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Author Topic: Not your average request thread (craving dragon age, m looking for f)  (Read 1452 times)

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It's worth pointing out that I will play any of these ideas on or off of the forums. Just make sure that when you message me that you specify! :D

Here's some ideas that are more detailed then what's in the non-forum request thread. PM me if you like any of these and we can work out the details!

Something I've been wanting to do for a while now is to play out a communal relationship. Two women and a man who are all in love and in a relationship. I like the idea of playing how society sees this and how they cope with it if in a modern setting.

Fantasy/Modern Fantasy

Love be Damned - A man and a demoness (human male x demoness)
This idea sprung up from a couple different places, not the least of which was Dragon Age: Origins and an older idea of mine. I was thinking of this as a male demon hunter who is quite good at his job. Either something fantasy-ish like Dragon Age or maybe something more modern like Supernatural. In either case, the man finds himself in a relationship that it likely doomed to fail....with a demoness. She feeds off of life and psychic energies, a process which normally kills the men she lures into her arms, but the demon hunter is different from others...When he's tapped out he doesn't get sick or die, he just gets tired and needs to rest. A sort of symbiotic relationship would blossom as she gets to eat regularly and without resistance and is more than happy to betray her fellow demons for this. Would LOVE to play this one right now!

The Coven (Great for the girl who doesn't mind playing a couple different characters)
This is one that I've yet to get completely off the ground but would love to do. It would be based around a handful of women who sort of play at new age occultism. They get together and do the Ouija board, have four different types of tarot decks, and own at least one book on celtic paganism. If anything, it's an excuse to play at being bad and a reason for all of them to get together and do something as a group. It's fairly harmless until one of them comes across a man at a new age religion book store. He gives her a copy of a small old book and tells her that it explains how to create a coven with a spirit guide. This turns out to be only slightly true as the spirit is the man, a demon who feeds off sexual energy. Once they do the ritual he explains that he can grant small wishes in exchange for sex. From here their lives spiral out of control as he becomes a destructive force in their lives, undoing their relationships, etc. The girls could be anything from high school goths to bored housewives to cheerleaders with a secret naughty streak to a group of college friends. Let me know if you'd like to talk about this idea, I think it's a fun one!

Sci Fi

The Super Soldier
This could be played in either a futuristic setting or in a modern setting, in either case my idea doesn't really change. A super soldier is made in a government lab, meant to be the ultimate all purpose special operator. Grown in a vat from heavily engineered DNA, he is everything any branch could want. He is deadly on virtually every level. However, they didn't want stupid soldiers and started educating him in a variety of experimental ways, meant to excellent his learning and turn his mind into yet another weapon at his disposal. The problem arises when he decides that he wants more from life than to be a weapon prototype. He escapes from the lab and while in the process of running comes across your character. I would love to discuss who and what your character would be as this is completely open. There's a variety of directions the game could go from here depending on what you'd like to do with your character.

I've got this idea of a non-cannon story involving batman. It would be after Bane broke Batman's back but Bruce doesn't recover. Instead he recruits a guy who he thinks is tough enough to wear the costume. However, since there's no one out there who's trained their entire lives for this, so he puts together a support team who will help the new batman. I was originally thinking of doing this over in yahoo groups as a group game and still might. I thought it was worth mentioning here though in case there's anyone who wants in on it or would like to play it here in a one on one. I plan on involving enough original characters that I thought it wasn't worth putting in the fandom section.

The Living Doll
In the future the sex toy industry has gotten VERY advanced. The ultra rich (and those crazy enough to get massive amounts of debt) can buy Dolls, genetically grown women who are programed while growing in the vats to be exactly the kind of woman they've always dreamed of. It's controversial at best as some don't see these women (and sometimes men) as artificial since they're real flesh and blood. The Dolls can be given skills at an additional cost, so that they can help their owners in a variety of ways beyond the sexual. Secretarial packages, home care and cleaning, virtually anything that you would expect is available at a cost. That's where Dex comes into play. He's a genius and works for an inter-planetary mega-corporation as the president over all of their research and development. No less that four major discoveries are on his resume as well as six inventions that changed the lives of all human beings across the colonies as well as on Earth. For Omni Enterprizes he as a cash cow and is lavished with money, homes, and anything else he could want. Most recently it was discovered that he had an interest in obtaining a Doll and the company jumped on it for two big reasons. First, to keep him happy, but second because it was a chance to secretly give him the body guard that he needed but had constantly refused. They could secretly have her programmed with a personal protection skill suite. In this idea I think it would be interesting to play out his obtaining his fantasy woman and slowly realizing that there's a lot more to her than meets the eye as well as seeing what kind of trouble they could get into along the way.

