does have an open mind when it comes to the supernatural. She is a strong, independent woman who never fails to speak her mind on matters that are important to her. She has strong ideas about worldviews and while she is willing to allow others their own opinions, she is rarely swayed from hers. Kyla secretly longs for the adventures and freedom of her youth. 

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Name: Claryssa Effington (Yssa)
Age: 792 Years Old
Race: Vampire

Personality: Yssa is a lovely young woman with a sparkling personality.  She was only 17 when she was turned and never quite lost that youthful lust for life.  She is very high-spirited and this tends to get her into trouble.  She is always looking for a new adventure and is a bit overzealous when it comes to finding one.  She can be a bit of a smartass but is also very sensitive.  She is rather lonely, as her "gift" doesn't offer itself to friendship very well.  She sometimes tries a bit to hard when it comes to other people.  She no longer tries to hide that she is a vampire, and in truth is quite blatant about it.  Though she is kind, she does have a temper.  Her personality is neither cold nor aloof as one would expect from a 700 plus year old Vamp.  Her eyes are very sensitive to light.  She is a little too overzealous and tends to get into trouble.  Tends to ignore her hunger for long periods of time. Doesn't like to kill innocents for sustenance.

Background: Yssa was born in 1215 to merchant parents.  They were not wealthy but also they did not want for much.  She was a happy child and the joy of her parent’s lives.  She had two siblings, a younger brother and sister whom she loved very much.  She was always an adventurous and feisty child, getting into minor trouble for such trivial things as trying to ride the neighbors’ prize hog.  When she was 13 a plague hit her village wiping out fully half of the populace.  Her parents both died, as did her baby sister, which both her and her brother grieved over for a long time.  She was left to care for herself and her brother with little assistance. After quite a while her brother found work with the village blacksmith who had lost his own son to the plague and seeing that her brother would be well taken care of, Yssa set off to find her own path.  She wanted adventure and it wasn't long before she found it.  She happened upon a band of what she thought were gypsies and took up with traveling with them.  They welcomed her warmly into the fold and treated her as part of the family. They taught her to track and hunt, to trap her food and how to cook it.  They also taught her to be a master thief, but never to steal from those who could not afford it.  They only stole from nobles and only those that were cruel and stingy.  In return for being her new family, she spent many nights entertaining them with her voice.  She had been told since she was a small child that she had the voice of an angel.  She didn't particularly think so, but people seemed to enjoy hearing her, so she happily preformed.  She spent two years with them before she discovered their biggest secret.  They were certainly gypsies, vampire gypsies. This was strange to her as everything she had heard about vampires was contradicted by these wonderful people.  They did not disappear during the daytime, they were not cruel or cold and they were certainly not evil.  This really didn't change her opinion of them in the least.  She had come to love them all.  One night when they were celebrating the wedding in their tribe, they were attacked.  Several of the tribe were killed and Yssa was mortally wounded.  To save her, the tribe wise woman gave her "The Kiss" and turned her.  At first Yssa was very angry and left what was left of the tribe.  She spent many years being vile and cruel to mankind out of vengeance for her fate.  When the tribe finally caught up to her again, the wise woman made her see that it was the only way they could have saved her.  They kept her close and eventually, she became more of her old self.  Yssa's tribe has a special ability; they can travel back in time, but only to the time of their own turning.  Yssa has been living in the 21st century and has strange ideas and viewpoints.  Sometimes her mouth has a tendency to run away without her brain.  She is well-meaning and wishes very much to have friends and a normal life.  She tries very hard never to take the life of an innocent, especially to slake her bloodlust.  She has rarely had to do so as there are plenty of vile and evil people out there to feed on though she has had to on rare occasion take an innocent life, but she practically starves herself into a coma before doing so.

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***Work in Progress***
NAME: Remmy Martin
AGE: 27
HEIGHT: 5'5"
WEIGHT: 105 Lbs

PERSONALITY: Intelligent, independent, stubborn. Being one of the few female detectives on the force, Remmy had to be better at everything...which also meant being stronger.  She had put great effort into keeping fit, flexible and strong.  She wasn't given to flight's of fancy or irrational behavior, she was down to earth, trusted her gut...which was never wrong...and generally played by the rules.


