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February 04, 2023, 08:31:55 am

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Author Topic: Time for a Tale of the Sea-- [M/M Craving]  (Read 813 times)

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Time for a Tale of the Sea-- [M/M Craving]
« on: March 02, 2011, 06:16:28 pm »
Overlooking the massive trade city of Waterwalk is the DeMaynne estate, owned and just recently occupied by a ruling noble family. Their reach extends far along the coastline and a good day's distance into land, and it was only just recently that they decided to move to this city from their old one.

The people seem relatively indifferent to the change-- while they hate having the nobles breathe down their neck, trade and market have prospered because of it. And while the DeMaynnes are keeping a close eye on what happens in town, the town has hardly seen the family in turn.

And that was why they did not recognize the dark-skinned man strolling through the docks as nobility. He certainly did not look much like either of his parents-- at least, he did not look like his father and his father's wife. Those who knew the truth were far and few between, but those who suspected it were pretty common, at least in the cities were the young noble was seen strolling about with his family.

But here no one seemed to know him, and while he was catching a few stares it was likely due to his upscale clothes rather then them knowing his identity. This was a worker's dock, no place for the rich. He seemed to know exactly where he was headed, though-- one of the smaller vessels, a trade ship that more often then not transported spices.

But more important then that, was owned by the DeMaynne family and relatively clear of seamen right now.

And that made for perfect conditions for a stowaway ship.

It wasn't until hours later that he was discovered.


c: Okay, so that's the summary-- a noblemen who actually holds power over the ship as a whole sneaks onto it knowing they won't know his identity if he's discovered. He wants to play at being a seaman, mostly to conquer a nasty fear of the water due to a jellyfish getting tangled around his leg when he was a young child. He did not factor in how stowaways are treated out at seas, nor that once they're out there he holds no power whatsoever-- they could throw him to the water and he'd be done for.

He traps himself with a captain who does not take kindly to stowaways on his ship, royalty or not. And all of the DeMaynne family bares the family crest tattooed across the left side of their back-- it wouldn't be too long before the captain spotted it.

The Captain should be a gruff man, rough around the edges by all means. He should present the young noble with an ultimatum-- do work or get tossed to the water. (Or worse-- he'd be a lot more slender then the other men, with tighter muscle-- different kinds of exercise and work would have bred different builds, and moreso, he's not bad looking. If he were to be offered out to the men...)

Anyway, as time goes on, the young noble should grow increasingly adept at doing these tasks and even becoming fond of the Captain, having spent a good deal of time around him due to sharing his cabin (he could not sleep with the crew, fearing what could happen.)

And that's pretty much it. c: I want a Captain, a big, gruff man who won't let the young noble boss him around, who will keep him in check by whatever means necessary. (Not unnecessarily! He shouldn't be cruel.) And eventually, I'd like him to fall for the noble as much as the noble becomes fond of him...

Sound good?

-- Kiddies, I'm going to be a little picky about who I want to play with for this game. -Please- don't get offended if I say I'd rather not do it with you-- this is such a specific craving that I'm looking for a person with a certain voice to their writing.

Thank you for your time!