Master PC Mind control story, good for anyone who'd like playing a variety of different characters
This would be based on the Master PC stories by JR Parz and it's quite alright if you have no idea who or what that is lol. The quick run down for those of you who don't want t o read the stuff from the link is this...A fairly average guy with no real luck with women, jobs, etc one day stumbles across an unlabled disc that contains a probram called Master_Pc.exe and soon discovers that the program has the ability to "reprogram" people. Changing their behavior as he sees fit, he slowly makes his dreams come true (and wreaks a little revenge on those who've wronged him in the past.)
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Re: bandit's forum thread (male seeking females)
« Reply #1 on: March 06, 2011, 10:13:30 AM »

Rise of the Dork - Popular girl x Nerdy Guy
Jake is a dork. His hair is too curly to do anything trendy with and his style of dress is more about comfort than the latest fashion trends. He's on the Quiz Team, president of computer club, and in the National Honors society. He had friends but all were social outcasts like himself. The day that would change his life was a Wednesday in gym class. The girls were on one side of the gym and the boys on the other. It was some sort of fitness thing for the state that they were doing, each going to a different station. Their school had a uniform for gym class and it hadn't been updated since the 80's. The short shorts looked great on the girls but the guys all felt stupid, especially Jake. Todd, a jock who was twice as sadistic as Hitler came up behind Jake and yanked his shorts down. The only problem was that he accidentally pulled Jake's underwear down as well. It was all good though, Todd laughed twice as hard, until a gasp ran through the girls side. It turned out that Jake had a rather exceptional gift hanging between his legs. A few girls laughed but mostly in shock. Jessica was easily the most popular girl in school, and easily the most gorgeous. She already had an  amazing body that guys were willing to die for. What only a few of the boys on the football team knew was that she was a size queen and she, more than any girl on the other side of the gym stared, her mind filling with ideas. The idea is that she will approach him for sex and sex alone. It's her guilty secret not wanting people to know she caved for it. However, she'll slowly start to fall for him. I have tons of ideas for this so hit me up for more!

The Lawyer and his Client's Wife
This idea isn't fully formed yet but it's been rolling around in my head for a few weeks and I was inspired to post it since there's a movie coming out that looks like it has a similar plot. lol I've been thinking it might be fun to play a lawyer who's client has been accused of murder. This client is very likely innocent but doesn't have tons of money, but he does have a beautiful wife. The lawyer and the wife end up spending significant amounts of time together as they work on developing the case. She finds herself vulnerable and wowed by the lawyer's willingness to take a loss on defending her husband. The lawyer is just unscrupulous enough to see her vulnerability and to take advantage of it.

Where it goes from here is what I'm not entirely sure of yet. Perhaps this leads to some sort of trouble or maybe it's true love and the lawyer and wife run off together. I don't know, but I'd be happy to discuss this idea further with anyone interested in playing it.

The Teacher's Pet
Michael has been the teacher's pet for the last two years for sure. His favorite teacher is often considered the milf of the century and has never been hurting for attention from her boys, however she has always just clicked with Michael. After going through a nasty divorce, her world is turned upside down and she still feels some what vulnerable when she goes back to school that year. Michael is there for her and a romance blossoms. She wants to tell herself that it's purely sexual, that she might be dumb enough to fool around with a student, she's not dumb enough to fall in love with him. However, Michael is young and passionate and wont give up that easily.