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***Work in Progress***
Name: Aoki Hirosha
Age: 24



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Name: Vivianne Douglas
Age:  35
Occupation: Professor of Literature
Stats: 5'6", 130lbs, 34-23-34

Vivianne was born in Boston to parent's who's old money made Kennedy's look like first generation wealth.  She was a classic debutant with all the manners and propriety necessary to earn her a spotlight as Deb of the year with her poise, grace, educational achievements, and charity work.  As a young girl, she'd been quiet and studious, wanting nothing more than to get lost in her beloved books.  When Vivianne went off to college, she'd discovered she had a bit of a wild side...especially when it came to sex, finding that she rather liked her men to be a bit dominant and in control. Seduction had always been a favorite theme for Vivianne, both in literature and in life. She had always been inclined to be a bit adventurous...trying most anything at least once. She had graduated college with honors and had landed a job with one of the top private universities.  Her students respected her and really liked her because she wasn't stuffy or overly serious.  She was smart, warm, friendly, open and honest...but extremely serious when it came to her teaching and her students.  She was always ready to help any student who came to her in need.  Vivanne had dated plenty of men...but she'd never really found one that could hold her interest for very long.  Many of the male Professors...and even a few of the female ones...had tried, but she had found early in her career, that it was best not to date fellow faculty members. And though students flirted with her regularly...she had never been inclined to think in that direction at all.

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Name: Finnoula Parker
Age: 34
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 135 lbs.
Stats: 34-22-35
Eyes: a deep honey brown
Occupation: Art Broker

Personality: Refined, sophisticated, warm, friendly, and generous with her time, her friendship and her love. Finn is an extremely outgoing person. She loves to be around people, especially people with quick minds and an appreciation for the finer things. She is very intelligent and loves deep discussions about anything from art to zoology. Finn has a generous nature which she uses to make as many contacts as possible. She is quick to smile and loves to flirt. Most people are drawn to her for her grace and openness. She has no patience for intolerance or stupidity. She has a slow fuse, but a bad temper.

Background: Twin sister of Sinead Parker. Sinead and Finnoula Parker are the daughters of a high society, old money family. Her father is a retired investment broker while her mother was a charity fundraising goddess. Finnoula was the belle of the debutante ball at her coming out party. Her parents regarded her as their princess and spoiled her. Surprisingly, due to her parent’s high involvement with socially conscious groups, Finn was a very unspoiled child. She attended Vasser where she majored in Art History and World Affairs. She is an active member in many charity organizations and has traveled the world raising funds for orphans, disaster victims, etc. Finn has never been in a serious relationship, her longest lasting no more than 6 month’s. It isn’t that she doesn’t want to find someone, but so far no one has met her high expectations. Finn currently works as an Art Broker for a major auction house. She also spends a great deal of her time organizing and attending charity and social events.

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Name: Sinéad Parker (Sin to a select few)
Age: 34
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 135 lbs.
Stats: 38-24-36
Eyes: a deep honey brown
Occupation: Criminal Defense Attorney

Personality: Refined, sophisticated, Cool and collected, slightly reserved around those she’s unfamiliar with, friendly but aloof. Like her twin sister, Finnoula, Sin is generous with her time often volunteering at the legal clinic downtown. Unlike her free spirited sister, Sin is a bit more discerning in whom she chooses to call her friends. Though she is friendly and even appears to be warm in general, Sin is very careful about whom she allows close to her. Sin is a more reserved version of her sister, she is social and attends many charitable functions and political events…but she is not what one would call ‘outgoing’. She smiles readily, though distantly, when approached and enjoys conversing with people. Like her sister, she enjoys people with quick minds and an appreciation for the finer things. Sin does not, however, love to be around people – she can take it or leave it. She is very intelligent and loves deep discussions about anything from art to zoology. Sin is generous with her money, supporting many local charities which she feels are important. She is a sophisticated flirt. She has no patience for intolerance or stupidity. She has a slow fuse, but a bad temper. She is feisty and often argumentative, which comes in handy since she is a lawyer. Sin loves jazz, old movies, art and good scotch. Sin is not competitive in nature, nor does she have lofty ambitions…she is quite happy doing just what she does, defending the scum of the earth for a great deal of money and notoriety.

