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Author Topic: Blood Witch  (Read 720 times)

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Blood Witch
« on: March 01, 2011, 03:23:15 PM »

Cal 'Sgth' Blaire is the new boy in town. He's 17-years-old, tanned with shaggy black-brown hair, and gold colored eyes. Nearly everyone in the high school loves him. There isn't a single person he doesn't seem to be able to connect with. Even the boys who's girlfriends want him don't seem to have a problem talking with him. With the 'good looking' people he seems like a god. With the stoners he looks like he should be holding a joint. With the goths he seems like he's a piercing away from joining them. And with the 'geeks' he seems to be able to keep up with all their conversations whether it be about art, history, or Star Wars. Nothing is out of reach for Cal Blaire.

Within his first week at school, he manages to get a girl to go out with him every night. Each girl is greatly different from the other and most may have never even spoke to each other. What shocks most people in the sleepy little town is that he even takes out a guy or two during that first week. Though after that he seems to calm down and just mingles around talking to everyone from time to time. Not really getting personal with anyone.

A few of the people he went out with that first week, one being your best friend, admit that he's a rather physical guy. Jumping rather easily into the backseat and one even claiming to have been in his house. The one that said she'd been in Cal's house said it was weird. Lots of candles, books, and things like that...but no TV or anything. She says it was kind of 'hippie' and she was really put off by the pentacle necklace he was wearing under his shirt.

So when he comes over to your table, he invites your best friend and you to a party. Most everyone he took out that first week is invited, though the one girl that went into his house declines. He invites you, but you feel it might just be because you were sitting there. Still, a party is a party. In such a small town where nothing happens, you're not about to decline a party invite. Even if it is in the middle of a corn field in September and cold out.

You both get there and find Cal standing in the middle of a semi-circle drawn on the ground. He opens his arms and says, "Welcome to the celebration of the Second Harvest. Also known as Mabon and the Autumn Equinox," sitting behind the circle and Cal is a little table that he'd brought with him with all sorts of candles, glasses, wooden goblets, jugs of cider, pomegranates, apples, and all sorts of Fall foods.

You see it all, see the glow on Cal's face, how happy he is, how magical it all seems and you decide that you desperately need to be a part of this. To be a part of this 'Mabon' and a part of Cal's life.

***This is all Eden's fault. Shi encouraged my plot bunnies!!!!

Anyway...this can be M/M or M/F. PM me for more details, cause there are a lot of details. If you want to play Cal, then I ask that you've read at least the first 4 books of the Sweep Series by Cate Tiernan. If you want to play the OC, then no reading of the books is necessary since the OC would have no bearings in the book series.


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Re: Blood Witch - Sky Eventide
« Reply #1 on: March 02, 2011, 02:05:50 PM »

Sky Eventide is a beautiful woman of twenty with a personality to match. Most describe her as intense and even arrogant, but loving and loyal to those in her family. After going through a rather rough relationship with a woman in America, she is rather hesitant to throw herself back into the dating world. More so if she decides that she might one day want a biological child. The females of her 'kind' are unable to breed with normal, human males. This causes quite an emotional mix-up in her body.

Due to her emotional instability, she is currently between jobs and has stepped down as being head of coven Kithic. Unable to sleep at night, she goes around club hopping, bringing home random men and women to get drunk and sleep with. A different person every night. A different club every night. A different feeling every night.

Finally, Sky manages to snag a job at the University helping out in the library. She's always liked books. They made sense and rarely lied. If they did lie, it wasn't the book's fault, it was the person who wrote it. Books were sensible and logical. But when she comes in one morning with a bad hangover and a fresh tattoo on her easily seen lower back, the head librarian says she has to clean up or find a new job. To help her along and keep an eye on her, the head librarian has set her up to work alongside one of their more seasoned librarians.

*** Not Eden's fault, but I'll blame hir anyway. >.>

Sky is a bisexual, so we can go with a M/F or F/F pairing here. PM me for more details. ^^

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Re: Blood Witch - Killian MacEwan
« Reply #2 on: March 11, 2011, 09:31:03 PM »

Killian MacEwan is a good-looking man that likes to have a good time. Killian is a person who parties at heart. His agenda leans towards having a good time than taking life seriously. He loves to drink, to go to clubs, to practice forbidden magick, and to flirt with girls. He is not much of a person who takes commitment well and strays from one thing to the next. He tends to do more harm than good, ignoring the law of three-fold which states that all bad things will come back in threes. He's broken up numerous relationships just for the sake of having a good time. And he tends to always show up late and intoxicated.

Lots of people have told him that one day a girl is going to run through him like he does to them. Of course he just brushes this off and goes about his merry way. After dealing with some bad family matters, he moves back to Europe (England) and goes back to his partying ways. He tends to enjoy wooing girls with his magic abilities.

One night he meets a girl/guy that is not all that impressed with him. Having had this never happen before, Killian vows to himself that he will make her/him his. Of course the Law of Three decides to come back and bite him in the ass...

***Not Eden's fault, but will blame hir anyway...again. >.>

Killian is not gay or bi in the series, but we can bend that easily. I prefer to play Killian unless you've read the series. Reading the books is not a requirement for any of these plots unless you want to play the cannon character. M/F or M/M for this game. PM me for more details.

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Re: Blood Witch - Selene Belltower
« Reply #3 on: March 12, 2011, 10:34:00 AM »

Selene Belltower is beautiful, ruthless, and ambitious. Selene is very beautiful with golden eyes, dark brown hair, and lovely features. She is in her late 50s but appears to be much younger--not a fine line on her face. Selene is also a very powerful witch, and most of this power is acquired by stealing other people's magic.

After the death of her first husband, who was 40 years her senior at the time of their wedding, Selene finds out that he was practicing Dark Magic. She quickly immerses herself in the darker world of magic. Becoming the student of a powerful, dark witch that her husband knew. Taking over his former coven and using it for her purposes. Her new teacher introduces her into a darker coven which she eventually takes over when her teacher dies. During her reign of 'terror' over the coven, it members, and the nearby village of Abbertswyth, Wales; Selene finds herself lusting after a witch named Daniel Niall. He, of course, rejects her advances at first. Driving her into the arms of several other men as she attempts to seduce Daniel. It takes a long time, but she finally charms Daniel.

Their marriage is rough and barely survives a decade. Leaving Selene alone with a child in her womb and he with another woman. Angry and bitter, Selene sends the Dark Wave after her former husband, his new wife, and their children. All the while, she is grooming her son to be the perfect puppet to draw in new blood and power for her to steal. Though that doesn't mean she doesn't do some of the work on her own. Cal is too young to be a seducer, but she is a well-aged woman with an air of confidence that is hard to ignore.

***Looking for someone to play a 35-40 year old man. Selene would think he is a Blood Witch (like herself), but he doesn't have to be. She could just be mistaken. He would be seduced and charmed by Selene. Her luring him in deeper and deeper into her dark life style. Using magic and her womanly ways to eventually lead him to his end (though not necessarily death).

Basically need someone to play a middle aged man being seduced by a sexy, intelligent, strong older woman. He could have an interest in magic to begin with or she could lead him into it.

PM me for more details.


P.S. Totally not Eden's fault, but will blame hir anyway.