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August 12, 2022, 04:48:15 pm

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Author Topic: Reggie's Roleplaying Request  (Read 840 times)

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Offline reggiethelastTopic starter

Reggie's Roleplaying Request
« on: February 27, 2011, 09:11:54 pm »
Looking to roleplay again. Again only looking for one or two partners so hopefully I will find the spot quickly. Last time the results didn't do very well and I'm hoping for better luck this time around. As for about me I'm a full time college student with a job and a social life. Don't expect me to be always replying. But I usually try and get a reply in at least once a day unless I get super busy in which case I'll give you a heads up. I'm fine with my partners doing whatever, a couple replies a week is fine with me to be honest. Quality over quantity. That being said I like multiple paragraph responses. On average I try and aim for three to four paragraphs, two paragraphs minimal. If you can give me at least a beefy paragraph that's fine with me. I'm not too picky. Same with grammar and spelling, not expect perfection but I am expecting that you're pretty literate.

Ons and off wise nothing comes to mind to be honest with you. I don't do incest and I like my partners to be 18 and up age wise. I'm fine doing non consensual as far as blackmail but I don't do rape scenes. I don't do bathroom play either. Other than all of that I'm fine which whatever. So now onto my request.

Here's some plots.


My character was a taxi driver when the outbreak happened. As soon as the chaos broke he stole as many supplies as he could and drove out of the big city for miles and miles. It's been a couple months and my character hasn't seen anyone uninfected yet until he comes across yours on the side of the road, his first passenger.


My character is recently released from prison on a manslaughter charge. He really wants to go straight but a life of crime is all he knows and he's good at it. He hangs out in the local hangout which is a restaurant owned by the Don. My character gets various jobs there while trying to go the straight and narrow road he meets your character. She's the waitress of the restaurant and also the Don's daughter.

More coming later when I'm not so tired.

Some pairings:

American Soldier x German Woman/Nurse
American Soldier x French Woman/Nurse
American Soldier x Russian Woman/Nurse
Nazi Soldier x Jewish Woman
Nazi Soldier x French Woman
Nazi Soldier x Allied Nurse

Gangster x Witness to murder
Gangster x Waitress
Gangster x Club singer
Gangster x My Don's daughter
Gangster x Enemy's Don's daughter
Gangster x Police Chief's daughter
Gangster x Club girl
Gangster x Police Officer/Detective

Cowboy/Outlaw x Saloon girl
Cowboy/Outlaw x Farmer's daughter
Cowboy/Outlaw x Sheiff's daughter
Cowboy/Outlaw x Mayor's daughter
Cowboy/Outlaw x Native American

Modern Day Ideas:
Wealthy Man x Maid
Cook/Waiter/Customer/Manager x Waitress
Employee/Boss x Secretary
Fan/Manager/Celebrity x Celebrity/Fan
City Boy/Country Boy x City Girl/Country Girl
Trucker x Hitchhiker
Pilot/Vacationer x Flight Attendant
Vacationer x Vacationer (Island Paradise, Europe, Cruise Ship)
Vacationer x Receptionist/Waitress
Movie or Music Star x Receptionist/Waitress
Neighbour x Neighbour/Neighbour's legal daughter (Married or Unmarried)
Famous Politician/Actor/Musician x Reporter
Cop x Citizen
Parent x Babysitter
Teacher/Student/Professor x Student/Teacher
Out of town Biker x Local Woman
Politician out on the town x Local woman
Father's Friend x Daughter
Brother's Friend x Sister
Husband x Wife's Sister
Husband's Brother x Wife
Boyfriend's Friend x Girlfriend
Friend's Boyfriend x Friend
Boyfriend's Brother x Girlfriend
Sister's Boyfriend x Sister
Repair/Salesman x Woman(Married or not)
Stranded (Jungle Island Plane Crash)
Directer x Actress