Sin is very progressive in most areas of her life, including her sexuality. She is a strong, independent woman who is well versed in erotic pleasure having experimented extensively while in college. Having had the luxury of travelling during law school, she did further exploration into the more…taboo pleasures offered around the world. It was during these travels that she discovered a few very important facts about herself…one, she was quite comfortable with the idea of sex with women, and in fact had enjoyed such on occasion; two, she really liked to be spanked; three, she liked dominant men…she quite enjoyed a man who took charge and controlled the situation. She was also very strong willed; this led to struggles with her submissive side. Her stubborn will led her often to be less than cooperative and therefore in need of discipline. Something she enjoyed in a twisted way. While Sin is quite comfortable with her fetishes, she does not go around advertising them to the general public. She is a very private person. Her personal life stays just that, personal. Whom she chooses to sleep with is no one’s business but her own, after all…she was a responsible adult.

Background: Sinéad and Finnoula Parker are the only children of a high society, old money family. Their father is a retired investment broker while their mother was a charity fundraising goddess. Finnoula was the belle of the debutante ball at her coming out party, while Sin was busy living up to her name making out in the coat closet with the preachers son. Their parents regarded Finn as their princess and Sin as their curse. It did not stop them from spoiling both children. Surprisingly, due to their parent’s high involvement with socially conscious groups, political activists, charity events and the like, the girls were far from rotten brats. While Finn attended Vasser where she majored in Art History and World Affairs, Sin went to Cal Poly where she studied Political Science, choosing to get as far away from mommy and daddy as possible – and vainly trying to escape her sisters’ shadow. While attending college and maintaining a 4.0, she found plenty of time for socializing. Sin found that most of the young women her age were entirely to forward and free with themselves in ways that told the men they were nothing but dick rags. For Sin, this was unacceptable. Her roll models were the women of the Golden Age of Hollywood…Gretta Garbeau, Veronica Lake, Lauren Bacall…women of grace, style and Hutzpah (as her grandfather used to say). These were the women Sin chose to model herself after. And she didn’t hesitate to put her charms to work. While she was choosy in whom she took for a partner, when she did choose, she was quite free in her explorations. It was in college that she discovered her enjoyment for being spanked. The erotic explorations did not end there. She found that her roommate was not opposed to a little adventure either, and thus was enlightened to the joys of the female form. It was a very good time for her.

From Cal Poly she was accepted to Stanford Law. During her senior year, she was chosen as an Ambassador of Good Will. She was sent over seas with a group of students to travel through out Europe and generally spread propaganda, while highlighting for the media how dreadful the conditions were in other less fortunate countries. Sin found the entire thing distasteful but for the opportunity to discover the erotic delicacies of foreign relations. The Kama Sutra became a favored book during this trip being a gift from a particularly delectable lover in India.

Sin is an active member in many charity organizations and has travelled the world raising funds for orphans, disaster victims, etc. Sin has never been in a serious relationship - her longest lasting no more than 6 month’s. It isn’t that she doesn’t want to find someone, but so far no one has met her high expectations, nor have they been able to tame her willful nature. Finn currently works as an attorney for a major law firm handling high profile criminal cases. She is very good at her job and has received many awards. She has a near perfect trial record. ‘Near’ perfect only because of one man…John Marshall; her nemesis in the court room…her secret fantasy in her dreams. She doesn’t know what it is about the damned man, but he gets under her skin…and invades her sleep. It isn’t fair to good-looking looking, that good at your job, that commanding…and be the enemy. It didn’t matter…enemy or no, she would love to be spanked by him! Sin has some experience as a sub, but no one ever seemed to be quite the right match for her…and she wasn’t entirely sure it was for her.

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Name: Daja
Age: 210 (looks 25 in human years)
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green
Weight: 135 lbs      
Height: 5’6”
Race: Vampire

Personality: Daja is calculating and cool. She has a tendency to be a bit cruel to those she thinks are beneath her. She is passionate and driven. She is highly intelligent and quick to action.

Skills: Excellent swordsman and knife thrower. Can hold her own in any fight. She is strong and very fast, even for a vamp. Excellent tracker and hunter.