The Mafia Girl (mafia bosses daughter x unsuspecting guy)
So I've been rewatching The Sopranos and I honestly forgot just how good this show was. The idea sprung up for this plot and if it tickles your fancy please get a hold of me, I think this would be fun to play. Okay so the idea is that the daughter of a powerful mafia boss has been a bit of a party girl for years. Her father has been on her ass for ages to calm down and find a man to settle down with. None of that has ever sounded the least bit entertaining and thus it has never happened. When one of her girlfriends is having a baccalaureate party at a local club she runs into a guy who's totally different from any of the men she's ever hooked up with. He's good looking sure and the same age as her, but he's conservative, very intelligent, and has a doctorate. The best part about this guy is that he has no idea who she's related to and seems to like her simply for who she is, not who her father is. We could develop this idea further if you like it!

Related Idea - The Yakuza/Triad Daughter
This is basically the same idea as above but with an Asian twist. Her father could be the leader of the local yakuza or triads and she could still be the wild girl who drives her father crazy, falling for a guy who's nothing like the gangsters she's used to dating.

She is beautiful - The shock rocker and the pop princess
This is a good one for those looking to do a romance plot with the occasional wild sex scene hehe. My idea is that a shock rocker blows up. He becomes the next big thing despite how extreme his music is (or perhaps because of) and finds himself being condemned by some and worshiped by others. The crazier and more shocking he is, the more money he rakes in and soon his tours are the stuff of legends. Everything comes to a head when one night after a concert he goes out on his motorcycle drunk and stoned and gets into a serious accident. Doctors had very little hope of saving him yet...they did. Through nothing short of a miracle he pulls through and makes a full recovery. In the wake of the accident and recovery he finds himself directionless and lost. The brush with death leaving him questioning how he's been living his life up to that point.

Your character would be a pretty pop star who got her start while just a kid. She's America's sweet heart, known for NOT falling into the same traps that Lindsay Lohan and others have before her. Her kid friendly music focuses on having fun and doing the right thing, etc. That's why the world was stunned when, on a late night talk show, she states that the fallen shock rocker should call her some time if he needs a friend. While her good nature is no surprise, no one can believe she'd want to hang out with the shock rocker. Hearing about her offer he takes her up on it and he finds himself blown away by how much fun the girl is and they fall for each other despite pressure from all sides for them to not be a couple.

I've seen this plot here and there as well as variations on it, and I love it. I'd love to play it, so if interested, let me know!


I'd love to do a zombie survival rp of some sort. One idea I've had that would integrate smut and plot and horror hehe is the idea of a fictional president sending in a delta force team to rescue his wife who was doing an appearance in a big city of our choice. Things go wrong and they wind up stuck with the first lady in a zombie filled city with no idea of how they might get out or if back up will ever come. We could pair her up with a soldier or even soldiers, it could be more of a dominance thing where she's humiliated and objectified or it could be more of a romance in the face of disaster kind of story. It's really wide open depending on your tastes.

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Re: bandit's forum thread (male seeking females)
« Reply #2 on: March 20, 2011, 02:00:41 PM »

Regardless of which side we choose I think there's so much room for drama. Security forces uncomfortable with storm trooper tactics, the conflict both sides have in fighting their brothers. Or even a non-militarized story simply looking at what it's like to be a normal person living on the Ark. I think there's too many possibilities to list to be honest.

Mass Effect
I've played through both of these games and now I think I'm quite ready to roleplay some of these characters. I'd be happy to play an OC Shepard or as any of the various aliens on board ship (males only though, I'm terrible at writing women). I wouldn't mind playing through some of the events of the games or even doing something that takes place after the events of the games. Either way...I'm also open to any suggestions you might have. Depending on what female characters you're willing to play I may have further ideas so just ask. I'm willing to play multiple characters with this rp.

Dragon Age: Origins
This is another one where I'd likely be willing to play though either the events of the game or events that would take place after the fact. If you're willing to play more than one character I have some great ideas on the love triangle between the warden and Leilana/Morrigan. I am willing to play multiple characters with this idea as well.

Dragon Age II: I've got enough hours into this game to say that there's a lot that I'd like to rp from this as well. There are moments in the game that I'd love to flesh out through rp and variations on some of the story lines that I'd love to tinker with. Like with the DA:O fandom idea, we'd likely be playing selections here and there, skipping around...