History: Daja was the daughter of a gypsie rogue and a French mother. She was born in 1801. She was brought up from the time she was 12 by her wealthy French granparent's. When she was 25, she went looking for her father's tribe in the forests. It wasn't her father she found. she was spied by another hunter…a vampire. He found her enticing. Instead of making her his next meal, he seduced her…making her his mortal lover. Daja, instead of being terrified or disgusted, was intrigued. The vampire lifestyle thrilled her. She begged to be turned, but her lover refused…he liked her humanity. Daja went in search of someone who would turn her…and found him.  From that moment on, Daja embraced her vampyric life. She rose quickly through the ranks, becoming one of the most formidable and feared of her kind. She had many who were loyal to her and who would love to see her inherit the title of Elder.

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Name: Maggie Cuthbert
Age: 26
Hair: Red
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 137 lbs. (curvy in all the right places and just enough cushion for the pushin! ;) )

Personality: Maggie is a down to earth, laid back, cool under pressure kind of girl. Strong and independent, she can do just about any job she's given, within reason. Maggie rides an old refurbished 1952 Vincent Black Lightening that she helped her grandpa restore when she was a teenager. Maggie loves nature and being outdoors, she's good with animals and people. She comes across as a bit of a tomboy and is quite comfortable hanging with the guys...but Maggie is all girl. She has a distinctly feminine quality about her despite the jeans and worn t-shirt attitude she projects. She's easy to talk to, but doesn't easily open up about herself or her life. She laughs easily, is a relatively quiet person, loves music and loves to dance. She's good at keeping secrets. Maggie is a true romantic at heart who is looking for her prince charming to sweep her off her feet. She's leary when it comes to love, having been burned badly twice before and will not fall easily.

Background: Maggie was born and raised on a horse ranch in Tennessee. She was raised by her mother and grandfather. Her father had been a biker riding through town with his buddies who stopped at the local bar and took a liking to Maggie's mother. Hank managed to marry Grace before Maggie was born...but he couldn't manage to stick around to raise her. He was off on his bike before Maggie was three. He stayed in touch and even visited a few times, but he never stuck around for more than a month or two at a time. Maggie's mother loved and hated him in the same breath, grandpa just hated him. Maggie did ok in school managing a Baverage, but had no ambitions of going off to college. Maggie had a beautiful voice and she loved to sing...until her jackass of an ex pulled a stunt that made Maggie never want to sing again, and she hadn't since. Maggie left the ranch shortly after graduating from high school. She packed her belongings into a knapsack, said goodbye to her mother and grandfather, climbed on her Vincent and hit the road. Maggie was what her mother called a restless spirit, never stayed in one place long enough to take root...just like her father.

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Name: Maggie Carrington
Age: 24



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Niveyah Russert,

Age: 32
Gender: Female
Orientation: Heterosexual
Identity/position: Human, Lawyer for the RpIT.

The Appearance

Eyes: Green
Hair: black
Height: 5’ 7”
Appearance: Slim, attractive, well built. She has an innate grace born from years of ballet training. Niveyah’s eyes are a startling light shade of green that seems to glow in certain lights. Her black hair is naturally wavy and worn longer than shoulder length.

Beyond the Image

Likes: Fast cars, loud music, good literature, a healthy debate, intelligence, dominant men, vampire lore, working out, chocolate, the lights of the city at night, old movies, street fairs/carnivals, Jazz, tequila, her cat Jasper, Italian food, and motorcycles.

Dislikes: imbalanced justice, cruelty for cruelty’s sake, getting up early, weak people, lack of integrity, cheesy pick-up lines, and men who didn’t have manners.

Absolutely not's: site rules, bathroom play, scat & water sports

Talents: was once a ballerina, plays piano moderately well, is an excellent debater, has a talent with the bow.

Character Traits: self assured, confident, often comes across as insincere and cold, possibly even arrogant; calm in the face of chaos or panic, not easily swayable. Has a weakness for dark, handsome men who are also charmers. Has a gift for reading people, body language. Natural intuition.

Personality: Intelligent and strong willed, Niveyah’s quiet intent nature is often mistaken for arrogance. While she is quite independent and confident, she harbors a certain degree of self doubt when it comes to her skills as a lawyer. She is personable and, once you get to know her, quite warm and charming. She likes to laugh and loves to dance. She can come across as a little cold to men, but she’s a sucker for good old fashioned chivalry. She values intelligence and dedication as well as kindness and honesty. She is extremely guarded around strangers. She is eager and determined to make the best showing possible in her new job.

The History

History: Niveyah Russert was born in Boston to two socially prominent, politically active parents. Her father was an ambassador to Russia and her mother was Senator. As a young child Niveyah attended boarding schools with other children whose parents were never around. She knew they loved her, but the lack of connection with them led to Niveyah being a rather aloof and introverted child. It wasn’t until age nine, when she discovered ballet that she began to open up and become more confident. Niveyah studied dance with the conviction and dedication of a professional from a young age. Her only dream was to be a prima ballerina with a major company someday. She’d gotten her chance when she was 19. She’d auditioned for the Boston Ballet and secured a spot in the corp.

She quickly moved up through the corp until she was being given solo’s in almost every performance. The choreographer had taken a liking to her and they began an intense sexual affair that lasted more than 2 years. Niveyah thought they were in love and was certain that he was going to ask her to marry him. Sadly, during a performance while on tour in Europe Niveyah was terribly injured ending her dance career. The relationship between her and the choreographer began to become strained and she eventually caught him cheating on her with another dancer. At 21 Niveyah packed her bags and moved to New York where, thanks to her father’s connections, she entered law school.

It was in college that she developed her fascination for vampire lore. A friend convinced her to go to a frat party where she met some very interesting people who, through lengthy conversation, completely dispelled everything she’d ever heard or been told about the creatures. She began to read the things they suggested and so began her lifelong pursuit into the truth behind the legends. The more she learned, the more fascinated she became. She had a short lived but wild affair with one of the boys who swore he was born a vampire...though she didn't actually believe him.

Niveyah graduated with top honors and went on to practice law in a very prestigious firm. Soon she was winning cases and making a name for herself. She was on the track to becoming partner when her parents were killed along with a dozen or so other high profile names while on a humanitarian mission in the former soviet block. The authorities had sent the bodies – or what remained of them – back in sealed caskets with no real answers as to how they were killed or who had done it. There seemed to be little to no evidence left to lead them to the guilty parties. Niveyah had requested special permission to go over and investigate on her own, but was denied. She still searches for closure.

Her parents’ deaths left Niveyah with no living family. This affected her deeply and she began a slow decline into a deep depression that lasted for several month’s. When she finally came out of it, she had changed. She was more determined and dedicated than she’d ever been. She began receiving recognition for her take charge, no nonsense bulldog attitude when it came to her cases. The senior partners were impressed, until she ran afoul of one of their biggest clients. He was a wealthy man with lots of connections. He’d taken a fancy to Niveyah but she wasn’t interested. She knew he was a cruel man who liked to toy with women. When she discovered he had shady dealings with the Mob along with other disturbing facts that seemed to continually be covered up, she began to investigate further. As her investigation revealed more shady dealings, Niveyah began to get threats to her safety. When she went to her bosses with her information, she was told in no uncertain terms to drop it. As the weeks went by, and the death threats increased, it became clear that her bosses were not as clean as she thought they were. Several weeks after she began her investigation, she was escorted from the building by security. That night, while she was out with friends drowning her anger, her apartment was broken into.

Niveyah moved in with her friend the next day. Jen told her about a job opening she’d heard about through her boyfriend. It was in Vegas with a place called RpIT. She wasn’t quite sure what it stood for, but she knew she had to get out of New York and quick. She sent her letter and resume the next day. Within a week she was hired and was on her way to Vegas.

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Name: Shayla Murrow
Age: 26
Occupation: Freelance Artist/sculptor/photographer
Parking Space?:

Description: Shayla is 5’6”, 135 lbs, slim, 32-20-32, C cup. Shoulder length wavy red hair. Green eyes. Dresses very chic and hip. Artsy. Most comfortable in an old pair of jeans, boots and peasant blouse. She wears very little makeup as she has a natural beauty that lends itself well to natural look. Her makeup is usually earth toned. Her skin is very fair and she has a small smattering of light freckles across the bridge of her nose.