I see a few people here are familiar with the third Fallout game but to be honest I could roleplay any of the three. I love these games and could create something original using the setting or use cannon story lines, whatever you'd like. I have such a strong working knowledge of the setting that really the sky is the limit. I'm willing to play as many characters as is necessary and could even do something where the story revolves (be it cannon story or not) around your original character. Just a warning though, I've not had a chance to play New Vegas yet, I've simply been too busy.

Alpha Centauri
This is a game that probably shows my age but I fucking love it, and the fact that it retains it's value in resale is an indicator as to just how good of a game it is. It's high science fiction for the most part and is a fantastic setting. If you aren't familiar with it, that's fine, just ask and I'll tell you about it. I'm not sure what we'd do with it since it was a civ type game but I'm certain we could come up with something.

I don't have any particular ideas for this outright, but if you're a fan of the setting I'm sure we can cook something up. I'll warn you though, I love pairing badgirls with good guys in this setting. Think a bad ass street sam (female) who hooks up with the slightly goofy decker. I love those sorts of pairings. Then again, I also am a fan of elves and orcs as some of you know from my other threads.
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Re: bandit's forum thread (male seeking females)
« Reply #3 on: March 23, 2011, 08:04:40 AM »
Uh I am very much up for Mass effect, mostly the second though, because there is so much more insight in the universe and in the aliens.

My favorit alien would be drell's simply because I love the notion of them having photographic memory, and I love thane, but I would prefer a new character, since Thane in all his awesomeness would be hard to play.

I do have a couple of ideas on my own.

Race: Well I would prefer to go either asari or human, but could be convinced for one of the other races.

1: I was thinking of a sweet nice girl, who of course can kick some but in a fight and does have a temper.
2: I was thinking a bit like Jack, but less psycho, not with the traumatic childhood.
3: The third would be like Thanes dead wife, a honest and caring person that willingly gives her life for what is right and just, she would happily take a bullet even for a person she did not know.

So what do you think?

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Re: bandit's forum thread (male seeking females)
« Reply #4 on: March 25, 2011, 01:12:56 AM »
Hm...I would be very interested in RPing out the Love Be Damned idea you have. With the demoness and hunter. That is....if you're still interested. ;)

Offline Doomsday

Re: bandit's forum thread (male seeking females)
« Reply #5 on: March 25, 2011, 01:22:03 AM »
Just curious, are you unwilling to write with crossgender partners? I wouldn't mind a Fallout 3 setting, but it is totally up to you.

Also, I've been reading your Orc and his Bride thread, as orc/elf pairings are among my all time favorites, and all I have to say is bravo!

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Re: bandit's forum thread (male seeking females) updated 4/11
« Reply #6 on: April 11, 2011, 07:37:53 AM »
Several new ideas added and reorganized the thread as a whole. Will add more ideas here in about an hour or so..

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Re: bandit's forum thread (male seeking females)
« Reply #7 on: May 15, 2011, 01:10:09 PM »
More updates and an added horror section.

Offline innocenceportrayed

Re: Not your average request thread (m looking for f)
« Reply #8 on: May 16, 2011, 10:50:36 AM »
I honestly wouldn't mind trying to the zombie type roleplay. I've never done one involved fictional reactures but resident evil, blade and zombieland are all my favorite movies. xD
Let me know. =D


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Re: Not your average request thread (m looking for f)
« Reply #9 on: May 17, 2011, 09:29:43 PM »
Super soldier idea added.

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Re: Not your average request thread (m looking for f)
« Reply #10 on: June 12, 2011, 08:51:35 AM »

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Re: Not your average request thread (m looking for f)
« Reply #11 on: July 11, 2011, 10:54:54 AM »
added the yakuza daughter

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Re: Not your average request thread (craving dragon age, m looking for f)
« Reply #12 on: July 17, 2011, 09:30:59 AM »
I wish I knew why it was that all of my Dragon Age rp's seem doomed. I LOVE the idea of doing a dragon age rp but they never seem to last past a handful of posts...

Please, some one help me break this trend lol

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Re: Not your average request thread (craving dragon age, m looking for f)
« Reply #13 on: July 18, 2011, 07:49:31 AM »
added dork idea