Character Traits: stubborn. Easy going and vivacious. Loves to laugh and have a good time. Not necessarily a party girl, but instead likes lively intelligent conversations, good music and to have fun. Loves to be outdoors in nature. Friendly and outgoing. Can be a tiny bit snobbish at times. Often impatient when she feels someone isn’t using their brain.

Profile: Shayla was born in Hermosa Beach, California. Her mother was a hippie artist straight off the commune…her father was a straight laced, uptight corporate head. They divorced when Shayla was very young and she saw very little of her father. She grew up a free spirit for the most part…enduring the stiffness of her father’s home on the rare occasion she had to. She loves the outdoors and being active. She surfs, rock climbs, plays tennis…anything that gets her outdoors. Shayla became interested in photography in high school when she began taking pictures of the local surf scene. She won a contest and a scholarship and earned a degree in photojournalism. She’s travelled a lot in her short life and has had many of her photo’s published in major publications. Her newest endeavor is sculpting, which she is currently working on a collection for a private showing at a high profile local gallery. Shayla has a very open minded view of the world and people in general. She laughs easily and has a quick, biting wit. She loves to tease her friends…so if she teases you it means she really likes you.

Miscellaneous Info: Shayla is dating Austin Brooks but she feels they have been growing apart recently. She first saw Austin 6 years ago at the X-Games Snowboarding championship where she was taking publicity shots for the Tahoe tourist bureau. She was immediately attracted to him, but at the time was unable to make a connection. They became friends and kept in touch but didn’t get together until 2 years ago. Austin is by far the best lover Shay has had, but she feels that is insufficient means on which to build a future. She is aware of his desire to move forward with their relationship…but she isn’t interested in marriage right now – perhaps not ever – and she really isn’t sure that Austin is the one. They fight often these days and always seem to be on the verge of a breakup. He exhibits extreme jealousy when she is sculpting male models (who are often modeling in the nude) and has even managed to get into a fist fight with a couple of them.

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Name: Austin Brooks
Age: 29
Occupation: Austin works as a bouncer/bartender at a local nightclub while he finishes earning his degree in aerospace technology.

Parking Space?:

Description: 6’4”, 195lbs, lean, fit, athletic. Muscular. Dark blond hair with bleached tips. Dark blue eyes. His hair is kept short and neatly cut though he prefers the tousled look. He has a tribal compass tattoo just above his left ass cheek. His usual mode of dress, whether it is at school or home, is jeans and a t-shirts. At work he wears black slacks and a red polo shirt. He’s generally wearing black boots.

Character Traits: He’s the quiet, brooding type. Health nut. Fitness freak. Runs every morning, works out at the gym several times a week. Takes life very seriously and approaches it that way. He’s determined when he wants something. Can be a bit domineering and has a tendency to be a bit of a controller. He has a jealous streak. Very dominant personality.

Profile: Austin comes from old New England wealth. His family has been prominent members of society for generations. Austin isn’t spoiled but he is used to getting what he wants. He’s very intelligent and is a hard worker. He is pursuing a degree in aerospace technology and NASA is already courting him for his innovative design ideas. Austin doesn’t have much of a light side. He rarely laughs and isn’t prone to goofing off. He works most nights as a bouncer/bartender at a local nightclub. When he isn’t working he’s studying. He has a real jealous streak that he tries desperately to control, but rarely succeeds. He wasn’t always dark and serious, but things change. Austin had been a championship snow boarder on the track to Olympic and pro status until a severe knee injury destroyed those chances (there’s a story behind this that will come out over time). He consoled himself by tearing a wild streak through the European countryside until Daddy got angry at bailing him out of trouble and ordered him home. Austin’s father arranged for him to begin working at the family firm but it didn’t take long before everyone figured out it wasn’t for him. Austin’s Grandfather had been part of the original space program and so arranged for Austin to take part in a summer internship program. This lead to Austin’s current pursuits. 

Miscellaneous Info: Austin is currently involved with Shayla Murrow. They have been dating seriously for 2 years and he is making plans for long term. He believes the next step is for them to marry and start a family. He isn’t sure if what he feels for Shay is love, but they get along well…most of the time. He is often cross at her choice of subject matter for her sculptures and photography. It causes them a great deal of discord in their relationship. He has come to blows with more than one of her male models.